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Show 'N Tell (aka, Shown 'n Told!) - Quilters by the Sea

Show 'N Tell (aka, Shown 'n Told!) - Quilters by the Sea

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Page 4 Quilters By the Sea March, 2008Community RelationsRandy MillerThirty quilts were donated at our February meeting. What a great start for the new year.Since many of the quilts were from our January workshop, we are planning another one for laterin the year. Our next workshop will be quilts using 2 ½ inch strips, worms, noodles, or jelly rolls(which ever term you prefer). We have three new patterns that will be shown at future guildmeetings and displayed at the Community Relations table during the meetings. In preparation forthe next workshop, you can all help by cutting an extra 2 ½ inch strip when you have scraps afteryou finish a project, or when cutting strips for a noodle swap, or any time you just feel like cutting.All of our patterns have been written for full width strips from selvage to selvage, 42 or so inches,so please no “short cuts”.Don’t forget to save those “Mother’s Day” items for the April and May meetings. Itemsinclude: nice toiletries, new underwear (all sizes including large), new make-up, and purses, etc.Use your imagination; these items are going to the Women’s Shelter and New Life Beginnings. Ifyou have a collection of those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap that come fromhotels, these are very nice because, with lots of small containers, more women can receive gifts.However, if you happen to have large containers of shampoo or anything that you want to donate,those are appreciated also.We have a change for our March Community Relations meeting, for one month only. We willbe having the meeting on March 16, which is the third Sunday in March. The meeting will be heldat SEW VAC, LTD located at 1764 Clark Avenue, Long Beach. This is where we have Sew SoLate on the first and forth Saturdays of every month, at the corner of Atherton Street and ClarkAvenue.We would like to invite representatives from any Friendship groups out there that are making“Community Relations” quilts as group projects to come to Sew Vac for our next meeting. We willhave our entire “GUILD FABRIC STASH” there and we would like people that are working onCommunity quilts and prefer their own patterns to feel free to come and “shop” our stash.MEMBERSHIPJoyce Hargrove and Robin GallagherA huge thank you to our Greeters Lynne Miller and Jeri Wilson. Members paid to date areapproximately 150. We are still tallying mail-in membership renewals. If you aren’t receiving emailsfrom QBS it may be due to outdated information on our records. Be sure you send any updates to us atthe contact noted elsewhere in the newsletter or to Joyce Hargrove’s email - our Guild money, ask to receive the Newsletter via email instead of snail mail. It can then beprinted out if you want a hard copy. Default will be email. If you want to receive it by snail mail, pleasemake a note on the Sign-In Sheet at the General Meetings. Evelyn always brings hard copies of theNewsletter and leaves them on the Membership table during the General Meetings.Final tally for the February 2008 meeting:Total attendance: 105Visitors attending: 6 - Tom Garcia, Cindy Garcia, Linda Billings, Betty Gaylord, Bonnie Aho and LoisWilkins.Members attending: 96New Members: 3 - A huge Quilty welcome to our new 2008 members for February, Marilyn Rose,Bonnie Aho and Shirley Hyman.WWW.QUILTERSBYTHESEA.COM

Page 5 Quilters By the Sea March, 2008Process Versus ProductKayleen LeoneOur guest speaker, Beth Ferrier, was brought back by popular demand. Shestarted sewing when she was in kindergarten and began quilting in 1975. Sheteaches all over the world and enjoys sharing her insight with quilt guildseverywhere, especially when it gets her away from the cold Michigan weather.Beth considers herself a fabric collector. Her stash is mostly fat quarters ratherthan yardage because she has difficulty cutting into a large piece of fabric. Withfat quarters you can’t get too attached. Just like a stamp collector doesn’t lick herstamps, or a coin collector doesn’t put her coins in a vending machine, a fabriccollector doesn’t use her stash! She believes it is our civic duty to buy new fabric for every project.Beth recalled the time she was asked to make a quilt for a friend, which she knows now was a big mistake.No matter how hard you try, it will never be exactly what they have in mind. Quilting is supposed to be fun sodon’t make quilts out of obligation. The next time someone asks you to make him or her a quilt, here’s whatyou say. “Poof – you’re a quilt.”Some people think there is “the right way” to do everything. They have closed their eyes to new andexciting things. There is more than one way of doing things so try to be willing to do things differently. Ifsomeone gives you the skinny on how your quilt “should” have been made, just thank them politely, then prayfor them and the people they live with! Beth encourages us to make mistakes. Try new things. This is howyou learn. She makes it a policy to fail at least twice a day. Failure teaches us. You don’t know how far youcan go until you fail. Slow down and breathe. Don’t rush to get to the part you like or are good at. Instead,enjoy all of the process.Beth enjoys people watching and notices their wrinkles. Some people have happy wrinkles and somepeople have sad wrinkles. Before starting a project think to yourself, “What kind of wrinkles will this projectgive me?” She hopes they will all be the happy kind.Here are a few tidbits from Beth:She doesn’t believe there is a wrong side of the fabric. “You pay for both sides so use it.” Consider usingthe other side of the fabric especially for shading or to obtain the exact color you need.Look at everything as practice for the next time. Getting to 100% is tough, so be satisfied with anythingless.It may take awhile to figure out how to quilt the top, so take time to think about it. Shedoesn’t mark her tops. Instead she quilts by improvisation.Basting the quilt is a necessary hassle. She loves the Avery Dennison Micro StitchBasting Gun. The cost is well worth it.Use a busy fabric for your back. It hides seams and thread buggers. (Hey, she raisedfour boys, so her language is heavy with testosterone.)Travel to quilt shows whenever you can – not just for the shopping – but to really look atthe quilts. When you see one you love, she wants you to do three things:• Just admire it and soak it in.• Figure out what drew you to the quilt. Maybe it’s time for you to try that idea or technique on your nextproject.• Get up close to the quilt and look for flaws. They are there! There is no such thing as a perfect quilt.Her book Hand Appliqué by Machine shows how to obtain the look of needle turn appliqué in a fraction ofthe time. She has a new appliqué book coming out this spring, using Stitch N Wash Fusible (by Floriana). Itworks like freezer paper, but doesn’t need to be removed.The last thought that Beth left with us was to accept that perfectionism is not a reasonable expectation. Letit go! After all, look what perfection did for Martha Stewart!Visit Beth’s website at www.applewd.comWWW.QUILTERSBYTHESEA.COM

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