REPORT - The Bridge for Youth

REPORT - The Bridge for Youth


Report to the Community two thousand and nine












The Bridge for Youth offers a comprehensive set of services to help youth move

through crisis, reunify with their families or live independently, and continue to

build their own strength and stability. Grounded in our deep clinical experience and

driven by our belief in the hidden strengths of youth and families, we help youth

and families create real, lasting solutions to the challenges they face each year.

In the United States, a child is kicked out of their home every 26 seconds. According to Heading Home

Hennepin, at least 1,800 youth run away in Hennepin County each year. Wilder Research’s single-night

count of 1,268 homeless youth age 12-21 represents a 46 percent increase over their 2006 survey.

Most homeless youth cite family conflict as a major reason for their homelessness.


Emergency Services Program This year, more than 850 different

youth ages 10-17 will need a safe place to stay for a few hours or a few days because they’ve run

away or have been kicked out and have nowhere to go. 24 hours a day, every day of the year, the

Emergency Shelter at The Bridge not only gives youth in crisis a warm bed, but it also offers a full set

of supportive services, from assistance in planning their next steps, to opportunities to build their

communication SHELTER and conflict-resolution skills, to help reconnecting with their family.

Family Counseling and Reunification In 2009, over 600 families

— many with children staying in our Emergency Shelter — relied on the free, professional family

counseling at The Bridge to help them navigate through crisis, build stronger connections, and

develop healthier communication — so they can get back together and stay together.



Transitional Living Program For young people (ages 16-20) who can’t

reunify with their families, The Bridge’s Transitional Living Program gives them a safe, stable home for

up to 18 months while they work with staff on finishing school, finding employment and housing,

and developing the independent living skills they need to survive — and thrive — on their own.



Independent Living Programs For homeless youth and young people

leaving state care, securing and maintaining an apartment of their own can be almost impossible.

The Bridge’s Independent 365 and 24-Seven programs give youth the support and assistance they

need to get — and keep — an apartment of their own, including tenant education, job skills training,

community-building opportunities, financial education, and a year of rent assistance.



Ongoing Support & Aftercare The Bridge knows that working through

the issues that brought them to our door can be a long process for many young people — and

we also know that sometimes youth need ongoing support to stay out of crisis and maintain

stability. That’s why every young person who comes to The Bridge for Youth has the opportunity to

participate STRENGTH

in weekly groups and youth development activities while they are at The Bridge and for

as long & STABILITY

as they need them after they leave.

Dear Friend of The Bridge:

“As you read this annual report, I hope you will be

inspired to think of how you might become even more

involved with The Bridge. We have not been able to meet

the numerous challenges of the past two years without

some sacrifices, but the one thing we won’t sacrifice is

our dedication to the youth and families we serve.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you The Bridge for Youth’s 2009 Annual Report.

—Kathy Schaaf, Acting Executive Director



As this report goes to press, The Bridge for Youth is proud to mark 40 years of service to the community. 40

years ago we could not have predicted how great the need for our services would be, or that the funding

environment to help us provide those services would be so difficult.

The deepening of the recession in 2009 created difficulties both for families on the edge and for many nonprofit

organizations, and The Bridge was not an exception. We met the challenge head-on, reducing our budget

by $165,000 while maintaining our unique and essential services for runaway and homeless youth and families

in crisis. At the same time, as we enter our 40th year, the need for The Bridge’s shelter, counseling, housing and

crisis services continues to grow.

I am happy to report both a balanced 2009 budget and another year of committed service and exceptional

results. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the runaway youth who came to us last year were reunited with their

families, and 95% of homeless youth in our supportive housing programs graduated to stable housing. The

credit for our results goes to the more than 150 dedicated and hardworking volunteers, interns, Board members

and staff of The Bridge who gave generously of their time, talents and energy in 2009 – and to the thousands of

community members, foundations, businesses and service partners who make our work possible every day.

As you read this annual report, I hope you will be inspired to think of how you might become even more

involved with The Bridge. We have not been able to meet the numerous challenges of the past two years

without some sacrifices, but the one thing we won’t sacrifice is our dedication to the youth and families we

serve. It is because of you and your support that we are able to provide them not only with a bed, a meal, and a

crisis counselor, but also with care, compassion and most importantly, hope.

On behalf of the youth and families we serve, thank you for your support of our work.


Kathy Schaaf

Acting Executive Director


—1970 - 2010—












Because youth and families in crisis are just as likely to need immediate help at

2 a.m. as they do at 2 p.m., a staff of trained Bridge for Youth counselors are available

by phone and in person, at any hour of the day or night, sheltering over 600 youth

and providing over 4,500 youth and families each year with access to resources and

the help they need to move forward.

IN 2009...

17 beds available for young people ages 10-17

609 youth found a safe and supportive environment in our

emergency shelter, one or more times

366 youth received one-day walk in services


4,568 crisis calls answered on our 24-hour hotline

2,884 free counseling sessions provided to youth and families

75% of youth were reunited with family and 12% exited to a

non-family, safe alternative


Shelter & Counseling









Lucas P., Youth & Family Counselor

Why is the work

you do important?

“Every day I work with youth and families

who have so many things going against

them but still manage to have the

courage and resilience needed to break

through these barriers. The Bridge offers

the support that youth and their families

need for reunification. We constantly

have families telling us how they wished

they would have found The Bridge earlier.”

Reunites Families

Over the last 40 years, over 36,000 runaway youth and their

families have found hope and support through The Bridge’s

Emergency Services Program. Whether they have been thrown

out of their home or have run away because of family conflict, or

whether they are brought to The Bridge by a neighbor, a police

officer, a teacher or a friend, the youth and families who show

up at the door of The Bridge have not only lost touch with each

other but have lost touch with the strengths in themselves.

No matter what the hour, the Bridge provides the support

they need to begin rebuilding their lives. By giving runaway

and abandoned youth a safe place to go, and giving families

a respite and counseling to help them reconnect and build on

their strengths, together we change the lives of hundreds of

youth and families each year.

Since our beginning in 1970, tens of thousands of youth have

moved from crisis to growth by reconnecting with their family

or finding a safe alternative, and the lives of generations of

loved ones, neighbors, and community members have been

changed forever.

Over the last 40 years, over 36,000

runaway youth and their families have

found hope and support through The

Bridge’s Emergency Services Program.













The Bridge for Youth’s Transitional Living , Independent 365 and 24-Seven programs

provide not just housing, but also the support, training and development of skills

that homeless youth need to change the direction of their lives toward stability and


IN 2009...

Capacity of up to 14 dorm-style beds offered at The Bridge

for Youth

29 on-site youth residents stayed an average of 5.5 months in our

Transitional CRISIS Living Program

95% of exiting Transitional Living Program participants moved

into stable housing

With staff support, 16 youth maintained subsidized off-site

apartments through the Independent 365 Program, with 100%

re-signing their own lease or exiting to other stable housing.










Caroline E.,

Transitional Living

Program Supervisor

Transitional Housing

Bridge services have always helped hundreds of runaways find

their way home each year. But, 15 years ago, The Bridge looked

at the growing epidemic of youth homelessness, and realized

that we needed to do more. The Bridge’s transitional living and

independent living programs were born from this realization.

These programs offer not just a place for homeless youth to

live while they get on their feet, but a wide array of intensive

supports to help them build skills for life – from cooking and

doing their laundry to applying for health insurance.

For many youth who move into The Bridge’s on-site dorm or a

community apartment, their first and most challenging task is

simply to stabilize – to get used to sleeping in the same place

What is unique about the way The Bridge works?

Fosters Independence

every night, having enough to eat, and being able to depend

on the adults in their life. Once they’ve made that important

first step, youth residents get busy working with staff and

counselors to achieve their goals and dreams such as getting a

job, or going back to school, or becoming a better parent.

The vast majority of these 16 to 20-year-olds use the support

of The Bridge to turn their lives around, showing amazing

resilience in the process.

We are deeply proud of having been a part

of their transition from homelessness to

stability and success.

“We meet everyone where they are at and believe that only they can author their own stories. We give options and possibilities,

and then empower them to decide what’s best for their lives. We believe that everyone has the tools to determine their own

life — sometimes they just need permission from a total stranger to use them!”






















The Youth Empowerment in Action Program at The Bridge for Youth provides every

young person who comes through the door the opportunity to participate in

weekly groups and activities that provide an on-going source of support even after

they leave The Bridge.

IN 2009...

Youth Empowerment staff provided 466 hours of community

education on runaway and homeless youth issues, reaching

5,931 attendees

155 CRISIS youth participated in the four unique, ongoing weekly support


groups at The Bridge

Youth Empowerment Counselors hosted 3 different youth


4 youth peer counselors (former clients, trained in basic

counseling) facilitated weekly groups for youth in the

emergency shelter



What does aftercare do for youth?

“In the Youth Empowerment Program, youth





know that they can always find support from staff

and peers, voice their opinions without being

judged, have fun, learn and experience new things,

discuss possibilities for their life, and be a part of





a welcoming and empowering community that

focuses on strengths and positivity. We try to

help our youth to realize their potential and to

focus on their goals.”





Laura P.,

Youth Empowerment Counselor





Bridge youth work hard to change crises in their lives into

opportunities for change and growth. And like all of us, some

days it seems harder than others to keep moving forward

and maintain the positive changes in our lives. That’s why

The Bridge offers free, aftercare support groups to any Bridge

youth who needs them – for just a little boost, or for longer-

term help staying focused on their goals.

Aftercare at The Bridge helps youth at all stages of their

journey. Youth who find the teenage years especially difficult

find a sense of community, connection, stability and belonging

in one of The Bridge’s four weekly support groups. They also

find adults they can trust and connect to and they have the

opportunity to grow as leaders and support younger youth

through peer counseling opportunities, community service

and annual retreats.

This carefully woven safety net of support

enables both current and former Bridge

youth to get extra help when they need

it, and to make sustainable and lasting

changes in their lives.

Ongoing Support Leads to Strength & Stability


City of Golden Valley

City of Minneapolis

Edina Human Relations Commission

Hennepin County Public

Defender Office

Minnesota Department of Health/

Health Facility Complaints

State of Minnesota

Foundations &

Business Partners



Advance Consulting LLC

Advanced Practice Management

Alice and Fred Wall

Family Foundation

Allen Family Charitable Fund of

The Minneapolis Foundation

Allianz Life Insurance Company


American Express Company

American Inn

Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Andersen Corporation

Ankeny Foundation

Archimea Interior

Design Services, Inc.

Architectural Alliance

Arrow Companies LLC

Athwin Foundation

Barbary Fig

Mediterranean Restaurant


Bath and Body Works

The Beverly Foundation

Best Buy


Bieber Family Foundation

Borman & Schulkers, P.L.L.P.

Bremer Bank

Brit’s Pub

Bryant Lake Bowl


Charitable Foundation

Carlson Companies

Carlson Marketing

Central Bank

Le Meridien Chambers Minneapolis

Charity, Inc.

Charlson Foundation

Christos Greek Restaurant

Cirque du Soleil

CoBank/Farm Credit Leasing

Commercial Furniture Services

CorePower Yoga

Corporate Art Force

Culligan Water Conditioning

Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation

Dale Studios

Delta Dental of Minnesota

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

Eaglemaster Incorporated

Edge of The Woods Antiques

Thank you to our 2009 Donors!

This listing reflects our records of gifts received by The Bridge for Youth from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009.

We do our best to list all donors and supporters accurately and apologize if we have not done so.

To report any errors or omissions, please contact us at 612-230-6657.

Edina Realty Foundation

The Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation

Evans Larson Communications, Inc.

Faribault Foods

Finnish Bistro

The Firm


Fred and Liz Weiner Fund

Fred C. and Katherine B.

Andersen Foundation

G & K Services Foundation

The Gage Family Foundation

General Mills Foundation

General Mills International ITQ


The Gordon and Margaret

Bailey Foundation

Graco Inc.

Grand Café

Greater Twin Cities United Way

H.E. and Helen R. Warren Foundation

The Head Foundation

Hoeft Family Fund of

The Minneapolis Foundation

Hornig Companies

Horty Elving & Associates, Inc

Institute of Production

and Recording

Itasca Consulting Group, Inc.

IWJ Charitable Foundation

Jack and Bessie

Fiterman Foundation

Jaye F. and Betty F. Dyer Foundation

Jerstad Family Foundation


Joe’s Garage

John and Bonnie Crouch Fund

of The Minneapolis Foundation

Joseph H. and Florence A.

Roblee Foundation

Judith McGrann and Friends

Jungle Theatre

Kopp Family Foundation

Kowalski’s Uptown Market

KTMJ Vending, LLP

Laird Norton Family Fund

Lieberman-Okinow Foundation

Lifetime Fitness

Love 4 One Another

LUSH at Nicollet Mall Macy’s

Luther I. Replogle Foundation

Lyn-Lake Barbershop

Magers and Quinn Booksellers

Malt-O-Meal Company

Marathon Petroleum Company LLC

Margaret H. and James E.

Kelley Foundation, Inc.

Margaret Rivers Fund

Mark and Charlie’s Gay Lesbian

Fund for Moral Values

Mark and Muriel Wexler Foundation

Mary T. Inc.

The McKnight Foundation

Medica Foundation

Mile High United Way

Minnesota Swarm

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Zoo

Mint Properties

MTS Systems Corporation

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

The New French Bakery

Nicollet Island Inn

Nye’s Polonaise Room

Old Navy Store 6126

Open Your Heart to the

Hungry and Homeless

Otto Bremer Foundation

Outsource Insurance Services, Ltd

Page Productions

Palomino Restaurant,

Rotisseria & Bar

Patrick and Aimee Butler

Family Foundation

Paul and Patricia Curran Foundation

Pentair Foundation

Perfect Little Spa and Salon

Perkins + Will

Pohlad Family Foundation

Prospect Creek Foundation

Public Strategies Group, Inc. Fund

of The Saint Paul Foundation

Pump Foundation

Punch Pizza

Quota International of Minneapolis

RBC Foundation – USA

Rehael Fund-Roger Hale NorHall

of The Minneapolis Foundation

Rocco Altobelli

Rock Bottom Brewery

Ronald Fingerhut Family Foundation

Ross and Bridget Levin

Charitable Gift Fund of

The Minneapolis Foundation

Sauer Children’s Renew Foundation

Saunders Family Foundation

Sexton Foundation

Shakopee Mdewakanton

Dakota Community

Sheldon V. & Carroll C.

Brooks Foundation Inc.

Soran Family Foundation Fund


St. Louis Park

Community Foundation

St. Paul Saints Baseball Club

Stages Theatre

Target Center

Target Corporation

Target Foundation


Ted and Dr. Roberta

Mann Foundation

Tennant Foundation

The Prudential Foundation

Matching Gifts Program

Thompson’s Fireside Pizza

Thomson Reuters

North American Legal

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Thrivent Financial for

Lutherans Foundation

Tix for Tots

TJX Foundation, Inc.

Tommy Carver’s


TravelNet Solutions


Turner Family Foundation

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

United Health Group Corporate

United Way of Greater Milwaukee

United Way of

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Urban Outfitters

W Hotel

Watershed Partners, Inc.

Wayzata Community Church

WCA Foundation

Whitney Foundation

William D. and Joyce E. Sexton

Family Foundation

Wilmot Wheeler Foundation

Womack Family Foundation

World Childhood Foundation

Xcel Energy Foundation

Community &

Employee Groups

Ameriprise Financial Employee

Giving Campaign

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1

America’s Charities

Atonement Lutheran Church

Basilica of St. Mary

BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota

Box City Vigil

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Campfire U.S.A. Teen Club -

Hayden Heights

Century College

The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-day Saints

The Church of St. Richard

Community Shares of Minnesota

Cross Point Church

Central Lutheran Church Women

Earle Brown Elementary School

Excelsior United Methodist Church

Fallout Arts Initiative

For The Love of Peyton

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Give MN

GMAC ResCap Community Relations

Hands On Twin Cities

Heading Home Minnesota

Hennepin Avenue

United Methodist Church

Hennepin County Library

Honeywell Hometown Solutions

Humanists of Minnesota

Lake Country School

Lutheran Church of Peace

Minnesota State

Community & Technical College

Mary Queen of Peace

Metropolitan Council

Minnesota Atheists

Morgan Stanley

Neighborhood Involvement


North High School

Ordway Center for the

Performing Arts

Pajama Program

Pax Christi Catholic Community

Plymouth Congregational Church

Richard Green Central Park School

Shepherd of the Valley

Lutheran Church

St. Anthony Park United

Church of Christ

St. John’s Lutheran Church

St. John’s Missionary Circle

St. Louis Park Family

Services Collaborative

St. Mary of the Lake Church

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

St. Stephen Evangelical

Lutheran Church

Steeple People Surplus Store

Student Council of

Saint Paul Public Schools

Temple Israel

United Health Group

University of St. Thomas

Virgin Unite USA, Inc.

Walker Art Center

Wells Fargo

Community Support Campaign

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Woodbury Peaceful Grove

United Methodist Church

Bridge Builders

Anonymous (3)

Paul Bauer and Patricia Cretilli

Harley and Verna Bergren

Lance Breiland and Amy Hasbargen

Ron and Joan Cornwell

Dave and Jane Eastling

Annett Grant

Norm Hall and Veronica Chasney

Jon and Janet Heidinger

Sally Hwang

Art and Rosemary Janousek

Randy Johnson

Rickey and Linda Johnson

Raymond and Michelle Joncas

Ed and Nancy Levin

Jane Livingston

James Lockhart

John and Sallie March

Ed Murphy and Nan Upin

Bernard Nelson

Patti and Daniel O’Leary

Lenora Olson

Robert and Mickey Pajor

Mary Pepin and Greg Bakeberg

Roger Peters and Lorna Reichl

Don and Karen Powers

Kathy Schaaf and Eric Fournier

William Sias

Warren and Mary Staley

Jeff Stoner

Harry and Ginny Sweatt

Nicole and Pete Thomas

Adele Della Torre and Spencer Kubo

David Upin and Marissa Rosenblum

Jeff and Jodi Upin

Nan Upin

Paul and Betsy Von Kuster

Philip Willkie


Karen Ackerman

Tricia Adkins

John Albers

Mary Alden

Michael Alexin and Michael Shaw

Brad and Roberta Allen

Al and Sylvia Altendorf

Daniel Altmann

Adriana Alvarado

Bernice Amacher

Richard and Sarah Amos

Chris Anderson

Janet and Dean Anderson

Joel and Kris Anderson

Michaelle Anderson

Ray and Carolyn Anderson

William Anderson

Barb and Russ Andrews

Laura Andrews

David Anfinson

Anthony Angelis and Carol Liebeler

Anonymous (10)

Sally and Peter Anson

Josh Arbit

Tom Arneson

James and Mary Arnold

Tera Arnold

John Arrell

Lynelle and David Aukes

Glenn Bachler

Virginia and Michael Backman

Teresa Bailey

Teresa Bain

Sandra and Barry Baines

Sara Baker

Melissa Baklund

Stacye Ballard

Jack Barber and Mitch Flattum

Art Barlow and Jeremie Holmes

Laura Barnes

Raymond and Mary Barnes

Jeff and Julie Basche

Daniel Baseman

Thomas and Mary Baskerville

Alain Baudry

Eric Baudry

Jean and Allen Beach

Carol and William Beadie

Glenyce Bean

Nikki Beasley

Lisa Beaudry

Lisa Becchetti

Brice Beckman

Karyl Beeman

Marian and Jean Behrend

Gloria and Earnest Bell

Susan Beltz and Douglas Clement

Judi and Jeremy Belzer

Mr. Waldyn J. Benbenek, Jr.

Lynnette Bengtson

Duane Berdahl and

Mary Collins-Berdahl

Karen and Jerry Bergseth

John Betancourt

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Amy and Paul Biewen

Christopher and Carolyn Bingham

Mike Bisping and Ty Tonander

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Allen Blaich

Lori Blaido

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Robert and Suzanne Blewett

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Laura and Jon Bloomberg

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Nancy Boas

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Shari and David Boehnen

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Mary Cady and Steven McCauley

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James and Karin Callanan

Dr. Karlyn Kohrs Campbell

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Drs. Brenda H. and

Norman W. Canedy

Lisa Capell

Lorraine Carlson

Suzanne and Brian Carlson

Pauline and John Carroll

Dante Carter

William and Betty Casey

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Regina Christopher and

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The future depends on

what we do in the present”

—Mahatma Gandhi

Rachel Goetzmann

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Jacqueline Helm

Lisa Hemmerling

John Hemmesch

David and Kris Henderson

Steven Henke

Frank and Jane Hennessy

John Herchert

Heath and Lisa Hertel

James and Barbara Hetland

Sally Heule

Martha Hewett and Linda Varvel

Mr. Frederick J. Hey, Jr.

Mark Hiemenz and Charlie Rounds

Gary Hildebrand

Barb Hill

Bill and Louise Hiller

Emily Hinds

Linn Hipp

Fran and Steve Hirsch

Angela and Nate Hite

Elizabeth and Edwin Hlavka

Kirsten Hoechst

L.C. and Mary Lou Hoeft

Margaret Hoff

Charles and Sandra Hoglin

Dale and Faith Hoiseth

Richard Holcomb

Heidi Hollen

Alan Holliday

Kenneth Holmbeck

Mark and Terry Holten

Lisa Hommerling

Kristine Hoover

Lousene Hoppe

Andy Horstman

Kelis Houston

Marido Huber

Mark and Susan Hughes

Kevin Hummel

Mary Hurwitz

Alan Husby

Teansha Jackson

James and Marjorie Jacobsen

Dorothy Jacobson

Ann Jaede

Ann and Charles James

Gale and Elliott James

Ed and Cynthia Janssen

Sharon and Ward Jeffers

Todd and Kim Jeffers

Vicki Jenkins

Eric Jensen

Robert Jersak

Melissa Johannessen-Janzen

Julie and Tommy Johns

Andrea Johnson, Ph.D.

Benita Johnson

Carla and Tom Johnson

Carol Johnson

Carrie Johnson

Charles Johnson

Gary Johnson

J Johnson

Julie Johnson

Linda and Kenneth Johnson

Pearl Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Scott Johnson and Tom Hatlestad

Seth Johnson

Tori Johnston

Alphonso Jones

Claude Jones

Deb and Allen Jones

Michael and Judy Jones

Catherine Jorhum

Betty Jost

William and Judy Joynes

Representative Phyllis Kahn

Jane Kaiser

Janet Kakos

Judy Kammer and Mark Voorhees

Abbie Kane

Denise Kania

Faith Kanz

Eli and Sharon Kaplan

Shawn Kearney

Ann Keefe

Jeremy Keippela

Mary Keithahn

Sang Hyeok Thomas Keller Wright

Kristin Kelley

Janet Kelly

Krissy Kelly

Lois and Richard Kelly

Thomas Kelly

Tom Kenall

John Kess

Lydia Kihm

James and Helen Kilker

Jerry Kinder

Susan Kinder and David Vealitzek

Denise King

Jon Kittelsen

Michael Kivley

Laurie and Jeff Kjolhede

Brad Klein

Shawn and Heather Klein

Jane Kletzmann

Nancy Kloot

Andrea Knoll

Holly Koch

Michele Kohner

Veronica Kok

Mary Kokernot

Janet Kolve

Don and Joe

Brad Konik

Lindsey Kopp

Keith Kosgler

Kathleen Koshiol

Luanne Koskinen

Jay Krech

Steven Kreidermacher

Jane Kretzmann

Steve and Roxanne Kriz

Alex and Lisa Kronick

Craig Kruckeberg

Spencer Kubo and Adelle Della Torre

Andi Kuenning and Daniel Leisen

Bill Kulcsar

Conrad Kunz

Dorothy Kunze

Steve Kuper

Tineka Kurth

Anne Mae and Douglas Lambert

Becky Landon

Julie and Maury Landsman

Rollie Langer

Stuart Laniel

Luis Lantigua

Caroline and Shawn Larson

Irene Larson

Judith Larson

Kathleen Larson

Lois Larson

Marvin Larson

Shawn and Caroline Larson

Cynthia LaRue

Camille Lasica

Bob and Carolyn Laskey

Suzanne and Tim Lauer

Lance and Linda LaVine

Hazel and Nick Leaskas

Ignatius and Julie Lee

Daniel Legerski

Douglas and Linda Leicht

Sheryl and Eric Leill

Lori and Don Leininger

Vivian Leith

Lucy Lemay

Shawn Lennon

Rochelle LeTourneau

Ross and Bridget Levin

Rand Levy

Greg Lewerenz

Margaret Lewis

Thomas Lewis

Matt Lichty

Nancy and Philip Lindau

Ruthanne Lindback

Gordon and Bernadette Lindholm

Steve Lindley

Katja Linfield

Brien Link

Mary Jane Liss

Susan Listerud

Tony and Laura Litton

Karen and Peter Loewenson

Marsha and Dan Loewenson

Ruth Loewenson

Elizabeth Long

Ann Longfellow and David Austin

Deb Loon

Mary Lostarakos

Suzanne and James Lowy

Micah Ludeke

Robert Luesse

Ivan Lui

Chad Lund

Margaret Lund and

Christopher Steller

Kenneth Lundell

Bruce and Stephanie Lunning

Mrs. A. Lavonne Lyons

Breta MacPhie

Gail Madden

Thomas and Christine Madden

Matthew and Ruby Madsen

Roger Madson

Jean Mahlen

Pat and Gary Mahre

Helmut Maier

Richard Maier

Lacey Mamak

Joanne Mambretti

Buzz Mandel and

Margaret Vaillancourt

Carol Manning

Mary and John March

Barb Markie

Jo Marquardt

Bob and Diane Marshall

Ron and Nancy Marshall

Jerry Massmann and Irma Cameron

Alan Mastbaum

Molly Matschke

Carolyn Mattila

Sally Mattison

Harold Mattke

Anne Mavity and Thomas Fulton

Janis and Ralph Mayer

Cliff Mayhood

Michael McCabe

Kevin McCalib and Laureen Lee

Michael Mccalpin

Mark McCauley

Sam and Patty McCullough

Katia McDonough and

Melanie Ruda

Barbara and Conrad McDougall

Edward McFalls and

Marcia Haffmans

Jon and Jeane McGinn

Thomas McGovern

Elizabeth McGrory

Jeffrey McHugh

Daniel McInerney, Jr.

Ann Marie McIntire

Leo McMahon

Carol and Jack McNearney

Mike and Lynn McNellis

Donna McRoberts

Margaret McVay

Connie and Gregory Mead

Bill and Dolly Means

Bill and Mary Mease

Beth and John Megas

Ruth Meger

Ann Melatine

Paul Melchert and

James Zimmerman

Elizabeth Mester

Dr. Darrell K. Metcalf and

Susan Metcalf

Karin Meyer

Marilyn Meyer

Valerie Meyer

Margaret Michaelson

MaRaye Mickey

Tim Mikkelson

Louise Miles and Thomas Heinz

Chelsea and Greg Miller

Jay Miller

Randy Miller

Crystal Mingas

Annette Minor

Peter and Rosalise Molenda

Carol and Jim Moller

Dan and Shawn Moloczij

Gina Monnelly

Shirley Moore

Siglinde Moore

Michael Morris

Leah and Doug Moses

Keith and Marilyn Moyer

Kris Moyer

Grace Mueller

Dave Murphy and Kelly Vossberg

Kaela Murphy

Kevin Murphy and Margaret Bowen

Samuel Murphy

Erma Myers

By and Gay Napier

Connie and Pat Nelson

Curt Nelson and Eric Swanson

Kippy Nelson

The Nelson Family

Todd Nelson

Brennan Nelson-Talley

Nicole and Christopher Newlin

Eric Newman and Janice Gepner

Gary Nichols and Chris Meyer

Lorraine D. Nickels

Linda Nielsen

David Niemi and Sherry Coatney

Dolores Nierenhausen

Arthur and Mary Nilsson

Monica Nilsson

Sharon and Mark Noble

Dedria Noll and the Hopkins Elks

Peter and Lori Nordquist

Terry Norman

Jeff Nosbush

Debra Novak

Michele Nowicki and Scott Downie

Luanne Nyberg

Louis Oberhauser

Thomas O’Brien

Jennifer Obst

William O’Dowd

Catherine O’Gara

Chelsea Ogren

Daniel and Patti O’Leary

Joseph Olson

Karen Olson

Kathleen Olson

Mary and Richard Olson

Vicki Olson

Andrea Olufson

Andrea Oman

Rachel Orman

Laurel O’Rourke

Mark O’Rourke

Brad Orschel and Sarah Hilleren

Steve Orzel

Holly Osterland

Lezlie and Thomas Ott Marek

Judy Ottoson

Mark and Joanie Oyaas

Thomas C. Pagel

Marilyn and Ray Pahl

Joe and Mary Palen

The Paller-Rzepka Family

Merlin Paschall-Zimbel

Richard and Barbara Patterson

Andrew Paulson

The Paulsons

Mark and Kimberly Pearson

Heather and Jake Pederson

Suzanne Pederson

David Peichel

Art and Daralyn Peifer

Michael Perkins

Endra Persaud

Peter and Lora Pesheck

Curt N. Peterson

David Peterson

Helen Peterson

Rebecca Peterson

Timothy Peterson

Daniel Petrik

Karen and Richard Pettingill

Brian Pietsch

Daniel Pinkerton and Jane Johnston

Mary and Albertjan Planten-Krell

Mary and Doug Platt

Robert and Roxanna Plouff

Mike Porter

David Pote and Linda Tapsak

Susan Potratz

Allen Potter

Jerry and Jacquelin Powell

Candace Prawalsky

Nancy Priedeman

Erik and Laura Prink

Ann Prosser

Anne Pryor

Tammy Pust

Julia Racek

Barbara Raddatz

Jackie and Robert Radde

Kris Ragozzino

Gary and Susan Rappaport

Barbara Ratner

Sue Raugust

Wendylee and Thomas Raun

Tim Reardon

Christine Reedy

Thomas Reid

Susan Reinhart

Susan Reische

Randi and Philip Reitan

Nedra Rhodes

Lori Rice and Deanna Loux

Michael Richards


and Cross Telecom Employees

Mary Richardson

Joyce Riddle

Adam Ries

Robert Ries and Craig Bratsch

Jon and Jill Riley

Marilyn and Jeffrey Rivkin

Julie Robole

Ryan Roessler

Ethan Rogers

James Rognas

Bob and Mariah Rooney

Paula Rooney

Michael Root

Rose Rosario

William and Margaret Rosen

Beverly Rosenberg

Marissa Rosenblum and David Upin

Mia Rosner

Mona Rosow

Bill Rossi

Craig Roth and Carolyn Bowles

Steven Rousey and Diane MacMillan

Heikki Rouvinen

James and Andrea Rovner

Dee Rowe

Bruce Rubin and James Cordaro

Matthew Ruble and Melissa Rach

Scott Russell

Lorene and Douglas Rutherford

Larissa Ruud

Heather and Robert Rykhus

Karen Rynerson

Beth Rytkonen

David Saarela

Kara Sabatke

Tracey Sabby

Tom and Patricia Sabow

Paul and Pat Sackett

Harold and Jacqueline Sadoff

Jared H. Saks

Ricarda Sammaneh

Sheva and Thomas Sanders

David Sandler

Anna Santos

Beth and Tom Sather

Kimberly Sau Wai Miller

Patricia and Gary Sauer

W.B. Saunders

Thomas A. Savoie

LeAnn Sawatzky

Catherine and Andrew Scardigli

Marcetta Scearcy

Pat Schaffer and David Weissbrodt

Jody Schanilec

Dennis Schapiro and Jeanne Andre

Patricia and Bud Schellenberg

Debra Scheppard

Diane Scherber

Shirley Scheuble

Peggy Schierl

Charles and Dawn Schlauderaff

Linda and Randall Schlichte

Erick Schmidt

Susan and Virgil Schmidt

Jake and Mary Schmitz

Lucy Schmitz

Richard and Linda Schmitz

Karen Schneider

Patricia Schneider

Lola Schoenrich

Owen and Dorothy Schott

Robert Schrank

Mahin Schroeder

Steven Schultz

Howard Schur

Michael Schwab

Jill Schwartz

Caren Schweitzer

Diana and Thomas Scott

Pat and Tom Scott

Peter Scott

Buddy Scroggins and Kelly Schroeder

MJ Seelye

Jo and Don Senander

Mary and Alan Senander

Mats Sexton

Rajiv Shah

Mary Sheets

Bryan Shephard

Matthew Sherek

Nat, Bobby , Elizabeth and

Michael Shogren

Brenda Shores and Tracy Tyler

Jessica Shryack

Terry Sias

Anita and Mike Siegel

Marla Siegler and Steven Schreurs

Ellen Silva and Wilson Gibbins

Anita Silver

Bill and Carin Simpson

Steve and Betsy Sitkoff

Barry Sittlow

Kimberly and William Six

Dennis and Marguerite Skahen

John Skinner

Bonita Skjod

Yvonne Skog

Martin Skoro and Roselyn Rezac

Christine Skwarek

Daniel Slingeland

Eileen and Marshall Sloan

Richard Sloss and Dana Barnes

Brenda Smeby

Inez Smith and Suzanne Calvin

Monica Smith

Pat Smith

Sarah and Todd Smith

Sherri Smith

Marilou Snodgrass

Virginia Snyder

Lynda Soebbing

Lois Solomon

Eleanor Sonnesyn

Robin and Chris Sorheim

Lynette Spalding

Mary Sperling and Jac Sperling

Marniae Spiotta

Stanley Srnec

Susan Stabile and David Drueding

Lynne Stanley and Christopher Elliott

Benjamin Stannard

William Stark and Kevin Olsen

Lois Starks

John Stefany and David Odenbach

Kenneth and Darlene Stensby

Mark and Tierza Stephan

Cindy Stephani

Simon Stevens and Maggie Thurer

Donald Stewart

Beverly Stirtz

Mark and Karen Stofferahn

Philip Stone, Jr.

Carol and Frank Stopera

Laurence Stout

and Kathryn Teegarden

Kevin Stramer

Todd Strand

Lexie Strawn

Carol and Thomas Stuart

John Sullivan

Patricia and Donald Sullivan

Carol Summers

Margaret Summers

Jeffrey Sunberg

Kari Swalinkavich-Scherer

Michael Swanlund

Wendy Swanson

David Swenson

Gary Taruscio

Ross and Doris Taylor

Robert and Leslie Teddy

Penny Teder

Donald Teed

Amanda Tempel

Justin Terrell

John and Alexandra Thayer

Robert and Nancy Theiler

Diane Theodorski

Laura Thomas

Sally Thomas

Stephanie Thompsen

Janet Thompson

Jill Thompson

Michael and Linda Thompson

Peter Thompson

Rich Thompson

Stan Thompson

Stanley Thompson

Theodore Thompson

Wendy Thompson

Deb Thorp and Kathleen Murphy

Brian Thyr and Danita Carlson

Sharla Tolbert

Sue and Karyn Torkelson

Barbara Trebisovsky

Esera Tuaolo

Robert and Margaret Turner

Lisa Turnham

Bonnie Turrentine

Bob and Peg Tyler

Jean and Dean Uglem

Jackie Ulwelling

Stephanie Uphoff

Alan Upin

Jodi and Jeff Upin

Marcia Urban

Virginia Van Dusen

Chris and Barbara Van Hauer

Kay Van Riper

Jewel Vanhuizen

Michele Vanvranken

Patricia Vessey

Mark Wagenius and Dennis Oliver

David Wagy

Mark Waldorf

Fred and Alice Wall

Ginger Wange

Ann and Dale Warner

David and Nancy Warner

Deacon and Jennifer Warner

Lance Watkins

Patricia and Ralph Watkins

Fred and Elizabeth Weiner

Pamela Weiner

Myriam Weinstein

Sandra Weise

Gerhard and Janet Weiss

Cynthia Weldon

Scott Welle

Reggie Wendorf

R. Wereta

Barbara and Donald Wernli

Bonnie West

Dan and Kathleen West

Nancy Westerberg

Lisa Westerlund

Monica Westerlund

Elizabeth Westfall

Joy and John Wetzel

Ardis and Tom Wexler

Murial Wexler

Gregory and Ellen Weyandt

Jill White

Joe Whitlatch

Margaret Wilhelm

Frank and Frances Wilkinson

Davis Wille

Alan Williams

Kari Williams

Kenneth Williams

Lisa Williams

Margaret Wilmer and Isaac Bright

Kevin Winge and Kevin Shores

Ione and Bill Winter

William and Ione Winter

Dennis and Kathryn Wipperling

Lenny and Ann Witucki

Phyllis Wojchik

Richard and Denise Wolf

David Wolfe

Elayne and Marvin Wolfenson

Ellyn Wolfenson and Michael Belzer

Marsha Wolk and Frank Freedman

David Woodard and

Katherine Meerse

Julie Woodbury

James Woodworth

David Woolley

Robert Wraspir

Charles Wright and Jean Keller

William and Norma Wright

Carole Wrunkel

Michael Wyatt

Jack Yarbrough

Sarah Yates

Diane and Robert Young

Joan Young

Ronald Yutesler

Gregory Zajac

Cory Zanin

Laurena Zappa

Brian Zellman

Greg Zick

Wade Zick

John Ziegenhagen

Annie Zimbel

John Zimmerschied

Scott and Anne Zosel

Nathan Zubrzycki

Jeff Zurn

Special Thanks

To Our 2009


Shola Ajayi

Melissa Anderson

Laura Andrews

Art Barlow

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Chris Brooks

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Katrina Cushman

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Khoa Do

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Tung Tuong

Chelsea Turner

Mai Vang

Mango Vang

Mark Waldorf

Annette Wanchena

Katie Welle

Alex Westrom

Chris Zupfer

Boston Scientific Foundation

Hornig Companies

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center

MTS Systems Corporation

Urban Immersion Service Retreats

Source Ministries

Target Corporation


Whittier Elementary


In honor of neices and nephews:

Alison, James, and Todd

by Cynthia Weldon

In honor of clients and friends

by Archimea Interior Design

Services, Inc.

In honor of Cory Call, Sarah Bright

and all the other counselors at

the shelter

by Annette Minor

In honor of all The Bridge staff

for their selfless hard work

by Mary and John March

In honor of my boyfriend Stephen

by Reggie Wendorf

In honor of neighbors who

shovel her snow covered walk

by G.F. Flint

In memory of Ben Alden

by Mary Alden

In honor of Soile Anderson

by Sandra Weise

In memory of Russell Balmer

by Karen Ackerman

by Inez Smith and Suzanne Calvin

by Pauline and John Carroll

by Stuart and Patricia Gunckel

by J. Ward and Carole Hamlin

by Faith Kanz

by James and Helen Kilker

by Jon and Jeane McGinn

by Diane Scherber

by Shirley Scheuble

by Virginia Snyder

In memory of Marie Browning

in honor of Mother’s Day

by Anonymous

In honor of Eric David Baudry

by Alain Baudry

In honor of Campfire USA Teens In

Action-Hayden Heights

by Jill and Andrew Dent

by Janet Kelly

by Julia and Thomas Gaarder

by Larissa Rudd

by Marniae Spiotta

In honor of Marilyn Carlson Nelson

by Arrow Companies LLC

In honor of Cheree the nurse

by Marsha Wolk and Frank Freedman

In honor of

Church of St. Mary of the Lake

by Janet Kelly

In honor of William Copeland

by David Copeland

In honor of Kris and Ron Erickson

and Rosemary and David Good

by Lori Rice and Deanna Loux

In memory of Carly Fisher

by Alex and Lisa Kronick

In honor of Eric Fournier

by Marilyn and Ray Pahl

In honor of James Fuchs

by Culligan Water Conditioning

In honor of Benjamin Heller

by Mary and Tom Heller

In honor of Barb and Dave Hornig

by Michele Kohner

In honor of Isabelle Jones

by Rachel Orman

In memory of Aaron Jurek

by Karyl Beeman

In memory of Bob Koch

by St. John’s Missionary Circle

In honor of Kate Noland for Christmas

by Sarah and Todd Smith

In honor of Bryan and Heather Larson

by Daniel Altmann

In honor of Justin Less

by Kate Cosgriff

In honor of Jimmy Lopez

by Gary Johnson

In memory of

Louie Kodiac Yellow Bear

by Margaret Vaillancourt and

Buzz Mandel

In honor of Patti Maas

by Suzanne and James Lowy

In memory of Brendan McHugh

by Karen and Jerry Bergseth

In honor of Merlin

by Gale and Elliott James

In honor of Jason Molenda

by Peter and Rosalise Molenda

In memory of Karen Phelps

by Barb Hill

In memory of William R. Priedeman

by Nancy Priedeman

In honor of Libby Rau

by Thomas Reid

In honor of Tim Reardon’s leadership

by Public Strategies Group, Inc. Fund

of The Saint Paul Foundation

In honor of Lisa Reed

by Sally Mattison

In honor of Jan Ribnick

by Barbara Ratner

In honor of Merlin and Karen Ricklefs

by Eric Baudry

In honor of Kathy Schaaf and

Eric Fournier

by Rick and Katie Fournier

In honor of

Stephen and Mary Schaefer

by Rolf and Chris Bolstad

In honor of Andy Schmiedel

by Mark and Charlie’s

Gay Lesbian Fund for Moral Values

In honor of Bill Sias

by Terry Sias

In honor of Kara Skahen

by Adam Ries

by Mark O’Rourke

by Dennis and Marguerite Skahen

In honor of Tracie Stoltenberg

by Anonymous

In honor of Dale and Terolle Turnham

by Lisa Turnham

In honor of Vivian for Mother’s Day

by Ed Murphy and Nan Upin

In honor of Skip Webster and

Juanita Smith

by Ione and Bill Winter

In honor of Jack Weinstein’s birthday

by Myriam Weinstein

In honor of William Welsh’s birthday

by Elizabeth and Edwin Hlavka

In memory of Bill Wheeler

by Wilmot Wheeler Foundation

In honor of Phil Willkie

by Ann and Dale Warner

In honor of Steve Wolinski

by Peter and Lori Nordquist

In honor of Merlin Paskel Zimbel’s

Bar Mitzvah

by Anita and Mike Siegel




Susan Evans


Michael Alexin

Vice Chair

Ellyn Wolfenson


Robert York Jr.


Deb Bauman

Mary Bolkcom

Linda Foreman

Tonya Hampton

Andrea Johnson,


Raymond Joncas, Jr.

Louis Ling,


Peter Loewenson,

M.D., M.P.H.

Britt Lundquist Gage

Harry Sweatt

William Williams

Phil Willkie

Special Thanks


Jessen Press, Inc.


Linda Elmquist



Tamika Garscia


Support and revenue unrestricted

Public Support: 2009 2008

Contributions & Grants $1,431,309 $1,222,808

United Way $456,819 $460,703

Government Grants & Contracts $1,521,571 $1,457,726

Total Public Support $3,409,699 $3,141,237


Service Fees/Teens Alone $270,165 $278,268

Interest & Realized Gains on Investments $1,072 $13,522

Unrealized Gain/(Loss) on Investments $2,233 ($3,910)

Gain/(Loss) on Disposal of Assets -0- ($15,289)

Miscellaneous $2,231 $2,589

Total Revenue $275,701 $275,180

Total Support and Revenue unrestricted

$3,685,400 $3,416,417


Program Expenses $2,748,983 $3,066,737

Management and General $281,626 $334,375

Fundraising $257,991 $249,721

Total Expenses (before depreciation) $3,288,600 $3,650,833

Depreciation $197,167 $185,462

Total Expenses (after depreciation) $3,485,767 $3,836,295


Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets $199,633 ($419,878)

Unrestricted net assets, beginning of year $3,464,243 $3,884,121

Unrestricted Net Assets,

end of year $3,663,876 $3,464,243



10-11 .... 1%

12-14 ....18%

15-17 ....58%

18-21 ....23%

N/R . . . . . 0%


African American . . . . . .49%

Asian/Pacific Islander ... 2%

Caucasian . . . . . . . . . . . . .20%

Hispanic ................4%

Based on audited financial statements

Multi-racial . . . . . . . . 15%

Native American . . . . .5%

Other ................3%

N/R ..................2%




Where The Money

Comes From







Where The

Money Goes





& General






Direct Service


Male ......... 46%

Female . . . . . . 53%

Transgender . . .

1111 West 22 nd Street

Minneapolis, MN 55405


[24 hours]

1111 West 22nd Street | Minneapolis, MN | 55405

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