LEDAutomotive ExteriorVisteon - Autopal,27.03.2008

LED Front LightingLow / High BeamBending LightDRL / Position LightFront Turn IndicatorOSRAM Opto Semiconductors‘ LED Portfolio for LED front lightingOSTAR ® -Headlamp Golden DRAGON ®WhiteAdvancedPower TOPLED ®WhiteGolden DRAGON ®YellowAdvancedPower TOPLED ®Yellow26.03.2008 | Page 2OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Audi R8 - DRLAPT(Chip-Level-Conversion):LW G6CP12 LEDs / LampRCL Stop / Tail: mit OOS PowerTopLED LA E65B and LA E67B26.03.2008 | Page 3OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Audi A4 facelift - DRLAPT(Chip-Level-Conversion):LW G6CP14 LEDs / Lamp26.03.2008 | Page 4OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Audi TT S-Series - DRLAPT(Chip-Level-Conversion):LW G6CP12 LEDs / Lamp26.03.2008 | Page 5OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Audi RS 6 AvantSOP Audi: Oct 2007Daytime Running LightGolden Dragon LW W5SM10 LEDs / Side26.03.2008 | Page 6OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Audi A5 - DRLGolden Dragon(Chip-Level-Conversion):LUW W5SM8 LEDs / Lamp….just the ones on the street !!!!26.03.2008 | Page 7OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Golden Dragon / APTRoadmap

Adv. Power TOPLED ® – Roadmap WhiteLW G6CP - with chip level coating - (typical brightness, color 7K8K)10,575109,59EB70658,560Iv in cd @ 140 mA8EA55lm/W @ 140 mA7,576,5DB50456Jan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-20144026.03.2008 | Page 9OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Adv. Power TOPLED ® – Roadmap WhiteLW G6SP (typical brightness, color 67L, constant CRI)1310012FA901180109EB70Iv in cd @ 140 mAlm/W @ 140 mA8EA607DB506Jan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-20144026.03.2008 | Page 10OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Golden DRAGON ® – Roadmap WhiteLW W5SM (typical brightness, color 67L, constant CRI)125115LX105KZ958575KYKXphiv in lm @ 350 mAlm/W @ 350 mA6555JZJY45JXJan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-201426.03.2008 | Page 11OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Platinum DRAGON ® – Roadmap WhiteLW W5SN (typical brightness, color 67L, constant CRI)260240MZ200180220MY160200180160140MXLZLY140120100phiv in lm @ 700 mAphiv in lm @ 1000 mAlm/W @ 350 mA120LX80100KZKY80Jan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-2014604026.03.2008 | Page 12OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Golden DRAGON ® – Roadmap WhiteLUW W5SM (typical brightness, color 6P7Q)165145LY1251058565LXKZKYKXJZJYphiv in lm @ 350 mAlm/W @ 350 mA45Jan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-201426.03.2008 | Page 13OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Diamond DRAGON ®

Diamond DRAGON ® - Customer Benefits• Brightest single chip LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors with latest chiptechnology Thinfilm / ThinGaN ®• Silicone lens for increased light out coupling• High maximum forward current of up to 2 A possible• Low thermal resistance• Long lifetime due to excellent thermal management and proven materials• Increased flexibility due to solder pad compatibility with Golden DRAGON ® andPlatinum DRAGON ®26.03.2008 | Page 15OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Diamond DRAGON ® - FeaturesPoint light source with high efficiency and low thermal resistance of 2.5 K/W (typ.)High junction temperature of up to 160° steady state (175°C short term)Suitable for standard IR reflow solderingComplete color portfolio available including white26.03.2008 | Page 16OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

DRAGON family• Golden DRAGON ® Lx W5SM 350 mA / 400mA• Platinum DRAGON ® Lx W5SN 700 mA• Diamond DRAGON ® Lx W5AP 1400 mA• Expansion of DRAGON family based on grouping current to offer the best product foryour application• One solderpad for all three versions• Enhanced applications due to availability of complete color portfolio, three powerlevels and possibility of integrated lenses• High quality: Suitable for automotive and general lighting applicationsGoldenDRAGON ®PlatinumDRAGON ®DiamondDRAGON ® OSTAR ® -Lighting26.03.2008 | Page 17OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Diamond DRAGON ® - ProductsTypeColorTyp. BrightnessTyp. OpticalEfficiencyTyp. PowerConsumptionTyp. ThermalQ-NumberSOPResistance R thJSQ1/2008LR W5APRed145 lm @ 1.4 A45 lm/W @ 1.4 A3.2 W3K/WQ65110A7158Q1/2008LA W5APAmber180 lm @ 1.4 A55 lm/W @ 1.4 A3.2 W3K/WQ65110A7159Q1/2008LY W5APYellow130 lm @ 1.4 A42 lm/W @ 1.4 A3.2 W3K/WQ65110A7156Q1/2008LT W5APTrue Green185 lm @ 1.4 A40 lm/W @ 1.4 A4.9 W2.5 K/WQ65110A7157Q1/2008LB W5APBlue75 lm @ 1.4 A16 lm/W @ 1.4 A4.9 W2.5 K/WQ65110A7196Q1/2008LD W5APDeep Blue1250 mW @ 1.4 A28% @ 1.4 A4.9 W2.5 K/WQ65110A7165Q1/2008LW W5APDaylight White225 lm @ 1.4 A45 lm/W @ 1.4 A4.9 W2.5 K/Wn.a.Q1/2008LUW W5APDaylight White260 lm @ 1.4 A52 lm/W @ 1.4 A4.9 W2.5 K/Wn.a.Q1/2008LCW W5APWarm White160 lm @ 1.4 A32 lm/W @ 1.4 A4.9 W2.5 K/Wn.a.26.03.2008 | Page 18OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

OSTAR Headlamp26.03.2008 | Page 19OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

LED Future Strategy for Front LightingBasisOSTAR ® -HeadlampplatformAdditional Chip Configurations• 1 x 1• 1 x 2• 1 x 3• 1 x 4• 1 x 5Further developmentsEnlarged OSTAR HeadlampPortfolio1. Improvement of optical performance2. Efficiency improvement3. Reduction of distance between light emitting area4. Reduction of thermal resistance26.03.2008 | Page 20OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Glasswindow alternativesFeaturesA) Ceramic frameSample design⇒ Classic frame design(OBSOLETE)B) MonolithicQualification design⇒ inherent shutter function⇒ very robust and highly accurate26.03.2008 | Page 21OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

OSTAR HeadlampBrightness Roadmap – LE UW D1W5(UltraWhite, 1x5 chips configuation, w/ glass window cover)120011001000900800700600500RXQZQYQXPZPYPXUpdate 13/11/07Typical values – Phiv [lm]LE UW D1W5 @ 700mA5chips/ advanced converter/glass window cover on topBased on new LF value(Nov07)!LE UW D1W5 - Phiv @ 700mA400NZJan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-201426.03.2008 | Page 22OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

OSTAR HeadlampBrightness Roadmap – LE UW D1W4(UltraWhite, 1x4 chips configuation, w/ glass window cover)1000950900850800750700650600550QZQYQXPZPYTypical values – Phiv [lm]LE UW D1W4 @ 700mA4chips/ advanced converter/glass window cover on topBased on new LF value(Nov07)!LE UW D1W4 - Phiv @ 700mA500PX450400NZJan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan201426.03.2008 | Page 23OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

OSTAR HeadlampBrightness Roadmap – LE UW D1W2(UltraWhite, 1x2 chips configuation, w/ glass window cover)500450400350PXNZNYTypical values – Phiv [lm]LE UW D1W2 @ 700mA2chips/ advanced converter/glass window cover on topBased on new LF value(Nov07)!300NXLE UW D1W2 - Phiv @ 700mA250MZMY200Jan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan201426.03.2008 | Page 24OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

OSTAR HeadlampBrightness Roadmap – LE UW D1W1(UltraWhite, 1x1 chip configuation, w/ glass window cover)250200150MZMYMXLZLYTypical values – Phiv [lm]LE UW D1W1 @ 700mA1chip/ advanced converter/glass window cover on topBased on new LF value(Nov07)!LE UW D1W1 - Phiv @ 700mALX100KZJan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan201426.03.2008 | Page 25OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

OSTAR HeadlampStandard color grouping: LE UW D1W50,380,37ECE0,360,357Q7P7E0,340,330,327D0,310,300,290,280,270,260,250,240,26 0,27 0,28 0,29 0,30 0,31 0,32 0,33 0,34 0,35 0,36 0,37 0,38 0,39 0,4026.03.2008 | Page 26OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Under EvaluationInGaN Yellow26.03.2008 | Page 27OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Yellow LEDs in Frontturn-Applications (LY G6SP)Option:InGaN – Yellow- 60 %(Development willstart at OOS)26.03.2008 | Page 28OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Status InGaN-Yellow for ECE / SAE Turnindicators- Osram Opto started development project in Oct 2007- InGaN-Yellow LEDs based on Advanced PowerTopLED and Golden Dragonin the first step (Ceramic based packages may follow later)- Beginning of 2009: feasibility study finished with special attention toaging behaviour, humidity testing, colour binning- Brightness estimation: 48 % compared to White (e.g. Golden Dragon LW W5SM)In case of successful feasibility study and positive market feedback:- Automotive qualification expected to be finished end of 2009- High volume serial production possible starting Jan 2010- First Engineering Samples APT and GD available January 200826.03.2008 | Page 29OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Golden DRAGON ® –RoadmapLW W5SM and LCY W5SM (yellow as volume conversion)12011010090LXKZKY80706050KXJZJYJXweiß phiv in lm @ 350 mAgelb phiv in lm @ 350 mA403020HZHYHXGZGYSOPJan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-201426.03.2008 | Page 30OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

Golden DRAGON ® –RoadmapLY W5SM and LCY W5SM (yellow as volume conversion)7060504030Phiv in lm @ 350 mAInGaN at Tj 25°CInGaAlP at Tj 25°CInGaN lm at Tj 85°CInGaAlP lm at Tj 85°C20100Jan-2007Jan-2008Jan-2009Jan-2010Jan-2011Jan-2012Jan-2013Jan-201426.03.2008 | Page 31OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

White BinningStructure26.03.2008 | Page 32OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

New white binning - motivationCurrent status0,430,424000K3500K3000K2700K0,414500K0,400,390,385700K5000KANSI bins0,370,366500KLCW xxxx bins0,350,340,330,320,310,300,29LUW xxxx binsLW xxxx bins0,280,29 0,30 0,31 0,32 0,33 0,34 0,35 0,36 0,37 0,38 0,39 0,40 0,41 0,42 0,43 0,44 0,45 0,46 0,47 0,48 0,4926.03.2008 | Page 33OS LED M ACONFIDENTIAL

New fine binningDifferent white types0,443000K2700K93500K80,390,346500K85700K5000K3I4000K4500K8PK L M N O 4J8 9654Q R S T U V W XWarm whiteLCW xxxx-xx-4J9X7H72GCool white0,2956Y1 EDC1 BAZFLW xxxx-xx-1W8JUltra whiteLUW xxxx-xx-2W8G0,241XW0,2526.03.2008 | Page 34OS LED M A0,300,35CONFIDENTIAL0,400,45

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