Fall 2007 Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Carlisle Wide Plank Floors


Fall 2007 Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

SurfaceThere is no surface more important than the one we live on A publication of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors® Volume 1, Issue 2Adding Value to Your HomeWide Plank Wood Floors Pay OffI’m often asked why I create wide plank floors. Like a true New Englander, I am inclined toanswer a question with another question: “Do you mean, besides the fact that they are sobeautiful?” All jokes aside, the answeris because I feel it’s important to keep this According to Remodeling Magazine’sAmerican folk art alive and it makes economicsense.2006 Cost vs. Value Report, a majorThere are three reasons that installing kitchen remodel costs $54,241 withwide plank floors makes economic sense. 80.4% recouped upon resale.First, beauty equals higher resale value inthe housing market. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2006 Cost vs. Value Report, a majorkitchen remodel costs $54,241 with 80.4 percent recouped upon resale. Other remodelingprojects see similar payback. A Carlisle Wide Plank Floor installation both improves a home’sbeauty and increases its value as explained in the article, “Remodeling Trend: Still Growing,”on page four.Second, a Carlisle floor – made from the heart of a 100-year-old (or older) tree – will last forgenerations. Its inherent durability has an element of timeless architecture and becomes a prizedlong-term investment that a family can enjoy for generations. Families can also feel good abouttheir floor knowing that all Carlisle wood is selectively harvested from well-managed forests or,as in the case of our 100% post-consumer reclaimed antique wood, is recycled from an old barnor mill. You can read more on this topic on pageeight in the article, “What It Means to Be Green.”Third, the initial investment in a Carlisle floormore than pays for itself over the years given itsdurability and dollars saved on maintenance.Unique methods of fine milling and periodicfinishing with Tung Oil make these floors virtuallymaintenance free.These economic benefits are important tohomeowners planning a remodel. In fact, remodelingfounded this business more than 40 yearsago with people building additions to their historichomes and needing to find authentic flooring.Nowadays, wide plank floors are used throughoutthe home. When you use Carlisle, the applicationsof wood floors are limitless … from kitchens andbaths to radiant heat floors, to concrete sub-floors asshown in the Customer Profile on page seven.Read on to learn more about Carlisle Wide PlankFloors, which are not only beautiful, but a smartinvestment for your next remodeling project.Don Carlisle walks with his mother, Carol,along a country road in an old growth forestin Walpole, New Hampshire.Happy Reading!Don CarlisleInstalling a Carlisle Country Grade Walnut floorin this Breckenridge, Colorado, home provideda nice contrast with the stone fireplace andincreased the overall value of the residence.Inside SurfaceOld Growth Heart Pine............... 2-3Differentiating Carlisle................... 3Remodeling Trend.................... 4-5The Custom Shop ....................... 6Customer Profile......................... 7What it Means to Be Green.............. 8wideplankflooring.com

Old Growth Heart PineNorth Meets SouthSouthern Long Leaf Yellow Pine, commonlyknown as Old Growth HeartPine, has long been prized for its richcolor and durability, but its history iswhat makes it a truly remarkable wood.Heart Pine was used nearly 250 years ago byAmerica’s colonists for building homes, meetinghouses, mills and plantations – many ofwhich still stand. Today, wide planks are usedto re-create a “traditional” looking floor, representativeof those crafted during colonial timeswhen colonists used the widest widths andlongest lengthsto cover thelargest area inthe least amountof time.During the19th century’s Industrial Revolution, much ofthe Heart Pine timber was depleted because ofits popularity in larger construction projects.However, through the use of precise forestmanagement – including controlled burnsand selective harvesting – large stands of OldGrowth Heart Pine still remain.We are extremely fortunate to have a uniquerelationship with the Crosby family ofAlabama, who have grown Old GrowthHeart Pine exclusively for Carlisle Wide PlankFloors for over 40 years.The Crosby family works closely with theCarlisle family to grow and harvest trees of thehighest caliber on their 30,000-acre plantation.They carefully select and harvest the treeswhich are then cut into planks by the sawyerat the mill. Once the wood arrives at Carlisle,we hand-select every board with each individualclient in mind, and create floors similarto those found250 years ago.Whatmakes HeartPine so specialand prized byour customers is the deep amber-colored patina,which is enhanced – andbecomes more beautiful – as the wood ages.If a floor rich in history, family tradition,and color is your idea of the perfect surfacefor your home, ask for a sample of Carlisle’sOld Growth Heart Pine today. It will be a floorthat will grow with your familyfor generations to comeWhat makes Old Growth Heart Pine uniqueis the rich amber-colored heartwood, whichdeepens as the wood ages.Far left: Carlisle PremiumGrade Heart Pine waschosen for this floor inFairhope, Alabama for itsintricate grain structure.Differentiating CarlisleIn the Wood Flooring IndustryCarlisle is known in the industry ashaving the widest, longest flooringplanks available on the market. In amarket that traditionally offers only 2¼-inchwideplanks, this feature alone is enough tomake Carlisle stand out in the crowd.But it’s not simply the wood dimensionsthat are at the heart of what makes Carlisleunique in the wood flooring industry.What makes us unique is how and whywe select the wood that ends up gracing ourclients’ homes. Didyou know that wework directly withthe sawyers in themill? Our sawyerssurvey hundredsof trees daily andhand-select only thevery few trees thatmeet the Carlislestandard. The treesthat “make the cut”have the densestgrain and richestheartwood combinedwith a naturalsound character –elements that areessential to creatinga Carlisle floor.Our sales anddesign consultantslike to tell clientsthat if they choosethe best wood inby Chris SyOur craftspeople inspect and measure thethickness of a plank in the Stoddard, NewHampshire mill.the world, customization is like icing on thecake. Once you have top-quality wood youcan be as creative as you wish with width,color and texture. But, if the wood qualitydoesn’t pass muster it won’t make a goodfloor no matter how wide or long the plank.Carlisle is also unique in the flooringindustry because we don’t just take ordersand ship them out to third party vendors forfulfillment … Carlisle is both the maker ofthe floors and the retailer that sells direct toour customers.All our orders arecustom crafted bypeople in ourNew Hampshirefacility – these areworkers who trulytreat each planklike a work of art.So take the timeto work with oursales and designconsultants to learnabout our woodwhen you’re shoppingaround for anew floor.You’ll discoverthe best woodin the world isavailable only fromthe makers of thebest floors in theworld – CarlisleWide Plank Floors.Illustration by Kate BeetleTop right: A stand ofOld Growth Heart Pine.The Carlisles and Crosbyshave been collaboratingfor forty years to bringcustomers sustainableOld Growth Heart Pine.Bottom right: Don Carlisleand John Crosby, on theCrosby Alabama plantation.Sample Shop Manager James Hebert workson a custom sample for a customer.Chris Sy: Only the best trees make the cut.Carlisle craftspeople treat each planklike a work of art.3

Design CenterRemodeling Trend:Still GrowingThe trend to stay in a current home – rather thanmove – has led to another popular trend: remodeling.According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2006 Cost vs.Value Report, the remodeling boom is thriving and anymoney put into refurbishing a home is a good investment.(See chart on page 5.) Whether you do it yourself or hire aprofessional, sprucing up your home is a smart move. In avolatile housing market; remodeling not only adds value butgives its occupants the feel of a whole new house.One upgrade that dramatically alters the look of a home isa change in the surface you walk on each day. Wood flooringis a remodeling projectWhether you do ityourself or hire aprofessional, sprucingup your home is asmart move, especiallyin a volatile housingmarket; remodelingnot only adds valuebut gives its occupantsthe feel of a wholenew house.that provides beauty,style, and long-lastingdurability. Carlislehandcrafted floorsinstill a feeling oftimeless beauty, areenvironmentallysustainable, and areeasy to install andmaintain. The longerand wider boardsproduce fewer seamsand butt joints, makinga room feel less busy.The larger boards alsocan create a variety of looks including contemporary, countrycottage and mountain retreat. Carlisle uses old growth treesand cuts boards from the center to yield the widest andlongest planks with the greatest grain density and stability.This process, which also includes air- and kiln-drying,produces the most stable wood in the industry. It can be usedover concrete, radiant heat, and in waterfront homes andcommercial buildings.And if you think wood floors are too costly or difficult tomaintain, learn about our Carlisle difference: When treatedwith Tung Oil our floors look radiant for years and can takethe wear and tear of normal traffic. Sanding is not necessaryand additional applications of Tung Oil can be used to touchup high-wear areas.There is no better time to take another look at your currenthome and think about potential renovations. It will give newlife to your interior rooms, and if you do decide to sell, willincrease your home’s value. Consider starting with the floor,the foundation to any home.The rosy tones of this Carlisle Cherry floor inFairfield, Connecticut bring color from theflowering tree outside the house indoorswith a mixture of Select andCountry Grade planks.Looks You Want …at Prices You NeedAt Carlisle, we understand that you want yourfloors to match your dreams for your rooms –at a price that will meet your budget.For this reason, our sales and design consultantsare on hand to offer a variety of creativewood alternatives to meet your vision – andyour budget.For example, if you desire a walnut floor,but the price is out of reach, we can suggesta white oak floor with a dark stain to replicatethe look of walnut at a price you can afford.If you are looking for an antique barn woodfloor and the budget is tight, we can makean Eastern White Pine look beautifully aged;we can also offer other suggestions such asblending clear boards with boards that havemore knots and grain density for a more“antique” look.Tell us your flooring dreams, tell us your budget,and we’ll make it all come true for youwith a high quality, durable, solid wood floorthat you will be proud to have in your home.Top left: This kitchen in Palm Island, Florida,features 3-to 5-inch random width CarlisleCountry Grade White Oak with easededges.Left: FSC-Certified Antique Chestnutcreates the perfect country warmth for thisbathroom in Keene, New Hampshire.Right: Many Carlisle customers choose toinstall their floors themselves. This couplewelcomes their new floor and unloadsthe planks.Remodeling Magazine’s2006 Cost vs. Value Report4 5Project Cost% RecoupedBathroom $12,918 84.9Basement $54,724 78.8Kitchen $54,241 80.4

CustomShopChoose Exposed Beam Workfor an Authentic LookExposed beams provide a dramatic historictouch to any style room – from contemporaryto rustic. Carlisle can roughsaw or hand-hewbeams in a variety of wood species. We use thesame hand-hewing techniques perfected byour forefathers hundreds of years ago.You can select authentic antique beamsrecovered from old barns and mills – withthose much-loved characteristic nail holes andall. For a less expensive alternative – and asimilar look – we can use a dark stain on thenew wood to replicate the exact look of an oldbeam – and even add nail holes if you’d like.Whether old or new, these beams complementvirtually any type of floor, particularly withour Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certifiedbarnwood, Grandpa’s Floor, antique oakor antique hickory.Our Custom Shop not only makes floorsand beams to order, but makes installationseasier and less costly for you. Recently, wehave started providing precision end-squaringto each and every plank we craft. This techniquespeeds up the installation process andhelps you save money by reducing the amountof waste on site.If you want your restoration project to havehistorical authenticity, then look no furtherthan the Carlisle Custom Shop. Whether youare restoring a historical structure or are tryingto make your new construction take on thelook of an older one, the Custom Shop canprovide authentic reminders of earlier days.Top: Exposed beam work can provide a dramatichistoric touch to any style room – including thisrustic setting in Keene, New Hampshire.Far left: Our precision-end squaring techniquesaves both time and money.Customer Profile:“I called the number for a rocking chair, but found a great floor instead.”When Sarah Abdallah landed a jobworking with Tony Chi andAssociates, one of the most prestigiousarchitectural and interior design firmsin New York City, she never imagined that herjob would include a challenge direct fromMr. Chi himself – to find the perfect rockingchair for a client. And she never imagined thatin her search for the perfectrocking chair she would findthe perfect wood floor.Tasked with finding the perfectrocking chair for the ParkHyatt Washington DC project,Sarah perused many furnituremakers from her stack of catalogsand picked one companythat featured a picture of arocking chair – the perfect one– on the cover. But, instead ofcalling a rocking chair manufacturer,she dialed CarlisleWide Plank Floors and spokewith Sales and Design ConsultantGary Ryer. “I told Sarah Icouldn’t sell her the Windsorrocking chair,* but I could sellher the floor in the picture,”reports Ryer.Sarah worked on the ParkHyatt from conception toconstruction. “As a juniordesigner it was a dream cometrue to be working with suchan amazing team on such alarge project,” says Abdallah.The team included PrincipalTony Chi, Project Manager/AssociateJohnny Marsh, ProjectStylest/Associate William Paley,and Designer Yoshi Ueda. “Weknew it was an upscale cityhotel and plans called for anew look. We wanted to provide a modern feelwhile using elements that are associated withD.C. So we used the iconic cherry blossomsas an indoor art installation as well as othersubtle influences from the country’s capital.”The teams’ challenge was to create a balancebetween new and old. Sarah already knewthat rocking chairs look great on CarlisleWide Plank Floors so she turned to them forthe flooring. She settled on a limed CarlisleCountry Grade White Oak with white washstain. The result, she said, was a perfect balancebetween contemporary elegance andcountry charm.Although not considered conventional bysome in the flooring industry, the wide plankwood floor at the hotel was installed over aconcrete sub-floor. Sarah knew that wood cutfrom the center of a tree contains a higherpercentage of vertical grain which makesit less susceptible to movement and thus ahigher quality material that can, in fact, besuccessfully installed over concrete. Sincethe Hyatt opened, the floor has become ashowpiece for the hotel.Today Sarah continues her career atPerkins and Eastman in their HospitalityStudio and still specs Carlisle floors forSarah Abdallahher projects. She met up with Don and KerryCarlisle on a recent trip back to D.C. and theyshared some laughs about how a picture of anantique rocking chair brought them together.In fact, you can find five rocking chairs madeby Timothy Clark of Vermont resembling theone found in Carlisle literature throughoutthe hotel.We don’t sell rocking chairs, but we do sell floors. Carlisle floors grace the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C.*The picture of a rockingchair (circa 1920s) hasbeen used in Carlisleliterature to depict oursignature Eastern WhitePine 20” wide plank floorfor many years and hasbecome a hallmark of thecompany.6 7

What It Means to Be GreenA Look at Harvesting Techniques and Manufacturing MethodsCarlisle is dedicated to not only creating the perfect surface for your home – but also to preservingthe surface of our planet. We love to talk to our customers about environmental stewardship,responsible forestry, and eco-friendly products, but it’s not all talk. The floors you purchase fromus are truly sustainable and environmentally ethical.All our handcrafted floors – not just our FSC-certified antique wood – are created with sustainabilityin mind. Our newly sawn products come from well-managed forests, in which responsiblesilvicultural systems are employed. Our selective harvesting techniques are used on old growthforests only – we never touch virgin growth trees.Additionally, we craft each floor using random widths inorder to get the maximum yield from the original materialsthat Mother Nature provided. All of our floors fit intothe larger picture of GREEN building contributingto energy efficiency and improved indoorair quality.To learn more about our harvesting andmanufacturing practices, visit “Making aCarlisle Floor” at wideplankflooring.com.CERTIFIED STEWARDSOF GREEN FLOORSFSC Antique Heart Pine - Solana Beach, California.Masthead photo istockphoto.com. All other photography ©Blind Dog Photo, Inc.Printed with soy ink on a 100% process chlorine free, post consumer recycled paper, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.1676 Rte. 9, Stoddard, NH 03464wideplankflooring.com800-595-9663Grandpa’s Floor and Carlisle Antique Heart Pine Beams - Keene, NH.

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