Clark airport to purchase P200-M emergency trucks - Headline ...

Clark airport to purchase P200-M emergency trucks - Headline ...

2HeadlineGitnang LuzonNEWSAUGUST 15, 20133 Aurora towns understate of calamityBy Charlene A. CayabyabMEDICAL MISSION. Former Angeles City Councilor Joseph Alfie Bonifacio assists in the distribution of free medicines during Wednesday’smedical mission in Barangay Balibago. --Contributed photoKidnapper of actor’ssiblings surrendersBy Butch GunioOLONGAPO CITY--One of thepolice suspects in the controversialkidnap for ransom case involving thesiblings of young actor Jake Vargassurrendered to Olongapo City MayorRolen Paulino yesterday morning.Paulino identified the suspect asPO3 Arnold Chantengco, who was involvedin the alleged kidnapping, robberyand extortion case filed by thefamily of actor Jake Vargas.Chantengco’s fellow suspects inDA holds foodterminal summitBy Charlene A. CayabyabCITY OF SAN FERNAN-DO—The Department of Agriculturein Central Luzon (DA 3)has recently conducted a twodayfood terminal summit.Through its Agribusinessand Marketing AssistanceDivision (AMAD), DA 3 conductedits “Barangay Food TerminalSummit 2013” on August13-14 in Angeles City.The Barangay Food Terminal(BFT) is a project designedas a trading post, an answer toconsumers’ needs for a centerto sell quality products like fish,vegetables, meat, rice and evengrocery items at a lower price totheir respective barangay residents.On its third year, the summitdiscussed the presentconditions of food terminalsin the region, shared businessexperiences of food terminaloperators and strengthened capabilitiesof the food terminalmanagement team (FTMT).The main objective of theproject is to increase farmer’sincome and minimize fluctuationin retail price of agricul-FOOD TERMINAL... Page 7the Vargas case, identified only asPO3 Quinit, PO1 Jimenez, PO1 Asuncionand one PO1 Eleazar Jimenez remainat large.According to the actor’s siblings,Joseph and Odessa, they were allegedlyforced to go with the suspectsto the Police Intelligence Office andwere held there before the suspectsasked for ransom in the amount ofP200,000 in exchange for their freedom.Chantengco was turned-over toBY JENNA LUMBANGCITY OF SAN FER-NANDO–The SpecialWeapon and Tactics(SWAT) unit of the PampangaProvincial PoliceOffice (PPO) hopes to recruitadditional membersfor different municipalpolice stations in the province.Inspector Ohmar Bognot,head of PampangaSWAT, said their unit hasonly two teams with 10by Michael Cigaralpersonnel each and mostof them have been servingas unit members for 10years, working 24 hours aday.“Twenty lang kami attwo teams lang ang SWATnatin na nagseserbisyosa lahat ng munisipyo ngprobinsiya. Nag-iischoolingpa yung tatlo,” Bognotexplained.Bognot disclosed thatit was in 2006 when thelast SWAT training wasconducted in the province.ORION, BATAAN -- A52-year-old driver of anoil tanker was seriouslyinjured when his truckrammed into a varietystore located along RomanHighway in BarangayGeneral Lim of this town.Local police here identifiedthe victim as oneMartinico Perdigones,driver of the ill-fated16-wheeler oil tankertruckwith plate numberCUR 829.Perdigones was immediatelyrushed by theresponding authorities tothe Bataan General Hospitalwhere his head andSenior Insp. Gil Domingo and OlongapoCity Police Office Director SeniorSupt. Rodolfo Recomono, Jr.“He surrendered to me because heknows that he will not be harmed andthat we will give him due process,” thecity mayor said.Paulino explained that Chantengcowas brought to him by retiredPolice Capt. Phillip Bolina at his residenceat around 7 a.m.Chantengco is the third suspectinvolved in a crime in the city whosurrendered to Paulino. ●SWAT targets newmembers in Pampanga“Medyo nagkaka-edadna yung mga miyembrong unit natin. We need totrain and recruit youngmembers. Tayo kasi angisinasabak sa mga crucialoperations. Kumbaga buwisbuhay talaga kaya kailanganang rigid training,”he said.Pampanga SWATplans to get at least fivepolicemen from every municipaland city station tobe trained on close quar-swat... Page 7Driver hurt in Orion road accidentneck injuries are beingtreated.His trip companion,Abrasil Label, said thattheir truck lost its brakeand slipped through theslippery asphalt road ofthe said highway.“Mabuti na lang po athindi kami natulog ditoroad accident... Page 7CITY OF SAN FERNANDO--Three townsin Aurora province were placed by the provincialgovernment under state of calamity.Aurora Governor Gerardo Noveras hasdeclared the towns of Casiguran, Dilasagand Dinalungan under state of calamity. Thethree towns were isolated during the onslaughtof typhoon “Labuyo.”The province experienced storm signalNumber 3 which caused a landslide thatblocked the road going to these towns.Classes from elementary to college remainsuspended in these towns given the effectsof the typhoon.Based on the latest report of the Office ofthe Civil Defense in Central Luzon (OCD 3),the typhoon has also caused more than P134million worth of damages in agriculture andanother P136 million worth of infrastructurein Aurora.In the same province, at least 146 houseswere totally damaged while 1,396 houseswere partially damaged.As of press time, about 1,992 individuals(594 families) from towns of Casiguran, Dingalan,Dipaculao, Maria Aurora and San Luiswere evacuated into 35 evacuation centers.There were no reported deaths in theprovince.National Risk Reduction and DisasterManagement Council Undersecretary EduardoDel Rosario, along with OCD 3 ChiefJosefina Timoteo, have conducted aerial inspectionin Aurora. They have also conductedrelief operations to affected families. ●‘Gapo studesgrand slam inHK math fairOLONGAPO CITY---Students in this cityscored a grand slam win after taking home 3gold medals in the 2013 Hong Kong InternationalMathematics Competition held in HongKong last week.Olongapo City Mayor Rolen Paulino honoredthe students during the regular flag raisingceremony of the Local Government ofOlongapo.Bianca Sacramento, Grade 1 student fromthe Special Education Center for the Gifted(SPED), took home the gold in the Green CupAsia Finals while Erin Noceda bagged the topspot in the King of Math Asia Finals and AsiaCup Star Math competition held in Sha TinWai in Hong Kong last July 24-28.“We are very proud of you little kids. Angbabata nyo pero binigyan nyo ng karangalanang lungsod ng Olongapo,” Paulino said.Aside from the students, Paulino also congratulatedtheir parents, teachers and coaches.“Magagaling ang mga teacher ng mgabatang ito, kaya nakuha nila ang parangal,”Paulino said.“I support them 100 percent and I commendthem for the long hours of non-stopreview they have to go through to be able tocompete and succeed in events like these,” Dr.Roger Nuqui, head coordinator for the students,said.Other participants who won are BiancaMarie Sacramento, Joey Emmanuel Dela Pazand Erin Christen Noceda, second prize forthe Green Cup Asia Finals (EnvironmentalMathematics); while Maria Antonia Seva andMikhail Rafael Miguel Yao got the third place;Keisha Lanthe Gutierez, Euan Gabriel Bautistaand Hugh Angelo Sonon obtained the meritawards.In another category, the King of MathAsia finals, Hugh Angelo and Euan GabrielBautista placed third while Jessy Jewel ManuelKeisha Lanthe Gutierrez, Maria AntoninaAnaille, Joey Emmanuel Dela Paz and BobbyCarl Mortel got the merit award.Overall, Math champs from the Philippinesranked 1st runner-up. Other competitorscame from China, Hongkong, Indonesia,Macau and Malaysia. ●

FEATUREHeadlineGitnang LuzonAUGUST 15, 20133The mangroves at Macabebe BayDiscoveringMacabebeAn in-the-round sculpture ofTarik Soliman, Macabebe’spre-colonial local hero in frontof the Municipal HallOne of the fascinating thingsabout Macabebe is that you cansee a view like this even on sidestreets.My initial visit to Macabebewas when I was still 7 yearsold. I remember my Inda,who visited her long-lostfriend with me in Caduang Tete andin return, her best friend gave us a“tiklis”(basket) of ema (crab) whichwe took home on a rented tricycle allthe way to Betis.The soonest we reached home,my relatives in my hometown feastedon these crabs and prepared a mouthwatering“adobung-ema” garnishedwith margarine boiled with vinegar.This never happened again as, oneday, the news came to us that thisfriend of my Inda died of drowningwith her husband while on the seawhen they where caught by a storm.The weeping of my Inda, thetears that went out of her eyes atthat time, served as the mementoof this town to me and the pain shefelt became memories of the body ofwater we passed along the pilapil (asand dike) while leaving the house ofher best friend on her last visit.A couple of weeks ago, the 2ndtime since last year, I visited the townagain. Not to look for crabs or feel thenostalgia of my childhood memoriesof the town but for a possible picturesqueview for a landscape photographycompetition I wanted to join in.My first stop was at the facade ofthe Municipal Hall where the in-theroundsculpture of a local hero, thefearsome Kapampangan fighter TarikSoliman is situated, stained in black.If I am not mistaken, the sculpturewas rendered in stucco and Plasterof Paris in a reinforced concrete ona massive concrete pedestal. And tothe far left corner of the plaza, whichserves as a rotunda, there was agroup of sculptures that embellishedthe obelisk-like marker of the town ofMacabebe--The Macabebe Scouts.It is very true that art reflectsthe way of life. In my analysis of thesesculptural renditions of the enigmaticMacabebe Scouts, the stylistictendencies of the sculptor can beclearly seen as he is more familiarwith rendering religious icons thanthe secular subjects. The movementand the gestures of the sculpturesseemed to tenderize and tame thebraved Macabebe Scouts that severaltimes terrified enemies that wentagainst their way.As I moved forward crossing alongthe Masantol Dike, I got myself walkingalong the narrow but well-weavedbamboo bridge going to Consuelo.The way to Consuelo, Macabebeis one of my excruciating experiencesbecause of the fear that I might dropone of my cameras below in deep seawater. But I had no choice. In fact, itwas the only way to Consuelo.On the island, I saw the Ayala’sold distilleries which became the baseof the houses of the dwellers. What isinteresting about the place is that thepeople is united as a small communitybut with two languages being spoken--The Kapampangan and the Tagalog.I checked on the elementaryschools because I got curious onhow the students endure the soakedclassroom chairs. I went here a yearago and I was really overwhelmed onseeing the situation of the classroomsand the students. What I saw neverreally changed. The classrooms werestill soaked in water.But it was a wonder that thestudents and teachers got used tothe situation which, I can relativelysay, became a way of life--a perfectexample of natural adaptation.My final destination was at thebay of Macabebe. You can never tellthe worth of fulfillment and excitementwhen I came to the edge ofthe town where all one can see is ablue ocean and a horizon on the farsouth. I was informed by my friend,Historian Ian Alfonso, who is a nativeof Macabebe, that there are timesduring high tide and typhoon whensome parts of the bay disappear, makingthe mangroves half-sunk.I never wasted my time shootingthe magnificent scene. If only I could doit longer.The mighty thunder, whichwas brought by dark nimbus cloudscoming my way, somewhat frightenedme because of its immensity. Andthe sublime feeling made me realizethat man is just a small speck in thisnatural wonder.I returned to the town plaza ataround 5:30 p.m. and only got somefew shots. The rain poured heavily soI had to pull it off--a thing that justifiedthe fact that I was not “missionaccomplished”and should return fora full documentation. I am lookingforward to this. •A local townsfolk of Consueloweaving a net usedfor his husband’s fishingThe almost 200-meter bamboobridge to Consuelo

4HeadlineGitnang LuzonAUGUST 15, 2013EDITORIALA taste of ‘Labuyo’Prior to this weather disturbance,“Labuyo”, Central Luzon was faringpretty well as compared to whathas befallen us last year during thesame period.Though we have somehowdodge the disasters of the past typhoons(about half of the possibletyphoons for the year), the floodingprobability still caught up with us.Many towns in Zambales andAurora have been flooded and landslideshave cut-off transportationand communication in other areas.In Pampanga, Candaba wasonce again flooded, destroying atleast eight houses due to strong watercurrent of a river induced by theheavy downpour over the weekend.There are, as usual, lives lost,aside from the millions of pesos inproperties and produce damagedby the inclement weather.Losing those crops and infrastructuresare nothing comparedto the loss of poor souls who couldhave been saved if only we did nottake the change in climate for granted.We may have, somehow, feltcomplacent with the past typhoonspassing by and nothing happenedseriously to our communities. Nowthat the worse has arrived, we arecaught flat-footed.“Labuyo” unleashing its fury toCentral Luzon should be taken as awarning of the things that could--buthopefully will not--come.The damage has been done andwe cannot keep on pointing theblame on anybody. We just have tolearn from this one, again.HEADLINE Gitnang Luzon is a Daily Regional NewspaperGeneral Manager: Atty. Gerome n. TubigAsst. Manager: atty. rOWENA S. CUNANAN-MUNDOEditor-in-Chief: albert lacanlaleLayout Artist: JP ManalangPhotojournalist: Leo villacarlosReporters: CHARLENE CAYABYAB /MARNA D. DEL ROSARIOAdministrative Staff: sherylin l. riveraMarketing Head: ELAINE MAPILESMarketing/Circulation: Marlo francoAccount Executive: caren m. garciaPublisher: I.N.I. NewspaperDropping by this paper’s officeone afternoon, I was asked by oureditor to lengthen my next writeups.My most recent one seemedlike a filler, ourlay-out artist added.I assented despitemy belief thatless words can alsoput the messageacross as much asmore words can.Anyway, I will doas requested.As soon as I arrivedhome, andsince the writingbug’s bite was stillitching, I sat downand went online,hoping to get ideason current happeningsfrom the citygovernment’s officialwebsite. WhatI saw dismayedme. Apparently,updating its website’spages is notatop the LGU’s listof things to do.I know that SanHOMEBUDDYDottie F. Lacson“I refused toentertain thethen dominantthought thatslippers weresafe enoughfor him becauseMayorOca’s shoeswere too big. ”Fernando’s LGUhas been running on well-oiled cogsbut the site’s many pages showingformer mayor now Cong Oca’s photoin the Mayor’s Corner spoke theopposite. The contents of the otherpages also belong to the past. Doconcerned LGU personnel have soAlbeit in dismaymany other things to attend to thatthey just could not cope with theurgency of website maintenance?Ours has become a world that hasgrown internet-savvy andsearch engine-dependent thatthe LGU’s website has to keepastride or be known as Johnnycome-latelyor, worse, a uselesssource.Have you been to the cityproper on class dismissal timelately? I was and I did not expectthe chaos I saw. I was withmy daughter who picked up herson at the San Fernando elementaryschool at past twelvenoon last week. Though shewas driving, I also felt the irritationthat came with havingto avoid the swarm of childrenand adults that crossed thestreet anywhere they liked. Andthe vehicles? There were hordesof them, particularly tricyclesand three-wheelers parked justabout everywhere, even on theroad lane itself. Where have thegreen men gone? Has ProjectHabitat gone kaput? One couldnot help but compare the pastto the present when faced by apandemonium that one knowscould be avoided with lawful orderand discipline.Speaking of the new administrationunavoidably brings to mindMayor Edwin Santiago. I once wonderedover “Tsinelas ni EdSa” thattagged him during last election’sWant to broaden your business horizon?campaign period but never got toknow the reason behind it. Was itbecause tsinelas is identified withthe masses? I refused to entertainthe then dominant thought thatslippers were safe enough for himbecause Mayor Oca’s shoes weretoo big. Anyway, I have enough patienceto wait for Mayor EdSa tomake his own imprint on the governanceof this city. I know that ournew mayor, very well-read that heis, has much knowledge and usefulinsights at his disposal. How hewould use these for the good of SanFernando remains to be seen. Asfor him, I do wish he becomes morevisible to the public eye.On a positive note, I am gratefulthat our city has been sparedfrom the fury of Typhoon Labuyoeven if I felt safe enough knowingthat San Fernando is well-preparedto meet disasters given theskills of our local government’srescue personnel and their adequateequipments. Fernandinosjust need to heed the safety measuresthey extend so as to avoidthat horrible scene on television ofa woman atop her hut that was beingcarried away by the rampagingCagayan River and who has notbeen seen up to this writing.Albeit dismayed, I sincerely holdhigh hopes for our city under MayorEdSa and his team of capable anddedicated men and women whohave helped bring San Fernando tothe heights it is now enjoying.•Email: headlinegitnangluzon@gmail.comWebsite: www.headlinegl.comDISCLAIMER: Views expressed by columnists are theirown and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position ofHEADLINE Gitnang Luzon or its internet website: Thepublisher does not knowingly publish false information and may not be heldliable for the views of its columnists exercising their right to free expression.All rights reserved. Subject to the conditions provided for by law, no article orphotograph published by HEADLINE GITNANG LUZON may be reprinted orreproduced, in whole or in part, without its prior consent.Office Address: 2nd Floor, U2 Building, MacArthurHighway, Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, 2000Tel. Nos. (045) 435-0938LET US HELP YOU!CALL US: (045)435-0938 • 436-1576 • EMAIL US: headlinegitnangluzon@gmail.comVISIT US: 2nd Floor, U2 Bldg., MacArthur Hiway, Dolores, City of San Fernando (P)“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work withyour enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” --Nelson Mandela

The provincial governmentof Pampanga is bent on establishinga development academy andtraining center for elected officialsin the province in partnership withtheDon Honorio Ventura TechnicalState University(DHVTSU). GovernorLilia Pinedais said to be dissatisfiedwith somebarangay officials’performances inthe delivery of servicesto their constituents.***Governor Pinedais expecting moreof the servicesthat need to bebrought down tothe grassroots byour local officialsin the province. Asa working leader,she hopes that theother leaders underher commanddo the same, forthe welfare of theKapampangans.ATTY.KAPATTY. GEROME TUBIG“For legislators,there isthe need tosomehow bemore particularwithresolutions,ordinances***Local officials are frontline publicservants, they interact, do businessand serve directly their respectiveconstituencies. Not all ofthem are academic scholars butare adept with rendering variousservices to the people who electedthem. With the continuous innovationsbrought by public service,there is also a need to capacitatethem with the other nitty-gritty ofserving the public.With nothing to do Mondaybecause of the constant attack ofhard-pouring rain, I glued myself tomy computer monitor to play gamesand to look for something relevant inthe net.I found a topic that might awakenthe interest of both genders, the husbandand the wife. It was all aboutour relationship with our in-laws,especially the beloved mother of ourhusbands or wives.I read the article and found it quitetrue and realistic. These letters weresent by different women with distinctsituation. The letters were addressedto their mothers in-law.One letter was written appreciatingher mother in-law for raising ason who became a good husband andan excellent provider. She was trulyblessed having a mother in- law likeher. She had the best of both worlds.The other letter was somewhattainted with doubts. The wife didnot know where to position herself inthe family. Her affinity to the familyseemed unwarranted. She was welcomedas a member yet she did notfeel the acceptance. Communicationwas barely there.She was an outcast whenever an interactionbetween the members happened.Her presence was so dim thatCapacitating our captains***The governor, as mentioned bya fellow barangay official, is pamperingour ranks, giving themwhat they need, for the benefit ofbarangay residents. It is this timethat Governor Pineda is armingthem with the knowledge of publicadministration, development planning,resources mobilization andother fields of study in governingthe people.***It was also emphasized in theplan that services rendered inthe barangay level should bein accordance with that of theprovincial government to makesure that they are not duplicatedand to assure that everything istransparent and properly managed.***If we are to observe, there areeven those local officials new tothe field who are taking crashcourses usually at the Universityof the Philippines to preparethemselves for the arduous andcomplicated task of serving thepublic. Public service anyway isnot just about giving dole-outs,listening to the woes of the peopleor giving recommendationletters to applicants seeking accommodation.There are administrativefunctions that need tobe attended to by local officials.***For legislators, there is the needto somehow be more particularwith resolutions, ordinances andhow they are enacted. They neednot exactly master the art of parliamentaryprocedures but they gotto have somehow the basic knowledgeof it.***Legislation sometimes presentscomplicated tasks. Debates andargumentations sometime eruptMother in-law and in lovenobody noticed her existence. Shehoped that in time things would goin a different perspective and couldcall this family as her own.The last letter was sofull of animosity. Her relationshipwith her motherin-law was on the verge ofcollapsing. The way shewas treated by her MILwas beyond her imagination.MIL never addressedthe sender on her firstname basis. It was always,Now WeKnow!“you wife” or “ his mother.”Calling her son “ autistic”was a like an invitation toa full blown nuclear war.Her patience was alwaystested to the point of no return.MIL rated her like a collegestudent and even comparedher probably to someMIL envisioned she had fora daughter in-law. Unluckywoman, isn’t she?They say that you shouldnever quarrel or even fight back withyour mother in-law. It is more tediousand tormenting than the fightyou have with your real mother. Idefinitely accede to that fact. Mothersin-law could be monsters in-law.ELLEZ J. DAVIOin the lawmaking process. The Departmentof the Interior and LocalGovernment (DILG) is one agencythat helps in capacitating our localofficials but merely gives them thebasic fundamentals of the LocalGovernment Code.***Capacitating our local officials ismaking them effective in governance.It is empowering them to begreat leaders in their respective jurisdictions,for the benefit of theirconstituents.***It can be recalled that sometimein May of this year, immediatelyafter the local elections and theproclamation of the poll winners,Governor Pineda urged local legislatorsto form efficient committeesbased on their areas of expertise.She wants them to be proactive andfunctional as elected officials thatproduce results.***She said that committee chairmanshipsplay pivotal roles in thesuccess of the programs of thegovernment. The legislator whowill handle the committee shouldpossess genuine desire and showenthusiasm and expertise. Forinstance, an engineer-councilorshould be the chair for the committeeon public works, a teacher foreducation, and so on.***If plans be realized, the proposedlocal officials’ development academyand training center will furthercapacitate and arm them with themuch needed know-how on howto serve better their people. Whilesome can be considered as veteransin the field, the things they willlearn will complement much onwhat they already have. ●The fact is that some of us are likethese three senders. Some are fortunateto have a good, kind and nurturingmother in-law,others are experiencingnightmares in the handsof their MILs.“They say thatyou shouldnever quarrelor even fightback with yourmother in-law.”Selfishness qualifiesas one of the roots ofa tarnished relationshipbetween in-laws.Maybe the mother doesnot want to give up theship as the only womanin her son or daughter’slife. Or, probably, shewants her child only forherself.Anyway, as for me,I feel fortunate havingMa Sariang as mymother in-law. Althoughwe have some disagreementsin a few things,we see to it that at theend of the day, we kissand make up. After all,she is now my secondmother.And, without her, I might notbe able to have my two loving andhard-headed kids. And of course,the sweetest husband I have is a giftfrom her. I could not ask for more. ●HeadlineGitnang LuzonAUGUST 15, 2013Safe pa ba?5Sa tuwing dumadaan ako sa flyover ng Doloresintersection sa may siyudad ng San Fernando, hindiko maiwasang isipin ang naging resulta ng mga banyagangtumingin at nag-inspeksiyon sa nasabing tulay.Ayon sa kanila, kailangang ipagbawal nang dumaanang mga malalaking trak at mga bus sa nasabing imprastraktura.Kung ating babalikan, angbiglaang inspeksiyon ng mgabanyagang tumingin sa kasalukuyangkalagayan ng flyover ay nagudyoksa Department of PublicWorks and Highways (DPWH)na lagyan ng “overhead steel barriers”ang kabilaang “approach”ng nasabing tulay upang hindi namakadaan ang mga ipinagbabawalna mga sasakyan.Ginawa ito noong mga nagdaangaraw at, sa kasamaang palad,ilang oras pa lang ang nakakalipasnang mabangga ito ng isangtrak sa isang banda at ng isangpampasaherong bus naman sakabila.Habang iniimbestigahan ngmga pulis ang pagkakabanggang nasabing pampasaherong bus,isang delivery trak na naman angbumangga sa naitumba nang“overhead steel barrier.”Walang nagawa ang DPWHkundi tanggalin na nang lubusanang mga nasabing harang atbuksan muli ang flyover sa lahatng klase ng mga sasakyan. Angtanong naman ng marami ngayonay kung bakit naging ganun nalang ang pagkakagawa ng flyoverna ginastusan ng milyon-milyonghalaga na mula sa kaban ng bayan.Ika nga, bakit hindi pa rawginawang mas matibay noon paang flyover para sana hindi nauulitin pa ang pag-gawa rito opagkumpuni gayung alam namanng lahat na ginawa ito upang maibsanang pagsisikip ng trapiko saWalangBiro!Ka Dencio Pacheco“Tanong pang maramingayon aykung safe paba ang nasabingtulay nasinintensiyahanng mgabanyaganginspektor nakailanganitong isara samga malalakingsasakyangaya ng mgatrak at mgabus. ”nasabing lugar at upang di na maka-abala sa mga nagdaraangsasakyan papunta o galing sa direksiyon nglalawigan ng Bataan.Tanong pa ng marami ngayon ay kung safe pa ba angnasabing tulay na sinintensiyahan ng mga banyaganginspektor na kailangan itong isara sa mga malalakingsasakyan gaya ng mga trak at mga bus.Noong hindi pinadadaan ang mga trak at mga busdito sa nasabing flyover, walang magawa ang mgamalalaking sasakyan na dadaan sana dito kundi angsumunod sa “re-routing” na ginawa ng pamahalaanglungsod. Ang resulta ay matinding trapik ang naranasanpati na ng mga maliliit na sasakyan.Ang nasabing lugar ay madalas na daanan ng maramingmga sasakyan na dumadaan sa MacArthurHighway o sa Jose Abad Santos Avenue. May mga pedestriandin na mga dumadaan sa ilalim ng tulay nanakakadagdag pa sa daloy ng trapiko.Kahapon lamang, dumaan ako sa flyover at nakitaang iba’t-ibang mga malalaking trak at bus na tila bagawalang inindang problema sa kasalukuyang kalagayanng tulay. Ang nakakatakot dito, at kung papaniwalaannatin ang mga banyagang tumingin nito, ay ang biglangmasira ito na maaring makapinsala sa mga motoristao sa mga taong dumadaan sa ilalim nito. Marami angnangangamba tuloy, kabilang na ang inyong abanglingkod, sa tuwing dumadaan ako sa ibabaw at sa ilalimng tulay na ito.Sa kasalukuyan, naghahanap pa nang agaran at permanentengsolusyon sa problema sa nasabing flyover.Sana lang ay maging mabilis ang aksiyon ng pamahalaanpartikular ang DPWH bago pa magkaroon nghindi kanais-nais na pangyayari.Sana ay gawing mas matibay ang tulay at gawin angmga nararapat upang hindi ito magkaroon ng “structuraldamage”. Sana rin ay magawan ng paraan angproblema sa trapiko upang hindi masyadong maabalaang mga motorista sa kanilang mga biyahe.Umaasa ang ating mga motorista, kabilang na ang mgabus at mga trak na maisaayos ang flyover sa lalong madalingpanahon bago pa huli ang lahat. Wala pong biro.***Kung kayo po ay may mga reaksiyon, suhestiyon oiba pang opinyon, maaari po kayong mag email sa●

6HeadlineGitnang LuzonAUGUST 15, 20134 2 99 5 62 6 7 8Medium Sudokuwww.printablesudokCrossword for hints and solutions!DownDown1. Source of zest2. Melville adventure24. Place to sleep in an apt.28. Jacob's 25. Cup wife holder before Rachel3. Herbie of jazz27. Forest plant1. Visitors to Jesus29. "The Last Days of Pompeii"4. Take one28. Forest ox2. Vidi, in Englishgirl5. Surgeons’ org.29. Early state in the3.“OpenCapri___ 9” (shop sign) 30. Try presidential this first campaign7. Vapid30. Geek-like4. ___ on (exaggerates)31. Antiseptic element8. Wintour of fashion31. Poker table declaration5. Braz. neighbor9. Spiff up the floors of 35. Company's 35. Italian lake icon10. Divorces36. Dad or fish lead-in6. Eggs, biologically36. Milk, in Marseille11. Bottle for oil or vinegar37. An accomplice to, as a plot7. Cassidy portrayer12. CarouselWilliamfigure 37. ___-ball 39. Big (arcade beer glass game)13. Proofers’ reverses41. Hebrew month8. Peter Fonda's 18. “The golden Front Page” role39. Campy 1960's hit sitcomcoauthor 44. Throws a shot9. Baggage 22. carrier Bush-bashing political 41. Work 46. Darius on glass, III to Alexander saycartoonist Ted49. Sine and cosine10. Learned44. Item in an actor's hand11. Medieval rabbinical writer46. Teasdale and Roosevelt12. Bay window49. Intl. assn. for learning13. Bushels50. Gutta- __18. Maze options51. Offspring22. Ugandan tyrant Idi ___52. Split to bondSM PAMPANGA | Cinema 124. 6-3, 5-7 and 6-4, Percy e.g. Jackson: 53. Sea Diminishes in intensityof Monsters25. Safe place56. CouplesMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:00 PM | 2:15 PM27. Diner sandwiches, for57. | 4:30 Place PM for | 6:45 cogitationPM | 9:00 PMshort59. Go over 212 degreesSM PAMPANGA | Cinema 4Erased (The Expatriate)MTRCB Rating: R-1311:40 AM | 2:00 PMSM PAMPANGA | Cinema 4Red 2MTRCB Rating: R-134:20 PM | 6:40 PM | 9:00 PMSM PAMPANGA | Cinema 6Bakit Hindi Ka Crush NgCrush Mo?MTRCB Rating: PG-1311:00 AM | 1:30 PM | 4:00 PM | 6:30PM | 9:00 PMSM CLARK |IMAXPacific Rim in 3DMTRCB Rating: PG-131:15 PM | 4:00 PM | 6:45 PM50. Carpenters’ grooves60. 51. Longhorn Kickback State schoolnear 52. the “Gee, Mex. that’s border amazing!”53. Thunder-egg61. Houston player, informally56. Memo heading abbr.64. 57. Jerry African Lewis antelope. hosts itstelethons 59. Pause annually: Abbr.60. Brit’s “My word!”65. ___ favor: please (Sp.)61. Lemminglike rodent64. My ___ (1968 massacresite)65. Dial-up alternative, brieflySM CLARK |D-CINEMAThe Smurfs 2 in 3DMTRCB Rating: GP12:00 PM | 2:15 PM | 4:30 PM |7:00 PMSM CLARK |Cinema 4Dragon Ball Z:Battle Of GodsMTRCB Rating: GP10:30 AM | 12:20 PM | 2:10 PMThe InternshipMTRCB Rating: PG-134:10 PM | 6:35 PM | 9:00 PMSM CLARK |Cinema 5Bakit Hindi KaCrush Ng Crush Mo?MTRCB Rating: PG-1311:40 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:20PM | 6:40 PM | 9:00 PMSM CLARK |Cinema 6EkstraMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:00 PM | 2:15 PM |4:30 PM | 6:45 PM | 9:00 PMSM CLARK |IMAXMan Of Steel in 3DMTRCB Rating: PG-139:30 PMPuzzle ID: #W044DV1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1314 15 1617 18 1920 21 2223 24 25 2627 28 29 30 3132 33 34 35 36 3738 39 40 41 4243 44 45 46 4748 49 5051 52 53 5455 56 57 58 59 60 6162 63 64 6566 67 6869 70 71SM PAMPANGA | Cinema 3Percy Jackson: Seaof MonstersMTRCB Rating: PG-1311:00 AM | 1:15 PM | 3:30 PM | 5:45 PM| 8:00 PMSM PAMPANGA | Cinema 5RaketerosMTRCB Rating: PG-1311:40 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:20 PM | 6:40PM | 9:00 PMRobinsons Starmills | Cinema 1EkstraMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:30 PM | 2:50 PM | 5:10 PM |7:30 PMRobinsons Starmills|Cinema 2The Smurfs 2MTRCB Rating: GP12:00 PM | 2:20 PMKilling SeasonMTRCB Rating: R-165:00 PM | 7:00 PMRobinsons Starmills | Cinema 3Kick-Ass 2MTRCB Rating: R-1612:30 PM | 2:40 PM | 4:50 PM |7:00 PMSM CLARK | Cinema 1Percy Jackson: Sea ofMonstersMTRCB Rating: PG-1311:40 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:20 PM |6:40 PM | 9:00 PMSM CLARK | Cinema 2Kick-Ass 2MTRCB Rating: R-1611:40 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:20 PM |6:40 PM | 9:00 PMRobinsons Starmills Cinema 4The InternshipMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:30 PM | 3:00 PM | 5:30 PM | 8:00 PMRobinsons StarmillsCinema 5The Vatican ExorcismsMTRCB Rating: R-1611:40 AM | 1:20 PM | 2:55 PMMaximum ConvictionMTRCB Rating: R-135:00 PM | 7:10 PMRobinsons Starmills Cinema 6Percy Jackson:Sea of MonstersMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:00 PM | 2:20 PM | 4:40 PM |7:00 PM( Cinema schedules are subject to change without prior notice.)C960BESudokuPuzzleAcross1. City in Italia45. Being tried10. Univs.14. Apple offering15. Pooh creator A.A.16. Luth. or Episc.17. Calm19. Entice, as into a trap20. Recipient of gifts21. Most complicated23. Toxic chemical compoundsin industrial waste, briefly26. Starbucks orders27. Emmy-winning newswoman of the 80’s-90’s32. New Age musician Brian___33. More accurate34. Emmy-winner (finally!) Susan38. Lines of men40. Carmen of jazz fame42. Target of an X rating43. Kweisi Mfume is its pres.45. Magistrate of ancient Rome47. Longtime Chinese chairman48. 1967 Otto Preminger film51. Colombia’s capitol54. Ancient Greek city55. Dimmer, e.g.58. Ten years beforeShakespeare’s birth62. Lottery player’s exultant cry63. “Hah!”66. Skier Miller67. Other ladies of Spain68. Mideast airline69. Drink server70. E- alternative71. Cowboy Rogers’s real last nameLAST ISSUE ANSWERSSM CITY SAN FERNANDODowntown | Cinema 1The Smurfs 2MTRCB Rating: GP11:40 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:20 PM | 6:40 PM| 9:00 PMSM CITY SAN FERNANDODowntown | Cinema 2Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersMTRCB Rating: PG-1311:20 AM | 1:45 PM | 4:10 PM| 6:35 PM | 9:00 PMSM CITY SAN FERNANDODowntown | Cinema 3BosesMTRCB Rating: PG-1311:40 AM | 1:50 PMBakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?MTRCB Rating: PG-134:10 PM | 6:35 PM | 9:00 PMMARQUEEMALL | Cinema 1Kick-Ass 2MTRCB Rating: R-1612:30 PM | 2:45 PM | 5:00 PM| 7:15 PM | 9:30 PMMARQUEEMALL | Cinema 2The Vatican ExorcismsMTRCB Rating: R-161:00 PM | 2:45 PMMARQUEEMALL | Cinema 2Percy Jackson: Seaof MonstersMTRCB Rating: PG-134:40 PM | 7:00 PM | 9:20 PMMARQUEEMALL | Cinema 3EkstraMTRCB Rating: PG-1311:50 AM | 2:10 PM | 4:30 PM | 6:50 PM| 9:10 PMMARQUEEMALL | Cinema 4The InternshipMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:10 PM | 2:30 PM | 4:50 PM | 7:10 PM| 9:30 PMRobinsons Angeles Cinema 1Kick-Ass 2MTRCB Rating: R-161:00 PM | 3:10 PM | 5:20 PM | 7:40 PMRobinsons Angeles Cinema 2The InternshipMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:30 PM | 2:50 PM | 5:10 PM | 7:30 PMRobinsons Angeles Cinema 3EkstraMTRCB Rating: PG-1312:30 PM | 2:50 PM | 5:10 PM | 7:30 PMRobinsons Angeles Cinema 4Percy Jackson:Sea of MonstersMTRCB Rating: PG-131:00 PM | 3:10 PM | 5:20 PM | 7:40 PM5 2 71 3 7 8 94 9 19 1 5 2 854 2 8 39 3 1 7 49 8 4 26 7 5HOROSCOPESudoku Puzzle 1 Solution5 4 3 7 6 8 1 9 22 6 8 5 1 9 7 4 39 1 7 4 3 2 8 6 57 2 4 1 8 5 6 3 98 3 9 2 7 6 4 5 16 5 1 3 9 4 2 7 83 7 5 8 4 1 9 2 64 8 6 9 2 3 5 1 71 9 2 6 5 7 3 8 4LAST Sudoku ISSUE Puzzle 3 solutionSolution8 3 6 7 2 1 9 4 52 1 9 4 6 5 7 8 35 4 7 3 9 8 1 2 66 9 2 5 7 4 8 3 13 7 8 2 1 6 4 5 91 5 4 8 3 9 6 7 24 6 5 1 8 3 2 9 77 8 1 9 5 2 3 6 49 2 3 6 4 7 5 1 8Sudoku Puzzle 5 Solution3 5 1 8 4 7 2 9 67 4 9 2 6 5 3 8 12 6 8 9 1 3 4 5 76 2 7 3 9 1 5 4 8AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 - FEB. 18)9 3 4 5 8 6 1 7 2This is a day to buckle down and consolidate your career. Your organizational abilities and senseof responsibility may guide your movements. You appear very relaxed 8 1 at 5 this 7 time. 2 Everything 4 9 6 3seems to be working together and you may find yourself expressive 4 and 9 able 6 1 to 3 communicate 8 7 2 5well. This is a time of much energy and drive, perfect for starting something 5 8 3 out 4 or 7 taking 2 care 6 1 of 9business. If you were thinking of opening a health food store, it would prosper at this time. Thesame holds true for any healing arts that you might want to perform, 1 including 7 2 6 nutrition 5 9 types 8 3 of 4mode. Some may find you a smooth talker with a quick wit and ready tongue--very physical too.Sudoku Puzzle 7 SolutionThis is very good for conducting family or community meetings.3 9 6 4 7 1 2 8 5ARIES (MAR. 21-APR. 19)4 1 5 2 8 6 9 7 3This could be a challenging day so keep that sense of humor of yours 7 and 2 do 8 not 3 take 5 the 9 insensitivethings people say too seriously. You can demonstrate a great deal of understanding and6 1 4sensitivity to the needs of others. If you take on the frustrations of others 5 8 as your 7 6 own, 9 there 3 1 could 4 2be trouble--easy does it. Picture any frustrations of the day flowing through 1 3 and 9 out 7 of 4 you. 2 In 5 short, 6 8it is your positive, no-nonsense thinking--and perhaps a co-worker friend 6 4 or two--that 2 8 1 will 5 help 7 you 3 9through this frustrating day. You will probably find it easier to relax this8evening5 3if you1 2go ahead7 4and9 6play a little competitive sport, or involve yourself in some exercise program--with or without yourfriends. Now would also be a good time to work in the yard or garden. 9 6 1 5 3 4 8 2 72 7 4 9 6 8 3 5 1CANCER (JUN 22- JUL 22)This is a good day for practical ideas and planning pertaining to your work or vocation. You mayreceive some recognition or special attention regarding your particular skills. Outer circumstancesand the flow of events make it easy for you to make clear decisions, see the road ahead andmove forward. Things seem to fall into place and progress is easy. This afternoon you may takesome time to consider some sort of party with co-worker friends, perhaps gathering at a banquethall or dividing into bowling teams or just hanging out in the backyard with the usual grilled treat.Whatever the case, you are ready to socialize on a level other than work and may want to have abetter understanding of the people around your workplace.CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 - JAN 19)You are a natural planner, able to use your mind to make decisions in matters of form and function.Things must be done right, which can become nerve-wracking for some. The sooner you teacha group of people to do what you do and to proof each other’s work with added signatures, thesooner you will be able to move forward to bigger and better things. Each person is accountableand learns a particular pattern of working very quickly. You have good skills where the law isconcerned, whether manmade or those of nature, and you can put all of this into words. Your dayis full of the opportunities to grow and expand your expertise. You may decide a short-term loan isthe answer for the earliest vacation plans that you and your family want.GEMINI (MAY 21-JUN 21)You are a natural planner, able to use your mind to make decisions in matters of form and function.Things must be done right, which can become nerve-wracking for some. The sooner you teacha group of people to do what you do and to proof each other’s work with added signatures, thesooner you will be able to move forward to bigger and better things. Each person is accountableand learns a particular pattern of working very quickly. You have good skills where the law isconcerned, whether manmade or those of nature, and you can put all of this into words. Your dayis full of the opportunities to grow and expand your expertise. You may decide a short-term loan isthe answer for the earliest vacation plans that you and your family want.LEO (JUL 23 - AUG. 23)If you are in advertising, your ideas are catchy--others will get your message and move forward.You could be the manager, director or leader of a business--people listen when you talk. Broadeningyour intellectual and spiritual horizons takes on a high priority as your workday ends. You areintent on seeing the big picture. Travel to further your education or curiosity is a dream you havenot yet realized. A special fund for that purpose would be a wise move. If you are single it might beeasier to take a job in a part of the world about which you may want to know. If you are married orwith a partner, you might save for two trips and know that you will learn from each other. Being intouch with people on a grand scale keeps you quite busy.LIBRA (SEP. 23 - OCT. 23)If there are misunderstandings in the workplace, you very quickly move to correct the error orchange the attention to a more positive interaction. Perhaps you have had too many turns at beingcoach, but whatever the reason, you are the one that tends to control the atmosphere. Logicseems to take you where you want to go. Your ambitions and goals are central to your character.Much of your personal life hinges on pursuing your own growth and success. This is a time to takerisks and dare to be a little unconventional. You will prosper through new insights, inventions andan independent point of view. Group sports or play with young people will work off some of thestress you picked up today. Light and colorful birds have your attention tonight.PISCES (FEB. 19 - MAR. 20)A community, church, business or family get-together may be scheduled this evening. It may bea difficult day to keep your mind on work. There is a real possibility that the decisions you maketoday and the solutions you find may have to be reworked tomorrow. Everything works together toreveal you at your most elegant this evening. Communications are easy and a renewal of friendshipswith good communications between family members makes this evening an enjoyable one.Obtaining and exchanging information takes on more importance now. Communication is all aboutunderstanding and compassion. Understanding and compassion leads toward peace of mind.Peace of mind leads toward happiness--happiness is communicating.SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 - DEC. 21)There is a drive to search and explore--this may find you examining and working through some difficultsubjects. This is a great time to be with others and to work in teams. You find a way of salvagingand increasing a financial package for the business--some new project. Overcoming personalobstacles through self-discipline is an essential lesson and you learn quickly. Later this afternoonyou will have an opportunity to excel. You enjoy the company of your friends this afternoon; youwill also have a bit of competition, perhaps with a bicycle or a sail. You and your friends may relaxawhile before heading home and some of you may compete with a few captivating stories. If onecould keep notes, there would soon be a new book of short stories.SCORPIO (OCT. 24- NOV. 21)Work, achievement and ambition are the things that mean a lot to you now. This is wonderful,as achieving your goals in the workplace or professionally means you can have and do things toachieve your goals. However, if you work so hard to have more in your retirement, you miss the opportunitynow to enjoy the energies of youth. Mountain climbing in peru, cruising to the bahamas,rafting down a swift river are all things you can do at any age but perhaps not enjoy as much as youcan at your age. Now is a good time to add in a great trip for yourself as one reward resulting fromyour professional success. Rest and relaxation is due this evening and it might be a grand time tovisit a travel agency just to see how the prices run. A pet needs attention tonight.TAURUS (APR. 20-MAY 20)This is a great time to work with others. You may be sought after as just the person for a particularjob. This is a time to take risks and dare to be a little different. When many people are sitting behinda desk to work, you could be teaching others the art of flying a plane or the art of ballet or music,or teaching an exercise class or grooming animals. It is for certain that your life will be, and is, aninteresting one. There is a lot of mental energy churning around and your career could open upthrough some new approaches. Freedom is a watchword of yours and if your professional life doesnot include travel, you could feel rather trapped. It could be time to look into ways in which youcould benefit the company by traveling.VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEP.22)This time brings an awareness of your behavior. Right now you can clearly see which relationships, jobsand, on down the line, food, drink, etc., are good for you. You may decide to take steps to change some ofyour choices. You will be redefining who and what you are at this time and you may spend some time alonein thought. Also, expect some changes in business. Everything points to your taking the initiative in someproject today. You could feel great support from those around you. This is a lucky day and energies arein your favor for whatever you want to accomplish. Your new friends are people that have similar goals toyour own and you will help each other to reach these goals. Your life seems to be moving in positive ways.

HeadlineGitnang LuzonAUGUST 15, 20137LABUYO from Page 1Engineer Edgar Anicete,town’s general services officer,disclosed that the biggestdamage left by Labuyohere was the scouring ofMaasim River in three majorportions in barangaysVizal Sto. Nino, Vizal Sto.Cristo and Pulung Gubat.Anicete said that a 10meters of the portion of thedike in Vizal Sto. Nino; fivein Sto Cristo and another10 meters in Vizal San Pablowere breached, whichalarmed residents livingnear the earth dike.Oleva Manalastas, 84,OFFICES’ REHAB from Page 1satellite units to ensure visibility andquick response of cops.Pineda said they will also purchasevehicles, firearms and other necessaryequipment for the police personnel.“It depends on what each city ortown needs,” Pineda said. She said thefunds could also be used for buy-bustLANTERN from Page 1“We want the GLF tobe an ‘ASEAN’ event,” GLFchairperson, Engr. MarniCastro, said in a statement.The members of the ASE-AN countries are East Timor,Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam,Thailand, Singapore,Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,Philippines and Brunei.Castro furthered thatthe GLF 2013 is open topartnerships with travelagencies and airline companiesin line with the preparationof the annual GLFFIRE TRUCKS from Page 1said Luciano in describing the trucks.He added that the trucks “are the bestin the world and they are equipped toenable its personnel to quickly penetratethe planes during emergenciesand crash landings.”Luciano said that the Ninoy AquinoInternational Airport (NAIA), themain airport of the country, “doesn’teven have these trucks.”Luciano’s announcement came beforethe actual exercises of the 3rd AirCrash Drill scheduled today (August15) at the Clark Civil Aviation Complex.The three-day drill kicked off onTuesday at the Officers Club where atwo-day lecture was held involving atFOOD TERMINAL from Page 2ture and fishery commodities throughdirect market linkages,” Maricel Dullas,food terminal project focal person, said.Masinloc Agri-Aqua Consumers Cooperative,beneficiary of the said program,established their BFT on 2008.Presently, the BFT gains P7,000-10,000 pesos monthly.“The BFT benefits both entrepreneursand consumers because of the lowermarket price it offers,” Alejandro Miano,Jr., manager of the MAACC, said.STAY OUT from Page 8government employeeswere seen playinginside a casino alongthe famous entertainmentstrip of the city,Magsaysay drive.“It is in our mandateas governmentemployees to abide bythe law, both local andnational, and one ofthese laws is the banon government employeesfrom playingand being seen insidecasino premises,” Paulinosaid.a resident here, said thatthe water in Maasim riverhad started to rise beyondits alert level which causedpanic among the familiesliving near the dike.“We saw the rampagingflood water that spread outfrom the river. At first, wetried to contain the waterflow and made the necessarypreventive measuresbut we failed. We have nooption left but to vacate ourhouses and move to saferplaces,” he said.Severino Manalastas,also an affected resident,“I warn everyoneto, please, stopthis kind of activity atonce,” Paulino said.He added that hehad asked the casinoin Olongapo to furnishhim a copy of the videotapes of their CCTVfor his review.He further explainedthat once hisoffice receives thetapes from the casino,he would review themand take appropriateaction against anyonenarrated that last Monday,around 8 p.m., a huge volumeof water filled the riverwhich weakened the earthdike’s foundation.“Lumambot ang pundasyunat bumagsak angisang bahagi nito. Iyongnakatambak na sand bagssa gilid, tinangay din ngrumaragasang tubig. Lahatng tinamaang bahay nawasaklahat,” Manalastasadded.Days before Labuyo hitthe country, particularlythe province of Pampanga,Mayor Rene Maglanqueoperations against alleged drug pushers.Pineda earlier created police officesin key areas in Pampanga used asexit points of suspected criminals whoare fleeing the province. They are inMabalacat City and Apalit.Pineda also tapped some 10,000barangay tanods to help the some 1,000which is scheduled on December14.For this year’s GLF celebration,the members of the2013 Executive Committeewere named by virtue of ExecutiveOrder No. 2013-021released by Mayor Edwin D.Santiago last July 22.Castro, as chairperson,and Laus Group of CompaniesDirector, Ma. TheresaLaus, supporting him asvice chairperson, are activemembers of the Multi-SectoralGovernance Counciland private sector partnersof the city government.The committee is composedof former festivalchairpersons, city hall departmentheads, governmentagencies and privatesector partners.Sub-committees areset to convene weekly toplan and discuss matterson program flow, barangayaccreditation, physical arrangement,promotions,awards, judges, sponsorshipand traffic.least 400 participants.Luciano said CIAC is required tohold a full-scale drill every two years.The first, he added, was done in 2008.Luciano said the Aquino administration“supports the development ofthe Clark airport.”He added that the President’s support“is crucial” as Clark “is now beingviewed as an international airport andnot just a budget airport.”Luciano said the airlines, includingEmirates, which will begin operation atthe CIA on October 1, are looking intothe “preparedness” of the airports inhandling emergencies.ESD head Federico Primero, Jr.“The success of the BFT lies in thetransparency, resourcefulness, perseveranceand dedication of the managementteam,” he added.MAACC was also nominated at the“Gawad Saka 2013,” a contest to paytribute to model farmers, fishermen andtheir respective groups who have showcasedexemplary achievements in thefield of agriculture.DA 3 Chief Andrew Villacorta toldentrepreneurs that they contribute tofrom the local governmentcaught gambling/playingin thecasino.Meanwhile, Paulinoalso issued thestrict implementationof curfew.Curfew hours arefrom 9:30 p.m. to 5a.m.“Ito po ay para rinsa ikakabuti ng atingpeace and order atmaproteksyunan dinnatin ang ating mgakabataan. ●has already formed “TaskForce Labuyo” for the 24/7monitoring of all the 33 villagesof the town, particularlythe riverside barangays.Maglanque said the taskforce was also created toprovide immediate andnecessary assistance to theresidents as the need arises.The task force Labuyowas headed by Maglanque,together with the membersof municipal disaster risksreduction managementcouncil and other volunteers.●Pampanga policemen ensure peace andorder in the first-class province.The governor and police provincialdirector Senior Supt. Oscar Albayaldehosted seminars and lectures to teachthe village cops on how to properly arrestsuspected criminals and reporttheir illegal activities. ●The GLF, locally knownas “Ligligan Parul,” celebrates105 years of lanternmakingin San Fernandoand promotes the ParulSampernandu (local lantern)industry.Last year’s GLF attractedan estimated350,000 local and foreigntourists based on consolidatedreports of tourismrelatedestablishmentsand the City Tourism andInvestment Promotion Office(CTIPO). ●said his unit has at least 58 personnel.“The air crash drill is needed as itminimizes the effect of an emergencyby saving lives and preventing costlydamage to aircraft during emergency,”said Primero in his speech at the ceremonyheld at the Officers Club here.Ma. Jocelyn Lim, chief of theCAAP’s Operations and Rescue CoordinationCenter, said the drill is necessaryas the Clark airport is being preparedto handle “not just two millionbut five million passengers yearly.”Luciano said there are at least onemillion passengers at the CIA as of thismonth. There were some 1.4 millionpassengers in 2012. ●the inclusive growth of the country specificallythe agriculture industry.Present during the summit were 201food terminal operators across CentralLuzon. There are a total of 126 BFTaround the region: 12 in Aurora; 9 inBataan; Bulacan, 9; Nueva Ecija, 36;Pampanga, 21; Tarlac, 27; and Zambales,12, that are continuously helpinglocal farmers increase their income andproviding quality food products at lowerprices. ●Be heard! Send us yourcomments & opinionsmail US:2nd Floor, U2 Building, Dolores,McArthur, Hi-way, City of San Fernando, PampangaE-MAIL: headlinegitnangluzon@gmail.comSWAT from Page 2ters combat (CQB); firing; handling specializedweapons and firearms; and, using specializedequipment such as heavy body armor, ballisticshields and others.For the training of the provincial SWAT,Bognot will propose a riding crash-course forthe creation of a motorcycle-riding team underthe unit to counter motorcycle-riding suspects.SWAT is the Philippine National Police’sunit with specialized tactics trainings in highriskoperations such as hostage rescue operationsand high-risk arrests. ●ROAD ACCIDENT from Page 2ng pamilya ko, kung hindi ubos kaming apat,”says store owner Salvador Dalumpidez.“Nandoon po ako sa kumare ko sa kapitbahaynamin, pagdating ko wash out na itongtindahan at bahay namin,” Corazon Dalumpidezlamented.A case of reckless imprudence resulting indamages to properties is being readied by thepolice against Perdigones. ●BCDA BIDS OUT from Page 8According to Casanova, the lease term foreach lot shall be 25 years, renewable for another25 years upon mutual agreement of theBCDA and the winning bidder.For her part, BCDA chairperson for AssetDisposition Program Committee NenaRadoc said the minimum acceptable startingannual Fixed Lease for each service areawould be P2,240,00, VAT-inclusive, effectiveon the second year of lease and subject to anannual escalation of five percent.She said that upon contract signing, thewinning bidder should pay BCDA the fixedlease for the three years covering years twoto four of the lease term.Radoc added that starting on the fifthyear of lease, the lease amount shall be thehigher of either the fixed lease, as adjustedbased on five percent escalation rate per annum,or share in the revenues of the lesseefrom its operations and sub-lessees’ revenues,equivalent to 2.5 percent of net salesplus 0.15 percent share of net sales of petroleumproducts and lubricants.She said interested bidders could purchasethe Terms of Reference (TOR) fora non-refundable fee of P50,000 payableto BCDA in manager’s check from August8-19, 2013 at the BCDA Corporate Center,2nd Floor Bonifacio Technology Center, 31stStreet, Crescent Park West, Bonifacio GlobalCity, Taguig City.The TOR may also be viewed in the BCDAwebsite at ●QUARRYING from Page 8permitees where he said the province’s quarryinghas a ripple effect on different sectorsmaking up the economy.According to Punsalan, the province hasmore or less 3,500 trucks hauling quarry materialsall over Luzon and Pampanga, and thecollections make up for the cost of diesel andthe workers’ wages which they take home totheir families.“They share about P2.8 million a dayto their families through goods purchased,and through their transportation fares. Ourworkers eat in canteens. With that number oftrucks, some P700,000 are spent for meals,in cash,” Punsalan said.He said “hustlers” get no lower than P100per truck per day. Maintenance of trucksamount to an estimated P350,000, and tollcharges of P1.6 million and passway fees ofP700,000.With these figures, Punsalan said stakeholdersbenefit in the form of schooling fortheir children, as well as health services and/or benefits.He said drivers and helpers of these 3,500trucks can more than make up for their families’daily expenses of P300.“That’s P2.1 million daily driving the localeconomy,” he said.“In fact, with our 80 quarry sites, eachwith four helpers receiving P1,500, you havemore or less another P480,000 going into thegrassroots economy. And all these are apartfrom the contributions of quarrying to Capitol’sprograms and projects. The ripple effectis really encompassing, if you take a carefullook at it,” he ended. ●PLACE YOUR AD HERE!

BUSINESSVOLUME II • NO. 47 • AUGUST 15, 2013 • THURSDAYQuarryingcontributesP25-M tolocal economyBy Marna Dagumboy-del RosarioBUSINESS TALK. Pampanga Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council proposes to Gov. Lilia Pineda the creation of a Barangay Micro-BusinessEnterprise (BMBE). In photo are Teresa Carlos, president of the council; Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Provincial Director Elenita Ordinio;Provincial Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office Head Mamerto Gatus; Board Member Anthony Torres; and Provincial Administrator Atty. AndresPangilinan, Jr. --Photo by GVJJRBCDA bids out SCTEx service areasBy Charlene A. CayabyabMABALACAT CITY -- The state-ownedBases Conversion and Development Authority(BCDA) announced that it is biddingout two service areas along theSubic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx)that is expected to enhance the convenienceof motorists plying the 94-kilometertoll road.BCDA President Arnel Paciano Casanovasaid the BCDA is now inviting interestedbidders to bid for the long-termlease and development of two separate lotsalong the SCTEx that will be developed asservice areas.“We are looking for partners to developthe lots into service areas for the benefitof the motorists plying the SCTEx,”Casanova said.Casanova said the prescribed facilitiesand amenities of a service area wouldinclude gasoline station, rest rooms, sufficientand adequate parking slots, emergencyfirst aid station, potable water andlighting system, emergency vehicle repairshop and convenience stores.He said that each of the two service areas,namely the Concepcion Service Areaand the Macangcung Service Area consistof two hectares.The lots are located in Barangay Santiago,Concepcion, Tarlac. The ConcepcionService Area is located at the Clark-bound/south-bound direction of the Clark-Tarlacsegment while the Macangcung ServiceArea is located at the Clark-bound/northbounddirection of the Clark-Tarlac segment.Casanova said interested bidderscould opt to bid for both lots or just one.BCDA BIDS OUT... pagE 7CITY OF SAN FERNANDO--The province’s quarry industryhas been benefitingKapampangans, pouringinP25 million a day to theprovince’s economy.This was disclosed byProvincial Government Environmentand Natural ResourcesOfficer Engr. ArtPunsalan, during a meetingwith quarry operators andQUARRYING... pagE 7Olongapo city employees told‘Stay outof casinos’By Butch GunioOLONGAPO CITY -- OlongapoCity Mayor Rolen Paulino issueda stern warning to all city governmentemployees under his administrationto stop gambling/playinginside casino’s or face maximumpenalties.Paulino announced his warningduring the regular flag raisingceremony of the local governmentof Olongapo.The warning came after Paulinoreceived reports that severalSTAY OUT... pagE 7

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