savewater!® Alliance Annual Report 2007/08 -

savewater!® Alliance Annual Report 2007/08 -

Vision, Mission andCorporate AimsVisionTo have the Australian community actively embracewater conservation through savewater! ® Allianceprograms offered by our member organisations.Together we can make a difference!MissionTo combine the strengths of the water corporationmembers with community, government and industryto synergistically deliver best practice solutions thataccelerate measurable community engagement inwater conservation.savewater! ® member coverageCorporate aims and constitutionThe savewater! ® Alliance Inc. was officiallyincorporated in Victoria on 9th June 2004 as anot-for-profit association. Its aim is to acceleratewater conservation behaviour change and watersaving product purchasing in line with governmentand water industry needs. savewater! ® also aimsto support product and service suppliers byincreasing community awareness of their productsolutions.The savewater! ® Alliance works with memberwater utilities, government agencies andproduct companies to deliver water conservationprograms throughout Australia. savewater! ® offersa combination of web resources and practicalprograms to help all Australians change the waythey use water.savewater! ® structureThe BoardChief Executive Officersavewater! ® TeamServices to members> > >>The savewater! ® Alliance currently has membersin Victoria, New South Wales and the NorthernTerritory.By working together with many water utilities,government organisations and product suppliers,the savewater! ® Alliance model generates strongsynergies - leading to economies of scale, simplecommunication messages and significant costreductions. This combination allows savewater! ®to create new and innovative communityengagement programs and bring about real change.The team at savewater! ® deliver a range of waterconservation initiatives in conjunction withmembers and other supporters of the Alliance.The activities of savewater! ® are overseen by aBoard, which includes representatives from sixAlliance members.savewater! ® Alliance memberssavewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/084 5

For regular updates on the awards and details aboutnext year’s program, visit the savewater! ® website Highlightssavewater! awards ®The savewater! awards ® , now in its sixth year, area way in which water saving stars from all aroundAustralia can be recognised and rewarded for theiroutstanding efforts. Now an annual event, the awardsprogram showcases innovation in water conservationby businesses, government, schools, local communitiesand individuals.While the 2007 program continued to be a success, an extensivereview was undertaken. The review resulted in the 2008 awardslaunched as a national program in February.The prestigious savewater! awards ® have nowemerged as the leading water sustainabilityawards program in Australia.While the gala night is not scheduled until 29thAugust 2008, the 10 month program was wellunderway by the end of this financial year. Over800 entries were received from all over Australia,more than 10 times the amount received for the2007 awards program.The successful photographic awards, originallyundertaken by Wannon Water over the last sevenyears, were passed over to savewater! ® to managenationally which has created significant interest inall three categories – primary schools, secondaryschools and the general public.Sponsorship of the awards was also strong in2007/08, taking on significant corporate sponsors,in addition to government sponsors:>> Government Partners – the VictorianDepartment of Sustainability andEnvironment, and all Victorian regional andmetropolitan water utilities>> Principal Sponsors – Interbath and Methven>> Major Sponsors – Davey Water Products,Blake Dawson and Wannon Water>> Supporting Sponsor – adz@workWinning at the savewater! awards ® has helpedmany companies and individuals to spread thewater conservation message and assist othermembers of the community to use water moreefficiently.Principal SponsorsMajor SponsorsSupporting SponsorGovernment Sponsorssavewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/086 7

% Volume100%80%60%40%20%20,000018,00016,00014,00012,00010,0008,0006,0004,000System Storage (GL)2,0000%0Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep15 Sep 06 to 15 Sep 07 15 Sep 07 to 15 Sep 08 Full Supply website traffic grewby over 50% from the previous year.1,400Program Highlights(continued) – Australia’s leading resourceon water conservationWe have prepared the savewater! ® programs andwebsite content with simplicity and accessibility in mind.Our aim is for savewater! ® to become the one-stopsource of information for anyone wanting to becomemore water efficient.2007/08 was a significant year for onlinedevelopment, including the following:>> New product library that incorporates onlineproduct listing and certification>> Improved online water storage andconsumption graphing for members>> Launch of the online member portal, allowingmembers to access savewater! ® promotionalmaterial at the click of a button>> The upgrade of the online garden section,including the five savewater! ® garden plantlists and Sustaining Gardens in Dry Timesbooklet>> Launch of Mission H2O, an online gameaimed at educating younger generations onwater conservation>> Online newsletters via email to members andthe public1,200The website continues to be consumer focussed1,000and includes member logos and branding on800every page to provide the community with clearer600identification.Annual Inflow (GL)Average Inflow 1913-1996 (615 GL/year)400A new tracking system licence was purchased to200provide highly detailed information on consumeronline 0 patterns and behaviours. This informationwas used to design search friendly URLs toenhance search engine access to the site.19131915191719191921192319251927192919311933193519371939194119431945Website traffic continued to increase throughoutthe year, growing by over 50%.1947194919511953195519571959196119631965196719691971197319751977197919811983198519871989199119931995199719992001200320051. Annual inflow is taken as calendar year inflow (January to December) and is calculated using hydrological methods and gauging records. 2. Inflow at the four main harvesting reservoir sites representsthe main sources of streamflow from Melbourne’s water supply catchments that are not impacted by upstream diversions, but may be impacted by changes to catchment and climate – Over 50% increase in website traffic.VisitsAverage Inflow 1997-2007 (385 GL/year)200725,00020,00015,00010,000>> Online photo galleries of special events5,000>> Search friendly URLs optimising searchengine access to Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May JunUnique Visitors 6 Month Rolling Average Trend (Unique Visitors)0>> Rich text editor for website content, enablingfaster, more accurate loading of new content>> Opinio software loaded for online surveysand reporting including member surveys andcompetition market researchsavewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/088 9

The five savewater! ® gardens continued to be verypopular and were repackaged as a single, easy touse document available to members.Program Highlights(continued)savewater! ® gardensThe savewater! ® gardens program was established todisplay drought tolerant plants for formal, backyard,cottage, sub-tropical and mediterranean gardens.In collaboration with the Nursery & Gardens Industry of Victoriaand the Victorian State Government’s Our Water Our Futureprogram (Water Saver Garden Centres), savewater! ® gardens wereinstalled for a trial program at 10 nurseries around Melbourne.This program was implemented in Autumn/Winter when plantsneed less water to establish. The program will continue into thenext financial year.Melbourne International Flower andGarden ShowWith water saving in the garden sector beingidentified as a high priority, savewater! ® continuedits three year major sponsorship of the MelbourneInternational Flower and Garden Show. Thesponsorship included the construction of one ofthe largest displays at the event which focusedon alternative water saving garden designs, greywater, tank systems and many other water savingproducts. The display won a Bronze Award in theoutdoor feature category.Sustaining Gardens in Dry TimesMelbourne’s retail water utilities in conjunctionwith savewater! ® have produced a booklet called“Sustaining Gardens in Dry Times”. This bookletprovides information and advice to gardenerswishing to maintain their gardens in dry times.The major sponsors and supporters were:>> Yarra Valley Water>> South East Water>> City West Water>> Melbourne Water>> The Victorian Deaf Society>> Home of Garden Lovers>> Davey Water Products>> New Water>> Netafim>> The Alternative Technology Association>> Royal Botanic Gardens>> The University of Melbourne – BurnleyCampus>> Idealgrass>> Lilydale Instant Turf>> State TrusteesA large number of Our Water Our Future watersaving products were distributed.savewater! ® at the 2008 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Showsavewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0810 11

Play all eight games and submit your highestscore to successfully complete your mission – Highlights(continued)Mission H2OThe international, multi award winning Mission H20 isthe next generation of educational tools designed tocapture the imagination of students, while teachingthem how to be water efficient around the home.The new online computer game, Mission H2O,was built by Swinburne University multimediastudents through the sponsorship of savewater! ®The students invested over 18,000 hours (theequivalent of one person working full time for11 years) to develop the game, which aims toeducate children on water conservation aroundthe home. The game was launched at theVictorian Educator’s Conference and nationallyat the Gold Coast Australian Water Associationconference.Victorian water utility members have includedMission H2O in their Water Learn It! Live It!primary schools educational programs.The game is loaded on the savewater! ® server andavailable through or thousand students have already playedthe educational game and have gone into thedraw to win a range of prizes.The game has won two awards:>> An Honoree at the International Webbyawards where 15,000 competed>> The Victorian Premier’s Design Award formultimediaPLAY Mission: Water storages are at a criticallylow level, you have been assigned to the Wilsonfamily household to save water.Move through the house, exploring each roomto discover water saving tips and hidden videos.Play all eight games and submit your highestscore to successfully complete your mission.savewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0812 13

Our thanks to the many companies we partner with insponsoring our exhibitions program including; Methven,Interbath, Davey Water Products, New Water, BluescopeWater, Netafim, Ripple Products, Whirlpool and Asko.Program Highlights(continued)Major exhibitions programsavewater! ® continued to co-ordinate displays for majorexhibitions held across Victoria in 2007/08, providing expertadvice on water conservation in and around the home.Exhibitions included:Save Water Save Energy Expo 2007– attendance of over 10,000 visitors across three daysOct 07Geelong’s Waterwise Gardening Expo Oct 07The Sustainable Living Festival– in partnership with the Department of Sustainability and EnvironmentSPASA – The Swimming Pools and Spas Association– attendance of over 13,000 visitors across three daysThe Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show– attendance of approximately 100,000 visitors across five daysMajor sponsor of the Building Home and Improvement Expo 2008– attendance of over 20,000 visitors across three dayssavewater! ® at the Geelong’s Waterwise Gardening ExpoFeb 08Feb 08Apr 08Mar 08Marketing and communicationprograms®> > savewater! has partnered with MethvenAustralasia and the Victorian Regional WaterCorporations to run a national TV and radiocampaign for Mission H2O. The communityservice announcements are scheduled tocoincide with National Water Week 2008®> > In February savewater! undertook anational advertising campaign launching thesavewater! awards ® . Leading metropolitanpress were utilised in every State of Australia>> In addition, strong media relationshipshave been formed with the Weekly Times,a national publication heavily involved infeaturing the awards program and savewater! ®>> Several press and media launches wereundertaken throughout the yearCompetitionsCompetitions continued with approximately$100,000 in prizes donated over the year.Promoted through the bill inserts, thecompetitions receive around 30,000 entriesevery six months.Market researchThe online market research service is run as thepoint of entry for the competitions and is offeredfree to members or qualified companies at afraction of the cost of conventional quantitativeresearch.During the year, research included:>> Consumer attitude studies towards homewater and energy retrofit programs>> Water restrictions>> Water conservation measures>> Rainwater harvesting>> Environmental home loans>> GardensAccommodation industry trialsThe accommodation industry is one of the largestwater consuming sectors in Australia. savewater! ®was successful in partnering with the Hotel andMotel Association of Australia and Tourism Victoriato secure Smart Water Funding to measure thewater savings associated with retrofitting eightmotels across regional Victoria.Preliminary results show up to 36% waterreductions through the installation of variouswater saving products in the eight selected motelsacross Victoria. This program will continue intothe next financial year.savewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0814 15

The ecosaver ® initiative has only been achievable throughthe collaboration with the plumbing industry, financialinstitutions, members and the manufacturing industryProgram Highlights(continued)Mobile display programAn innovative design that allows members to takethe water conservation message to the people. Theresources required to set-up, run and dismantle displayscan be significant. To assist members with local events ashared mobile display was constructed.The first mobile display was completed at the end of this financialyear, which includes an innovative product display, a naturalwater cycle model and a 42 inch screen with online access. Themultimedia display includes a specially designed kiosk interfacefeaturing online access in remote locations to,saving water videos and the Mission H2O game.Considerable interest has been shown by members to use the unitat community events throughout New South Wales and Victoria. Afurther two mobile displays are planned to be built during the nextfinancial year.Home retrofit trialsThe home retrofit trials were sponsored by YarraValley Water to assess the efficiency of watersaving products in the toilet in seven Melbournehomes.The results from the trial showed that there was a35% water reduction when cistern weights wereinstalled and a 15% water reduction when cisterndisplacement bags were installed.This will be valuable information for memberssince these devices are substantially less costlythan replacing toilet suites and provides anattractive return on investment to members andthe community.ecosaver ® retrofit trialsWith five million houses in Australia thatwere never designed with water and energyconservation in mind, the challenge for upgradingthem is immense. The ecosaver ® home loanprogram was created to save consumers up to$3000 per year in mortgage and hot water bills byretrofitting homes with water efficient products.This unique initiative has only been achievablethrough the collaboration with the plumbingindustry, financial institutions, members and themanufacturing industry.New brochuresCo branded brochures on relevant water savingtopics are key communication tools that achievethe savewater! ® Alliance economy of scaleobjective and are invaluable for local memberdisplays and content.savewater! ® developed several brochuresthroughout the year which are available on thesavewater! ® member portal.New DVDsMidCoast Water approached the savewater! ®Alliance with a production for preschoolersentitled ‘Whizzy the Water Saving Drop’ andmade it available for members. Whizzy is a funeducational DVD on water conservation which isavailable by contacting the Alliance.The marketing and communications trials for thisprogram will start in 2008/09.ecosaver ® is registered as a trademark of thesavewater! ® Alliance.savewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0816 17

Program Highlights(continued)Water saving productssavewater! ® evaluated a number of water savingproducts and negotiated bulk buying rates on behalfof members.Product information was combined and circulated to all membersthrough a product catalogue which is now available on thesavewater! ® members portal. As a result, a number of combinedorders were able to be supplied at better prices. savewater! ® wasalso successful in tendering for the supply of major productrequirements to several members. A number of new productswere also researched. In total, approximately 250,000 productswere supplied to members throughout the year.savewater! ® continues to be a popular contact point for inventorswith new water saving products and services.Online product libraryThe online product library continued tobe enhanced throughout the financialyear with hundreds of products nowavailable for viewing. This comprehensiveinformation tool allows visitors toresearch, source and compare the latestand the best in water saving productsavailable in Australia for both inside andoutside the home.Since the official launch in August, the productlibrary home page has received over 30,000views. Interactive web traffic reports are availablein real time for manufacturers showing howmany visitors are viewing their products and howmany of these visitors are clicking through to thecompany’s web pages.Increased promotions are scheduled for 2008/09to ensure manufacturers continue to receive valuefor their listing.The savewater! ® online product library providesa valuable resource for Alliance members todirect customers to the latest in water savingtechnologies.savewater! ® is continually growing the productlibrary and encourages businesses with innovativewater saving products to join.savewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0818 19

MembersA major highlight of the year was savewater! ®welcoming the Northern Territory’s Power and WaterCorporation along with New South Wales’ Orange CityCouncil to the Alliance.As of 30 June 2008, the savewater! ® Alliance consisted of 37member water utilities from Victoria, New South Wales and theNorthern Territory.savewater! ® works closely with members on a daily basis toassist with the water conservation message. Members rated thesavewater! ® services with a score of 80% satisfaction, exceedinglast year’s rating.Member promotionsMembers continued to promote savewater! ® benefits to theircustomers through print advertising and quarterly water bill inserts.savewater! ® initiatives were promoted through over six million waterbill inserets through 07-08In addition, members utilise savewater! ® material by adding directlinks to from their corporate websites.savewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0820 21

ManagementThe contribution by the savewater! ® team has beenoutstanding. A deep commitment by staff to ethicalenvironmental sustainability, combined with strong skillsets in governance, IT, marketing and communicationshas produced a hard working team, delivering excellentoutcomes for the year.With the change in activities, new staff were employedduring the year. As at 30 June 2008, eight staff wereemployed:NameNigel FinneyMichael SmitPositionChief Executive OfficerNational Programs ManagerConsultants and contractors used throughout the yearhave included:CompanyTasksAccess Environmental Advocacy and savewater! awards ®Adel Video savewater! awards ®adz@work savewater! awards ®Brenda HollanderManager, Finance & Human ResourcesBacchus Marsh Nursery & Florist savewater! awards ®Rebecca MooneyMarketing Co-ordinatorBlake DawsonLegal adviceJames LinkMarketing & Communications OfficerBurnley Horticultural CollegeGarden programsLuke GibbonsJimmy KaranicolasMarketing Programs OfficerMarketing OfficerDamon Vaughan Design P/LWeb development, graphic design,print production & savewater! awards ®Michelle Van OosteromFinance/Administration OfficerDeloitteFinancial and project managementLeft to right: Jimmy Karanicolas, Leah Bradford, James Link, Michelle van Oosterom, Nigel Finney,Rebecca Mooney, Michael Smit, Sarah Weitnauer, Luke Gibbons, Brenda Hollander.The new financial year has welcomed two additional staffmembers to the team:NameSarah WeitnauerLeah BradfordPositionMarketing OfficerMarketing Programs OfficerEclipse Prolink ecosaver ®EntertainmentOz savewater! awards ®ecomarketingMarketing supportGrand Hyatt Melbourne savewater! awards ®HassellMother’s ArtMarketing supportMobile displayMembers of the Alliance have donated considerableexpertise and resources to the savewater! ® managementteam on many occasions, resulting in better than expectedresults. Their efforts are gratefully acknowledged.A number of documents and governance procedures werecompleted to encompass some of the more complicatedareas of activity, including Gaming Commissionrequirements and prize distribution for the savewater! ®competitions, financial reporting systems, HR systemsand rules for members.Red Room Photography savewater! awards ®Staging Connections savewater! awards ®Swinburne UniversityMarket research, product libraryevaluation and Mission H2OThe Weekly Times savewater! awards ®Water and Energy SaversYarra View NurseriesUtility ServicesEfficiency serviceGarden programsCistern weight trialssavewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0822 23

The BoardFour board meetings were held throughout the year.Business Outlook>> Review and upgrade sections of the websiteThe 2007/08 savewater! ® Alliance Board consisted of:Board memberTony Kelly (Chair) Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water 4Grant Green (Deputy) Managing Director, Wannon Water 4John Hussey Proxy for Kate Vinot, South East Water 1Kate Vinot Acting Chief Executive Officer, South East Water 1Shaun Cox Managing Director, South East Water 2Steve Evans Chief Executive Officer, South Gippsland Water 4Anne Barker Managing Director, City West Water 3Trevor Little Proxy for Michael Malouf, Barwon Water 1Michael Paine Proxy for Michael Malouf, Barwon Water 3Note – Figures in the right column indicate the number of meetings attended byeach board member.The focus for savewater! ® in 2008/09 will be to:>> Utilise sophisticated tracking and webintelligence systems to ensure the websitecontinues to address user needs>> Introduce multimedia platforms into thewebsite content to increase target audienceinterest and reach>> Expand the online product library listings®> > Expand and conduct the savewater! awardsnationally>> Secure product supply contracts for memberprograms>> Continue to support water industrymanufacturers and suppliers>> Provide physical displays at the MelbourneInternational Flower and Garden Show, SaveWater Save Energy Expo, Building and HomeImprovement Expo and SPASA expos inmember areas>> Conduct various marketing communicationtrials for ecosaver ®>> Improve quality of market research formembers and partners>> Trial retrofit programs for the residentialmarket and accommodation industry>> Build more mobile displays for members>> A focus on building stronger synergiesbetween water and energy conservation>> Continue to build relationships withgovernment and industry interest groups>> Implement a number of measurableimprovment initiatives with multi-regionapplication>> Continue to increase membershipsavewater! ® AllianceAnnual Report 2007/0824 25

Further informationsavewater! ® Alliance Inc.ABN: 72 158 140 072Phone: (03) 8508 6888Email: 2 Ground Floor 615 Dandenong Road Armadale Victoria 3143Damon Vaughan Design Pty Ltd – savewater! ® Alliance wishes to thank dvdesign for their ongoing supportand assistance in developing and maintaining the savewater! ® brand, websiteand key programs including the savewater! awards ® , online product library,bill inserts, garden programs and online member portal.The graphic design, web development, print management and strategicplanning provided by dvdesign allows savewater! ® to continue to deliver highquality products and services to our members.Printed on Australian-made 100% recycled paper

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