September 2010 - issue 1 (100 KB PDF) - Angus Community Planning

September 2010 - issue 1 (100 KB PDF) - Angus Community Planning

Angus Community PlanningPartnershipSeptember from the Chief ExecutiveHello and welcome. I am delighted to introduce you to this,our first e-newsletter of the Angus Community PlanningPartnership. Here you can find out what the council and ourcommunity planning partners have been working on over thepast few months. I am sure you will find something here thatinterests you and remember you can always look at theAngus Community Planning website to find out more.Alternatively you can get in touch with Rachel Green ourSenior Community Planning Officer who will help you findwhat you want to know.David Sawers, Chief Executive, Angus CouncilIn this issue:-Angus Community Planning PartnershipAngus Community Planning Partnership Planning DayFree Home Safety Visits on OfferScottish Social Marketing ToolkitNew Member of the PartnershipBest Value 2 Pathfinder Audit - Angus CouncilForward work programme area - Migrant WorkersThird SectorSingle Outcome Agreement Implementation GroupThematic PartnershipsBetter Community EngagementAngus Economic Development PartnershipNational Early Years Framework - Angus Position StatementLocal Community Planning

with regards to migrant workers please contact the european communitues development officer.Third SectorA futures groups, which includes members from Angus Association of Voluntary Organisations, VolunteerCentre Angus, and the Council has been working together over the last few months to develop a joint futurevision for the third sector in Angus. The Scottish Government are interested in a single "Interface" approachthat will represent the Third Sector in the Community Planning process.The futures group has been working hard to ensure that any future structure is robust and meets the approvalof the Boards of the organisations, Community Planning partners and the Scottish Government. Mostimportantly it must be set up so that all current and future members will find a seamless service of a similarstandard throughout Angus. A proposed interface structure will be put before the Angus Community PlanningPartnership in due course. Further information on this area of work can found by contacting either AngusAssociation of Voluntary Organisations or Volunteer Centre Angus.Single Outcome Agreement Implementation GroupThe SOA implementation group met to consider the full year performance reports for 2009/2010 from each ofthe thematic partnerships in June. These reports provided progress updates on the delivery plans and keyindicators relevant to their contribution to local and national outcomes prior to submission to the ScottishGovernment at the end of September. Further information on the performance of the Single OutcomeAgreement can be found at Angus Performs.Thematic PartnershipsBetter Community EngagementThe Angus Lifelong Learning Partnership has been successful in becoming a local demonstration project in anational project designed to improve practice in engaging with communities. A consultant from the ScottishCommunity Development Centre (SCDC) has been working with partners in Angus to deliver the local areas ofwork. These include the setting up of a Community of Practice and community engagement training for AngusCommunity Councils. Further information on either of these areas of work or on the Better CommunityEngagement Project can found by contacting Graham Hewitson, the principal officer for Community Learningand Development.National Early Years Framework - Angus Position StatementThe early years joint action group, a sub-group of the Children's Executive has prepared a position statementand action plan in response to the early years framework document published to reinforce the ever moreimportant need to focus on early years by the Scottish Government and COSLA. The position statement setsout the national context, identifies areas of strength in current practice, prioritises actions within the frameworkand recommends key actions for angus local priorities. Further information on this document can be foundhere.Angus Economic Development PartnershipThe Angus Employability Partnership was created at the beginning of the year, to facilitate, support and coordinatethe provision of employability services in Angus. Recent work has included the training of a numberof frontline employability staff from across Angus on a specially designed training course that focused onmotivating clients, overcoming barriers to employment and finding jobs in a recession. The course has helpedfrontline staff better address the Scottish Government priorities for employability - get people back into work,

keep people in work and up-skill those in work. For more information on the work of the partnership pleasecontact Neil Prentice, Senior Service Manager with Economic Development.Local Community PlanningLocal Community PlansWork is on course to produce a local community plan for each of the wards of Angus (the two Arbroath wardswill have one community plan). Area profiles have been produced and the local community planning teams foreach area have arrangements in place to identify local priorities which local groups believe would enhance thesocial, economic and environmental well-being of their areas. All community planning partners have beenasked to supply key development information on a ward basis for inclusion as integral elements of localcommunity plans. Anyone requiring more information should get in touch with their local community planningteam details of which can be found on the community planning website.Community CouncilsCommunity Council elections are due to take place beginning Monday 6th September. Young people aged 16to 18 will be able to stand for election to their local community council, and also to vote if there is a contest intheir area. Candidates have until Monday 27 September to submit their nomination. Where there is a contest,the polling stations will be open from 25 to 30 October and the votes will be counted on Monday 1 November,with results issued shortly afterwards. For full details of the forthcoming election contact: the Election Teamon (01307) 476060 or email. Further information can be also be found on the election page of the AngusCouncil Website.Arbroath East & Lunan and Arbroath West & LethamThe Arbroath and Area Partnership recently invited representatives from all sectors to a focus group sessionto give a broad view of current local priorities and issues. Participants discussed a number of themes basedaround the current objectives of the Angus Community Planning Partnership. The next step is to develop anaction plan based on these priorities, some of which will be included in the Arbroath and Area LocalCommunity Plan.The Partnership has set up a special Year of the Light steering group that has developed an ambitiouscalender of events for next year to celebrate 200 years of the Bell Rick lighthouse. A recent successful fundingbid to the Destination Dundee, Angus and Dundee area tourism partnership has resulted in the Partnershipbeing awarded £5000 to market the bicentenary. More information on the 2011 celebration can be found atAngus Ahead.The work of the Town Centre Regeneration group (TRGC) is currently working on the following actions:-Vacant Shopsa survey is currently being progressed by the local community planning team.Angus Council law and administration department have carried out an ownership search for un-letproperties identified through a recent local community planning team audit.a collective marketing strategy to be developedAccommodationHead of economic Development to attend a meeting of the group to provide support and advice todevelop a strategy to attract hotel providers.

Heritage Trail LeafletsAngus Council cultural services department are to assess the current Heritage Trail Leaflet for futuredevelopment in time for the Year of the Light 2011Town Interpretation Boards.Angus Council economic development department taking forward work around town interpretationboards and liaising with the local community planning team regarding this.Finger Post SignsOwnership of signs is currently being established and timescales for possible repainting of signs beinglooked into.Town Leaflet and BrochureThe local community planning team is progressing the production of a new town leaflet and brochure.Benches/SeatingInfrastructure services have been contacted regarding the possibility of having the benchescleaned/tidied up in the very near future.Street BannersThe local community planning team is currently investigating the cost of banners.Tourist Road VehicleStagecoach Strathtay have recently met with the Arbroath and Area Partnership and the localcommunity planning team to discuss proposals fo a new tourist road vehicle route through the towncentre.Arbroath MarketsThe TRGC are looking into holding market days in Arbroath on a regular basis.The Arbroath and Area local community planning team continue to work with Friockheim and DistrictCommunity Council to take forward a proposal to develop Friockheim Park. Consultative work is set to beginfollowing the community Council elections.The team has met with all community councils in the Arbroath wards and is currently with them to develop acollective strategy to promote the work of community councils and encourage involvement with them.The refurbishment of the Bruce Road Community Flat is now complete. The garden is fenced in andbenches have been donated by the Arbroath Rotary Club. With the help of the Volunteer Centre Angus twovolunteers have been recruited to facilitate IT classes. The group are now looking to develop their children'sarts and crafts group and are seeking volunteers for this. The second edition of the Bruce Road CommunityFlat newsletter has recently been published and recently organised a public meeting on road safety in thearea. Five young people have been elected to the committee to bring a youth perspective to the group.Timmergreens Action Group recently became a registered tenants organisation with both Angus Council andHillcrest Housing Association. Committee members have recently completed their Tenants Information

Scotland committee skills training. They are now woking on community engagement events in order todevelop an action plan for the group.The Arbroath West Links Partnership met over the summer to receive plans for development of the WestLinks area. The plans illustrated ideas of work that may be undertaken in the area. These plans have nowbeen circulated to the group for comment and will be discussed at the next meeting The Group are alsoinvestigating ways of working in partnership to develop these plans further and to look into possible funding.The local community planning team is currently working with the Road's Dept to develop an appropriateconsultation strategy for the Arbroath Traffic Management Review.Members of the Cliffburn and Hayshead community planning group have recently received Youth WorkTraining from Angus Council's Community Learning and Development Service as well as guidance in writingtheir Code of Conduct for Committee Members, Volunteers and for young people.The recently formed Arbroath Skatepark Project Group have managed to raise a lot of money and publicityin a short period of time and are being supported by the local community planning tm to build the Group andaccess external funding to develop and outdoor skatepark.If you require any further information on any of the above projects please contact the Siobhan Fagan,Community Planning Officer in the local community planning team.Brechin and EdzellFollowing discussion through the Brechin and Area Partnership the resurfacing of the Brechin Leisure CentreAll Weather Football Pitch was completed in the summer with a new Brechin 5 a-side competition beingarranged by local groups and called “Brechin Community Challenge Shield” for a year. The Brechin and AreaPartnership are also working with the Local Community Planning team to produce a Tourism Leaflet andEvents Listing promoting attractions in the Brechin and Edzell ward area.The local community planning team has been working in partnership with the Happy Healthy eatingCommunities Project to set up a series of healthy eating projects. The project will provide skills for parentswith children under 5 years old.The team has also been supporting the Fairtrade steering group who have produced a leaflet promoting theaims of the project in partnership with the co-operative. The steering group will have been running for a year inOctober which is one of the criteria for applying for Fairtrade Status. The group hope to have the City ofBrechin confirmed as a Fairtrade city in 2011.The Round Table led a very successful gala day in the summer supported by the local community planningteam. Feedback has shown that local people would like to see the procession improved for next year and thata beer tent might be considered following wider consultation. The planning of next years pageant requiresincreased support from the community and a group has been set up called the Brechin Voluntary OrganisationGroup to take forward proposals.The High School, City of Brechin and Area Partnership and Local Community Planning Team launched thetackling litter campaign with new bins placed in the city centre. The new bins were funded by AngusCouncil’s community grant scheme and include the logo of the High School and Brechin Partnership.The Townscape Heritage Initiative have completed work at the Cathedral and a number of other projects areclose to completion in the conservation area. Grant applications have been approved by the Heritage LotteryFund for three of the four east High Street priority projects. A further application has been approved subject tomeeting a further condition. Legal matters are still to be finalised but it is anticipated that works will commenceon site in September. Dialogue regarding the Merchant’s House is progressing positively with relation to a THIgrant application. A grant application has recently been approved for stonework repairs to 2 PanmureStreet/Clydesdale Bank and a number of applications are in an advanced stage of development. Alloutstanding applications are due to be submitted before November 2010. Work to enhance the pend atBishops Close off the High Street has recently been completed by the New Deal Training Services squad. The

team is currently working on the repointing of the rear wall to the Mechanics Institute. Further public realmprojects are currently being developed. More information on the work of the Townscape Heritage Initiative canbe found here.The Town Centre Regeneration Fund initiative is being taken forward by Angus Council and partners.Discussions are ongoing with property owners and the Angus Council property team have visited a number ofproperties to assess work required and evaluate costs.The Local Community Planning Team held a community open day at the Hillview community flat to gatherthe views of the local community and promote use of the centre. All tenants and residents in the area wereinvited. The Team are also working with Brechin High School to consult with the community and widerstakeholders on proposals for the development of the High School.If you require any further information on any of the above projects please contact Matt Henderson, CommunityPlanning Officer in the local community planning team.Carnoustie and DistrictThe local community planning area partnership Carnoustie Forward are working closely with Angus Council’sEconomic Development Section’s Marketing Team, to produce a leaflet for the Senior Open at Carnoustie. Thegroup is looking to the future and are at the early stages of considering options for a potential Big Lottery Grantapplication to benefit the Town. A networking event with local groups is to be arranged to generate ideas andopportunities.The Three Streets Residents Association held a public meeting in the summer with representatives fromHousing, Community Safety, Roads, Tayside Police and Community Mediation to discuss various concerns inthe area that the group represent. Proposals for a multi-agency surgery, between Housing and Police are atdiscussion stages and a venue has been identified. It is hoped this will start by September at the latest. TheRoads Department have installed Speed Count boxes in the area to monitor traffic and an update will be givento the team once the results have been collated.The Local Community Planning Team have produced the Carnoustie and District Event Listing leaflet,covering the period August 2010 to January 2011. This leaflet contains information on local groups andactivities in and around the Carnoustie area, covering a wide range of interests and attractions. These havebeen distributed widely throughout the town and copies are also available from the Local Community PlanningTeam.The team are working closely with the Carnoustie Crime Prevention panel to organise and promote aforthcoming intergenerational event to be held in the Carnoustie Hotel on Thursday 9 th September. Theessence of the event is to highlight community issues which are problems for all ages. Ideas will be sought onthe day on how to solve and overcome these problems.The team are also working with the Smokie Blues Association and Carnoustie High School to organise freemusic workshops for young people to get a taster of jazz and blues music, being facilitated by internationaljazz and blues artists, who will be performing at the Festival in September.If you require any further information on any of the above projects please contact either Elaine McLeod orBeverley Gibb both community Planning Officers in the local community planning team.Forfar and DistrictThe Forfar and Area Partnership is organising its second Energy Awareness Day for 23 October this year. Thisyear’s event will be expanded to include a community information element, hosting stalls from a number ofcommunity groups as well as energy awareness experts.The Local Community Planning Team is currently awaiting the production of detailed design proposals forForfar Castle and Dunnichen Castle enhancements to present to interested community groups. Once the

design is agreed, community groups will be supported in making funding applications.The Local Community Planning Team recently convened a meeting with other Council officers to discuss theprocess for a community appraisal in the Viewmount area of Forfar. Staff have agreed to conduct theappraisal in late September and early October.If you require any further information please contact Lee Haxton, Community Planning Officer in the LocalCommunity Planning Team.Kirriemuir and DeanA completed Kirriemuir & Dean leaflet has been distributed around the ward area, with a second version ofthe events listing, covering July – September also recently distributed. A final version, covering October –December will be produced in due course.The Local Community Planning Team are currently supporting Kirriemuir Community Council with theirproject to bring aesthetic improvements to the road entrances to the town.The Local Community Planning Team is working with young people who are interested in improving the BMXtrack at the Kirriemuir Hill. The Kirriemuir Hill enhancements are starting in mid-August, though the timescalefor the improvement of the BMX Track is 3 to 5 years and is dependent on funding. As a result, the LCP Teamalong with the CLD Service are working with the BMX group to look at potential improvements of the track,through external funding or local support.If you require any further information please contact Lee Haxton, Community Planning Officer in the LocalCommunity Planning Team.Monfieth and SidlawThe most recent meeting of the Monifieth Landward Partnership was held on Tuesday 17 th August in theMonifieth Library/Burgh Chambers. The group continue to work on the idea of developing a sensory gardenin the grounds of Ashludie Hospital and plan to write to the Chief Executive of NHS Tayside with a view toprogressing this. Enhancement works on the High Street in Monifieth are progressing well and the partnershipcontinue to be updated on this.The Networking Event/Coffee Morning of the Monifieth M Factor took place in the summer in the CommunityWing of Seaview School. The next stage is M Factor- Part 2. 50 community groups have been invited fromthe Monifieth area as well as a general invitation via the Have Your Say website. The aim of the evening is tolook at the priorities that were identified at in October 2009 and to make inroads into taking these forward. Thekey developments that the community can lead on are as follows:-Community Centre FacilityBeach EnhancementsHeritage Trail – DightyAshludie Sensory GardenAllotmentsBetter Promotion of Town and surrounding area.Community Transport – minibusCycle Hire facility to promote cycle pathsYouth Facility and activitiesIntergenerational Cohesion“Freshers Week” style community event.It is hoped that at this meeting, groups will be identified to take these projects forward.

The Monifieth Eco-Fest group have a full action plan that they are currently working to.Beach Enhancement - The group continue to do regular beach cleans and have now organised with the localrotary club to work on these. They are also investigating whether they can take forward a Dutch Fencingproject, and are in early discussions with Angus Council about the feasibility of this. The aim of this project isto assist in the natural building of sand dunes.Dighty Valley - the group continue to arrange clean ups in this area. However are in discussions with AngusCouncil with regard to flood prevention in the area.A Wine Making/Heritage Walk is arranged for 26 th September.Working with local Schools - The group have been working with a local high school on educationalenvironmental projects, including plug planting in the Dighty valley. The Local Community Planning Team hasmade contact with the High School and two primaries in Monifieth with a view to doing some collaborative workin the future.The group plan to do a publicity drive in the near future to attract more volunteers, and fundraising continueswith a quiz night.The Local Community Planning team continue to work with the Monifieth Community Centre Steering Group,and are assisting them in planning and funding a feasibility study for a new hall facility in Monifieth.The team continues to facilitate regular networking/information sharing meetings with the Chairs of theMonifieth and Sidlaw area community councils.If you require any further information on any of the above projects please contact either Elaine McLeodor Beverley Gibb both community Planning Officers in the local community planning team.Montrose and DistrictThe Montrose Town Centre Regeneration Group are planning to consult with the wider community followingthe completion of designs for improving the town centre. Discussion has taken place with Scot Rail toimprove access at the station. The group which includes member of Montrose Together as well as theMontrose Society, Montrose Heritage Trust and Montrose Horticultural Society and supported by the LocalCommunity Planning Team are working on projects including the creating of a Montrose Arch, funding newstreet seating and litter bins as well as improving closes and refurbishing the Mermaid Lamps with the aim ofimproving the environmental and economic areas of the town. The group are also working with Scot Rail toimprove planters at the station through the adopt a station program.Borrowfield Community Group and the Local Community Planning Team held a successful gala day inpartnership with members of the local community and other service providers. The event helped promote whatcould be available in the area and at the centre as well as building the capacity of those involved.Following discussion through Montrose Together a further environmental survey has been carried out on theEast Links area.Partners involved in Montrose Moving Forward are progressing the action plan which includes:-developing a Tourism leaflet and creating a ‘what’s on guide’ for the area for distribution with localcommunity groups and the private sectorpromoting joint working across different groupsdeveloping the East links Area and investigating the viability of a local management trust to managethe whole Links areaImproving access to the railway stationpromoting town history and heritage

developing activities for the whole communityInvestigating ways to support investment in youthinvestigating ways to improve the usage of the town hall and regeneration of the town centre includingstreet furniture and bins andinvestigating the possibility of cinema provision for all ages in the burghIf you require any further information on any of the above projects please contact Matt Henderson,Community Planning Officer in the local community planning team.Forward this emailCan't read this email properly?Want to unsubscribe or change your details?

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