Minutes - District of Sooke


Minutes - District of Sooke

Committee Members Present:

Chair: Councillor Maja Tait



Meeting held July 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Council Chambers

2205 Otter Point Road

Group Members:

• Marlaina Elliott, Alternate, Sooke Region

Cultural Alliance (SRCA)

• Johanne Thompson, Alternate, Sooke Region

Volunteer Centre Committee (SRVCC)

• Debbie Clarkston, SRCA

• Jonathan Heerema, Sooke Region Tourism

Association (SRTA)

• Frederique Philip, Sooke Region Chamber of

Commerce (SRCOC)

Public Members:

• Brenda Parkinson

• Jeff Bateman

• Patrick Grove

Staff: Tina Hansen, Corporate Assistant (Recorder)

Gerard LeBlanc, Municipal Planner

Kari Osselton, Manager, Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce (SRCOC)

Absent: Nicky Logins, Sooke Region CHI/Sooke Region Volunteer Centre Committee (SRVCC)

Jeremy Wilson, SRTA, Alternate

Ed Stipp


1. Call to Order

The meeting began at 7:02 p.m.

Chair Tait introduced newly appointed members Jeff Bateman and Patrick

Grove to the Commission.

2. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as circulated with the addition of the following

supplemental information:

Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce

o Administrative Support Job Description

o Executive Director Job Description

o Relocation Package Information

Sooke Region Tourism Association Agreement (SRTA) – Schedule


3. Adoption of Minutes

The minutes of June 20, 2012 were adopted as amended on page 4.

4. Guest Speaker – Representative from Mariner’s Village

Chair Tait introduced Dean Steffins, representative from Mariner’s Village


District of Sooke

July 18, 2012 Sooke Economic Development Commission

to the Commission and members of the public.

Dean Steffins, introduced Graeme Harder, Chief Financial Officer and

Kristin Tangen, Project Manager for Mariner’s Village. Mr. Steffins

provided a powerpoint presentation for the Commission on Phase 2

(Merchant’s Landing) of the Mariner’s Village development. The

presentation overviewed the following information:

• Mariner’s Village Master Plan

• Location of Mariner’s Village in the New Town Centre

• Successes and Challenges of Phase 1 – Navigator’s Point

• Phase 2 Mandate: Mariners Village aims to work more closely with

the city and community to meet common goals

• Phase 2 General Specifications

o 95,500 square feet gross building area

o Residential/commercial

o Five stories (four at Sooke Rd)

o residential units on upper floors

• Residential/Commercial Offerings

Sooke Community Benefits

o Increased commercial space for local commerce

o Increased amenities for local residents and tourists

o Accessible landscape and greenspace

o Increased space for local professional

o Proposed pharmacy, bank, café and daycare

• Future of Mariner’s Village and its place in the Sooke OCP

• Mariner’s Village aspires to become an integral part and foundation

of the town center and community of Sooke

Graeme Harder advised that DCC’s from the development will increase the

District’s tax base substantially. By getting development going, it will help

promote other developers.

A discussion took place between the Commission and Mr. Steffins and Mr.

Harder as to the following comments and inquires:

• Whether there would be conference facilities

• Water features – rainwater collection systems – building green

• Commercial space is an important component for Sooke

• Mariner’s timeline for Phase 2 – break ground in October;

completion in approximately 22 months

• Cost effective meeting space for non-profits groups

• Incorporating an Ocean Discovery Centre or something for children

• Concerns over limited parking

• “Car-share” concept for people who live and work at Mariner’s

• Community owned parking areas – ensuring parking plan

• Incorporating the Library

• Incorporating a facility for seniors and youth

• Using local artisans for public art

• Encouraging alternative methods of transportation

• EDC working together with Mariner’s and other developers to

promote developments in Sooke – increasing communications

• Customs office and Marina – planned for phase 2B

District of Sooke

July 18, 2012 Sooke Economic Development Commission


• Retail stores – encouraging a local presence

• Informing the community and promoting that Mariner’s is serious

about staying and becoming part of the community

Mr. Steffins reported that Mariner’s wants to work with the District in

moving forward with the project and stated that Mariner’s is on the leading

edge of the vision in the District’s Official Community Plan.

Chair Tait thanked the representatives from Mariner’s Village for their


5. Quarterly Report to Council

Chair Tait reviewed the Sooke Economic Development Commission

Quarterly Report – July 2012.

The Commission agreed by general consensus to make the following

amendments to page 1 of the report:

Sooke Region Tourism Association: “to represent the tourism

opportunities of the Sooke region”

Sooke Region Cultural Alliance: “to represent the diverse art,

heritage, and cultural organizations”

Sooke Region Community Health Initiative: “to represent the many

non-profit and community groups in the Sooke region”

MOVED and seconded to accept the proposed Sooke Economic

Development Commission Quarterly Report – July 2012 as amended and

to forward the report to Council.


6. Sooke Starlight Cinema 2012

Chair Tait, provided background on the Sooke Starlight Cinema at Ed

Macgregor Park advising that the Commission needs to consider whether

this is an initiative it would like to support.

The Commission inquired as to who was responsible for setting up the

projector and screen. Chair Tait advised that a member of staff set up the

equipment on a volunteer basis.

A discussion ensued between members of the Commission as to the


• Turnout numbers for previous movies in the park – approximately

200 per movie night

• Consider funding two shows

• Creates activity in the park – detours vandalism and mischief


• May be affected by poor weather

• Something positive for youth


District of Sooke

July 18, 2012 Sooke Economic Development Commission

• Other community groups benefit through fundraising selling

popcorn & snacks

• Approximately $20,000 left in SEDC budget

Gerard LeBlanc reported that the films brought out a number of families

last year providing them with an activity to do. The films are orientated for

children. It is a good opportunity to give something to the community.

MOVED and seconded to provide $1,200 in funding to the Sooke Starlight

Cinema for two movies for the month of August provided that sponsorship

recognition of the EDC is included.

AND FURTHER THAT a report be submitted on the measurable and



7. Sooke EDC Structure Review – Fee for Service Agreements

Excerpt from Official Community Plan

The Commission received section 4.4 of the Official Community Plan for


The Commission reviewed the Fee for Service Agreement Schedule “A”

for the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce and the Sooke Region

Tourism Association which indicates the services the groups provide to the

District of Sooke.

Chair Tait advised of an email she received from the Mayor requesting the

Agreement and work plans for the Chamber of Commerce and Sooke

Region Tourism Association be provided to Council as Council has

concerns as to their funding requests and will not be releasing funds until

Council has reviewed the issue.

Jonathan Heerema, Sooke Region Tourism Association stated that these

organizations depend on the funding and feels that the decision is

negligent. Mr. Heerema stated his concerns as to eliminating funding to

groups who work at bringing people to the community to spend money

stating that there is no economic value to that but there is in purchasing a

$20,000 web cam. This goes against the purpose of what they are trying

to do. Mr. Heerema reported that SRTA receives funds from the province

which they are not able to spend until they receive the funding from the


A discussion ensued between members of the Commission as to the


• EDC and membership groups to provide an Economic

Development service

Sooke Region Cultural Alliance has submitted their business plan

and has completed some of the actions on the plan – some are


• Using the same Schedule A format for all the groups

• Commission did not receive reporting from Finance Committee on

what type of funding the EDC has


District of Sooke

July 18, 2012 Sooke Economic Development Commission

• Requesting Finance Chair to present to Commission on funding

• Concerns that funding was provided to groups at previous EDC

meeting without knowing what budget was

• Council contingency has increased from $30,000 in 2011 to $152,

964 in 2012

MOVED and seconded that the Commission invite the Finance and

Administration Committee Chair to the next EDC Meeting in September to

give a presentation to the Commission on the Finances for the Sooke EDC

on economic development and related funding.


The Committee discussed the deliverables and measurable for Sooke

Region Chamber of Commerce and Sooke Region Tourism Association.

The groups will provide this information in DRAFT form to staff to be

forwarded to Council.

A discussion ensued as to the Commission’s focus for the Fees for Service

Agreements; providing examples of successful deliverable and

measurable and request that Council honor their 2012 agreements.

MOVED and seconded to recommend that council approve the Fee for

Service Agreements with the Schedule A and all applicable attachments

from the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce and Sooke Region

Tourism Association;

AND THAT COUNCIL honour the commitments for 2012 as per the

approved 2012 Five Year Financial Plan.


The Commission will review and discuss the Work Plan Budget at a further

EDC meeting.

8. Member Group Reports:

Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce

o Submitted written report for June 2012

Sooke Region Tourism Association

o Nothing to report until funds are received.

Sooke Region Cultural Alliance

o Working on calendar

Sooke Region Community Health Initiative

o CHI Volunteer Centre has been busy

o Working on proposal for grant for seniors project

o CHI and CASA merge




9. Correspondence for Information

a. Sooke Fine Arts Society


District of Sooke

July 18, 2012 Sooke Economic Development Commission

The Commission received the letter from Sooke Fine Arts Society.

10. “Word from the Street”

The Commission discussed the District of Sooke webcasting noting that

the issue was never debated in the Council Chambers. A discussion

ensued as to the cost of the webcasting; being transparent.

Chair Tait offered written materials to the Commission for reference on

Wireless Antenna Cell Towers and the Tourism Vancouver Island Vacation


Chair Tait reported on the 9 th Annual Communities in Bloom Awards and

Conference in Kelowna September 21 st to 23 rd . The Commission

members will research Communities in Bloom and will discuss sending a

representative to the Communities in Bloom Conference at the next

scheduled meeting.

11. Public Input

There was no input from members of the public.

12. Schedule Next Meeting: August 15, 2012

13. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.

Certified by:

_________________________ ____________________________

Councillor Maja Tait Bonnie Sprinkling

Chair Corporate Officer


District of Sooke

July 18, 2012 Sooke Economic Development Commission

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