Studebaker @ Fleetwood Country Cruizein 2011 - Canadian Avanti ...

Studebaker @ Fleetwood Country Cruizein 2011 - Canadian Avanti ...

Studebaker @ Fleetwood Country Cruizein 2011Due to the success of “The 100 th Anniversary of Studebaker in Canada” display in 2010,the Hamilton Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club decided that they wanted tosponsor another Studebaker display in 2011. Barry Leppan knew that the CanadianAvanti Owners Association (CAOA) traditionally used this show for an Avanti display sohe asked if I would coordinate the CAOA’s attendance. I wholeheartedly supported theidea as I knew that I would get the support of the local CAOA members.The idea was simple – arrange with Steve Plunkett a parking area reserved forStudebaker. Hamilton Chapter would provide a special “dash plaque” to all Studebakerand Avanti attendees. There were some miscues and communication breakdowns whichresulted in a little confusion when arriving. Fortunately, the Studebakers arrived in“packs” and once the area was determined, everyone rallied the troops and the massmovement was on. We achieved a critical mass before the area was filled and only a fewcars were parked separately. We were able to locate all thirty of the cars and distributedash plaques.We brought our two cars with us; Judith in the Avanti and I in our 1940 Champion coupe.We were fortunate to get all nine Avanti – yes nine – all parked together. This is the samenumber we had at the 100 th and we had one breakdown and one no-show which meant wecould have had eleven. In total we had thirty Studebakers – not bad considering theweather forecast. They said chance of rain/thundershowers in the AM. When we leftCambridge, it looked promising. When we arrived, a few raindrops then nothing. We gotall the cars situated and then the skies opened up. Rain and lightning for the next 20minutes or so. Then it stopped. 30 minutes later the sun started to come out and finallysun – clear sky for the rest of the day. Good news for the >3,000 participants.If you have not been to one of these Fleetwood events, you are in for a treat. The BeachBoys in concert Friday night along with Lighthouse on Saturday night. Many displaysand vendors, along with Steve’s new coach house and Cadillac display. The Amphicarswere back taking the brave for rides in Lake Plunkett. And did I mention the cars? Therehad to be over 3,000 cars – they almost filled the back field. There had to be at least onemodel of each make present. New this year is that the show is held over for another day –this year Sunday will join the schedule.We set-up a small table with a couple of flyers on the history of Studebaker and theAvanti. We also had a supply of Fred Foxes History brochure along with the StudebakerNational Museum. There was a lot of interest because people know about Studebaker, butnot enough to know what is reality and what is myth. It seems everyone has a fondmemory, good or bad, of a Studebaker they (or a parent, grandparent) once owned. TheAvanti has everyone confused, especially when they find out that they were fiberglassand that they continued on after the demise of Studebaker.We would like to thank all the Studebaker owners who attended. The weather forecastwas not great and they still came to support. We also thank Steve Plunkett for opening uphis home and his hospitality for all to enjoy. I do not envy the clean-up job afterwards!And now for the vehicles and owners that participated…By Mike Emmerich

Studebaker @ Fleetwood Country Cruizein 2011Ian Graham – 1937 Coupe ExpressMike Emmerich – 1940 Champion CoupeBill Sanderson – 1941 PresidentJoe Dynes – 1948 PickupVictor Pedra – 1950 StarliteMike Morris – 1951 StarliteWes Killins – 1952 HardtopDoug Sommerville – 1952 StarlinerBy Mike Emmerich

Studebaker @ Fleetwood Country Cruizein 2011Roger Swick – 1965 CommanderLarry English – 1965 DaytonaSteve Wingfield – 1965 DaytonaMark Ward – 1966 CruiserEric Harnett – 1966 CruiserBill Harris – 1963 Avanti R2Dave Moxham – 1963 Avanti R2Steve Wohleber – 1963 Avanti R1By Mike Emmerich

Studebaker @ Fleetwood Country Cruizein 2011Steve Isard – 1963 Avanti R1Roly Lusted – 1964 Avanti R1Fred Parry – 1973 Avanti IIJudith Emmerich – 1983 AvantiRay Martin – 1984 AvantiWayne Hamilton – 1985 AvantiReferences: Mike Emmerich

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