Sheep in the Road: vol 2


A second volume of a set of sorts containing all sorts ... originally intended to be from the mumblings, imaginings, wanderings and ramblings of one of the sheep in the the road, to the hiding and skulking rebel in the margins of a page, to outrage ... but, now probably better described as a photobook with some texture.

Tinkering, adding, subtracting, tweaking, rewriting ... oh hell ... a kind of impatience has taken my hand and made me press ‘publish’ ... probably some of the content may suffer from this recklessly premature move, I don’t think so ... but the well used anology ‘you can’t polish a turd’ has informed my action.

I thank you.

Alan Rutherford,
July 2015


This volume (2) published by Hand Over Fist Press, 2015



Design, photographs, all text and additional artwork

by Alan Rutherford

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