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Hi, Florida District!

Since being appointed your 2015-2016 District Editor at this past DCON, I have had

the opportunity to get in touch with many club members an officers. If you aren’t

already, please be sure to follow the Florida District on social media and to create

accounts for your own clubs in order to show the impact your club has on others.

By staying in contact by technological means, you will be able to receive short,

essential updates on district news. Please do your best to implement hashtags like

#KeyGoesGreen for the Governor’s Project (page 5), #Elimin8 for The Eliminate

Project (page 18), or #FLKeyClub. (page 11)

Additionally, some of my responsibilities entail assisting club editors, managing the

Florida District’s social media accounts, creating and editing newsletters, and designing

this bimonthly publication, The Sunshine Source. If you haven’t received

any monthly emails from me and you are a club president, editor, faculty advisor,

or Kiwanis advisor, then make sure your OIF is up to date! If you ever find yourself in

need of help, feel free to contact me; I’d love to help any way I can.

Also keep in mind that you have the opportunity to send

me any pictures of Key Club service that your and your

club may do. Everyone has the opportunity to be featured

in The Sunshine Source!

Yours in friendship and service,

Carly Berthiaume

District Editor

Florida District of Key Club International




Organize a recycling program at your school

-Caps of Love

Collect trash during lunch

Hold a bag/box drive: donate them to local charities, organizations,

or supermarkets to reuse for their own purposes

Do a beach/park cleanup

Create and maintain a community garden

Build birdhouses or bird feeders

Establish a butterfly garden

-On your school campus

-At an assisted living facility

Support environmental awareness programs

Educate elementary/middle school students about environmental


Team up with a local Circle K to eliminate any invasive plant



A Message from the Key Goes Green Committee

Our Governor’s Project, Key Goes

Green, is aimed at helping our Key Club

community get involved in the environment

through two main types of service:

Educational Awareness and Hands-On

Action. Whether we work with Kiwanis Kids

to teach the benefits of recycling, partner

with our local Builders Clubs for beautification

projects in our communities, or just organize

a simple beach cleanup with our

own clubs, it is all a step towards saving

our planet and educating our youth.

We all have the opportunity to work together

in many creative ways and in so many

different places. Nature is all around us; therefore,

we are surrounded by potential projects!

There are some great projects already arising.

Olympia High School held a children's program

in which they used experiments to demonstrate

the effects of oil on avian health, and the hard

work it takes to clean a bird's feathers. In Division

24B, Key Clubbers got together for a beach

clean at Hollywood Beach and while cleaning

were even able to rescue a baby turtle during

nesting season by returning it back to shore.


Currently at Miami Lakes Educational Center,

Key Clubbers are working to collect plastic

containers and bottle caps around the

school, and they will donate them to the Preserve:

Gimme 5 Program, which saves plastic

from being sent to landfills by transforming

recyclables into new toothbrushes and razors.

Congratulations to these clubs for taking

on Key Goes Green in such fun ways.

Any service you do with Key Goes Green will count toward

your Governor’s Project hours, allowing you to later qualify

for exciting awards, recognition, and a banner patch to

bring back to your club. Be sure you are noting these hours on

your Pride Reports!

If your club participated in a project, needs help, or is not sure what

counts as a #KeyGoesGreen project, reach out the Key Goes Green, Governor’s

Project Committee at governorscommittee@floridakeyclub.org.

If you hashtag photos of your club's Key Goes Green projects with

#KeyGoesGreen on social media, you might be featured in the upcoming The

Sunshine Source or the Florida District of Key Club Twitter!

Did You Know?

The Everglades used to span from Lake Okeechobee in central

Florida all the way down to Florida Bay. Now only 25% of the historic

Everglades remains, which is being protected by the U.S.

National Park Service.


Your Executiv




Shane Meagher


Jose Leoncio

Executive Assistant

Caleb Neale

DCON Chair

Carly Berthiaume

District Administrator

Donna Parton

Gabriela Charlot Matthew Bonachea

What’s new with the District Board?

Since the last issue of The Sunshine Source, the Key Club

Board of Trustees and Kiwanis Key Club Committee attended

Leadership Training Conference June 12-14 in Haines

City, where the Board bonded and learned leadership

skills. Mike Greenwald resigned as District Treasurer. Past Lt.

Governor Palak Shah was appointed, and approved by

the District Board of Trustees, to serve as District Treasurer.

Thank you to Mike and Palak for your service to the District!


e Committee


Palak Shah

Hello, Key Clubbers! My name is Palak Shah, and I am honored

to be serving as your District Treasurer. I am a rising junior

at Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington, FL. My

Key Club journey began freshman year, and ever since, I

have been a dedicated member ever since. When I am not

doing Key Club stuff, you can most likely find me watching

Netflix or painting (maybe doing homework). I hope you

have a fantastic summer, and I cannot wait to see what we

accomplish this year. As always, don’t hesitate to ask any

questions you may have!

District Leadership Training Conference (LTC)


Meet a Key Clubber

Tiffany Vaughn

Meet Tiffany Vaughn, a senior at Leon High

School and a Key Clubber who served first as a club

member and now as a club president. She joined

Key Club her sophomore year after receiving encouragement

from Amber Borgerson, a close family

friend and former Division 3 Lieutenant Governor.

She quickly discovered her passion for service and

soon convinced her friends to join.

“We all love this club not for the service

hours that we get out of it, but because we simply

have a good time helping people together. It makes

us feel good, and it's fun,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn is also an avid music lover and plays

guitar, as well as participates in two separate steel

drum ensembles. This past year, she brought her

love for music and service together by establishing a

music program called “Frets in the Philippines.”

She fundraised over $3,000 for music books and

instruments for her younger cousins’ school with

the help of generous contributions from friends,

family, and even the guitarist from the band American


This summer marked Vaughn’s first time

doing community service abroad. She travelled to

her cousins’ home in Isabela, Philippines, to teach

music classes to the students and teachers there. After

just a week of music classes, her students were

able to play several songs, including their national

anthem, which is something that feels truly gratifying

to her.

“These kids can barely understand my English,

so watching them read the musical language at

a truly excellent level and knowing that their comprehension

is a result of my teaching is nothing less

than a surreal feeling. I've been helping teach guitar

to kids in America for years,” she explained, “but I

feel like I never really got the satisfaction that comes

with teaching until I came over here and laid the

groundwork for a totally new program.”

Though only able to remain there for two

weeks, Vaughn said that she has been preparing her

three cousins to teach the classes after she leaves.

She hopes to return in a couple years once she has

earned enough money to make the trip, but until

then, she is proud of what she’s accomplished. In

addition to the feeling of fulfillment, this entire

journey has given her a new perspective in possibilities.

“If I can become a certified teacher before

graduating high school, I truly believe that anything

is possible. It makes me think about all the different

dreams I've had growing up; I now recognize them

as attainable goals,” she said.

It has also impacted her love for service. She

now plans to organize more projects that give immediate

satisfaction for her own club members in the

same way that she was able to point to a music note

and hear her student play it, all with the understanding

that she made it possible.

“I mean, that's what this club is all about,

right? We all want to make a difference; we all want

to feel like we've really helped someone; at the end

of the day, we all want to feel like leaders,” she concluded.


Connection is Key

Follow the social media accounts below in order to stay up to date on what’s

going in Key Club and with The Eliminate Project! Also, consider creating social

media accounts for your own clubs! Remember hashtags, too! (#FLKeyClub,

#Elimin8, #BeTheKey, #KeyGoesGreen)

International: @KeyClub

International: @KeyClubInt

Florida: @FLKeyClub

Florida: @FLKeyClub

Eliminate: @EliminateMNT

International: Key Club International

Florida: Florida District of Key Club


Eliminate: The Eliminate Project

International: Key Club International

Florida: FLKeyClub

Eliminate: The Eliminate Project

A Message from the Marketing & Public Relations Committee

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee has made a Flat Stanley Key,

which will be a cut out with #BeTheKey written on one side and "I

The 76th Annual International Key Club Convention (ICON) in Indianapolis,

Indiana was truly the experience of a lifetime. From June 24-28,

Key Clubbers from around the world gathered to make new friends, to vote

on legislature, to learn more about the organization and its opportunities in

workshops, to elect the international board, and much more.

This year’s convention was unique in that Key Club shared its convention

with other branches of the Kiwanis Family- Circle K, Aktion Club, and

Kiwanis– in order to celebrate Kiwanis’ 100 years of service. Throughout

the convention, the four organizations came together for several ceremonies.

At the House of Delegates, Key Club members voted to pass proposed

amendment 1, w hich restricted the formation of any future Key

Clubs or KIWINS in schools where one of these organizations already exist.

However, proposed amendment 2, which involved the optional formation of

a Webmaster position for clubs, was not passed. Finally, proposed amendment

3 w as passed, thereby officially recognizing the position of

District Webmaster.

The convention had numerous fun aspects, including a baseball game

just across the street from the convention center, a dance, fireworks, a

Hellogoodbye and A Great Big Pile of Leaves concert, a Pancake Lunch for

The Eliminate Project, a pony, and more! (See pictures below.)


The Florida Tour visited several fun destinations by bus, both on the

way to ICON and back to Florida. Some of the stops included Stone Mountain

in Georgia, the Louisville Slugger Museum in Kentucky, Kiwanis Headquarters

in Indianapolis, as well as white water rafting and horseback riding

in Tennessee. (See pictures of the Florida Tour below.)

Sincerely, the Florida District



This entire convention, as well as the Key

Club year, would have been impossible without

our 2014-15 Key Club International leaders.

We appreciate your hard work this past year;

Florida would especially like to thank International

President Maria Palazzolo, International

Vice President Kevin Zhang, Florida’s International

Trustee, Laken Kelly, and International

Trustee Shane Meyers, who represented the

mighty mighty Florida District as a member

and as the 2013-14 Florida District Treasurer.

Thank you, and good luck in college; we hope

to see you all again in Circle K!




A Message International President Rip Livingston

Greetings, Florida District!

Just a few weeks ago, our organization convened in Indianapolis for our

annual International Convention alongside Circle K and Kiwanis International

as we celebrated Kiwanis’ centennial birthday. It was an unforgettable

experience for all, and that week, I was fortunate enough to be elected

President of Key Club International.

As International President, my job is to lead our organization for the next

year; to set the vision of what Key Club is, should be, and will be; to supervise

and work with your 11 International Trustees, ensuring that they

serve and work with your district properly; to unite all 33 districts under

our common mission, and to do everything in my power to leave this organization

better than I found it when I leave office in 2016.

Key Club has an exciting year ahead of it! We’re entering the last decade of

our first 100 years. We’re embarking on a journey to fulfill a 3 million dollar

pledge to the Eliminate Project. We’re working every day to make membership

larger, stronger, and an experience that leaves all 270,000 satisfied.

As a Key Club member, you’ve chosen to be a part of something greater

than yourself. Greater than your home club, your division, or even your

district; you’ve chosen to be one of the thousands of hands Key Club International

unites for the greater good around the word. As the saying goes,

“United we stand; Divided we fall”: Let’s unite, Key Club. We’re a global

network of smart, inspired, capable servant leaders. Can you imagine what

we can do when we come together?

It’s an honor to be your leader this year. I wish

you the very best in all of your endeavors this

school year- Key Club and otherwise- and thank

you sincerely for being a Key Clubber. Let’s have

a fantastic year!

Best regards,

Rip Livingston

President, Key Club International



A Message International Vice President Addison Clipfell

Hello, Florida!

My name is Addison Clipfell, and I’m the 2015-2016 International Vice

President. I’m so excited to serve alongside Rip and the rest of the

trustees for the upcoming year. I look forward to working with not only

them but also all of you guys! Some fun facts about me are that I

play the violin, I’m a whovian, I love Sudoku, I have a dog named

Roxy, and I absolutely love Key Club. Well, you knew that last one,


I truly hope I can inspire and aid all of you in sparking enthusiasm for

Key Club in your members this year. This is extremely important in

creating long-lasting connections, and it is key to keeping members in

the Kiwanis Family. Also, I hope all of your unique clubs continue to do

amazing service in the upcoming year and share it with me along the


However, most importantly, I want you to know that while I hold the

office of I.V.P, I’m just a regular teenager. I think history is boring, I

seriously struggle with grammar, I fan-girl over David Tennant, hang

out with friends, and love to serve. I’m just like all of you! I’m not

only here to serve you guys; I’m here to be a friend, and anything else

you may need. I want to be your friend, a

supporter, a source of encouragement, and a

Vice President all wrapped into one.

So, with this information, feel free to Facebook

message me literally anytime.:) My

contact info is below, and I can’t wait to

have an amazing year of service, everyone!

Addison Clipfell

2015-2016 International Vice President

FB: facebook.com/aclipfell


A Message International Trustee Amy Jiang

Hello, Florida Key Clubbers!

My name is Amy Jiang, and I have the distinct honor of serving as your international

trustee this year. For my last year in Key Club, I am grateful to

have been given the opportunity to work and interact with my three districts:

Florida, Illinois-Eastern Iowa, and Eastern Canada. I am eager to

see the future obstacles we overcome and the successes we share.

As a past club member, club president, and lieutenant governor, I have

been moved, over and over again, by the passion and dedication of Key

Clubbers. Now, as international trustee, I want to aid such individuals in

their pursuit to serve their home, school, and community. By educating

members about unsure topics and empowering individuals to use the

available resources, I hope to create a united and informed member front.

As an elected leader of Key Club, I serve you all. You all trusted that I

would covey your comments from the district to

international level, communicate international

updates, and believe in your district with all my

heart. Throughout this year, I want to prove

that you have trusted in the right person for


Of course, this would not be possible without

your help. So, if you have any questions or

comments, feel free to contact me! I look forward

to a great service year with the mighty

mighty Florida District!

Yours in Service,

Amy Jiang

To our new international leaders

To all of our new international board members, the Florida District

is eager to work with you and see where this upcoming

years leads us. Also, congratulations to former Lieutenant

Governor Ian Macdonald, who will be representing Florida as

International Trustee to the Districts of Texas-Oklahoma, Caribbean-Atlantic,

and Indiana. Good luck!


Awards Results

Congratulations to the district board members and clubs mentioned below! Also, thank

you for applying for these awards and doing all of the work involved with even qualifying;

keep up the amazing hard work, even for those of you who have graduated.

2014-2015 Outstanding District Governor

Lauren McAllister

2014-2015 Outstanding District Treasurer

Nicolas Azcarate

Distinguished Clubs– Diamond Level

Barbara Goleman Senior HS

Cape Coral HS

Hialeah Gardens Senior HS

Hialeah HS

Palatka HS

2014-2015 Outstanding District Editor

Katt Crowdis

2014-2015 Outstanding District Secretary

Alexandra Sanchez

2014-2015 Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lt. Governors

Lieutenant Governor Div 3

Lieutenant Governor Div 8

Lieutenant Governor Div 9

Lieutenant Governor Div 10B

Lieutenant Governor Div 11

Lieutenant Governor Div 17

Lieutenant Governor Div 18

Lieutenant Governor Div 19A

Lieutenant Governor Div 19B

Lieutenant Governor Div 20A

Lieutenant Governor Div 23A

Lieutenant Governor Div 23B

Lieutenant Governor Div 24B

Lieutenant Governor Div 25A

Lieutenant Governor Div 25B

Lieutenant Governor Div 26A

Lieutenant Governor Div 26B

Lieutenant Governor Div 26D

Zac Schroepfer

Jasmine Myers

Reaghan Wooster

Michael Greenwald

Abigail Wells

Ian MacDonald

Linda Martin

Junior Pierre Louis

Emily Vance

Stephan Jaksch

Gina Bae

Aaron Forde

Katherine Castaner

Eileen Rivery

Noah Shahaf

Ruben Martinez

Jose Leoncio

Dominique Small


Monumental Pancake Lunch- ICON

The Eliminate Project Update

Have you heard the great news

yet? With the help of the Kiwanis Family

and UNICEF, India has ELIMINATED maternal

and neonatal tetanus (MNT) ! This

incredible accomplishment would have

been impossible without Florida Key

Club’s contributions, as our district as a

whole raises some of the greatest funds

for The Eliminate Project.

from Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF to The

Eliminate Project until 2020 or until

the disease has been eliminated.

Keep up the great work, Florida!

However, despite this feat, there

are still 22 countries that have still not

eradicated MNT. We must continue our

efforts for The Eliminate Project in order

to meet Key Club International’s goal of

3 million dollars, as well as fulfill the Florida

District’s promise to donate all funds

1 baby dies every 9 minutes from tetanus • 160 babies die each day from

tetanus • MNT has been eliminated in 37 countries • 22 nations still suffer

from tetanus • 3 doses of tetanus vaccine = immunity from tetanus •

Woman + vaccine = protected baby • US$1.80 protects 1 woman and her

future babies • The Eliminate Project saves or protects millions of moms

& babies • Elimination =

Service Spotlight

Armwood Key Club

As a member of Key Club, you have infinite service

and fundraising opportunities to consider.

Here are some of the Florida District’s best examples

of leadership through service; hopefully,

you may find a project that your own club

would be interested in!

Share your own service experiences with the

district by completing all of your pride reports

and using #FLKeyClub on your social media


Club: Trinity P reparatory School of Florida

Division: 10B

Zone: D

This Key Club raised over $100 for The

Eliminate Project by organizing a Guessing

Game, in which they filled three jars with

candy and asked participants to donate $1

per guess. The person with the closest

guess was awarded the jar of candy.

Club: Southeast High School

Division: 17

Zone: H

This Key Club held a “Miss Ugly” pageant in which guys from the school

volunteered to wear Disney princess costumes. They raised around $600

for The Eliminate Project from contestant fees and entry tickets.


Service Spotlight

Club: Barbara Goleman Senior High School

Division: 25A

Zone: K25

This Key Club held their semi-annual “Dodge to Eliminate” dodgeball game

in order to raise funds for The Eliminate Project. Members worked at the

concession stand, sold tickets, retrieved after balls, and MCed.

Club: Saint John Neumann High School

Division: 22

Zone: I

This Key Club raised money for a Guatemalan

boy named Veleyda Huz by selling YUDA bands.

All proceeds went toward his education.

Club: Lake Minneola High School

Division: 9

Zone: D

This Key Club created a project called Saving

Lives with Stayin Alive, and the challenge

is to take a shorter shower, preferably

for the duration of the song "Stayin

Alive" by the Bee Gees. Participants then

post a picture on social media using the

hashtag #SavingLivesWithASnap. They also

raised $115 and donated it to Save the

Rain, and they continue efforts to preserve

gallons of water by raising awareness of

the Global Water Crisis.


Service Spotlight

Club: St. P etersburg Senior High School

Division: 13

Zone: E

Club: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Division: 23A

Zone: J

This Key Club volunteered at the Cultural Arts Night at Park

Trails Elementary School and assisted the children.

This Key Club organized a Blood Drive for their school. They also helped on

the day of the event and ensured that the project went smoothly.

Club: Boca Raton Community High School

Division: 21

Zone: G

This Key Club helped set up, run, and clean up an ice

cream social for Calusa Elementary School.

Club: Cypress Bay High School

Division: 24B

Zone: J

This Key Club participated in the Relay for Life

in order to raise money for cancer research.

Thank you to these outstanding clubs; keep up the amazing work! Continue including

pictures in your pride reports, and I might just include them in the next

issue of The Sunshine Source. (Key Goes Green projects on pages 6-7.)


Which division and zone are you in?

Verify your membership at: http://floridakeyclub.org/

Did you know that you can double check whether or not

you’ve been added as a member of Key Club International?

Just visit FloridaKeyClub.org,

and click the blue button

labeled “Click Here to Verify

Membership.” on the home


Even if you paid your dues

to your club, you should

make sure that your club

sent in the check to the

Florida District and to International.

International Dues: $7.00

District Dues: $4.50

If your name is not listed or if

the information listed is

incorrect, contact your club

secretary or advisor to

update the information.

Club Dues: Must be at least $11.50, but clubs can increase that

amount with a 2/3 vote and by adding it to their Club Bylaws

If you have any questions about dues, reach out to your club treasurer,

lieutenant governor, or the District Treasurer, Palak Shah.

Find your club in the club directory at: http://floridakeyclub.org/club-directory/


Who’s your lieutenant governor?

Contact information available at: http://floridakeyclub.org/contact-information/

1 Sophie Kline

2A Taylor Thomas

2B Daniel Wyatt

3 Mariam McKee

4 Hannah Wacha

5 Zachary Prioletti

6 Ashley Chamberlin

7 Stacey Guillen

8 Katherine Havemann

9 Reaghan Wooster

10A Jenna Dovydaitis

10B Neil Laverde

10C Giovanni Mella

11 Sabrina Spotts

12 Dalton Carter

13 Francis Ameng

14A Matthew Brink

14B Drew Valenti

14C Annie Gibbs

15A Zachary Jones

15B Hannah Rosenbaum

16 Sarah Paust

17 Neemi Patel

18 Mira Chauhan

19A Gabriel Castellanos

19B Jennifer Madden

20A Ijahala Pottinger

20B Alyssa Frank

21 Martha Hagan

22 Samantha Varela

23A Danielle Ginzburg

23B Kimberly Moya

24A Jennifer Moscovitch

24B Sabrina Flores

25A Sabrina Cequera

25B Natalie Antenor

25C Alexander Perez

26A Jonathan Garcia

26B Gianna Hasbun-Prinstein

26C Jennifer Rivera

26D Beatriz Buena Dorea


Working Together

Key Club would not be where it is today, with over 270,000 members worldwide,

or have the great impact it does without the help of several organizations. Key

Club International’s preferred charities (UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Children’s

Miracle Network), vision partners (Nickelodeon and Landscape Structures Inc.),

and co-sponsors (Rustic Pathways and the U.S. Army) have played integral roles

in all that we do. We are so grateful to all of these organizations and look forward

to changing even more lives for the better with your help!

A Message from the Service and Major Emphasis Committee

Service and Major Emphasis focuses on impactful and meaningful service

through the preferred charities of Key Club International, which are: UNICEF,

March of Dimes, and Children's Miracle Network. As a result of working with

these charities, lives are being saved.

During the upcoming months of the school year, be sure to help with these organizations

by getting a blizzard on July 30th for Miracle Treat Day; this will benefit

Children's Miracle Network. Make sure to secure Trick or Treat for UNICEF

boxes early on because of limited supplies. Fundraising for Trick or Treat for

UNICEF helps with funding for The Eliminate Project. You can also help March of

Dimes by holding a walk for March of Babies.

As Key Clubbers, working with these charities clearly show the core values of

caring, inclusiveness, character-building and leadership through fundraising

and awesome service projects.


Service Grants

Florida Opportunity Fund (FLOF)

The Florida Opportunity Fund (FLOF) is a grant for service projects available only

in the Florida District of Key Club International. FLOF can give clubs up to 2/3

the money necessary for service projects; however, schools must provide 1/3

of the amount they wish to receive. The amount of money you can get ranges

from $100 to $1,000.

Your club must be in good standing, meaning they have submitted most Pride

Reports on time, completed the OIF, paid dues, and are active in service projects

and divisional/district events. Below are two FLOF applicants who received

the service grant. Visit floridakeyclub.org to view more!

Divisions 18 & 19 – Meals of Hope

Jesuit High School – Habitat for Humanity Build

The Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF) is Key Club International’s grant program for

service projects. You can receive funding for projects between $100 to $2,000

once a year.

Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF)

Applicants must have an adult advisor, and divisional projects are not eligible

to receive a YOF Grant. Applications are due by October 15th.

Additional Information

For more information regarding service grants, contact District Treasurer Palak Shah at

Treasurer@FloridaKeyClub.org, or visit floridakeyclub.org and select the “FLOF & YOF”

tab. Also, you can contact the FLOF Committee at FLOF@FloridaKeyClub.org for any FLOFrelated



A Few Ke

Key Club is the world’s largest and oldest student-led organization, with

over 270,000 members in 35 nations worldwide. It originated in Sacramento,

California, in 1925. Two Kiwanians, who were also administrators,

chose to establish a club to develop leadership in 11 of

the school’s “key boys,” hence the name “Key Club.”

Key Club is one of the branches of the Kiwanis International

Family, in addition to Aktion Club, Circle K International,

Builders’ Club, and Kiwanis Kids. However, Key Club

remains the largest of the organizations.

OFFICER INFORMATION FORMS (OIFs) are to be filled out by the secretary as

soon as possible and should be updated throughout the year. They allow the

lieutenant governor and Executive Committee members to contact club officers

and send information regarding divisional, district, and international news.

PRIDE REPORTS are monthly online reports detailing each club’s service, meeting

attendance, and more. They are to be filled out by the Club Secretary on

the 10th of each month. However, the Summer Pride Report for June, July, and

August is due September 10. These reports allow Lieutenant Governors and

district executive officers to track the club’s involvement.

Visit this website to fill out your OIF and Pride Reports:


Secretaries and clubs who fill out all Pride Reports are eligible for

awards and recognition at the District Education and Leadership

Conference (DCON) in April!


y Points

I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects

of Key Club International; to build my

home, school and community; to serve my

nation and God; and combat all forces

which tend to undermine these institutions.

Caring– Our Way of Life

Key Club is an international, student-led

organization providing its members with

opportunities to perform service, build

character and develop leadership.

Leadership. Character building.

Caring. Inclusiveness.

We are caring and competent servant leaders

transforming communities worldwide.

Learn more about Key Club’s history at: http://keyclub.org/discover/historytimeline.aspx


District Governor

Shane Meagher

Blake High School


District Secretary

Jose Leoncio

TERRA Environmental Research



District Webmaster

Caleb Neale

Cooper City High School


District Editor

Carly Berthiaume

Boca Raton Community High



District Treasurer

Palak Shah

Palm Beach Central High School


District Administrator

Donna Parton


Executive Assistant

Gabriela Charlot

Somerset Academy


DCON Chair

Matthew Bonachea

Somerset Academy


Contact information for all board members, including Lt. Governors and Zone

Administrators, is available at: http://floridakeyclub.org/contact-information.


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