WUEG February 2015 Newsletter


companies have looked to diversify their

supply sources, investing heavily in foreign oil

and gas production fields, particularly in South

America. Yet, as must be importantly noted,

the vast majority of Indian oil and gas imports

come directly from the Middle East, where

access to direct investment is extremely


Clearly, major changes need to be

implemented in order to secure the currently

uncertain future of Indian energy. Attracting

investment, improving infrastructure, and

working towards reducing debt standing must

be top priorities for Indian officials.

This link details possible energy scenarios for

India in the near future, and can help shed

more light on their growing energy demand.


Energy Information Administration

India Energy Security Scenarios


The Nuclear Solution to the 9-Billion-

Person Problem

Charlie Gallagher – VP, Academic Committee

On my 47 th birthday, there will be nine billion

people living on this planet. Worldwide, the

middle class is on the rise, as is demand for

food, water, air conditioning, cars, highdefinition

TVs, and, most of all, energy. One of

the biggest questions this world faces is how

can we supply the energy needs of nine billion


died of immediate acute radiation syndrome

and fifteen died in the following years of

thyroid cancer. The United Nations estimated

the radiation-related fatalities to be 4,000 by

the year 2066. It was a tragedy and an

appalling act of negligence by the Ukrainian

power plant’s operators.

The solution is nuclear energy. Nuclear

reactors use a naturally radioactive element

called uranium to split apart atoms in a chain

reaction, which generates heat that turns water

into steam that turns a turbine that generates


The history of nuclear power is rough to say the

least. But a brief run-through is useful in order

to bust some myths and provide some

perspective. The first plant was constructed in

1954. Since then, there have been some

notorious nuclear accidents. Chernobyl (1986)

is most notable, where an explosion released

radioactive particles into the atmosphere,

causing global panic. Twenty-eight workers

Point Beach Nuclear Station, Two Rivers, WI. Capacity: 1,026 MW

Three Mile Island (1979), the worst accident in

the history of U.S. nuclear power, resulted in

zero fatalities but cost an estimated $1 billion

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