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Development and designAmong the obvious strengths of this company is its ownresearch and development capability. A team of 30experienced designers the best valves that improveoperational reliability, safety and service life of products.Our technicians and designers use the latest softwareand hardware to accomplish this, some of which are:3D CAD system SolidWorksCalculation system SOLIDWORKS SIMULATIONElectronic archive PDM Works• Calculation of pressure loss in the valves• Hydrodynamic flow effects in the valves• Thermal expansion• Cavitations, noise• FEM Analysis - Equivalent tense,stress and displacement• Seismic endurance of valveTechnology and testingWe have a modern technical facility with area of 14 000 m 2providing us with a solid production base.production areastorageoffices• Numerical controlled CNC machines• CNC horizontal centres• Machining centres• Carousel lathes• Automations for welding• Classical machine tools• Annealing furnaces• Testing equipment5

Subject of shipmentIndustrial valvesacc. the norms EN, GOST, API, BSand other international standards• Ball valves• Metallurgic valves• Gate valves• Check valves• Valves• Special valves for demanding technical facilities- high pressure valves, valves for nuclear powerstations, turbine valves• Other valvesWe complement our own assortment with productsfrom foreign and domestic producers in orderto offer complex shipments.Piping and accessoriesWe can supply a complete set for piping in variousmaterials according to the norms EN, ASME/ANSIand other international standards inclusiveof installation and surface finishing.• Pipes• Flanges• T-pieces• Fitting and sealing material• Fabricated pipes• WeldmentsTechnological unitsWe offer the following to the designers, investorsand suppliers of big technological units:• Complex shipments of valves, piping andaccessories, including advisory servicesfor the project development• The project and technical work for technological setsof waste water treatment plants, pumping stations,small water power plants, boiler rooms etc.• Installation and commissioning of new units6

67 89 10111213 14650610Gate valves762117124x Ø 48Steel gate valvesDN 10-1600 / NPS 1 1/2“-80“PN 2,5-400 / Class 150-2500Tmax 595 °C acc. to materialDesign: forged, cast, fabricatedEN, ASME, GOST797smer proudu+1EC6E\M+1ED20mediaflow directionCast iron gate valvesDN 40-400 / NPS 1 1/2“-16“PN 6-16 / Class 150Tmax 200 °C acc. to materialDesign: with rising stem, with non-rising stemKnife gate valvesDN 40-900 / NPS 1 1/2“-36“PN 10 / Class 150Tmax 200 °C acc. to materialDesign: with rising stem, with non-rising stemE11185500600Sewage and sluice valvesDN 300-1400 / NPS 12“-36“PN 10 / Class 150Tmax 120 °C acc. to material212952620REZ B-BMERITKO 2 : 5410550Valves formetallurgical industryDETAIL FGate valves MERITKO 1 : 2DN 300-2400 / NPS 12“-96“Max. 15working pressure: 0,15-0,42 MPaTmax 450 °C (1450 °C for hot-blast gate valves)5Butterfly and check valvesDN 250-2700 / NPS 10“-108“Max. working pressure: 0,15-0,6 MPaTmax 12 450 °C acc. to materialE68 11Globe valvesDN 350-500 / NPS 14“-20“Max. working pressure: 0,42 MPaTmax 450 °C7 11414313789VZPERY (poz. 12 a 13) p\M+1F869va\M+1F869t a\M+19E00po montazi konzoly s klapkou.101112Poz.PoznámkaKreslilP\M+1F865zkouVýr.projed.SchválilPromítáníPRESNOSTCSN ISO2768-mKM\M+1ECF8o1:513Nazev-rozmerPodpisIng.CHLEBEKIng.EICHLERDOMINIK, MIEKISCHFormátA1PN40DN 700TypL32.7 114Brodrene Dahl\M+1E82E vykresu - k\M+1F364Celková hmotnost3467.8Datum16.6.2009PolotovaredcbaStarý výkreIndex zmenyARMATURY Group ®14CSN9

1 2 43 5 6AGlobe valves1008,561Piston check valvesDN 6-200 / NPS 1/8“-8“PN 16-400 / Class 150-2500Tmax 550 °C acc. to materialDesign: forged steel, cast steelBC6 9 10Globe valvesDN 6-300 / NPS 1/8“-12“PN 2,5-400 / Class 150-2500Tmax 550 °C acc. to materialDesign: forged steel, cast steelDBBØ 995Ø 900Ø 840Regulating valvesDN 6-300 / NPS 1/8“-12“PN 2,5-400 / Class 150-2500Tmax 550 °C acc. to materialDesign: forged steel, cast steelESafety valvesDN 15-200 / NPS 1/2“-8“PN 16-400 / Class 150-2500Tmax 450 °C acc. to materialDesign: normal, full lift,for low-pressure steam, for heatingF10 1x225920Gother valvesH2xM27x2StrainersAssembling insertsRubber expansion jointsSuction and inlet basketsSteam trapsLevel indicators and sight glassesPressure reducing and control valvesJ410550K780La5a5a5a5a5a51x1051x1051x2251x2251x4251x425M123 45610

6 9 1024x Ø 48797BØ 995Ø 900Ø 8402060010 1x2259205262xM27x2DETAIL FMERITKO 1 : 2410550155780122a5 1x105a5 1x105a5 1x225a5 1x225a5 1x425a5 1x425www.armaturygroup.cz8 117 114143133 45678The ARMATURY Group a.s. company reserves the right for changes of technical products-specifications, and is not responsible for incidental misprints.Issued in July 2011

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