Inside this issue - Centre For Learning @ Home

Inside this issue - Centre For Learning @ Home

First, I want to commend all of our high school students who recently completed theirexams for the first semester. Upon review of the results, I must say, over all, the resultsare very good. A job well done! Students who wrote diploma exams can expect to havetheir results in the mail by the end of February. For updated classes and teacherassignments, please refer to the announcement folder. If you are waiting for textbooks,please communicate this to your teacher so they are aware of your note that the week of February 18 th there is no school. All teachers are attendingFaith Days and teachers’ Conventions. The second round of visits for our blended teacherswill begin soon. We really appreciate you accommodating our visiting teachers on theirvisits. These teachers have many visits and miles to travel so your cooperation is greatlyappreciated.We are making great progress on our new facility in the Calgary area. I hope that byMarch, we will have some confirmations on the building process.The Alberta Accountability Survey is out and available to parents and students in grade 4,7, and 10. Parents will get their access code directly from Alberta education. Studentswere emailed their access code by Mrs. Sparks. Students simply need to check in theiremail box for a message from Mrs. Sparks. We really encourage everyone to complete thesurvey because it provides valuable feedback to Alberta Education on programs andschool such as ours.“Leave Not One Heart Behind”Paul ByrnePrincipalMay I rememberA friend I amWhen coming to another's place ofunrestWith affection and warmth of caring.A friend I amWhen listening openly, nonjudgmentallyWhen judgment would be easy.A friend I amWhen taking extra timeTo lend a helping hand, though busy.A friend I amWhen feeling your needI act for youAs I would for myself.Inside this issue:Expenses 2Lego Robotics 3Counsellors Corner 4Kids Health 5Focus (Learning Support) 6-7Band@HOME 8-11Events 12-17Accountability Pillar 18Classified Ads 19-20

Funding CornerHeather Ridsdalehridsdale@redeemer.ab.ca403-938-4119 x 222Mary Lynn Schneidermschneider@redeemer.ab.ca403 938 4119 x 254Please find below some finance information which may be helpful: The first family reimbursement for the 2012 – 2013 school year is October 31, 2012 Reimbursements are processed each month except July and September Claims received to the office by the 10 th of the month will be reimbursed by the end of that samemonth. Reimbursement is made bycheque ordirect depositvoid cheque is provided to the officecurrent email is also required as you will be notified of the deposit by emailExpense Claim Summary sheets can be found on our website at the Parents Corner area.Please note Page 2 of the summary sheet has a wealth of important information.Following these guidelines will ensure timely processing ofyour claimHELPFUL DATES TO NOTE – PLEASE MARK THEM ON YOUR CALENDAR10 TH OF EACH MONTH – Expense Claims received in our office by the 10 th of each month will beprocessed by the end of that month (except July & September).BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY (end of 1 st Semester of High School) – return first semester highschool textbooks and submit Expense Claim.HIGH SCHOOL—IMPORTANT REMINDER; RETURN TEXT BOOKS AS QUICKLY ASPOSSIBLE AS SEMESTER 1 FUNDING WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL BOOKS HAVEBEEN RECEIVED IN THE OFFICE.EARLY JUNE 2013 – Prepare final Expense Claim submissions. Claims must be received in ouroffice by June 28 th to access 2012/13 school year funding. Reimbursement will be completed byAugust 31, 2013.JULY 15 th , 2013 - All textbooks are due back to our office. Refund of Book Deposits for 2012/13 willbe processed August 31, 2013.NOTE: You will be invoiced for the cost of the textbooks that have notbeen returned.2

COUNSELLOR’S CORNERMr. Leonard QuiltyGuidance CounsellorPhone: (403) 938-4119 ext. 237Toll Free Phone: 1-800-659-1945Fax: (403) 938-8070E-mail: lquilty@redeemer.ab.caThe Centre for Learning@Home -- St. Paul's Academywww.albertahomeeducation.caMrs. Annemarie BarwichTeacher ConsultantThe Centre for Learning@HomePhone: 403 931-4279Fax: 403 931-4037Email: abarwich@redeemer.ab.caBlended/Traditional High School Guidance CounsellorCentre for Learning @ Home1 800 659-1945 403 938-8046 Ext. 272Ms. Caroline St-PierreStudent ServicesCentre for Learning@HomeEmail: 938-4119 ext. 2361-800-659-1945 ext. 236Fax 403-938-8070Counsellor’s Corner, February, 2013We are now into semester two. The school year is moving by quickly.For grade 12 students, post-secondary applications and scholarship deadlines are approaching! Ifyou would like to go on to post-secondary studies in September, 2013, please make sure you checkwhen the application deadline is for the particular school to which you are applying.For the U of C, for example, depending on the program, the deadline is April 1 or May 1, 2013. ForSAIT, programs fill up on a first come first served basis as they have a continuous selection process,so it is best to apply early to make sure you will get into your desired program. Please call or emailme if you would like some guidance with this.The Rutherford scholarship application deadline is May 1, 2013 if you are planning on attending post-secondary studies in September. You must apply for this - it is not automatic. Please go to this linkfor more information: you require any assistance with your high school planning, please do not hesitate to contact theguidance office.Good luck with the new semester! Carpe diem!Mr. Leonard QuiltyGuidance CounsellorPhone: (403) 938-4119 ext. 237Toll Free Phone: 1-800-659-1945Fax: 1-800-938-26574

February 2013LEAVE NOT ONE HEART BEHINDFC U SFrom your Learning Support TeamRuth CraigenLearning SupportCoordinatorHello!We have come to the end of our first semester for High School students and are halfway through the year for the rest of the school. Before you know it, Easter will be hereand then the Summer. Learn from the last half of the year and develop good habits asfar as school work and study are concerned. This is what will lead to success. Print offthose calendars in the classroom, place them on the wall and check off those things thatget completed. Set yourself up at the beginning of each new week so you know what youhave to do.Get a quiet workspace and keep it neat and tidy. If it looks good, you will feel good anddo more work. There is nothing worse than working with clutter all around you. Make sure the lightingis good, and make sure you are not straining your eyes on the computer all day. When doing a computercourse, I was told to back light the area behind my computer so your eyes have the same strength oflight when you take them off the computer and look up. This causes less headaches!Develop good work habits, be on time with your assignments, falling behind just causes stress andmakes you feel bad about your work. Set times to complete things, use a planner to organize your day.Be efficient and punctual and change your system if it is not working for you. Don't waste time, fallbehind and end up paying for it later!Calling forthe Attentionof all CTSStudents!Mrs. PaquinAs we approach the second semester, you willnotice that the due dates for projects are assignedby “Week 1, Week, 2”, etc. and that no actualcalendar date is included. This is to give thestudents flexibility to begin a CTS module.Once a student has chosen a start date for a CTSmodule, that date will be used as the"benchmark date" to track studentprogress and ensure that the module iscompleted in a timely fashion. Expectto get emails from me on a regularbasis, especially if we note that you arefalling behind!Hi! I am the Educational Assistant for Grade 7. Junior Highis a time when you are becoming more independent in yourlife. So getting your school work done and doing it well is veryimportant. It sets the pattern for how you complete futureprojects in your life! When you do something good it makesyou feel so much better!So getting your work in is important but sending it inproperly is just as important. Remember to put your LASTNAME, FIRST NAME THEN THE UNIT AND LESSONnumbers in the subject line of your email. The teacher can’tmark it if we don’t know we have it!! If you are not sure youcan always contact me or anyone at the school for help.6Mrs. Funke

Tips for Making Homework a SUCCESSYou are responsiblefor knowing aboutand completingyour homeworkassignments.Getting all yourhomework done canbe tricky if you arenot organized.Staying on top ofhomework meansthat you do thefollowing:Understand eachassignment. Thismight mean e-mailor call your teacheror another student.Schedule time forhomework everyday. The moreconsistent that timeis day to day, themore likely you areto stick with it.Keep track of duedates. Post acalendar at yourstudy place.Put yourassignments inorder ofimportance. Do themost pressingassignments first.Have all the neededsupplies on hand.Get the e-mail orphone number ofyour teacher or aclassmate you cancall if you needhelp.Remember tosubmit assignmentsor tests properlynamed. Make sureto send it to theteacher submissionfolder , write yourfull name and titleof assignment inthe subject box ofyoure-mail.Handle yourhomeworkproblems. Whenyour homework isnot done, be honestabout the reasonand offer a solutionto the problem.Mrs. CanonSemester 2 Already?!This school year is going fast, high schoolstudents will be starting new courses at thebeginning of February, and grades 4-9 arehalfway through their courses.Mrs. RobertsonTake a few minutes to sortand tidy your work space, anorganized desk helps tohave an organized mind.Rather than having loosepages laying around youshould clean out yourbinders and make room foryour new coursework; it’smuch easier that way.While you’re in the ‘spring cleaning’ frame of mindit wouldn’t hurt to have a quick tidy of yourcomputer files too. Also, clean out your old emails,and save any that you want to keep onto your C:\drive.Anything that makes school go easier andsmoother for you is a good thing :-)So, what exactly does an Educational Assistant Admin do?This is an office position to help the teachers with the heavy load of paperwork.We take care of printing the work that you send in, adding received work to PowerSchool, andscanning marked work back to you. We help teachers from grades 4-12, so there is always nonstopwork coming in. We also guide our new students through Orientation. This process helps newstudents learn about our programs, and how to submit their work, and how to check their grades.When you are new to a school, these programs can be daunting, so we are here to help.Mrs. CherneskyOne of the most important things a student needs to do is to send in your work the correct way. We need your workto be sent in as a doc, docx, pdf, jpg, or tiff file. We are not set up for Mac files, and the files must be Windowsbased. Many assignments or tests have lots of pages. You need to know how to scan your work, and send in thedocument as one file. This saves pages coming in scanned upside down, mislabeled, and avoids generalconfusion. I recommend looking up on the internet how to scan a multi page document. Below is a sample set ofinstructions that can be found on the first page of the document onto the scanner bed, then click "Scan." The document will be scanned andimported to the computer. A save window will load. Type in the name, followed by "Page 1" (so you know whatpage it is), and click "Save." A window will appear, asking if you want to scan another document. Click "Yes."Replace the current page with the second page of the document, then click "Scan" again. Repeat the entire7process until all the pages of the document have been scanned and saved to the computer.


“South Connectors” is a great place to meet as a community of home schooling families withthe purpose of learning and growing together in a group setting. There is support for parents anda variety of sessions for students!Dates for the 2012-2013 school year:*Afternoon dates in green/morning dates in blueDateSeptember 13October 4October 25November 8November 29December 6January 31February 14March 7March21April 11April 25May 9May 23Timenoon-39-noonnoon-39-noonnoon-39-noonnoon-39-noon9-noonnoon-39-noonnoon-39-noonnoon-3Directions for the registration process are below.For more information contactMrs. LeeAnn Wynderlwynder@redeemer.ab.ca403-938-4119 ext. 274.Go to on, found on the right hand side.Click on, found by scrolling down a bit.Choose the event, and click on it.Scroll down to the bottom and click on .12This will take you through the online registration program. You will be emailed a copy of your registrationconfirmation. Please ensure that you check the email you used to register for this event forconfirmation, as well as checking a day prior to the event to note any changes that may have beenmade!

This month, although it is very short, offers some great opportunities tocelebrate special days with your children and family!Valentine’s Day: Feb: 14th Start the day off right with a healthy breakfastof cranberry juice and heart-shaped pancakes or French toast. Leave aspecial note in your child’s room or on the bathroom mirror wishing thema lovely day! You may even want to put a “kiss” (Hersheys that is) in theirlunch kit for later. At the end of the day you may want to “get moving”with your children and find some ways of being physically active together—likegoing for a walk or playing in the snow together.Embrace the day and enjoy the special time with your children!Family Day: Feb. 18th Make sure to enjoy this day with your loved ones.Many facilities in Calgary and surrounding area offer free public swim andskate times for Family Day. For more variety, try heading to the OlympicOval for skating, mascots, magicians, face painting, clowns and more!Check out Heritage Park, where Family Quest will be taking place inGasoline Alley Museum.Also, the 7th Annual Reel Fun Film Festival will be running February25—March 3rd through out the city. The mission of this festival is to exposechildren and youth to the world through films and film making. Seethe website for more information!Family is the most important thing in the world.13

Many fun and exciting activities are planned for February & March, I would love to see you!Please register online by visiting our website. Please feel free to call me with any questions youmay have.February 4—Ski/Snowboard Lessons @ COP (FULL)February 5—National Geographic Deep Sea Explore @ the Epcor CentreFebruary 8—Family Ski Day 1 @ COPFebruary 12—Leighton Art Centre (Drawing) FULLFebruary 25—Ski/Snowboard Lessons @ COP (FULL)March 5—Archery (Full) March 8—Family Ski Day 2March 12—National Geographic Birds of Paradise @ the Epcor CentreMarch 14—Archery (Second Group) March 25—Glenbow Museum Gr. 1-6This is just what has been set up currently– as more events are added you will seeinformation posted in the SPA Events Folders—Please check on a regular basis toavoid missing the FUN!Have an idea for an event you would like to participate in? Dying for lessons in asport that isn’t listed? I am always open to suggestions and ideas– feel free to e-mail me anytime and I will look into your ideas!For more information please feelfree to contact me!Carlene EthierEvents Coordinator SouthCentre for Learning@HOME403.938.8046 ext. 277403.483.8992 (cell)Emal: cethier@redeemer.ab.ca14

26 18

Classified AdsThese are paid advertisements.The Centre for Learning@HOME is in no wayliable for the companies or their servicesIf you would like to advertise in our newsletter please note thefollowing:Costs are $100 per yearArtwork should be forwarded via email toMandie Barker, email address: mbarker@redeemer.ab.caContact number 403 938 4119 x 250Music Lessons OkotoksGordon ChadneyAvailable during the dayKeyboard, Drum Set, Hand Drums, Steel Drums, all schoolPercussion instruments.Music Theory and Preparation for Royal Conservatory Exams.Please call403 370 435619

Classified AdsThese are paid advertisements.The Centre for Learning@HOME is in no wayliable for the companies or their servicesIf you would like to advertise in our newsletter please note the following:Costs are $100 per yearArtwork should be forwarded via email toMandie Barker, email address: Contact number 403 938 4119 x 250Art For KidsFine art classes for homeschooled kidstaught by a former homeschool mom.Instruction will be given in elementsand principles of design. Classeswill explore art through drawing,painting and clay. Art theory and astudy of the art masters is alsoincorporated in the curriculum.Fall Session: Tuesdays, Sept 25 — Dec 11/12Winter Session: Tuesdays Jan 8 — Mar 26/13Ages 6-9Ages 10-1410:00am — 12:00 noon1:30pm — 3:30 pmHeidi Age 12, Watercol-Zoe, Age 11 WatercolourwithClass Fee:$288.75 (Supplies not included.Art kits will be available for purchase atregistration).Location: Hughes on Tenth, Kensington132—10 St NWRegister: 403.457.1423Email: nlhughes@hughesfineart.cawww.hughesfineart.cawww.andreaslack.com6Mikaela, Age 13Acrylic 3-D Pastel Watercolour Clay20

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