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Developing a Knowledge City Region - Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Developing a Knowledge City Region - Dublin Chamber of Commerce

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ContentsForeword Page 1Committee List Page 2Executive Summary Page 310 Point Plan for 2012: Recommendations Page 4Section 1: City Regions: The Seeds of Growth Page 5Section 2: Building a Learning Society Page 11Section 3: Upgrading the Knowledge Infrastructure Page 17Section 4: SMEs and the Knowledge Economy Page 23Section 5: Arrival of a Knowledge Capital Page 27Conclusion Page 33AppendixInternational Examples of PC Incentive Schemes Page 35Past Reports and Submissions Page 36

ForewordIn 2008, Dublin is a vibrant, growing city. As ourcapital continues to attract a record number ofworkers and tourists, it is essential that weleverage the city’s potential by realising our visionto transform it into a leading knowledge cityregion. Dublin has enormous potential todevelop as a city region in which technology andscience take root, where talent gathers and whereinnovation and creativity occur.In 2006, the Knowledge Economy Committee wasestablished within the Dublin Chamber ofCommerce to examine the existing policylandscape and to draw up a set ofrecommendations that would ensure that theDublin City Region can compete with other cityregions across the globe. These recommendationsare practical and achievable and will ensure thatDublin plays a vital role at a national level tostimulate and support Ireland’s economy.We are fortunate that we have attractedcontributors from the highest levels of educationand industry who have inputted into thedevelopment of this report and itsrecommendations. I would like to acknowledgethe vital role that each member of the Committeehas played.The recommendations outlined in this report willgive vital momentum to establishing Dublin as aworld leading knowledge city region. We mustnow call on government, members of industryand education, entrepreneurs, small businessowners and all of the city’s inhabitants toembrace this change so that the Dublin CityRegion is firmly established on the global map.The global knowledge economy is evolvingapace. If Dublin is to stake its claim on thiseconomy, strong leadership and conviction areneeded. It is now a national imperative that wetake action. Government has a vital role to play inshaping our legacy for future generations.Martin MurphyChairperson1‘Digital Prosperity: Understanding the EconomicBenefits of the Information TechnologyRevolution’, Atkinson, R. & McKay, A.1

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