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Doggy Boot Camp Phoenix AZ

As a professional Pet Trainer in Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale AZ, we specialize in in home dog training and boarding.

Our facility is under

Our facility is under the supervision of, with instruction given by, Andrew D. Luper, Master Trainer, Arizona’s most quoted, most accomplished, most celebrated canine behaviorist and “AZ.’s Dog’s Best Friend since 1976. Our clients often see results in minutes they thought were unachievable after months with other trainers. Andy literally brought the concept of in home dog training to AZ. in 1976 with a psychological approach, he designed and administered the first instructors program in AZ. accredited by the AZ. Dept. of Economic Security. In addition, he founded the first canine talent agency in AZ. Before anyone else thought of it, Andy created the first automated canine advice and information telephone line to be able to reach more pet owners and offer them the answers they sought. He was the first trainer/wrangler to supply dogs to 5 feature length television and motion picture productions, as well as many local, national, and international TV commercials. Andy was formerly the AZ. regional director of the US. Professional Dog Trainers Association, and State Rep for the North American Working Dog Assoc., and is currently the official AZ. State Greeter for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, on the committee against breed specific legislation. Author of the original “Never Never Hit Your Dog”, & co- author with Joann Bluth of the acclaimed second edition, and both being contributing authors featured in a variety of publications the guest on a variety of radio and television shows as well as featured in publications of the Repulic n Gazette, Scottsdale progress, Tempe Daily News, AZ veterinary magazine……and many others.

We welcome you to drop your dog off daily, or when necessary for just the day, half a day, or for an extended stay. Training brush-ups and short introductory sessions are also available for a nominal fee. Our facility is conveniently just a few minutes away from centrally located Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. We have supervised play and exercise, each dog has his own toy to play with, and virtual visits via web-cam in the members only area of our website will be available for you to view your dog live in his kennel area and or in the exercise yard. There is a mist system in both the kennel area and in part of the exercise yard for your dogs comfort and health. Every dog is welcomed with a kind word, some petting, a treat, and a toy to play with, and will be sent home with a little gift and some valuable information for it’s owners.