Untitled - Sangeet Natak Akademi


Untitled - Sangeet Natak Akademi

SangeetNatakVOLUME XLIII, NUMBER 3, 20093Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property RightsMU KU L M UDGAL16Hindustani Music and the Critical Idiom (2)What is Music? Some Major DefinitionsS.K. SA XENA2.Carnatic Music:Automatic ComputerSynthesis ofGamakamsM. SU BRA MAN IAN37Khasl TraditionaI1\'1I.L~ic:Interpreting its Rhythmic PatternsLAPYNSHAI SYIEM45TheAbsurd Drama in KannadaBASAVARAJ NAIKAR

l. rOIll ",Wer: On Illc lasl day of the Non gk rom fest ival alSmH, Megllalaya, musicians oi).., rvc the ritual of cou millgcowries ."ov"r; Crowd on a hilhide al lhc Nongkrcm fes­lo.ide badtival .Back cover: Drumme rs prepare for the Ka Sh",1 NohkjOldan ce performed by the ruler's daughter al lhe Nongkr emfestival.Sangut Natak is a joumal of mu"ie, dance, anddrama publi. hed .ince 1965 by Sangeel Nal.kAbdemi_ll\c Nalional Academy of Music.Dance and Drama for India,All writings, illuslrali"n s, and pholographspublished in Saogeel Ne lIw,;ued.f ubli shcr: Socretary, Sangee! Natak Aka


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