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CDA – A Roadmap for Branding Dublin 2012 – A Discussion Paper

CDA – A Roadmap for Branding Dublin 2012 – A Discussion Paper

6 Priority Action Areas

6 Priority Action Areas 636.1 Engage with the People of Dublin 636.2 Develop the Collaboration Model 646.3 Agree the Vision 656.4 Engage in Regular Monitoring of our International Position 666.5 Build Upon Dublin’s Assets and Address the Challenges 676.6 Effectively Communicate the Brand 686.7 Enhance the Tourism Product 706.8 Engage in Internationalisation 716.9 Seek International Events and Designations 736.10 Design the Dublin Brand 757 Conclusion 77References and Bibliography 79

A Roadmap for Branding Dublin, A Discussion Paper 2012Executive SummaryThe ContextThis discussion document will be circulated to the Creative Dublin Alliance 1and key stakeholders in the public, private and civic sectors whosecommitment and active participation will be required in the delivery of aBrand for Dublin. The main report brings together the combined learning fromall the research, engagement and stakeholder collaborations developed todate, while pointing a clear path for the delivery of the next phase which willbe concluded with the launch of the Dublin Brand in June 2013.Branding has been around for hundreds of years, but city branding has not.This is a relatively recent concept which is pioneered by city branding expertssuch as Simon Anholt. Examples of successful city branding strategies areNew York, Barcelona, London and Amsterdam.City branding literature emphasises the argument that logos and taglineshave not been the backbone of successful city branding strategies. Areview of city branding strategies highlights the underlying importance ofshared governance, stakeholder participation, clear and concise goals, andconsistent reinforced messaging.1 A collaborative leadership network across Dublin’s leaders in local government, businessand higher education sectors. www.creativedublinalliance.iev

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