SENIOR SCHOOL - St Bede's School

SENIOR SCHOOL - St Bede's School

If I'm absolutely honest, I didn't want to come to Bede'soriginally. I thought it was going to be full of posh people, butI arrived and realised I was wrong. Since Riding takes up somuch of my time, and because I compete at a national level,people have always wanted to label me a 'horsey girl', and in away they are right. But my riding doesn't define who I am, andI would hate to be considered 'normal' anyway!Felicity CollinsLower FifthEquestrianI joined in the Prep School having been riding since I was9 days old and have been eventing since Year 6. I amcurrently competing for a place on Team GB for the EuropeanChampionships, and am one of only two people to have achievedsome of the things I have done.People tell me I am really hard on myself because I'm the kindof person who considers B grades to mean failure. I want Aand A* grades in every subject, so balancing my Academicpassions with Riding can be very hard. Thankfully, if I misslessons or days of school then my teachers give me thesupport I need to catch up afterwards. I have always wantedto be a Veterinary Surgeon, but my Maths was never goodenough. Thankfully, since being here, my confidence in Mathshas grown massively. Mr Stoneham is to thank for that.Elsewhere I have had loads of fun doing Drama and Science,and Bede's is a really great school in that sense. There'severything here. Amazing facilities, great Academic results,great Drama department, great Sport, Art, Music.If you think about it altogether, it's very impressive. I'm very lucky.

I joined Bede's in the First Year after being offered a MusicScholarship. I remember really warming both to the teachersand to the atmosphere of the place just during the audition. Iknew from then that this was the right school for me.Anna MoodyUpper FifthMusic ScholarThree years on, the school has offered me a great deal. Betweenthe huge number of concerts, the other opportunities to performand the really great peripatetic staff, I have learned so much.That's just in terms of the Music!On the Academic side, there are a lot of subjects that I neverthought I would be good at. I have proved myself wrong,especially in Maths and Science for example. The teachers herereally care and have helped me to discover so many new things,and along the way I have learned a lot about myself. I loveEnglish Literature and have enjoyed everything I have done inDrama GCSE, but I'm not sure what I want to do as a career. Thepossibilities are really exciting. There are so many opportunitiesin the arts world that I'm really not sure what I would like to do.Thankfully, I think not knowing is a lot more exciting than scary.I have to say though that the friends I have made here meanmore to me than anything else. The people I have met throughMusic and Drama as well as in the House have taught me amassive amount.The main thing I would emphasise to someone thinking aboutcoming here is that this school makes you feel like you have alot of doors open to you. For that, and many other reasons, I amreally thankful.

At Bede's it is our goal to ensure that we educate the wholeperson. Because of this we give equal importance to academic,pastoral and co-curricular aspects of life.This holistic approach to education is not just an add-on. It isour strong belief that learning takes place beyond the confinesof the classroom and, with this in mind, we place creativity,service and action at the heart of the student experience.Students at Bede's pick from a wide array of over 200 clubsand activities, guided by our fantastic personal tutors, andwe have restructured our school days to focus on activitiesthat are targeted, rigorous and prepare them to see life as aneducational journey.Whether in our celebrated Sports Academies, which have seenBede’s teams in Tennis, Cricket, Football and Hockey buildingnational reputations, our range of additional courses orcreative clubs and activities, co-curricular sessions at Bede’sprovide opportunities for students to challenge themselves,perform beyond their expectations and work collaborativelywith students of different ages and friendship groups.As well as engaging with our Army Cadet Force and Duke ofEdinburgh schemes, through our House Charity system andwork with local community groups and historical societiesevery Bede's pupil engages in campaigning and fundraisingfor a diverse range of very worthy causes.Co-Curricular choices are important, particularly for ourolder students for whom the programme offers the chance todevelop the skills and experience they will need to pursue thethings which matter most to them, whether that be a passionfor additional languages, qualifications in Scuba Diving orexperience of breeding endangered species at our AnimalManagement Centre.Whatever a young person’s needs, passions or interests, theBede’s Co-Curricular Programme will truly enable them.For this reason, it is truly exceptional.Rachael WoollettDeputy Head,Co-curricular

Lou BelrhitiHead of BoardingBoarding at Bede's has undergone a radical architecturaltransformation. Our philosophy hasn't.Across all of our boys and girls houses we have always aimedto provide nurturing environments. Accommodation wherestudents are safe and receive seriously good care. But that isnot an end in itself.We strive to broaden the horizons of our boarders. Manyschools focus only on success, but we also want studentshere to learn to fail upwards. We want them to learn fromtheir mistakes. Develop qualities such as compassion, selfdisciplineand self-reliance. Acquire a sense of their place intheir House, their School and, ultimately, the world.To do this we have built the finest boarding houses on theplanet, and that's not hyperbole. They were designed by thepeople who live in them, work in them, pay for them and usethem. The results are an unquestionable success. What wehave done is not just notional.Our house designs are very conscious. Spaces bring pupilstogether, help them not just feel but believe they belong, andthe input from the children throughout the process has meantthat the houses are bursting with character.Of course, the other hugely important element to boarding atBede's is our matrons. They are inspirational, expert peoplewho really understand children. They are supportive butextremely practical. They know when it is the right time to helpand what the right intervention is.Sincerely, it's about a lot more than just fancy rooms.It's about helping young people to create the very bestversions of themselves.

An important part of Bede's is that it doesn't pick people becauseof grades. It chooses you because of who you are and helpseveryone to become an expert in the things that mean the mostto them. I joined in the Prep School, during Year 7. I was a boarderthere and really enjoyed it so I carried on boarding up here. MyHouse, Crossways, is like a huge family, and that's the best thingabout it. You are constantly surrounded by your friends.Rosie StephensonUpper FifthArtistI'm dyslexic, which affects a lot of areas of my life. TheLearning Support I receive gives me the help I need when Ineed it and means that I have the time to work on the subjectsI find most challenging, and because of this I'm succeeding inlessons that used to seem impossible.Since coming here my love of Art has just expanded. It usedto be more of a hobby, but now I think of it as a serious careeroption. I kind of live in the Art department, which is like alittle bee-hive! I really feel like I have to make use of all theopportunities I have here. It is one of the best places in thecountry to study Art, Ceramics or Photography, and with theteachers here, and the facilities, I am truly free to develop mycreativity. I can wake up in the middle of the night with an ideathen the next day go to school and make that idea into a pieceof art. Not many places could offer me that kind of opportunity.Sometimes it seems like the people around me can just getA*s almost without thinking, but I can't. I'm a really happyperson, but it can be hard at times. Luckily the teachers hereguide me, make me want to work and have helped me toflourish. They save me from day to day life!

I grew up in Naples, Italy. Coming to Bede’s representeda massive opportunity. At that time, my English was alltheoretical but completely impractical. Six months later itwas like I was a new person. I was fluent – almost English.I have always been a very capable mathematician. My brainjust works that way. My recent interest in Economics andPolitics comes from the fact that we are in the middle of animportant time of great change. I want to understand it soI can be involved in it, but it’s almost like you have to drawthe map to know where you want to go.Marco IurzaUpper FifthEconomistAt Bede’s I feel that the teachers have really fought for me.Mr Costley in Science, Mr Bioletti and Mr Wilkinson in Maths.People with needs or talents get special attention, whetherthat’s EAL, learning support or extra lessons to push you.The teachers love to see that extra bit of effort and will alwaysmake time for you after school.People think that boarders study more, but although you havethat opportunity you’re given the responsibility to organiseyour own affairs. Since I joined though, the boarding houseshave only improved. It’s like a family living here, and I can’tsee what more they can do to make them better. It’s not justabout ticking boxes at Bede’s. It’s genuinely about what willhelp the students.I’ve always been ambitious, but being here has givenme all the tools I need to achieve something remarkable.I have the feeling that everything and everyone here ison an upwards trajectory.

I joined Bede's in the First Year, having previously been atMarella International School in Nigeria. I've always beenahead and have an Academic Scholarship, which brings withit quite a lot of pressure. Since coming here I have developeda real passion for essay writing and badly want to go toCambridge to study English and Drama. I love debating themeaning and the significance of events and I like the idea that,if I explain things well, I can't be wrong.Laura AdebisiUpper FifthAcademic ScholarWhat absolutely makes this school is the teacher-studentrelationships. Mrs Lambeth, my Housemistress, Ms Turton, MrWilkinson, who teaches me Maths. They have all made such adifference to the way I think. I'm taking Maths for A Level forexample, and Mr Wilkinson is responsible for that. He's a reallygreat teacher.Since I was a child I always used to sing and now I take lessonsin voice and guitar. In terms of sport, I used to be Basketballobsessed. I still am in many ways, but I've also started playingFootball quite seriously too. There are so many girls at Bede'swho play at such a high level and we've won the ISFA 6-a-sidetrophy for the past 3 years, which everyone is really proud of.Next season I'm hoping to start playing for a local club team.The thing I'm most passionate about here is Drama. I get to bemyself completely but also explore the lives of others. The trainingI have received has really helped me to understand other people,their life situations and challenges. It has made me a betterperson. I had a completely different idea of what Bede's would belike compared to what it is, and soon realised that this was theschool for me. It gets people where they want to go.

Preparing young people for a complex and challenging world isa multi-faceted task. For this reason, we do all that we canto help the young people in our care to develop the emotionalintelligence, resilience and sense of responsibility crucial fortheir success.Ensuring pupil welfare is the most important thing we do. Forthis reason, we work to make sure that Bede’s students arehealthy and happy while also seeking out opportunities foreach individual to develop inner resources.The House system at Bede’s is the backbone of our pastoralprovision. Within their House, each pupil is allocated apersonal tutor with whom they meet on a one-to-one basisas well as in groups. Tutors keep parents informed of pupilprogress in every aspect of school life and are in constantdialogue with their tutees’ teachers.Elsewhere, our Student Council is anything but tokenistic.Children learn responsibility by being given it, so we involvepupils in decision-making at every possible level. As a result,Bede’s pupils are enabled to assess risks, project manage andmake wise choices in safe, supported ways.With dozens of children involved in the Student Councils in everyyear group, the pupils can shape everything within the school,from the menu to strategic choices for Bede’s as a whole. Thistwo-way dialogue is important as it engages students in thedelivery of their own schooling and helps us, as teachers, toadopt the most effective approaches to our work.Elsewhere, we run a peer mentoring programme through whichany pupil can receive mentoring and be trained as a mentor.This allows them to develop capacities for helping themselvesand one another.Combined with industry-leading approaches to welfaremanagement, these kinds of initiatives place both Bede’s andits pupils way ahead of the curve.Jerry LewisPrincipal Deputy Head

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