A Complete Gym Solu�on


A Complete Gym Soluon

Used, Remanufactured and New Opons For Every Budget

Building a reputaon for over 20 years

with the industry’s highest quality

remanufactured fitness equipment.

Our passion and commitment can be seen in the smallest details

of every “Like New” machine we rebuild from the frame up.

Our state‐of‐the‐art 120,000 square foot facility includes the

world’s largest in‐stock inventory under one roof, mulple

quality‐driven assembly lines and thousands of ready to ship

products. More than remanufactured, we are a complete gym

soluons provider for every product needed to aract and

retain members.

UGE The Smartest Choice For ALL Your Gym Equipment Needs.

We’re commied to providing our customers and partners with the most affordable opons in every category of equipment necessary to aract

and retain members. We’re constantly studying the ever changing compeve market place, to ancipate and provide, the soluons needed to

help you succeed.

Remanufactured Cardio

Remanufactured Like NEW Cardio Machines With The

Overall Lowest Cost Of Ownership.

Complete Gym Design

Our experienced staff will assist you in creang the

perfect facility for every demographic and budget.

Remanufactured Strength

The most cost effecve soluon for selectorized, plate

loaded and free weight pieces available.

Entertainment Options

LED Digital TV features a brilliant high definion

energy saving viewing experience.

Muscle D Fitness

Commercial grade strength equipment with one of the

smallest foot prints available in the industry.

Leasing / Financing

Conserve capital with our highly compeve

leasing/financing opons.

Denali USA

The most affordable high quality German urethane


International Shipping

With customers and partners in over 100

countries around the world, our experienced

staff is there to assist you.

Hai Maintenance

“No Worries” Honest, Reliable and Professional

fitness equipment repair and customized

preventave maintenance programs.

Rent Gym Equipment

Rent month‐to‐month with NO Contracts.

All repairs, parts & exchanges are free for life

for vercal market customers.


Full line of locker opons from wood to plasc,

offered in mulple modern colors to create an

inspiring space within your budget. 12 different

er configuraons with six lock opons

Rubber Flooring

Complete line of durable rubber flooring opons

to protect your floor, while adding a disncve

and aracve look to your facility.

The Highest Quality Remanufactured Fitness Equipment Available With The Overall

Lowest Cost Of Ownership.

UGE delivers the closest experience to purchasing and

owning a new machine.

From the quality of the used machines we start with, to the highest

point checklist in the industry and our state‐of‐the‐art manufacturer

style assembly line, UGE machines rival the look, funcon and

reliability of a new machine.

We Start Only With The Best Used Machines

Only newer working condion, well maintained machines from

the top proven manufactures are worthy to begin the UGE remanufacturing


Beer Process = Beer Machines

Each piece is completely disassembled down to the bare frame.

Every component (104 on Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills) is subject

to the most rigorous inspecon process in the industry.

Steel frames and all exposed metal parts are sandblasted and

powder coated in the original manufacturer colors, UGE

proprietary colors such as ice blue or custom branding

Reassembled by factory trained and cerfied technicians.

Extensive operaonal /funcon test based on the OEM opera‐

onal check list procedures.

Manufacturer Style Assembly Line

Henry Ford’s assembly line not only increased efficiency, it produced a

more reliable product than companies building machines one at a me.

UGE runs mulple state‐of‐the‐art assembly lines similar to those used

by the original product manufactures. This allows our highly skilled staff

to focus on the correct installaon and calibraon of a single part.

Building more than the most reliable machines in the industry, UGE’s

machines are aesthecally more consistent. Whether you have two

machines side by side or thirty treadmills in a row, having the cosmecs

match flawlessly is key. Only UGE’s assembly line remanufacturing

process will provide you with the confidence that every machine will

be idencal while giving your customers the impression you purchased

brand new.

The Highest Point Inspecon Process

Each UGE Remanufactured machine is put through the most rigorous inspecon process in the industry.

Every component is inspected and either cleaned, painted, repaired or replaced with the highest quality OEM part.

104 Point Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill Inspecon (84 Individual Items With A Total Of 104 Pieces):

1. Striding Belt *Upgraded: Thermoplastic Urethane

2. Deck Replaced

3. Drive Belt Replaced

4. Rear Roller Inspect/Clean/*Bearings Replaced

5. 3.5” Front Roller Inspect/Clean/*Bearings Replaced

6. Motor Inspect/Clean/*Bearings Replaced

7. Idler Pulley Inspect/Clean/*Bearing Replaced

8. Overlay/Bezel Replaced

9. Anti-Static Tinsel Replaced

10. Rear Console Decal Replaced

11. Rear Console Case Inspect/Clean/Paint

12. PCB Assembly Inspect/Clean/Test

13. Switch Membrane Inspect/Test

14. Magnet Disc Replaced

15. Tether Stop Assy. Inspected/Cleaned/Clip Replaced

16. CD Tray Inspected/Cleaned

17. Stop Switch Inspect/Clean/Test

18. Front Console Case Inspect/Clean/Paint

19. Polar Receiver Inspect/Test

20. Polar/E Stop Cable Assy Inspect/Test

21. Console Accessory Cover Inspect/Clean

22. ERGO Bar Assembly Inspect/Clean

23. User Sense Proximity Cable Inspect/Clean/Test

24. HR Sensor Cable Inspect/Clean/Test

25. ERGO Bar Gasket, LT Inspect/Clean

26. ERGO Bar Gasket, RT Inspect/Clean

27. Bottom LT Handrail Boot Inspect/Clean/Paint

28. Top LT Handrail Boot Inspect/Clean/Paint

29. Upright, Plug (2) Inspect/Clean

30. Upright, LT Inspect/Powder Coated

31. Upright Tube Cap (2) Inspect/Clean/Paint

32. Handrail Tube Cap (2) Inspect/Clean/Paint

33. Upright Plug (2) Inspect/Clean/Paint

34. Upright, RT Inspect/Powder Coated

35. Handrail (2) Inspect/Clean

36. Top RT Handrail Boot Inspect/Clean/Paint

37. Bottom RT Handrail Boot Inspect/Clean/Paint

38. Motor Shroud Assy. Inspect/Clean/Paint

39. Felt Strip—28” Replaced

40. Front Cover Inspect/Clean/Paint

41. Bug Medallion Assembly Inspect/Clean

42. Polley V Pulley 8” Inspect/Clean

43. Front End Cap (2) Inspect/Clean/Paint

44. Cup Holder, LT Inspect/Clean/Paint

45. Cup Holder, RT Inspect/Clean/Paint

46. TECSPAK Spring (8) Inspect /Clean

47. TECSPAK Tinnerman Clip (4) Inspect /Clean

48. Belt Limit Label, RT Inspect/Clean

49. Caution Label Replaced

50. Belt Limit Label, LT Inspect/Clean

51. Rear Roller Guard, LF Inspect/Clean/Paint

52. Rear Roller Guard, RT Inspect/Clean/Paint

53. Anti-Scuff Pad, LT Inspect/Clean/Paint

54. Anti-Scuff Pad, RT Inspect/Clean/Paint

55. IFC Receptacle Inspect/Clean

56. Lift Frame End Cap Inspect/Clean

57. Line Cord Clip Inspect/Clean

58. Wheel (2) Inspect/Clean

59. Lift Frame Inspect/Clean/Paint

60. Lift Motor Inspect/Clean/Test

61. Wax Lift PCB Inspect/Clean/Test

62. Mounting Bracket Inspect/Clean

63. Motor Capacitor Inspect/Clean/Test

64. Poly-V Pulley Inspect/Clean

65. Insulating Pad (2) Inspect/Clean

66. Flywheel Assembly Inspect/Clean

67. Sensor Wheel Inspect/Clean

68. Speed Sensor Assembly Inspect/Clean/Test

69. Motor Pulley Inspect/Clean

70. Idler Arm Assembly Inspect/Clean

71. Anti Static Brush Inspect/Clean

72. Decal—LF Logo LT Replaced

73. Decal—LF Logo RT Replaced

74. Limit Switch Inspect/Clean/Test

75. Idler Spring Damper Inspect/Clean

76. Idler Spring Inspect/Clean

77. Plug Inspect/Clean/Test

78. Bracket Leveler (2) Inspect/Clean/Paint

79. Leveling Foot (2) Inspect/Clean/Paint

80. Rear End Cap, LT Inspect/Clean/Paint

81. Rear End Cap, RT Inspect/Clean/Paint

82. Lens Cover Assembly Inspect/Clean

83. Heart Rate Electrode Kit Inspect/Clean/Test

84. Every Nut, Bolt & Screw Replaced

Remanufactured Cardio With The Overall Lowest Cost Of Ownership.

UGE Remanufactured Like NEW Commercial Treadmills


UGE Treadmill

New Reversible Deck On Every UGE REMANUFACTURED Treadmill ($114 Value)

Competitors Treadmill No New Deck: + $114



New Thermoplasc

Urethane Belt On

Every UGE



($225 Value)



Regular Belt


Urethane Belt: + $145


Rebuilt Motor

On Every UGE



($370 Value)


Inspected Only

Motor: +370


New Bearings On Every UGE

Remanufactured Treadmill ($471 Value)

No New Bearings: +$471




$1,100 Savings Per Machine With UGE

Remanufactured Treadmills

Potential Additional Cost???

Service Calls: + $125 Per Visit

UGE Inspects Over 104 Individual Parts On Life Fitness 95Ti

Treadmills……. What Part Did Our Competor Miss: + $?

ALL The Top Name Brands

And Models Needed To

Aract And Retain Members

Featured Clients

and Installations

Exer_Sizes Gym Center

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“I would recommend those bodybuilding gym

investors to deal with your highly featured and

trained workers in this big company.

Since the first initial proposal till the arrival of

the equipment containers to my door are very

professional and easy.”

Mohammad Ali Shehr

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