2012 PACE Annual Report


2012 PACE Annual Report

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering EducationLetter from PACE Core TeamPACE Welcomes New Institutions“PACE paves the way forour students to becomemore competitive and abetter workforce in theSTEM global market.”Dr. Mohammad Kamal HossainTuskegee University (USA)PACE continues its mission to develop the futureleaders of the global Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) team. By enhancing engineering and designacademic curricula, and engaging undergraduatestudents as early as freshmen, PACE plays a keyrole in increasing retention rates of graduatingstudents in Science, Engineering, Technology,Mathematics (STEM) career fields. Through PACE,institutions engage in activities that lead tosuccessful global collaboration between andamong faculty, students and industry.The PACE Program continues to grow, reaching 57institutions, five partner and 17 contributorcompanies in 2012. PACE welcomed the Universityof Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and RheinMainUniversity of Applied Sciences (Germany) at mediaevents in May and October. New contributorcompany Synopsys provides software for modelingand simulation of power, physical and multi-domainsystems to PACE institutions worldwide.Our global projects and course competitionsprovide opportunity for students to developprofessional skills through multi-university/multi-cultural teams, using PACE state-of-the-artCAD/CAM/CAE and collaboration software, andapplying PLM tools and concepts. Students andfaculty work directly with technical experts asmentors from PACE companies to solve real-lifeindustrial challenges.In 2012, project competitions such as theInnovative Mobility Systems one-year industrialdesign project competition involving six universities,and the first two-year global collaborative project,the Sustainable Urban Transport project competitionwith seven teams from 22 universities, weresuccessfully completed. The 2012-14 two-yearPortable Assisted Mobility Device (PAMD) conceptto-productionproject challenge was also initiated.More than 20 course competitions in first throughfifth year courses take place annually at PACEInstitutions. PACE global course competitionsinvolve multiple institutions in several countries,adding the element of global collaborative teams.Additionally, industry representatives participate asjudges, interacting with students to providevaluable feedback.Over 300 delegates from university and industrymet face-to-face in Shanghai, China at the 2012PACE Annual Forum “Powering Global Collaboration”to present papers, discuss projects, sharecurriculum advancements, develop relationshipsfor research, and discuss new technologies.The Executive Sponsor Council approval in 2012of institution certification will increase programvalue for institutions, students, companies andPACE overall. Certification will be implemented in aphased approach with U.S. institutions in 2013 andnon-U.S. beginning in 2014.The product of PACE is the next generation ofdesigners and engineers. The PACE Core Team,the Executive Sponsor Council, and the hundredsof volunteers around the globe continue theircommitment to and passion for this goal! As wealways say: PACE is what you make of it!PACE welcomed two new institutions during formal media events in 2012. The PACE announcement events celebrate each institution’sinauguration as a PACE Institution, and include tours of the PACE Laboratories, as well as student displays and company technicalpresentations. PACE media events take place after the institution has been part of PACE for more than a year and has begun to integrate thePACE software into the curriculum.University of Puerto RicoPACE formally welcomed the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM) to PACE on May 3-4, 2012.President Miguel Muñoz and Chancellor Jorge Rivera-Santos joined José R. Pérez-Riera, Secretary ofEconomic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico and members of the PACE Partner companies andin a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Central Administration Building in San Juan the morning of May 3rd.PACE Partner company speakers included Ken Kelzer, Global Vehicle Chief Engineer, GM; Luiz CarlosScavarda do Carmo, Vice-Reitoria Administrativa, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro(PUC-Rio), for Autodesk ; Alfredo Trevino, Vice President Mesoamerica Operations Siemens PLMSoftware; Jose Fernando Melendez, Enterprise Business Manager and Managing Director Puerto Ricoand Caribbean, HP; and Jaime Matus, Managing Director Oracle Caribbean.UPRM engineering students displayed their work on a variety of projects, including the PACE SustainableUrban Transport (SUT) project. Company representatives from Siemens, Oracle, and CD-adapco visitedthe Mayagüez campus on May 4th for technical presentations on the PACE software products, and toursof the new student project center.Cumulative ContributionsBillions$12$10$8$6$4$22008 2009 2010 2011This annual report is made possible through thecontributions of Autodesk, HP, Oracle and SiemensPLM Software.2012The PACE Core Team:Vass Theodoracatos, GMThom Tremblay, AutodeskRob Link, HPKeith Rajecki, OracleHulas King, Siemens PLM SoftwareYear Yearly Total* Overall Total*2012 $ 794,764,758 $ 11,454,875,9022011 $ 501,211,575 $ 10,660,111,1442010 $ 348,618,352 $ 10,175,258,7662009 $ 126,813,844 $ 9,826,640,4142008 $ 1,889,779,973 $ 9,686,953,9932007 $ 1,837,355,001 $ 7,797,174,0202006 $ 2,007,794,971 $ 5,959,819,0192005 $ 682,854,012 $ 3,952,024,0482004 $ 574,441,059 $ 3,269,170,0362003 $ 903,410,937 $ 2,694,728,9772002 $ 1,071,862,140 $ 1,791,318,0402001 $ 532,278,419 $ 719,455,9002000 $ 131,753,981 $ 187,177,4811999 $ 55,423,500 $ 55,423,500*All totals shown in U.S. dollarsPresident Miguel Muñoz receivesthe PACE PlaqueStudent demonstrates the NXsoftwarePACE Partners tour new UPRM Student Project Center at theMayagüez campusRheinMain University of Applied SciencesThe PACE Partners welcome Hochschule RheinMain Universityof Applied Sciences to PACEKen Kelzer, Global Vehicle Chief Engineer, GM, welcomesUPRM to PACEHochschule RheinMain celebrated its PACE partnership with a ceremony in the Adam Opel Haus onOctober 19, 2012 in Russelsheim, Germany. President Detlev Reymann and Dean Moniko Greif werejoined by Ingmar Jung, Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Education andResearch, and Patrick Burkhardt, Lord Mayor of Russelsheim. Dr. Thomas Sedran, Deputy Chairman ofthe Opel Management Board ; Gunther Diesenroth, Strategic Account Manager, Siemens PLM Software;Detlev Reicheneder, Senior Industry Manager Automotive, Autodesk; Christian Wollheim, HP; and BrittaWolf, Senior Program Manager Oracle Academy , Oracle were on hand from the PACE Partner companies.Following the ceremony, visitors toured the CIM Center laboratory, viewed student demonstrations, andattended technical presentations by selected PACE company members.State Secretary Ingmar, Hochschule RheinMain PresidentDr. Detlev Reymann, Opel Board Deputy Chairman Dr. ThomasSedran, and Ruesselsheim Mayor Patrick Burkhard2 2012 Annual Report3

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education“The best part of theprogram iscollaborating with thebest minds in the worldthrough the PACEAnnual Forums andthrough interactionsbetween industryrepresentatives andstudents throughoutthe duration of variousPACE projects. THANKSPACE!”Dr. Sam Anand andProfessor Brigid O’KaneUniversity of Cincinnati (USA)PACE Welcomes New Contributor CompanyWhile the product of PACE is the student - the next GM employee - on thetechnology side PACE works to duplicate the GM IT tool network among thePACE Institutions, in order to create a robust infrastructure that raises the barin engineering education globally and prepares the next generations of GMemployees. We continuously strive to improve this immense network withstate-of-the art technology following GM’s lead.SynopsisSynopsys, Inc. is a world leader in electronic design automation software,providing tools for semiconductor and complex integrated circuit design,verification, and manufacturing. GM’s global engineering teams use SynopsysSaber for the design and development of electrical systems and wire harnesses.As a PACE Contributor, Synopsys offers a streamlined process for PACEInstitutions to receive the Saber software, as well as training classes and accessto online training and documentation.PACE Partner Company “Wins”Notable “wins” involving PACE Institutions and the PACE Partnercompanies in 2012 include:“PACE Wins” from Siemens PLM Software• Purdue University, Virginia Tech andUniversity of Waterloo assistedSiemens in launching the LearningAdvantage Gold Membership Programwith over 1,000 self-taught Tutorials forNX, Teamcenter and Tecnomatix.• Siemens PLM Software was recognizedby US Black Engineer & InformationTechnology magazine as a “TOPSupporter” of historically blackengineering schools in the U.S. for the11th year in a row, and was selected asa “Best Diversity Company for 2012”by Diversity /Careers in Engineering& Information Technology magazine,through its partnership with Prairie ViewA&M University, Tuskegee University,University of Texas at El Paso and NewMexico State University.• Siemens supported the four PACEInstitutions participating in theEcoCAR2 program - Wayne StateUniversity, Purdue University,University of Waterloo and VirginiaTech - along with with fellow sponsorsArgonne National Labs, USDepartment of Energy, General Motors,National Resources Canada,CD-adapco, MathWorks, and dSPACE.• Siemens Teammates participated asJudges in the PACE GlobalCourseware Competitions.• Brigham Young University, GeorgiaTech and Virginia Tech are membersof the National Science FoundationE-Design Center, along with SiemensPLM and GM as Industry Partners.• General Motors recognized Siemens’Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)software business unit as one of itsbest global automotive suppliers onWednesday, March 13 during its 21stannual Supplier of the Year awardsceremony. The event was held at theCharles H. Wright Museum of AfricanAmerican History in Detroit.Hulas King, Siemens PLM Software, presentscertificate to PACE student“PACE is much morethan “just” a program.I don’t know any similarnetwork, which helpsstudents and facultyfrom all over the worldto connect andcollaborate so easily.Dr.-Ing. Manuel LöwerRWTH Aachen University(Germany)”“PACE Win” from Oracle CorporationNineteen PACE institutions now participate in the Oracle Academy Advanced ComputerScience. The program provides university faculty with Oracle database and Middlewaresoftware and curriculum, which in turn gives students the opportunity to gain hands-onexperience with Oracle’s database technologies. PACE Institutions may also use theOracle database software with the Siemens PLM Software Teamcenter product datamanagement application.Synopsys representative Shirly Lu meets with PACEForum attendeesPACE Forum attendees at Company Display Expo at 2012PACE Forum4 2012 Annual Report5

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering EducationPACE Curriculum in Engineering• 11 PACE Institutions increased the number of CAD/CAM/CAE-related courses in their curriculum in the past year.• 20 PACE Institutions restructured the CAD/CAM/CAE-related courses in their curriculum in the past year.• 157 Students from PACE Institutions achieved the Siemens GO PLM NX certification.• 45 Students from PACE Institutions achieved other CAD certification.PACE Curriculum in Creative Design92% of PACE Design Institutions used Autodesk Alias Automotive as their primary CAD system forIndustrial Design.Number of Creative Design Courses that UtilizeAlias Automotive Software6577818772Percentage of Design Students Who Used AliasAutomotive Versus a Competitive Software86%90%87%83%76%PACE faculty and students receive Siemens GO PLM NX Certification during PACE Annual Forum2008200920102011 20122008200920102011 2012Percentage of Students Who Used NX Versus aCompetitive Software75%79%75% 73% 72%Number of PACE Engineering Institutions thatIntroduced NX in the First Year27252728 28Number of Engineering Courses that UtilizedNX Software252289285299264Percentage of PACE Design Institutions thatIntroduce Sketchbook Pro in the First orSecond Year88%67%67%67% 67%Percentage of PACE Design Institutions thatIntroduce Alias Automotive in the First orSecond Year58% 58%50%50%45%“The program providessoftware, hardware andgrants to PACEuniversities, which areimportant resources forour university to enhance200820092010 2011 2012Primary CAD System in PACE Engineering Institutions2008 20092010 2011 2012PACE Institutions with an Automotive EngineeringCurriculum2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Number of CAE-Related Course Offerings2008200920102011 2012PACE Curriculum in Manufacturing EngineeringMore than 970 students at PACE Institutions used NX CAM in thirty manufacturing engineering courses.Number of Digital Manufacturing CoursesUsing Tecnomatix2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Number of Students Who Used Tecnomatixthe infrastructure fordigital engineering.”Dr. Xiaobo PengPrairie View A&M University(USA)NX442022222327402381 3833993792115145193874183357Catia6SolidWorks4SolidEdge4AutoCAD2ProE9102552008 20092010 201120122008 2009 2010 2011 20122008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2008 2009 2010 2011 201262012 Annual Report 7

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education“The software grantssignificantly contribute toprovide current industrialapplications foruniversities.”Dr.-Ing. Manuel LöwerRWTH Aachen University(Germany)PACE Course CompetitionsPACE course competitions provide students with the opportunity to present their class projects toindustry experts, and receive valuable feedback. PACE company representatives observe how thestudents use the PACE software, as well as project and presentation skills, potentially resulting ininternship or employment opportunities. PACE course competitions encourage faculty and studentsto use digital data, math models, and PACE software in engineering, manufacturing and industrialdesign courses.PACE Sponsored 21course competitionsat 20 PACE Institutionsin 2012, with morethan 1600 studentsparticipating.SchoolsCompetitions222221 2020 21152008 2009Institution Name Course Name Student YearGeorgia Tech Interactive Computer Graphics and Computer 4th yearAided DesignHongik University Introduction to Mechanical Design Process 3rd/4th yearInha University Computer Aided Drafting 1st yearInha University General Design of Mechanical Engineering 3rd/4th yearInstituto Politecnico Nacional Modelado y Simulacion 2nd yearInstituto Tecnológico Autónomo Computer Aided Design 3rd yearde MéxicoKorea University Computer Aided Mechanical Drawing 2nd yearLehigh University Manufacturing Process 3rd yearMichigan Technological University Engineering Modeling and Design 1st yearMichigan Technological University Computer Aided Design Methods 4th yearNorthwestern University Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3rd yearPolitécnico di Torino Disegno Meccanico (Mechanical Drawing) 1st/2nd/3rd yearShanghai Jiao Tong University Mechanical Engineering Design 2nd yearSungkyunkwan University CAD/Product Information Management 3rd/4th yearSungkyunkwan University Digital Manufacturing/PLM 3rd/4th yearTongji University Fundamentals of CAGD 2nd yearUniversity of São Paulo Engineering Graphics and Design 1st yearUniversity of São Paulo Best Automotive Engineering Capstone Project 4th/5th yearBrigham Young University, CAx Engineering Applications Varied& ITESM-Toluca17Virginia Tech, Technische Universität Global Collaborative Engineering Design 4th/5th yearDarmstadt, Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity, Howard University,ITESM-Monterrey25262010 20112012PACE CoursewareFaculty and support staff developed numerous PACE-inspired textbooks, tutorials, and other unique teaching materials in the pastyear, including:• The University of Texas at El Paso provides lectures and tutorials on the “UTEP Engineering Channel” of YouTube(http://www.youtube.com/user/UTEPengineering)• Shanghai Jiao Tong University revised a geometric dimensioning and tolerancing module to use Teamcenter Visualization VSA(Siemens PLM Software) and 3DCS Analyst (Dimensional Control Systems)• The University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez developed STAR-CCM+ (CD-adapco) tutorials for a fluid dynamics course• Prairie View A&M University created a series of NX 7.5 tutorials for a mechanical engineering design lab course• TU Darmstadt faculty authored three online NX tutorials titled “Introduction to CAD 2012,” “CAD/CAM Process Chain with NX at theProcess Learning Factory,” and “Principles to CAD/CAE” (in German)• The University of Cincinnati produced ten full training DVDs on Maya (Autodesk) covering topics such as: modeling and texturinga self portrait; modeling; lighting and rendering a still life; basic photogrammetry and UV layout: ambient occlusion; HDRI and lightbaking; Maya to second life workflow; basic animation principles (forward and inverse kinematics); Maya to after effects workflow;Maya and camera tracking workflow; Maya to game engine (unity3d) workflow• The University of Ontario Institute of Technology developed self-learning digital-voice-over-video digital laboratory manuals for NX 7.5• Dalhousie University developed tutorials to assist students with the CAD assignments in an engineering design course• Missouri University of Science and Technology refined the MSC ADAMS (MSC Software) tutorial used in a dynamics course• RWTH Aachen University developed HTML-based NX 8 tutorials• Tongji University created an Alias Studio (Autodesk) standard textbook• University West created NX exercises for an engineering CAD coursePACE Students Use SoftwarePACE Software Students Students Students2012 2011 2010Altair HyperWorks 2,821 2,497 3,014ANSYS FLUENT 2,746 1,394 1,492ANSYS TGrid 230 25 68Autodesk DirectConnect 76 62 71Autodesk Maya 525 423 388Autodesk Moldflow 216 218 n/aAutodesk Sketchbook Pro 678 411 456CD-adapco STAR-CCM+ 407 68 n/aCEI EnSight 50 81 n/aDassault Isight 224 228 124DCS 3DCS Analyst 30 25 31dSPACE 25 n/a n/aGamma GT Power 169 102 201LSTC LS-DYNA 371 184 330MathWorks MATLAB 10,065 n/a n/aMathWorks Simulink 2,054 n/a n/aMSC Adams 3,293 2,557 1,816MSC Nastran 3,635 2,761 3,408RTT DeltaGen 34 100 25Siemens JT Open 144 68 84Siemens Teamcenter 1,648 1,223 1,185Siemens Tecnomatix 335 418 255PACE Software Training for Facultyand StudentsMore than 360 PACEfaculty, TAs and staffparticipated inPACE-sponsoredsoftware training in2012. Softwaretraining opportunitiesare available at thePACE Annual Forum,local companytraining centers, anduniversity locations.PACE Software 2012Altair HyperWorks 94ANSYS FLUENT 5CD-adapco STAR-CCM+ 13MathWorks MATLAB 70MathWorks Simulink 61MSC Software Adams/Nastran 12Siemens NX 81Siemens Teamcenter 18Siemens Tecnomatix 482012 Annual Report 9

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering EducationPACE Global Annual ForumThe seventh PACE Global Annual Forum was co-hosted in Shanghai, China by Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity, Tongji University, and GM China. This annual face-to-face gathering is the most importantsingle enabler toward achieving our mission to develop the “product lifecycle management (PLM) teamof the future…” This year’s theme, “Powering Global Collaboration” focused on the various aspectsrequired for successful collaborations between and among faculty, students, and industry.The 2012 Forum was extended to four days to better accommodate the project judging competitionsfor the Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) global collaborative project (year 2), the InnovativeMobility Solutions (IMS) design project, and the first annual Collaboration and Innovation Challenge(CIC) project.Participant FeedbackWhat part of the PACE Annual Forum wasmost valuable to you?30% Student Project Presentations & Competitions25% Networking & Collaborating16% Presentations12% Software Training7% Technical and Cultural Tours9% Other Activities: Company Displays,Collaboration Workshop, Cultural Awareness, etc.2012 PACE Annual Forum Highlights“The establishment ofcollaborative relationshipswith companies in thePACE consortium and theother academicinstitutions in the PACEprogram is a plus.”Dr. Xiaoping DuMissouri University of Science& Technology (USA)• 240 Attendees from 46 PACE Institutions and12 PACE Companies, representing all 12PACE Countries• Dr. Xu Min of Shanghai Jiao Tong Universityspoke about the Multi-disciplinary ElectricVehicle Project at SJTU, and Dr. Yu Chen ofTongji University spoke about the China RuralVehicle project• 11 Industry presentations from 7 companies,including addresses by- Raymond Bierzynski, Executive DirectorElectrification Strategy, GM China Group- Kevin Eustace, Senior Vice PresidentProduct–Driven Services, Siemens PLMSoftware- Desmond Jiang, Director of ManufacturingIndustry China, Autodesk- Samuel Lo, Senior Director, StrategyPlanning and Corporate Development forOracle Greater China• 87 Faculty and student delegates attended 9PACE software training sessions in NX,Teamcenter, Tecnomatix, STAR-CCM+,FLUENT, and MathWorks• Representatives from 10 PACE Companiesmet with conference delegates during theCompany Display Expo• Deborah Murphy, Director GM ChinaEngineering, and Shirley Lu, GMIO IT RegionalManager, joined faculty members from WayneState University, Tongji University, TUDarmstadt, and New Mexico State Universityin a panel discussion of the challenges andbarriers facing women in engineering• A collaboration workshop led by Greg Jensenof Brigham Young University providedguidance and insight on developing effectiveorganization and communication inglobal teams• 24 Faculty presentations and 18 posters from26 PACE Institutions around the world• PACE Project judging competitions for the- Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) globalcollaborative project with 22 PACEInstitutions- Innovative Mobility Solutions (IMS) globaldesign project with six PACE DesignInstitutions- Collaboration and Innovation Challenge(CIC) project• Awards for outstanding presentations in- Engineering: Dr. Greg Jensen, LarissaCannon, Tom Nysetvold, Glen Phelps, andJoshua Winn of Brigham Young University- Design: Brigid O’Kane of the University ofCincinnati- Manufacturing: Mark Richardson of MonashUniversity- Curriculum: Dr. Victor Cruz of InstitutoTecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)- Training: Bob Chalou of Michigan StateUniversity• Outstanding Poster awards presented to- Dr. Kwanju Kim of Hongik University- Anand C R, Bhushan Deshmukh, andPraveen Nahar of National Institute of Design• Bob Chalou of Michigan State Universityreceived the PACE Distinguished Integratoraward• Detlef Bielohlawek of GME Adam Opelreceived the PACE Distinguished GlobalAdministrator award• Technical tours of Shanghai GM assemblyplant, GM China Engineering advancedmaterials and battery labs, Tongji University,and Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityPACE Laboratory AwardCongratulations to the Prairie View A&M University PACE Teamcenter Lab for winning the 2012 PACELaboratory Award! This annual award recognizes one PACE Institution for creating an outstandinglaboratory that supports the development of the automotive product lifecycle management (PLM) teamof the future.The PVAMU Teamcenter Lab provides a state-of-the-art collaborative engineering design environmentwith hardware and software to support the education and research activities related to PACE projects andother collaborative projects. The multimedia communication tools and distance learning system enablestudents to complete design, analysis, review, and collaboration tasks simultaneously within one lab.PACE LaboratoriesPACE labs provide a hands-on learningenvironment where students can utilize CAD/CAE/CAM tools, collaborate on projects, andemploy rapid prototyping.Type of PACE Lab 2012 2011 2010CAD Lab 50 48 47CAE Lab 26 27 21Collaboration Lab 22 18 17Digital Manufacturing Lab 10 13 12Prototype Lab 21 13 4Other Labs 11 16 15“We are very excited tocontinue developingPACE projects and tokeep a very close relationwith local industries andwith other PACEuniversities. Thanks forthe opportunity andyour effort.”Dr. Jorge Alejandro RodriguezMelendezITESM Toluca (Mexico)102012 Annual Report 11

Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering EducationPACE Global Collaborative ProjectsPACE Innovative Mobility Solutions (IMS) Industrial Design Project“The SUT project is a realmotivation for studentsto not just work on a realproject but the excitementof communicating andnetworking with studentsfrom all over the world.Mack HaleyDirector of Special Projects,College of Engineering, NewMexico State University (USA)”PACE global projects are excellent opportunities for students to enrich their professional skills through participationin multi-university and multi-cultural teams, as well as the hands-on experience with PACE state-of-the-art design,engineering, manufacturing, and collaboration software, and the application of product lifecycle management(PLM) tools and concepts.PACE Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) Global Project: Second YearPopulation increases, energy alternatives, trafficcongestion, and vastly improved connected networksrequire the automotive industry to examine the needsfor transportation in the urban setting. The 2010-2012PACE global collaborative project addressed theemerging needs for the Next Generation ofSustainable Urban Transportation (SUT).During the first year of the SUT project, teams ofengineering and industrial design students conductedmarket research, developed design concepts andpreliminary engineering/manufacturing solutions, andthen reported their results at the 2011 PACE AnnualForum. In the second and final year of the SUTproject, the teams refined their design concepts/solutions through more in-depth analysis of thevehicle subsystems and the manufacturing plan, andaddressed the gaps and weaknesses in their originaldesigns. The industrial design schools played a lessprominent role in the second year, as the projectfocus shifted to the detailed engineering andmanufacturing analysis.PACE SUT Team 2 students celebrate winning 1st Place in theproject competitionMore than 75 engineering students from 21 PACEInstitutions represented the six SUT project teams atthe 2012 PACE Annual Forum, and presented theirresults before the judging panel. Judges evaluated theteams against a comprehensive list of engineering andmanufacturing criteria, including project managementand collaboration strategy. The winners wereannounced during the Awards Dinner (see graphic on right).1st Place2025 Approved for ProductionTeam 2RWTH Aachen University (Germany)Northwestern University (USA)Hongik University (Korea)Inha University (Korea)Tuskegee University (USA)2nd Place2025 Approved for ProductionTeam 3PES Institute of Technology (India)Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (India)Michigan Technological University (USA)New Mexico State University (USA)Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico)3rd Place2025 Approved for ProductionTeam 5ITESM-Monterrey (Mexico)ITESM-Toluca (Mexico)Virginia Tech (USA)Sungkyunkwan University (Korea)Vehicle Most Ready for 2015 ProductionTeam 1University of Cincinnati (USA)The PACE Global Leadership team sponsored aone year project for the 2011-2012 academic yearfor industrial design students, in order to keep theseschools engaged as the second year of the SUTproject shifted to in-depth engineering development.The Innovative Mobility Solutions (IMS) projectchallenged industrial design students to developconcept solutions for an urban environment, includingride sharing, car sharing, and/or vehicle on-demandoptions. Concept solutions were to be integrated withthe urban infrastructure and public transportation.Vehicle concepts could be autonomous or manuallydriven, and included the integration of networking andsocial aspects.Students from College for Creative Studies (USA),Howard University (USA), ITESM-Monterrey (Mexico),Monash University (Australia), National Institute ofDesign (India), and the University of Cincinnati (USA)presented their concepts to a judging panel of industryand academic design experts during the 2012 PACEAnnual Forum in Shanghai. Winners were selected ineight categories (see graphic on right).Poster displays for the Innovative Mobility SolutionscompetitionPACE Collaboration and Innovation Challenge (CIC) ProjectThe PACE Global Leadership team initiated theannual Collaboration and Innovation Challenge (CIC)in response to feedback from the PACE Institutionfaculty for an alternative, smaller-scale project toshowcase innovative projects at PACE Institutionsand further develop the application of the PACEtools. Project proposals are accepted fromJune 1 – October 1 each year, and a select numberare invited to present at the PACE Annual Forum.Recognition is given to the best project(s) judgedby a team of industry representatives, PACE partnercompanies, and academic representatives.Most Innovative ConceptMonash UniversityBest Customer & Regional ResearchNational Institute of DesignBest Creative Research & Concept DevelopmentITESM-MonterreyBest Functionality and Human FactorsUniversity of CincinnatiBest CollaborationUniversity of CincinnatiBest Interior Design ConceptUniversity of CincinnatiBest Exterior Design ConceptCollege for Creative StudiesBest Overall Design ConceptUniversity of CincinnatiUniversity of Cincinnati student Brendan Oberkircher receives trophyfrom Gaowa Wulin, Design Director GM China Advanced Studio2012 PACECollaboration and InnovationChallenge WinnerThe Energy Reclamation Application (ERA)presented by studentsVaishnavi Seetharama and Vidhey V Raoled byDr. V. Ramesh of Sri JayachamarajendraCollege of EngineeringThe ERA uses a vehicle’s exhaust gasto generate electricity and run electronicequipment such as the HVAC system,audio system, power windows/seats/doors, etc.“The best part of theprogram are theenormous collaborationopportunities provided forstudents so they can gainglobal experience.”Dr. Xiaobo PengPrairie View A&M University (USA)122012 Annual Report 13

“There are many “bestparts” in the PACEProgram…PACE gives ourFaculty and Students theopportunity to work withpeople from otheruniversities and to workwith mentors fromthe industry.”Alan SteevesUniversity of British Columbia(Canada)PACE Portable Assisted Mobility Device (PAMD) Project KickoffThe new 2-year global collaboration project for 2012-2014 was launched during the PACE Annual Forumwith a call for institution commitment and teamformation. The Portable Assisted Mobility Device(PAMD) project maintains an urban transportationfocus, and addresses the first and the last milescenario as it mixes seamlessly with publictransportation and personal urban transportation.Teams are challenged to design a small powerassisted vehicle that can be taken on a train or bus,or can be stowed or carried indoors.In the first year of the project, teams will developPAMD concepts including research, marketassessment, design process, engineering analyses,manufacturing assessments, and a final designproposal, including a non-running scale model.Each team consists of one Industrial DesignInstitution and multiple Manufacturing andEngineering Institutions. One school is designatedas the “lead” or “host” school for each team, leadingnot only the team organization but also the buildingof a functional prototype during the second year.Thirty-two PACE Institutions are participating in thePAMD project, comprising a total of seven globalcollaborative teams.Monash University student Dominic Dowling posing with tapedrawing of a PAMD conceptAustraliaMonash UniversityBrazilUniversity of São PauloCanadaDalhousie UniversityMcMaster UniversityQueen’s UniversityUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity of Ontario Instituteof TechnologyUniversity of TorontoUniversity of WaterlooChinaJilin UniversityShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityTongji UniversityPACE Institutions * - 2011GermanyRheinMain University of AppliedSciencesRWTH-Aachen UniversityTechnische UniversitätDarmstadtIndiaNational Institute of DesignPES Institute of TechnologySri JayachamarajendraCollege of EngineeringItalyPolitécnico di TorinoMexicoInstituto Politécnico NacionalInstituto Tecnológico Autónomo deMéxico (ITAM)ITESM – Estado de MéxicoITESM – MonterreyITESM – TolucaUniversidad IberoamericanaSouth KoreaInha UniversityHongik UniversityKorea UniversitySungkyunkwan UniversitySwedenUniversity WestUnited StatesArt Center College of DesignBrigham Young UniversityCollege for Creative StudiesGeorgia Institute of TechnologyHoward UniversityKettering UniversityLehigh UniversityMassachusetts Instituteof TechnologyMichigan State UniversityMichigan Technological UniversityMissouri University ofScience & TechnologyNew Mexico State UniversityNorthwestern UniversityPrairie View A&M UniversityPurdue UniversityRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTuskegee UniversityUniversity of CincinnatiUniversity of Michigan – Ann ArborUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Puerto RicoUniversity of Texas at El PasoVirginia TechWayne State University“Many excellent studentshave improved themselvesand found their interestsin the PACE projects andthey are more ambitiousto seek for their futuredevelopments. Some arenow working at GeneralMotors, some areworking at GM jointventures in China, someare at world renownedvehicle suppliers and someare even studying for aPhD engineering degree inthe US.”Dr. Qing JiaTongji University (China)14 2012 Annual ReportPartners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education15

PACE PartnersAdditional ContributorsPACE OfficeGeneral Motors Company6442 East 12 Mile RoadMail Code: 480-303-110Warren, MI 48090USAwww.pacepartners.org

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