EditorialContents // RoadNews 24ContentsTop Feature...............................................................................................................................................................................Accurate paving and perfect grade and slope control // VÖGELE pavers build first Formula 1 circuitnear New Delhi, India 4Technology................................................................................................................................................................................NEW!VÖGELE Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor now for extended use // Grade and slope control: One sensor for two applications 18Site Reports...............................................................................................................................................................................Feeder Technology // VÖGELE Optimize the Supply of MaterialHigh material throughput and high-quality paving // VÖGELE feeders permit daily laydown rate beyond 5,000 tonnes 10Three VÖGELE machines pave a new stretch of the B 10 Federal highway in Germany // A new SUPER 2100-2joins the strong paver team 16Traffic calming made by VÖGELE // Three pavers in action on a new bypass road 20Powerful compact paver from VÖGELE // SUPER 1300-2: The paver that does it all 26Its enormous performance is impressive // Gigantic SUPER 3000-2 paver captivates China 34Top paving quality is the decisive factor for success inroad construction. Customers expect perfect results – thepavement surface, compaction and bond between layersmust meet exceedingly stringent demands and ensure along service life.Optimizing the pavers’ supply with mix using a materialtransfer vehicle is a major factor for achieving these goals.A feeder can significantly boost a pavement’s quality byfeeding the paver with asphalt non-stop and without contact.It was this which prompted VÖGELE to develop two newmachines: the PowerFeeders MT 3000-2 and MT 3000-2Offset. The first site reports prove that the machines’technical details have been perfectly tailored to meet practicalrequirements.Yet feeders are also immensely important in economicterms. The daily performance of an asphalt job site, forinstance, can be boosted by up to 25% with a material feeder.The reason is clear: the paving process is not interruptedwhen using a feeder. This higher performance alsosignificantly reduces the total time spent on site – a veryimportant aspect in micro- and macroeconomic terms.Enjoy reading.Roland SchugNEW!VÖGELE News ........................................................................................................................................................................WIRTGEN Group Technology Days 2011 // Innovative technology thrills thousands 40RoadNews Online // The digital library for road contractors 42Tips & Tricks ...........................................................................................................................................................................Road Profiles // Points to note when paving road crownsCentre PagesImprint RoadNews for new roads – the VÖGELE Magazine on Paving Applications | Editorial Address: Joseph-Vögele-Str. 1, 67075 Ludwigshafen,Germany, Telephone +49 (0) 621 8105 – 392, Fax +49 (0) 621 8105 – 469, E-Mail roadnews@voegele.info, Website www.voegele.infoEditors: Roland Schug, Anja Sehr, Martin Hilken | Translations: Maria Weckesser | Agency: bilekjaeger, Stuttgart | Reproduction ofarticles is permitted after written consent. We disclaim liability for editorial submissions which have not been requested. Trademarks andregistered trademarks are the property of the owners.23

Top FeatureConstruction of New Racing Circuit with SUPER 1800-2Precise paving and perfect grade and slope control provide ideal conditions for Formula 1 drivers.VÖGELE PaversBuild First Formula 1 CircuitNear New Delhi, IndiaMore than 500 million people worldwide watched the first Formula 1 race inIndia’s history on 30 October 2011. The drivers were thrilled by the new course.The asphalt circuit with its numerous bends and the peripheral area aroundthe new race track near New Delhi were built by machinery from VÖGELE.The SUPER 1800-2 pavers triumphed, operating reliably and achieving anoutstanding evenness right from the outset.45

Top FeatureConstruction of New Racing Circuit with SUPER 1800-2India // New DelhiAfghanistanIranPakistanNew DelhiNepalChinaWorking with four SUPER 1800-2 pavers, the “VÖGELE team”stood out particularly through their reliability and precisionon the “Buddh International Circuit”, the first Formula 1 racetrack in India. To build a perfectly even asphalt pavement forthe drivers as they battle for milliseconds, contractor OrientalStructure Engineers LTD from New Delhi used VÖGELE paversfor the crushed-stone base followed by three layers of asphalticconcrete. A Big MultiPlex Ski was used to ensure perfect gradeand slope control.Indian OceanJob Site DetailsIndiaConstruction of new “Buddh International Circuit”,New Delhi, IndiaLength of circuit:Width of circuit:Circuit areas:5.1km18 – 25m150,000m² (approx.)Peripheral areas: 600,000m 2Paving DetailsPave width:Layer thickness:Material6mbase course 10cmbinder course 5cmsurface course 4cmBase course: asphaltic concrete DGBM 40*Binder course:Surface course:special mix for racing circuits(asphaltic concrete)special mix for racing circuits(asphaltic concrete)* DGMB = “Dense-graded bituminous mixture”,Indian standardEquipment4 SUPER 1800-2with AB 600 Extending Screeds in TV VersionIndian OceanDemanding circuitA demanding circuit distinguishes this newcomer to theFormula 1 racing calendar. The 5.1km circuit with 16 bends, aroad varying between 18m and 25m in width, superelevationsup to 12% and gradients up to 10%, demands considerabledriving skill and offers optimum conditions for breathtakingovertaking manœuvres. Oriental LTD’s experts opted fortechnology from VÖGELE in order to deliver top-qualitypaving results despite these demanding requirements. Aidedby the powerful pavers, they built a two-layer crushed-stonebase and paved roughly 325,000 tonnes of asphalt for thecircuit and its peripheral areas in the course of the project.The requirements made on the asphalt layers were extremelyhigh in terms of both material quality and paving accuracy.The permissible tolerances for binder content, grain mix andalso evenness were far lower than those of German motorways.Minimum tolerances for the surface courseParticularly stringent demands were made on the surfacecourse. The planning engineers had reduced by half thepermitted deviation of the granular material from the idealaggregate grading curve, compared with the tolerances allowedunder German regulations. What’s more, aggregate with highresistance to polishing was used for the surface course. Thismix guarantees a road surface with uniform texture depthand perfect tyre grip. All aggregate for the asphalt package washauled to the mixing plants from specially selected quarries,some of which were several hundred kilometres away. The binder,too, was modified in line with the climatic conditions prevailingin northern India to ensure an outstanding mechanical andtemperature stability at all times. Overall, the planning engineers’various measures allowed the achievement of an extremelyuniform pavement structure whose properties will endure formany years, despite changing climatic conditions.01 //02 //01 // The final touches: the surface course is made froma special asphalt containing aggregate with high resistanceto polishing. This ensures that the road’s good grip ismaintained in the long term. The surface course was pavedwith an AB 600 Extending Screed in TV version.02 // Dr Rainer Hart, specialist in race tracks, was full ofpraise for the Big MultiPlex Ski: “With this sensor technology,VÖGELE achieved an outstanding evenness”.03 // The evenness was continuously checked by the teamduring the paving process. Thanks to the Big MultiPlex Ski,the low tolerances specified for surface course were metright from the start when paving binder course.03 //67

Top FeatureConstruction of New Racing Circuit with SUPER 1800-2The Big MultiPlex Ski was used for grade and slope control.Even long irregularities were easily levelled out with the Ski.“Thanks to the VÖGELE paversand expert advice from WIRTGENIndia, we remained safely withinthe extremely tight tolerances.”Pankaj Gautam, Overall Project ManagerOriental LTDImpressive top-notch laydown ratesAsphalt paving extended over a period of roughly 14 monthsduring which the work had to be interrupted temporarily,mainly on account of the monsoon rain, but also due totechnical requirements associated with the project as a whole.In retrospect, however, the figures are still impressive:all in all, the VÖGELE pavers built both the roadbaseand the two or three-layer asphalt pavement according to thehighest technical standards over a total area of 750,000m².Top quality assured by sample mixes and test areasQuality was the most important aspect, particularly when itcame to paving the asphalt for the race track. For this reason,numerous sample mixes were prepared and laid on test areasbefore the paving work began. The formula, mixing plantparameters and materials were perfectly matched by the teamof German and Indian operators and laboratory technicians.Access roads and tangents covering several thousand squaremetres were built in this way. “Such sample mixes are essentialfor optimizing the quality of the asphalt surface course. Allthe various constituent parts of the asphalt, the mixing plantparameters and precision adjustment of the pavers can only beperfectly matched with one another on the basis of such tests,”explains asphalt specialist Dr Rainer Hart. He developed theconcept for the race track asphalt and supervised the asphaltwork from selection of the aggregate in the quarry to pavingand compaction.Lower compression stress, better tyre gripOn a racing circuit, the base and binder courses are very muchthinner than on normal roads. This is due to the lower pressureacting on the asphalt package. Non-skid properties and evennessare far more important here. That is why the paving teamspaid more and more attention to the pavement’s evenness asthey worked their way up to the top of the asphalt package.And they were successful, too, for VÖGELE set new records inevenness long before the first race in India.Big MultiPlex Ski for potentially record-breaking evennessA Big MultiPlex Ski was fitted on each side of the SUPER 1800-2pavers when placing all three layers – a move whichindisputably paid off, particularly when a maximumpermissible tolerance of 3mm per 4m has been specified.“The evenness achieved by VÖGELE is outstanding, thanksto this sensor technology. To the greatest possible extent, thesurface unevenness was less than 1mm over a distance of 4m,”says Dr Hart, who was delighted with the excellent pavementresults. He has supervised the paving work on numerousFormula 1 circuits in the past.Long irregularities are levelled outThe Big MultiPlex Ski uses the proven VÖGELE technologyof the sonic grade sensor. Three multi-cell sonic sensors aremounted on a beam with a maximum length of 13m. Theysimultaneously scan a reference at several widely spaced points.NIVELTRONIC Plus ® , the VÖGELE System for AutomatedGrade and Slope Control, calculates a virtual reference fromthese picked-up values. The Big MultiPlex Ski is capable ofdetecting and levelling out long irregularities in the surface,such as undulations, over a maximum distance of 13m.The Ski consequently operates with greater precision thana single grade sensor. It is controlled as usual via the screedoperator’s console. Variability is also assured: the individualsensors of the Big MultiPlex Ski can be moved along the beamto optimally adapt to any job site.Good work, even at very high temperaturesThe racing circuit near Greater Noida is only a few kilometresaway from the Indian capital New Delhi. The temperatures inthis region are famously high, but the VÖGELE pavers did notbaulk, even at these extreme conditions. The SUPER 1800-2pavers reliably met all expectations. “Even at temperatures ofmore than 40 °C the pavers continued to operate faultlessly,”reports Service Technician Ralf Peter on site. Pankaj Gautam,Oriental LTD’s Overall Project Manager, also had nothingbut praise for the WIRTGEN Group’s machines and team:“With their profound know-how and skilled eye, the servicetechnicians from WIRTGEN India and VÖGELE gave usoptimum support when fine-tuning the pavers.” And theresult really was record-breaking: the German Formula 1 worldchampion Sebastian Vettel not only won the first race, butalso broke the first course record with a lap time of 1:27 mins.89

Site ReportVÖGELE MT 3000-3 PowerFeeder TechnologyGermanyNorth SeaNetherlandsBerlinPolandBelgiumKamenGermanyCzech RepublicMT 3000-2POWERFEEDERTECHNOLOGYFranceSwitzerlandAustriaJob Site DetailsWidening the A 2 motorway between “KamenerKreuz” junction and “Bönen” exit, GermanyLength of section:4kmWidth of section: 32 – 36m (2 x 16 – 18m)Paving DetailsPave width: 7.5 – 8.5mLayer thickness: base course 18 – 22cmbinder course 8.5cmsurface course 2.5 – 4.5cmMaterialBase course: asphaltic concrete (AC 32 T S)Binder course: asphaltic concrete (AC 22 B S)Surface courses: stone mastic asphalt (SMA 8 S)mastic asphalt (MA 5 S)porous asphalt (PA 8 S)High material throughput and high-quality paving.VÖGELE FeedersPermit Daily Laydown RateBeyond 5,000 TonnesEquipmentSUPER 1900-2 with AB 500 Extending Screed2 SUPER 2100-2 with AB 600 Extending ScreedsMT 3000-2 PowerFeederMT 1000-1 Mobile FeederYou can find a videoon this construction project on the Web at:www.voegele.info> News & Media > Mediathek1011

Site ReportVÖGELE MT 3000-3 PowerFeeder TechnologyThe German A 2 motorway was widened to six lanes.Between the “Kamener Kreuz” junction and the “Bönen”exit, the MT 3000-2 PowerFeeder from VÖGELE assured atop performance and outstanding results – as continualinfrared thermagrophy tests confirmed.Motorway construction projects are always a major logisticschallenge. Confined conditions on the cordoned-off site,working alongside the traffic stream and high time pressureimpose immense demands on both the men and their machines.For this reason, contractor Heinz Schnorpfeil Bau GmbH electedto use three VÖGELE pavers and two VÖGELE feeders – oneof them the new MT 3000-2 PowerFeeder – for constructionof the motorway section between the “Kamener Kreuz”junction and the “Bönen” exit. This enabled large quantitiesof mix to be laid in a short space of time while assuringtop-quality paving. Thanks to the two material feeders,the pavers achieved a daily laydown rate beyond 5,000 tonnesof mix.The feeder set the paceLike the rest of the A 2 motorway, the 4km westboundsection had to be widened to six lanes. Furthermore, on abouthalf this stretch of road, a surface course of noise-reducingporous asphalt was paved on a sealing layer of mastic asphalt.The new VÖGELE PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 remainedindispensable throughout the asphalt paving work.“The feeder set the pace when placing the base course,”explains Ralf Lauxen, Schnorpfeil’s Site Manager for asphalt.“Thick layers requiring a great deal of material – that’s where itreally comes into its own, considerably speeding up the pavingoperations.”Non-stop pavingAround 81,000 tonnes of mix were laid by the Schnorpfeilteam for the base and binder courses. For the 18 to 22cm thickbase and the 8.5cm thick binder course, asphaltic concrete wasused. Both layers were paved in several strips up to an overallwidth of between 16 and 18m. Thanks to the continuoussupply of mix from the feeder, the VÖGELE pavers were ableto pave the material without any interruptions.Top-quality, high-speed pavingWhen placing the surface course, three different types ofmix were used: in sections where noise abatement was notrequired, stone mastic asphalt was paved in a 3.5cm thicklayer. Before placing the low-noise surface course, a 2.5cmthick seal of mastic asphalt was paved to prevent water seepingThe high performance of the VÖGELE PowerFeeder ensureda permanent, uninterrupted supply of mix.The measurements prove it:A feeder significantly boosts the job site performanceA comparison of the speed of a paver working withouta feeder (Fig. 1) and together with a feeder (Fig. 2) clearlydemonstrates the immense importance of an uninterruptedsupply of mix.Figure 1Without a feeder, regular stops often cannot be avoided –as shown in the graph in the form of repeated drops in the redcurve. The average speed marked in blue comes to 2.28m/min.Figure 2The paver is continually in operation when working withthe PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 Offset from VÖGELE. The redcurve remains at a constantly high level. The average speed is2.83m/min. – almost 25% higher than when working withouta feeder.Speed (m/min)Speed (m/min.)14121086420Fig. 1Working without Feeder2011−12−06−0317:0016:4516:3016:1516:0015:4515:3015:1515:0014:4514:3050 100 150 200 250 300 350 14:15Time(m)Distance (m)Time Momentary speed Average speedCurrent SpeedAverage SpeedCA KonsultSpeed (m/min)Speed (m/min.)14121086420Fig. 2Working together with VÖGELE PowerFeederMT 3000-2 Offset2011−12−06−0010:1510:0009:4509:3009:1509:0008:4508:3008:1550 100 150 200 250 300 350 08:00Time(m)Distance (m)Time Momentary speed Average speedCurrent SpeedAverage SpeedCA KonsultVÖGELE PowerFeeder at a Glance Cutting-edge feeder concept allows largefeed lorries to be emptied in 60 seconds flat. Enormous conveying capacity upto 1,200 tonnes/h. Large range of uses guarantees highutilization of the machine. Powerful diesel heating using fuel thatis constantly available, in all locations. Ideal dimensions, can therefore betransported by low-bed trailer withoutrestrictions. Proven intuitive control with the ErgoPlus ®operating system.Measurements and graphs: C A Konsult1213

Site ReportVÖGELE MT 3000-3 PowerFeeder Technologythrough the open pores of the noise-reducing asphalt anddamaging the lower layers of the road structure. The low-noisesurfacing of porous asphalt was paved with a thickness of4.5cm, achieving a high pave speed of 150m/h.MT 3000-2POWERFEEDERTECHNOLOGYA faultless surfaceSpeed was not the only aspect – the paving quality, in particular,was another important factor. To reduce noise levels, the porousasphalt must be paved without a flaw. “Such high quality canonly be achieved if the paver is permanently in motion and thepaving process is not interrupted,” says Lauxen. Here too, thenew VÖGELE PowerFeeder MT 3000-2 was ideal: together withits predecessor, the MT 1000-1, it guaranteed a continuous,contact-free supply of mix to the pavers placing thesurface course. This prevented phenomena such as theformation of humps on restarting after a break in pavingor due to jolts from feed lorries frequently encounteredon job sites without a material feeder. Two SUPER 2100-2pavers and one SUPER 1900-2 worked “hot to hot” to ensurethat the asphalt strips were paved with perfect joints.Uniform mix temperatureHowever, a feeder not only assures quality on the surface,but also ensures optimum paving right down inside eachlayer. This is achieved by homogenizing the temperatureof the mix. “A uniform mix temperature is essential forachieving uniform compaction and thus extending theservice life of the road,” explains Lauxen. On the wayfrom the mixing plant to the construction site, the asphaltin the feed lorry cools to different extents. This thermalsegregation is largely overcome by the feeder by specificallyremixing hotter and cooler material from the lorry in its largeworm conveyors before transferring the mix to the paver.“We checked that with an infrared scanner,” says Lauxen.“The mix temperature behind the screed was absolutelyuniform.”Continuing Trend:Mix Supplied by a Material FeederThe importance of using feeders for high-quality pavingis being recognized in more and more countries.> In Sweden, the use of feeders is rewarded with bonuspayments. The temperature behind the screed ismeasured and the established thermal segregationconverted into “risk shares”: the lower the risk shares,the higher the bonus payment becomes.> Some public customers in the USA and Canada alreadystipulate that feeders must be used. Bonuses are paidin the USA for using material feeders.> In Hungary, the use of feeders for motorway jobshas been mandatory since 2002.> In Germany, a community of interests is currentlybeing set up to promote the use of material feeders.Financial incentives and customer requirements areexpected.01 //02 //01 // The MT 3000-2 is controlled via the provenErgoPlus ® operating system from VÖGELE.02 // A top-quality surface course is needed when pavingnoise-reducing asphalt.03 // Three VÖGELE pavers worked “hot to hot”when placing the surface course.Totally satisfied teamThe entire team is totally satisfied with the new MT 3000-2PowerFeeder which has rounded off Schnorpfeil's machinepark since autumn 2011. Site Manager Ralf Lauxen sums up:“It is exceedingly powerful and speeds up the paving processconsiderably. Without the PowerFeeder, a job like this wouldbe impossible to achieve in this quality and within the shortconstruction period specified.”Source:Official tendering criteria of the respective countries and regions.03 //1415

Site ReportRoad Construction with SUPER 2100-2As a powerful, high-performance paver which can tackle eventhe biggest jobs swiftly, precisely and economically, the newSUPER 2100-2 is the perfect supplement to Wolff & Müller’sfleet of machines. But Wolff & Müller were also swayed by itsease of operation. “We now only use VÖGELE pavers,” reportsSite Manager Lars-Peter Schwarzer. “This is because they are somuch easier to operate than other makes. Our men are glad towork with VÖGELE machines.”job sitetickerFewer rolling passes due to high compaction screedsOn the B 10 job, the SUPER 2100-2 was used alternately witha SUPER 1900-2 and a SUPER 1800-2. The third paver’s taskwas to pave asphalt for the access and exit roads in each case.All three machines proved totally reliable. Together they placedasphaltic concrete for a 10 - 18cm thick base (AC 32 T S) and a8cm binder course (AC 18 B S). Stone mastic asphalt (SMA 11 S)was then used for the surface course. The SUPER 2100-2 and theSUPER 1900-2 were equipped with high compaction screeds,thus minimizing the number of rolling passes required. Thechoice of screeds and compaction options for the SUPER 2100-2is very large and includes an ideal solution for every job.On schedule thanks to VÖGELE02 //“VÖGELE pavers are so much easierto operate than other makes. Our men areglad to work with VÖGELE machines.”Lars-Peter Schwarzer, Site ManagerWolff & Müller Tief- und Strassenbau GmbH & Co. KGThree VÖGELE machines build a new stretch of the B 10 Federal highway in Germany.A New SUPER 2100-2Joins the Strong Paver TeamAchieving very high laydown rates is no problem at all forthe SUPER 2100-2 due to its powerful design. Although thesub-base near Süssen required extensive stabilization prior toasphalt paving and the preparatory work was delayed by thecold winter, the project was nevertheless completed earlier thanscheduled. “VÖGELE’s powerful and highly reliable machinesplayed a key role in enabling us to meet our deadline,” saysSite Manager Schwarzer.03 //A newly built stretch of the B 10 Federal highway in Baden-Württemberg,Germany, relieves both the parallel A 8 motorway and the town of Süssen.For contractor Wolff & Müller Tief- und Strassenbau GmbH & Co. KG,it was the first job for their new VÖGELE paver SUPER 2100-2. The pavingteam was thrilled with the machine.01 // The pave width came to 9.5m. Up to 13m arepossible with the SUPER 2100-2.02 // The SUPER 2100-2 achieves laydown ratesup to 1,100 tonnes/h.03 // Once again, the specialists from Wolff & Müllerpraised the easy operation of the VÖGELE pavers.01 //1617

Site ReportSUPER 1900-2, SUPER 1800-2 and SUPER 1303-2Hotto HotTraffic calming made by VÖGELE.Three Pavers in Actionon a New Bypass RoadFour kilometres of road, three lanes, two passing places and two bridges:contractor Matthäi relied on machine technology from VÖGELE forplacing the surface course on the new stretch of the B 442 Federal roadnear Eimbeckhausen in Lower Saxony, Germany.2021

Tips & Tricks from p racT ical a pplicaT ions18roadnews 24points to noteWhen paving road crownsPositive and negative crowns from -1% to +3% can be paved asstandard with the VÖGELE AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds,as well as with the SB 250 and SB 300 Fixed-Width Screeds.A simple retrofitting is all it takes to increase the range for crownsfrom -2.5% to +5%. Despite this, a number of details must be takeninto account in order to obtain perfect results at all times.andré felchner, Head of applications Technology at VÖGElE, Germany, provides “Tips & Tricks from practicalapplications”. He is an expert in both practical applications and paver technology and also conveys hisknowledge to paving teams from all over the world in VÖGElE training courses and workshops.crowns serve a number of very different purposes. positive crowns are produced in road construction everyday, as they allow rainwater to drain off rapidly. negative crowns, on the other hand, are used to guide thewater, for instance if a gutter or drain is required on large open squares.positive crownnegative crown

Site ReportSUPER 1900-2, SUPER 1800-2 and SUPER 1303-201 // 02 //03 //Extending screeds with bolt-on extensionsMost of the asphalt work was undertaken by a SUPER 1900-2and a SUPER 1800-2. These two versatile, high-performancetracked pavers can be used for a large variety of jobs – motorways,country roads, squares and roundabouts – making thememinently suitable to meet all the challenges of this particularjob site. In Eimbeckhausen, both machines came with anAB 500 Extending Screed in TP1 version. Bolt-on extensionswere fitted for a maximum pave width of 6.5m. As a result,asphalt for the wearing course could be paved on the 11.5mwide roadway and the 12.5m wide bridge decks withouta need for conversion. On some stretches, a third machinecame into play: a wheeled SUPER 1303-2 combined with anAB 340 Extending Screed in TV version was used for surfacingthe passing places.Big MultiPlex Ski for grade and slope controlTo ensure precise grade and slope control when paving wearingcourse – another crucial requirement for a top-quality road –the SUPER 1800-2 and SUPER 1900-2 were fitted with aBig MultiPlex Ski. The ski’s sonic sensors scanned the newbinder course and transmitted their picked-up values toNIVELTRONIC Plus ® , the System for Automated Grade andSlope Control. The admitted tolerance for the specified surfaceaccuracy was 4mm in a longitudinal direction over a length of4m – a requirement easily met with the sophisticated VÖGELEtechnology. Summing up, Site Manager Gattkowski could nothave been more positive: “Layer thickness, compaction andbond of layers – everything was perfect. We are totally satisfiedwith the finished pavement.”Generously dimensioned workplaceThe easy operation of the three machines was pivotal inensuring that the entire project went off so smoothly. Allpavers of the “dash 2” generation from VÖGELE come withthe proven, intuitive ErgoPlus ® operating system. This systemnot only encompasses the clearly arranged paver operator’sconsole and the two screed consoles, but also a perfectlydesigned operator platform. “The paver operator’s workplaceis very generously dimensioned,” said Gattkowski. Thanks tothis user-oriented design, full concentration is always assured,even when working under high pressure.01 // HAMM tandem rollers were on the scene for finalcompaction and contributed substantially to the asphaltpavement’s high quality.02 // The binder course was scanned by a Big MultiPlex Skifor grade and slope control.03 // Due to the outstanding quality of the asphalt layers,the new bypass road can handle high traffic loads withoutdifficulty.04 // An optimum head of mix in front of the screed at alltimes due to large augers installed in the VÖGELE pavers.“Layer thickness, compactionand bond of layers – everythingwas perfect. We are totally satisfiedwith the resultant pavement.”Jörg Gattkowski, Site Manager04 //Contractor Matthäi2425

Site ReportPavement Rehabilitation and New Construction with SUPER 1300-2GermanyNorth SeaNetherlandsBerlinPolandHeilbronn3 rd Job SiteBuilding Asphalt TracksRequirement: VersatilityBelgiumGermanyCzech RepublicFranceStuttgartKarlsruheA 81SwitzerlandAustriaThe powerful compact paver from VÖGELEproves its value on very different job sites in Germany.SUPER 1300-2:The PaverThat Does It All1 st Job SiteConstruction of Diversion LaneA 8StuttgartA 8The versatile compact paverSUPER 1300-2 has proven its valuein very different paving situations,as the following three job sitesillustrate. It owes its success to thewell-thought-out design, combiningslim outer dimensions with a highperformance. The paver can handlepave widths up to 5m and place up to350 tonnes of mix per hour. It is alsosufficiently compact to manœuvreeasily on confined sites and is simpleto transport, too.Requirement: PerformanceA 812 nd Job SiteRehabilitation of Access RoadRequirement: Compact DesignUlm2627

Site ReportPavement Rehabilitation and New Construction with SUPER 1300-21 st Job SiteConstruction of Diversion LaneRequirement: PerformanceJob Site DetailsConstruction of new lane diverting trafficon the A8 motorway, GermanyThe A 8 is one of Germany’s very heavily trafficked motorways.And its enormous traffic load is increasing continuously.At present, the A8 is being widened to six lanes between the“Karlsbad” and “Pforzheim-West” junctions. To avoid disruptionsto traffic during the construction work, one lane of westboundtraffic from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe was moved to the other sideof the motorway in a contraflow system. Contractor MartinPaschmann Asphaltbau GmbH built a new lane for the purposeon the central reservation using a SUPER 1300-2 from VÖGELE.The SUPER 1300-2 excels itself on the A8The 560m stretch was the first motorway job undertaken bycontractor Paschmann. Normally, the company specializes insmaller jobs, frequently surfacing footpaths or cycle paths.“The SUPER 1300-2 is highly manœuvrable and can evenenter narrow courtyards,” explains Managing Director andproprietor Martin Paschmann when asked why he once decidedto purchase this paver. Now he has pulled off the motorwayjob with aplomb thanks to the SUPER 1300-2’s excellentperformance. Paschmann was delighted with the additionalareas of application which this powerful machine offered hiscompany: “Without the paver, we would have had to turndown the job.”Driving on a closed laneThe pave width was 3.9m. The AB 340 Extending Screed inTV version, which can be hydraulically extended to a widthof 3.4m, was fitted with 40cm bolt-on extensions for thejob. An 18cm thick base was first placed in two 9cm layers,followed by a 9cm binder course of asphaltic concrete.Finally, stone mastic asphalt was paved for the 4cmsurface course. “As part of the job on the A8 motorway,we also built five crossovers over the central reservation,” saysPaschmann. “They are required for the redirection of trafficto carry out paving work on other sections along the A8.To reach the construction sections, we drove the SUPER 1300-2down the closed left-hand lane. That would not have beenpossible with a wider paver.”Length of section: 560mWidth of section: 3.9mPaving DetailsPave width: 3.9mLayer thickness:Materialbase course 18cm (2 x 9cm)binder course 9cmsurface course 4cmBase course: asphaltic concrete (AC 32 T S)Binder course: asphaltic concrete (AC 16 B S)Surface course: stone mastic asphalt (SMA 8)EquipmentSUPER 1300-2 with AB 340 Extending Screedin TV VersionHAMM HD 75 Tandem Roller02 //“Without the powerfulSUPER 1300-2, we wouldhave had to turn downthe motorway job.”Martin Paschmann, ProprietorMartin Paschmann Asphaltbau GmbH01 // Thanks to its excellent performance,the SUPER 1300-2 also cut a fine figure on themotorway job site.02 // The Paschmann team is proud of their versatileSUPER 1300-2.03 // Operating a paver with ErgoPlus ® is always easy,whatever the job.01 //03 //2829

Site ReportPavement Rehabilitation and New Construction with SUPER 1300-22 nd Job SiteRehabilitation of Access RoadRequirement: Compact DesignThe Gruibingen motorway service station is located little morethan 100km away on the A8. Its access road was in urgent needof rehabilitation. Here too, the SUPER 1300-2 from VÖGELEwas the preferred choice of contractor Kurt Gansloser GmbHBauunternehmung. “We chose the SUPER 1300-2 for tworeasons,” explains proprietor and Managing Director KurtGansloser. “Firstly because of the required pave width andsecondly because of the excellent transport logistics.”A single low-bed trailer all that was neededFor rehabilitation of the 8m wide and 100m long access road,two 80cm bolt-on extensions were added to the AB 340 TVExtending Screed. This enabled the screed to pave stone masticasphalt for the new surfacing in two strips, each of them 4mwide. “Of course, we could have used a larger paver and placedthe surface course in a single pass,” says Gansloser, “but oursolution was cheaper.” A larger paver would have given riseto additional transport costs, for “we would have neededtwo low-bed trailers for the paver and the roller,” explainsGansloser. “The compact SUPER 1300-2, on the other hand,was transported together with the roller on a single low-bedtrailer.”Below the maximum transport width,even with bolt-on extensions fittedThis is due to the compact size of the SUPER 1300-2. Whendeveloping the machine, VÖGELE’s engineers took care toensure that none of its components or edges protruded beyondthe machine’s outline. In this way, they reduced the transportwidth to just 1.85m. Even with two 25cm bolt-on extensionsand side plates fitted, the paver does not exceed the maximumwidth of 2.55m for transport. At the same time, the pavercan handle pave widths ranging from 0.75m to 5m, ensuringmaximum variability.02 //Job Site DetailsPavement rehabilitation on access road leadingto the Gruibingen motorway service station,A8, GermanyLength of section: 100mWidth of section: 8mPaving DetailsPave width: 4mLayer thickness: 4cmMaterialSurface course: stone mastic asphalt (SMA 11)01 // The new surface course was exactly 4cm thick.02 // Everything in view: the paver and screed operatorscontrolled the paving process from their ErgoPlus ® consoles.“We chose the SUPER 1300-2for this job because of its logisticadvantages.”SUPER 1300-2 at a Glance Maximum pave width 5m Laydown rate up to 350 tonnes/h Transport width only 1.85m Powerful DEUTZ engine rated at 74.9kW Combines with AB 340 Extending Screedin TV version (with tamper and vibrators) Electric screed heating Comes with ErgoPlus ® , the conceptfor easy paver handling Hardtop with wide sunshades01 //EquipmentSUPER 1300-2 with AB 340 Extending Screedin TV VersionHAMM HD 13 VT Tandem RollerKurt Gansloser, ProprietorKurt Gansloser GmbH Bauunternehmung3031

Site ReportSUPER 3000-2 Builds ExpresswayEnormous performance impresses more and more contractors in the Middle Kingdom.Gigantic SUPER 3000-2Captivates ChinaSince it was premièred at Bauma 2010, the international trade fair forconstruction machinery in Munich, VÖGELE’s new heavy-duty SUPER 3000-2has won many friends in China. Following its arrival in the Middle Kingdom,the SUPER 3000-2 has been used for various paving jobs in several provincesin order to draw attention to its outstanding performance. Its first job wasto build the expressway from Datong to Tianzhen in Shanxi province.3435

Site ReportSUPER 3000-2 Builds ExpresswayChinaMongoliaBeijingDatongThe large SUPER 3000-2 from VÖGELE is a real workhorse.With its SB 300 Fixed-Width Screed, it can achieve a laydownrate of 1,600 tonnes per hour, a pave width of 16m and a layerthickness of 50cm. A powerful DEUTZ engine, rated at 300kW,is installed. Thanks to the proven ultramodern technologyof the “dash 2” paver generation and the ErgoPlus ® operatingconcept, the SUPER 3000-2 truly reflects the very latest stateof the art.HohhotInner MongoliaUlanqabDatongTianzhenZhangjiakouBeijingJapanChinaIndian OceanJob Site DetailsConstruction of new expressway from Tianzhento Datong in Shanxi province, ChinaLength of section: 97kmWidth of section: 21mPaving DetailsPave width: 11.5 – 12.5mLayer thickness: 1 st base course 20cm2 nd base course 34cm(2 x 17cm)Material1 st base course: cement-treated baseof sand and gravel2 nd base course: cement-treatedcrushed-stone baseNew expressway for ShanxiVÖGELE’s flagship paver was able to demonstrate itsexceptionally high performance in China during theconstruction of the expressway from Datong to Tianzhen.This almost 100km long stretch is a major traffic artery inChina’s Shanxi province, simultaneously providing a fastlink with Beijing and Tianjin. The entire project is scheduledto take three years and will be completed in two phases.The first stretch from Datong to the Tianzhen interchange wasopened to traffic in late October 2011, while the stretch fromTianzhen to the connecting road with the Peking-Xinjiangexpressway in Hebei province is due to be completed by theend of November 2012.Paving without jointsThe expressway from Datong to Tianzhen is a four-lane roadcomprising two lanes with a combined width of 10.5m in eachdirection, reports Liu Qingshan, Demo Manager at WIRTGENChina. The pavement comprised a cement-treated base of sandand gravel, a cement-treated crushed-stone base and threeasphalt layers. The SUPER 3000-2 was needed to place thecement-treated crushed-stone base in two 17cm layers, withpave widths of 12.5m and 11.5m.ShuozhouShanxi Province01 // The new expressway from Datong to Tianzhenlater links up with Beijing and Tianjin, too.02 // Paver operator Jianlong Lu (at rear) was thrilledwith the SUPER 3000-2. VÖGELE Product Support ManagerJoseph Chen and the members of the WIRTGENdemo show, Hongshan Wang, Nut Liu and Hailong Liu(front, from left to right) confirmed the first-classpavement result.BaodingHebei ProvinceDezhouCangzhouTianjinTangshanBinzhou01 //EquipmentSUPER 3000-2 with SB 300 Fixed-Width Screedin TP1 Version02 //3637

Site ReportSUPER 3000-2 Builds Expressway01 // Mechanical segregation is prevented by thespecially designed auger.02 // The material hopper of the SUPER 3000-2can accommodate up to 17.5 tonnes.“We are overjoyedwith the results achievedby the SUPER 3000-2.”Jiang Chao, Project Manager,5th Construction Company Ltd.01 //02 //Maximum performance guaranteedAccording to Jiang Chao, Project Manager for the contractor“5th Construction Company Ltd.” of the “China RailwayConstruction 15th Corporation”, the 34cm thick cement-boundcrushed-stone base was even paved in a single layer on somestretches. The only reason behind the decision to pave inseparate layers on other sections was the wish to assure therequired degree of compaction by the rollers. The paver couldeasily pave all 34 centimetres. Indeed, whether it was pavingthicknesses of 17 or 34cm, the SUPER 3000-2 always achievedimpressive results.Roadbase constructionThe SUPER 3000-2’s high traction and laydown rate make itideal for roadbase applications. For placing non-bituminousmaterials of a particularly abrasive nature, a heavy-duty kitis available as an option, guaranteeing the long service lifeof all wearing parts. And the SB 300 Fixed-width Screed, too,is perfectly equipped to take on big challenges. On this project,the screed came in the TP1 version with tamper and onepressure bar for a high compacting effort. This reduced thetime needed for compaction and resulted in a uniform density.Perfect evenness, on the other hand, was guaranteed byNIVELTRONIC Plus ® . The system used data picked up by twomechanical grade sensors from a tensioned wire for gradeand slope control.Uninterrupted flow of materialThe overall technical concept of the SUPER 3000-2 is designedto ensure top performance, even under extreme conditions.The 1.62m wide and 40cm high conveyor tunnel provides foran uninterrupted flow of material to the paver. Segregation isprevented effectively by the optimal angle at which materialis dumped from the conveyors onto the auger. In addition,the large 480mm diameter of the auger blades ensures thatexactly the required amount of material is always availablein front of the screed and the paving process can continuewithout interruption.Conveyors with separate drivesThe material hopper holding 17.5 tonnes and featuringindividually operated hopper sides as well as an optionalhydraulic hopper front, is another key factor, preventingspills of mix when feed vehicles change. For the conveyors,particularly powerful separate hydraulic drives are providedwhich, together with the high-performance auger system,ensure a continual flow of material, even when operatingat varying speeds.Promising future for large pavers“After completing the cement-treated crushed-stone basewith the SUPER 3000-2, we are still thoroughly impressedwith the results. It is simply fantastic and we are certain thatpaving the much thinner asphalt layers will yield even moreimpressive results. We are also enthusiastic about the ErgoPlus ®operating concept. It makes the machine as simple and easy tooperate as the smaller pavers from VÖGELE,” says Jiang Chaoadmiringly after working with the giant for a few days.His conclusion: “Expressway construction projects abound inthis country. The Chinese market therefore promises a rosyfuture for pavers handling large pave widths.”3839

VÖGELE NewsTechnology Days 2011 of the WIRTGEN GroupYou can find a videoon the Technology Days on the Web at:www.voegele.info> News & Media > Mediathek01 //01 // WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANNpresented their latest developments.02 // Jürgen Wirtgen (left) and Stefan Wirtgen (middle),the WIRTGEN Group’s managing partners, answeredvisitors’ questions.03 // Visitors flocked to the “WIRTGEN Group Avenue”for a close-up view of the machines.Visitors throng to the Technology Days 2011 in the VÖGELE plant in Ludwigshafen.Innovative TechnologyThrills Thousandssomething new here, but the “i” machines clearly drew thebiggest crowds: new developments by the WIRTGEN Groupwith particularly eco-friendly engines.Visitors see quality in the makingThe tour of the VÖGELE factory was just as fascinating forthe visitors. At 20 different stations they were able to see howquality is produced in the world’s most modern factory forroad pavers.02 //Around 3,500 visitors from more than 80 countries cameto the VÖGELE plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, for theWIRTGEN Group’s Technology Days in September 2011.They toured the most modern paver factory in the world andwere able to see first-hand just how the ultramodern paversand screeds are produced. In spectacular demonstrations, thefour brands WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANNpresented their latest innovative high-end products for roadconstruction, as well as for mining and recycling pavementmaterials.The holding company’s four brands presented their latestproducts in the machine exhibition “WIRTGEN GroupAvenue”. VÖGELE, for example, presented the PowerFeederMT 3000-2 Offset, while the WIRTGEN exhibits included thehigh-tech W 220 cold milling machine and the new autopilotfor slipform pavers. The new H 20i and H 18i compactors fromHAMM attracted great interest, as did the KLEEMANN crusherswith EVO technology. All visitors were able to discoverNumerous papers and three live demonstrations provideddetailed information on machine technology, processes andprospects for road construction, as well as for mining andrecycling pavement material. Experts from all four brandsworked hand in hand – just as they do in development,service and applications consulting. Their enthusiasm infectedthe crowd.03 //4041

VÖGELE NewsRoadNews OnlineThe entire RoadNews content can now be accessedin a unique knowledge database.The Digital Libraryfor Road ContractorsRoadNewsonlineFor almost eight years now, the RoadNews magazine has published grippingjob site reports, technical background reports and valuable practical tips oneverything associated with road construction. All this content can now beaccessed on a website with a simple search function: the new online databaseof the RoadNews magazine – unique in the construction industry – ensuresthat you can instantly find whatever you need to know on a given topic.01010203The entire content from almost eight yearsof RoadNews has been classified accordingto certain subject headings. Defined searchcriteria simplify your research: choose from46 products, 34 technology topics, 17 issuesof “Tips & Tricks”, 18 job site types, 19 pavingmaterials and lots more with a single click.All results are presented in a summarywith brief information on the respectivecontents. No other database provides such acomprehensive range – it already contains17 articles on the subject of “High CompactionTechnology”, for example.The full-text search permits unrestrictedresearch using any search term. One clickis all it takes for the database to access allarticles containing the search term – fromthe first to the latest issue of RoadNews.0204Each article is displayed with the full textand all the photos, job site details and otherinformation.0305However, RoadNews Online can also offer agreat deal more: videos, animated sequences,photos, documents, additional articles on theselected topic and web links can be selectedvia the button “Associated Media”.0506And last but not least: with just one click,you can “share” the article on Facebook orTwitter, send it to someone by e-mail or seta bookmark in order to find it quickly whenneeded later on.04We hope you enjoy using the newRoadNews Online!Scan this QR code with your smartphone to go straightto our homepage www.voegele.info.There you will find a direct link to RoadNews Online.064243

Dawn breaking on a roadnear Fort Davis in Texas, USA.Scan this QR code with your smartphone to go straightto our homepage www.voegele.info.There you will find a direct link to RoadNews Online.RoadNewsonlineYour feedback on RoadNews would be much appreciated. Suggestions are welcome. Please write to us at roadnews@voegele.infoEN 2257972

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