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Dr. Michael A. Dirr Offering Future Tree Selections

Dr. Michael A. Dirr Offering Future Tree Selections

Ginkgo biloba-Ginkgo200

Ginkgo biloba-Ginkgo200 million years (?) and still going strong; over 50 cultivars,many oddities; Presidential Gold (bottom three) andGolden Colonnade(right two) (SUPPLIER: J. FrankSchmidt & Son I Photos Courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt & Son)are two introductions from my program and are availablefrom Schmidt’s.Gymnocladus dioicus-Kentucky CoffeetreeGymnocladus dioicus-Kentucky Coffeetree (SUPPLIER: J.Frank Schmidt & Son and Loma Vista Nursery, Inc. I LeftPhoto Courtesy of Loma Vista Nursery, Inc.) Zone 4 to 7adaptability, i.e. Minnesota to Atlanta, and performingwell; extremely variable,need additional selections; haveseveral male clones like ‘Espresso’ (SUPPLIER: J. FrankSchmidt & Son I Right Photo Courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt& Son), ‘Bravo’ (‘Prairie Train’) and ‘Stately Manor’; thelatter appears to be the best.Magnolia stellata ‘Centennial Blush’Seedling selection from Georgia, average of 56 tepals per flower, outstanding. n

Nyssa sylvatica-Blackgum, TupeloA Dirr favorite; Keith Warren is evaluating approximately 30 selections,has two slated for introduction; great early fall color, ranges fromMaine to Texas; Red Rage(‘Hayman Red’) (SUPPLIERS: J.Frank Schmidt & Son and JostGreenhouses I Photos Courtesyof Mike Hayman) is promising;‘Carolyn’ from Wisconsin via NewHampshire provenance could be aworthy northern type.Quercus-OakStill among the best for everydayuse; not without problems and inSouth (and North), bacterial leafscorch, with the recent heat anddrought, has been debilitating; Isee more hybrids in production like‘Crimson Spire’ (Q. alba x Q. robur)(SUPPLIERS: J. Frank Schmidt & Sonand Loma Vista Nursery, Inc. I TopPhotos Courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt& Son), Heritage ® (‘Clemons’)(Q. robur x Q. macrocarpa) andRegal Prince ® (SUPPLIERS: J. FrankSchmidt & Son, Jost Greenhousesand Loma Vista Nursery, Inc. IBottom Left Photo Courtesy of J.Frank Schmidt & Son) (‘Long’) (Q.robur “Fastigiata’ x Q. bicolor).Also, the more I observe Q. bicolor,(SUPPLIER: J. Frank Schmidt & Son,Jost Greenhouses I Bottom RightPhoto Courtesy of Jost Greenhouses)the better it looks from Minnesotato Georgia. Currently, severalsouthern growers are producingown-root (via cuttings) cultivarswith excellent uniformity and noneof the problems associated with graftincompatibilities.888.233.1876 n

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