The Taunton Academy School Prospectus - Hays

The Taunton Academy School Prospectus - Hays

School Prospectus

Welcome From The PrincipalWelcome to The Taunton Academy, an 11 to 19 Church academy in NorthTaunton. We are committed to providing a wide range of opportunities toensure all our students make the most of their learning and participate fully inthe Academy and community life.The Academy opened in September 2010 and will develop to cater for1,150 students. There is a wide choice of academic and vocational routesfor students taught by a dedicated teaching team in excellent facilities withcutting-edge ICT.Our curriculum is designed so that all students have the opportunity to takepart in enrichment and extra curricular activities that develop their interestsand aspirations. Students progress at a pace that encourages them to attainto the very highest level. Whatever a students’ interests or aptitude, we aim toprovide a strong pathway and progression routes.Our new buildings will be complete in September 2013 – we will be the envyof many as we move into the fantastic facilities. We will further develop thecampus with the proceeds of the sale of our south site. An incredibly excitingfuture is ahead!Our post 16 provides superb courses for students, who are taught in smallclasses with access to excellent teaching, resources and ICT.Our unique partnership with the higher education providers, SCIL, who shareour south site, ensures we have access to top quality teacher training andsupport and local progression for our students into degree based courses andwork.Thankyou for your interest in our academy. We want to work with students,their families and the local community to unlock the potential of every child.Together we can achieve in the present and build for the future to ensure along track record of success for The Taunton Academy.Mark TrussonPrincipal3

The Taunton AcademyWelcome From The SponsorsI am delighted that the Diocese of Bath and Wells is Lead Sponsor of TheTaunton Academy. We bring a commitment to the education and careof young people in this area, through our long history of involvement ineducation. Our 185 church schools are attended by 34,000 students and Iam proud of the track record of high standards, and of our commitment tolearning within a context of Christian values. We believe in the unique valueof your child, and we bring an enthusiasm to help each and every studenthave a rich and fulfilling experience of learning and life.I’m very pleased that we are working with our Co-sponsor, SomersetCounty Council, who are committed to raising the aspirations and levels ofattainment of young people in Somerset. Their involvement will play a vitalrole in ensuring that The Taunton Academy benefits from being part of theTaunton family of schools.We very much look forward to welcoming students and their families to TheTaunton Academy.The Rt Revd Peter PriceBishop of Bath & Wells4

Vision And ValuesOur ethosThe Taunton Academy is a Church of England Academy welcoming young people andtheir families of all faiths and none.Situated at the heart of North Taunton, the Academy aims to raise aspirations of youngpeople so that they can achieve beyond their expectations and make a valuablecontribution to their communities and the wider world.The Taunton Academy is values centred school. Values including respect, love,forgiveness and hope are rooted in our Christian ethos and expressed each day in lessons,assemblies and every aspect of the working day. These values help us to learn and teachand achieve, to work effectively as a community and enjoy all aspects of education atthe Taunton Academy.Our six key principles are:• An inclusive and distinctive Christian ethos that serves all.• The very highest aspirations and standards of learning and teaching.• The engagement and motivation of all our young people.• Strong leadership and governance at all levels.• Inspirational specialisms across the whole Academy.• Meaningful involvement with families and the local community.Key Features and PoliciesThe Taunton Academy:• is an outstanding place of learning with high aspirations and opportunities for all.• provides education for up to 1,150 students ages 11-19, including 100 in years 12 and 13.• has dual specialisms of science (with strong focus on health sciences) and Stainability.• Is rooted in Christian values, supported by chaplaincy and the wider church community.• is fully inclusive, committed to meeting the needs of students with special educationalneeds and open to all students irrespective of ability or faith.• meets the needs of all children, those who show academic, creative and/orsporting talent.• has a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and ICT to ensure that all students arecompetent in these key areas.• has a comprehensive and innovative curricular and extra-curricular programme,extending opportunities for students.• has a strong focus on every student’s achievement and wellbeing, challengingexpectations and promoting the personal and spiritual health of each.• is at the heart of the community, providing resources and facilities for lifelong learning.5

The Taunton AcademyOur New BuildThe Academy has been successful in gaining funding for an £11million rebuild and exciting refurbishment programme.The building works started in July 2012 and we will be openingphase one of the rebuild programme in September 2013.The new facilities in phase one will include a ‘state of the art’science wing and outstanding design, technology and musicfacilities. Alongside a range of large flexible classroomspaces and ‘heart spaces’ within each college for bothacademic and social use. Our wireless computer systemwill enable exciting and new opportunities for learningand teaching.Our Academy is here for all our community and thisis an exciting time in our development. Workingtogether to increase the opportunities for both ourstudents and their families on a welcoming, safeand secure campus.6

Admission And ProceduresTransfer from Primary SchoolWe have very strong links with our Primary Schools and this helps studentsmake a smooth transition from the school at the age of transfer. These linksinclude visits to the primary schools by College staff, curriculum link days,parents’ evenings and drop-in sessions to meet children, parents/carersand their tutors.The Key To Success –Respect At All TimesThe school rule is the same for all of us, staff and pupils alike, we expecteveryone to treat each other as they would wish to be treated – withconsideration, kindness and respect. We expect students:• To be polite to everyone;• To follow instructions from Academy staff;• To respect the Academy sites;• To work hard:complete all classwork;complete all homework;complete all coursework.• To be punctual and keep to Academy times.We have clear policies on homework and discipline. We have tracking andmonitoring systems which set challenging targets for each of our students.We report regularly on our students and their levels of achievement.7

The Taunton AcademyCaring For Your ChildPastoral OrganisationThe Academy comprises of Years 7 to 13, currently over two sites.Each site has its own Vice Principal and Senior Staff who lead and co-ordinate a teamof Champions. Champion groups are mixed aged groups. Year 7 and 8 on the SouthSite and Years 9, 10 and 11 on the North Site, with Year 12/13 students mentoring theiryounger peers.Champions will get to know their students very well and will normally be the first personto contact. Team Leaders are also available and are available for students or Parents/Carers to contact during the school day.Student VoiceStudent Voice represents the views and ideas of the student body. Regular meetingswith members of staff ensure that Student Voice is listened to and plays an active partof Academy life. Members of Student Voice meet regularly with the Senior Leadershipteam and are involved in interviewing new staff.8

The CurriculumPhase 1 (Year 7 and 8 students)All students follow the national curriculum both in the core and foundation subjects.Students are taught in mixed aged classes for the majority of their subjects.Phase 2 (Year 9, 10 and 11 students)To give each of our students the chance of succeeding some examination coursesstart in year 9 particularly in the core subjects. Students are also offered a widerange of optional GCSE and vocational courses offered at the Academy or atSomerset College.BTEC SportBTEC Health & Social CareBTEC ArtBTEC Performing ArtsBTEC Fashion & ClothingBTEC Hairdressing ServicesBTEC BusinessBTEC ConstructionBTEC Motor VehicleGCSE HistoryGCSE GeographyGCSE MusicGCSE DramaGCSE CateringGCSE FoodGCSE TextilesGCSE GraphicsGCSE Resistant MaterialsGCSE Product DesignGSCE ArtGCSE PhotographyGCSE Media StudiesGCSE FrenchGCSE GermanGCSE SpanishGCSE Physical EducationGCSE Business9

The Taunton AcademyEnrichment And Extra CurricularActivitiesWe strongly believe that education is about more than the subjects students study.We offer all our students the widest range of enrichment activities which broadentheir personal interests and aspirations.Enrichment on a Thursday afternoon will give diverse and exciting learningopportunities to your child. These sit outside the usual curriculum and offerNVQ Sports Coaching, Duke of Edinburgh or Junior Leaders courses. Thereare also academic courses at all levels including AS Level Critical Thinkingand Psychology as well as taster sessions in various languages.Extra curricular club and activities include team games, art, music, chessand we provide qualified coaches and teachers to lead these sessionsand also involve students from primary school who are often coachedby our own qualified students.All Academy students have the opportunity to take part in schooltrips and residential activities, both in this country and abroad.10

Our SpecialismsScience and Health SciencesThe concepts that lie at the heart of Science specialism willform the life of the whole learning community. The emphasison health within science makes the specialism even morerelevant and pertinent to the young people and the widercommunity.Health SciencesHealth encompasses:• Environmental health: to sustain our planet;• Community health: to provide better for our students,families and surrounding communities through our extendedwork and opportunities.• Personal health: physical, emotional, intellectual/mental,social and spiritual.SustainabilitySustainability will be manifested in four main areas of theAcademy:• Through the curriculum;• Across the campus;• Through the culture;• In the community.11

The Taunton AcademyThe School DayThe Academy has a commitment to ensuring continuity of learning, with minimalmovement across sites.One hundred minute teaching sessions allow for a variety of approaches to learningand teaching.MONDAY & TUESDAYAOW/Champion (20minutes)Session 1 (100 minutes)BREAK (15 minutes)Session 2 (100 minutes)Lunch (40 minutes)Session 3 (100 minutes)Session 4 (50 minutes)Start 8.40amFinish 3.45pmTHURSDAYAOW/Champion (20minutes)Session 1 (100 minutes)BREAK (15 minutes)Session 2 (100 minutes)Lunch (40 minutes)Enrichment (100 minutes)Start 8.40amFinish 2.55pmWEDNESDAY & FRIDAYAOW/Champion (20minutes)Session 1 (100 minutes)BREAK (15 minutes)Session 2 (100 minutes)Lunch (40 minutes)Session 3 (100 minutes)Start 8.40amFinish 2.55pm12

The Sixth FormWe have a vibrant Sixth Form offering a range of courses. Sport,Health & Social Care, Childcare and Science.The Sixth Form also offers great Post-16 experience to youngpeople, involving personal, development, social events, sportingand recreational outlets, posts of responsibility, service in thecommunity and work placements. A separate informationbooklet gives full details on Sixth Form opportunities.13

The Taunton AcademyCommunicationCommunication is crucial in the 21st century. We are available, byappointment, to discuss any matters involving students. Contact betweenhome and the Academy is crucial to student success: we encourage it! TheChampion will be the first point of contact.Newsletters give general Academy news and current event reports. Specificinformation letters relating to examinations, visits, field work, etc., will be aregular feature of communication. Reports and Parents’ information sessionscontinue the communication channel. Academy Planners are useful‘contact points’.The Academy website contains a great deal of current information aboutthe College. Much curriculum information is available, as well as theAcademy calendar, containing key dates for the academic year.Please keep in touch.All information about the Academy, including transport, is available atwww.thetauntonacademy.com14

The Taunton Academy, Cheddon Road,Taunton, Somerset TA2 7QPTel: 01823 348200Email:

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