Prospectus - Kowhai Intermediate School

Prospectus - Kowhai Intermediate School


Principal’s welcomeWelcome and warm greetings to all parents and studentsconsidering enrolment at Kowhai Intermediate for 2016.Kowhai is a unique school perfectly positioned toprepare your child for the opportunities, challengesand responsibilities that lie just ahead. The diversecomposition of our school community and our location atthe heart of Auckland City means that we are living at theforefront of change.It is an honour and privilege to be the new Principal atKowhai Intermediate after having worked in the schoolas Associate Principal for the last 9 years. I look forwardto building upon the school’s current strong foundationsand leading our school community into the future.Our vision is to prepare and enable our studentsto step confidently into the future as well roundedindividuals. This vision is well supported by ourstrong sense of school culture, values and teachingprogrammes.We know the needs of this age group and ourprogrammes reflect this. We know learning must bemeaningful, it must be challenging, it must be fun and itmust be viewed from a student perspective.At Kowhai we know that student achievement isstrengthened by strong partnerships between home andschool so we look forward to the opportunity of workingwith you, in strong partnership, over the next two years.I look forward to answering any of your queriesand encourage you to visit the school, attend our openevening or one of our open days.Louise BroadPrincipalOUR VISIONWe learn. No exceptions.Ka ako mo ake tonu atu.E leai se ‘Alofaga o le Ola A’oa’oinaOur students will step confidently into the future,as well rounded individuals.WE VALUEWhanauWe include everyone We work togetherWe look after each otherRespectRespect our diversity Respect our environmentRespect Te Tiriti o WaitangiLearningPersonalised learning Fun and challenge Celebration of successesConfidenceConfident in ourselves Confident in each otherConfident to try new thingsFairnessWe are honest We do what is right We listen to each otherSCHOOL PROVERBKo taku toa he toa takitini.My strength comes from my whanau and those who came before me.Kowhai Intermediate School ERO ReportFor our latest excellent report by the EducationReview Office, visit www.ero.govt.nz2

ContentsFive priorities at Kowhai 4What will I learn at Kowhai? 6Our curriculum 6Talent development andextension programmes 6Learning support 7Information and communicationtechnologies – ICT 7Our bilingual learning units 7What can I do outsidethe classroom? 8Sports programmes 8Intermediate sports camp 8Trent Bray Swim School 8Camps, trips and adventures 8What can I do creativelyat Kowhai? 10Performing arts 10Technology10Visual arts 11Our history and traditionsKowhai Intermediate was established in October 1922 and is New Zealand’sfirst intermediate school. In keeping with the school’s tradition, studentsjoin one of the four school houses of Burns, Garrard, Parr and Rudman.Students collect points for their house through their involvement inschool life and for maintaining school values. The school also continuesthe tradition of formal assembly. Classes take turns to lead the assemblyand parents are welcome to attend.More things to knowabout Kowhai? 12Student behaviour 12School fees and donations 12Healthy students and ahealthy school community 12Student involvementand leadership 12School hours 13Staying in touch 13Stationery13Canteen13Health care 13Sick bay 13Dental clinic 13Uniform14How to get here 14Enrolment14International students 14Enrolment zone 15Contact information 163

Five priorities at KowhaiLearning to learnKowhai Intermediate School iscommitted to teaching childrenhow to learn. We don’t see childrenas empty buckets to be filled up withinformation. We believe childrenneed to learn how to build up theirown understandings.Quality teachersThe school is staffed by a balanceof men and women – teachers withinterests and skills and a passion forteaching intermediate-age children.Kowhai teachers use current bestteaching practices and engage inregular professional development.It is the teacher that makes thegreatest difference to studentachievement and Kowhai teachersknow how to inspire and challengetheir students to excellence.Focus on literaciesLiteracy and numeracy are twinpriorities at Kowhai. There areproven reading, writing andspeaking programmes in everyclass, alongside lessons inunderstanding and communicationin the language of number. Digitalliteracy is essential so that ourstudents can safely navigatethe ocean of ideas, opinions andinformation available via the internet.Learning others’ languages preparesour children to move betweencultures confidently. We aim toproduce richly articulate youngpeople in all these literacies.Personalised learningEach child comes with theirunique collection of experiences,interests and abilities. Our schoolis set up to identify the needsof individual learners andsupport individual pathways todevelopment. We personaliseyour child’s education.Fun with challengeThis is the age to try out newchallenges. We cater for thisliveliness and inquisitivenessthrough exciting physical, culturaland creative enrichment, such ascamps, competitions and events.4

“We are a learningcommunity”At Kowhai Intermediate School weare all learning – students, staffand whanau – all the time andfrom each other. Our children areat the centre of this community.Each student will feel secure,appreciated and have a sense ofbelonging here. Our multi-ethnicschool aims to be an exampleof how New Zealanders of allbackgrounds can work and playtogether. The rich resources,contexts and experiences of ourcommunity support the learningof our children.We maintainexcellent relationships andcommunications with ourcontributing schools and secondaryschools, so as to ensure seamlesstransitions as our students movethrough their schooling.5

What will I learn at Kowhai?At Kowhai students have their ownclassroom and teacher who teachesthem most of the curriculum.Classes are in teams that we callWhanau Whero, Whanau Takahe,Whanau Kotuku and WhanauPounamu. Each Whanau has a mix ofseparate year 7 and year 8 classes sothat students from both levels get toknow each other. The lead teacher ofevery Whanau is a member of theKowhai management team.Each week, classes spend someperiods with specialist teachers, whoteach technology, ICT and media,visual art, music and performing arts.Our curriculumKowhai’s curriculum follows all thelearning areas of the New Zealandcurriculum:µ Englishµ Mathematicsµ Scienceµ Social sciencesµ Health and physical educationµ Technologyµ The artsµ Second languagesTalent development andextension programmesEvery class has a streamedprogramme in English andmathematics to ensure that studentsare challenged to excel. Our socialinquiry learning allows students to godeeper in areas of study that interestthem. Talent Development modulesoffer a variety of enrichmentopportunities that students can selectin academic subjects and the arts.We encourage gifted studentsto take part in the InternationalCompetitions and Assessmentsfor Schools (ICAS) examinationsin science, English, mathematicsand computer studies. Studentswith high level abilities can tackleOtago University Maths (a termlyproblem-solving challenge) and theannual Mathex competition. For6

avid readers there is the AucklandLit Quiz competition.Learning supportKowhai Intermediate is an inclusiveschool where students withspecial needs are integrated intomainstream classes with appropriatesupport. Kowhai has a learningsupport centre – the Totara Room– where an experienced teacherprovides targeted instruction forstudents using such resources asLearning Staircase (a computerbasedliteracy programme).Information and communicationtechnologies – ICTICT tools and resources are usedacross the curriculum, includingportable devices, desktopcomputers and data projectors foreach class. There is a school-widewireless network and GoogleApps are used by students in theirdaily learning. Each student hasa Google account for learning.Class sets of Chromebooks areused in classrooms on a dailybasis. Students may also bringtheir own approved devices.Our bilingual learning unitsTe Whanau Pounamu – MaoriTe Whanau Pounamu is a parallelpathway of learning that isunderpinned by Tikanga Maori andis delivered through Te Reo Maori.Graduates of Te Whanau Pounamuare empowered culturally with astrong sense of identity and arecompetent, confident and connectedlifelong learners.Toku reo toku ohoohoToku reo toku mapihi maureaToku reo toku whakakai marihiAhakoa he iti, he iti Pounamu.Ga – foa le Ata – SamoanGa – foa le Ata – The Break of Dawn,is our Samoan bilingual class, forstudents whose Samoan heritageand language is acknowledged andincorporated into their everydaylearning. The class programmefollows the New Zealand curriculumwith a clear focus on biliteracy inboth Samoan and English. Ourphilosophy is guided by threeprinciples: language, identity andsupport, and aims to significantlyimprove our students’ academicachievements and personal growth.Students with prior Samoanlanguage experience are preferred;however we welcome enquiries fromall interested families.O Ga – foa le Ata o se vasegae fa’aogaina ai gagana e lua(Fa’aperetania ma le Fa’aSamoa) ea’aoaina ai matupu eseese. O leneivasega o se vasega e tu’u fa’atasia ai letausaga fitu ma le tausaga valu.O lo’o mulimulita’i polokalamea lenei vasega i Ta’iala o a’oa’oga aNiu Sila. O lenei vasega e talafeagailea mo tamati uma o lo’o mafaiona tautala ma tusitui i le GaganaSamoa, pe i ai foi se silafia i legagana. E le – taofia ai lou susu mai efa’atalatalanoa se avanoa mo lou alope a fia auai ai i lenei vasega.7

What can I do outside the classroom?Sports programmesKowhai has a strong and successfulsporting tradition and studentscan trial for school representativeteams in many different sports.We compete in the following sports:µ Athletics, cross country,swimming, cricket, softball, touchrugby, tennis, volleyball, basketball,netball, soccer, rugby sevens,hockey, league, table tennis.Team practices often occurbefore or after school, supervised byteachers or coaches. A fitness clubmeets before school during the yearcatering for students interested inimproving their performance at acompetitive level. Girls’ netball teamscompete in a Saturday morning interschoolcompetition. Boys and girls8compete in the mid-week basketballcompetition at Unitec. Inter-houseand inter-Whanau sporting andgames competitions involving thewhole school, occur during the year.Intermediate sports campUp to fifty of our top sports peoplecompete at the week-long IntermediateSports Camp held in Matamata eachyear. Our most talented sports studentstest themselves in a wide range ofdisciplines.The Kowhai IntermediateSchool team has won the championshiptitle for the past four years.Trent Bray Swim SchoolWe have a special relationship withthe Trent Bray Swim School. Thismodern indoor heated pool complexis situated on our school grounds.Kowhai Intermediate students haveyear-round access to the pool and theswim school’s top quality instructors.All students have the opportunityto take part in swimming instructionfor at least two terms of the year.Students access this programmefree of charge. Kowhai club andcompetitive swimmers use the poolall year for training under the swimschool’s instruction.Camps, trips and adventuresLearning at Kowhai includes camps,adventure days and field trips. Overtheir two years here, students attend aschool camp, at either Totara Springsor Carey Park, and a marae experienceat the Ngati Whatua Orakei wharenui.

Up to 28 students can attendour annual snow camp, stayinga week in a lodge on Mt Ruapehu.Adventure days provide outdoorchallenges such as mountainbiking,sailing or other outdooractivities. Science and socialstudies learning sometimesincludes field trips and otheropportunities to engage with theworld outside school.The school assists studentswith fundraising activities to helpmanage the cost of some camps.9

What can I do creatively at Kowhai?Performing arts – dance,drama and musicAdolescent students are drawn totaking risks with their growingbodies and minds. The performingarts give our students opportunitiesto explore their new capabilities. Wehave specialist dance, drama andmusic teachers. Students can starta new musical instrument, or buildon their skills. Students can learn anew instrument by taking lessonsfrom itinerant music teachers inschool time at a modest cost. TheKowhai Intermediate Kapa Hakagroup competes each year and alsoperforms for the school and parents.Our performing arts teachers seekopportunities within the communityto give students valuable learningexperiences, from artisticcollaborations with professionalperformers to competitions. Theannual variety show allows studentsto perform in public, and parents towatch their children’s talents grow.See our website for examplesof some of the performing artsopportunities available at – working withmetals, foods, electronics,textiles and structuresIn our technology studios, studentsexplore existing technologies beforedeveloping their own ideas underthe guidance of specialist teachers.The focus is on hands-on learningwhether creating pieces of jewellery,or a nutritious meal.Each year, students complete a50-hour course in technology. Browsethe Kowhai School website forphotos of our work, including a videoshowcasing our own mechanical toys.

Visual arts – experimentingwith mediaOur specialist visual arts teacherdevelops students’ expressiveand creative talents by producingexciting objects and images in avariety of media. Student art isdisplayed at Auckland intermediateschool art exhibitions. Manyfamilies frame or display theirchildren’s artworks for their homedecor. Examples of student workcan be found on the Kowhai schoolwebsite photo gallery.11

More things to know about KowhaiStudent behaviourStudents are expected to takeresponsibility for their behaviour.We expect to support them withencouragement, advice and discipline.Our main focus is affirming andencouraging excellent behaviour,while maintaining fair consequencesfor poor behaviour.The Principal and the AssociatePrincipal consider their time wellspent understanding reasons forinappropriate behaviour and puttingprogrammes in place to help studentsmake positive changes. We abide bythe school’s Guiding Principles andthe following school rules:µ Respect others and yourself.School DonationAnnual curriculumdonation per family $220Two or more pupilsper family $350This contribution to school fundsprovides resources not funded by theGovernment – and includes ‘takehome’ items such as artworks ortechnology projects.12µ Always do your best and allowothers to do their best.µ Be in the right place at theright time.µ Look after the school andall property.µ Be responsible for your ownthings, including uniform.The school has positive behaviourinitiatives, such as the weekly WhizzKids prize draw – where studentsput names and good actions into aweekly draw for a small prize.Healthy students and ahealthy school communityKowhai Intermediate School is amember of the Health PromotingSchools programme. Student voiceis crucial to successful healthpromotion, so students are consultedvia the HPS team, the school council,surveys and an open door to theschool management. In this way,students are enabled to takeresponsibility for the well-being ofthe school community. They can takepart in the Health Committee with thePublic Health Nurse, the AssociatePrincipal and visiting experts toplan projects, which positivelyinfluence the health of students.Students have organised suchevents as a cultural day where theschool was able to showcase theirown culture through dress, food andperformance; a sushi day wherestudents prepared and sold sushi asa healthly lunch option. (Visit ourwebsite tosee galleries of such events.)Student involvementand leadershipLeadership is encouragedby providing may layers ofopportunities. For example: eachclass has a representative and deputyon the school council; the HPScommittee involves representativesfrom every class; each of the fourhouses have leaders and deputies;many students are involved ascaptains of the many sports played atKowhai; ‘tech angels’ are ICT-savvystudents who assist organising ourICT resources; school assembliesare led by students; numerousfundraisers, charity and social eventsare all led by students; and each yearnew ideas emerge from our studentsabout ways to serve the school.

Staying in touchMeet your teacherParents are encouraged tocontribute to their child’s learninggoals throughout the year. Theyare invited to meet teacherstogether with their child earlyin Term 1 to map learning goalsand again in Term 2 to discussprogress and review these goals.Parents are welcome to contacttheir child’s class teacher or thePrincipal and Associate Principalat any time to discuss their child’swell-being and progress. Meetingscan be arranged at a time that isconvenient.Newsletters and reportsµ Student portfolios contain assessedpieces of work and come home at theend of each term.µ Reports at the end of Terms 2and 4 show the level your childhas reached in relation to NationalStandards.µ Newsletters and notices aredistributed throughout the year.µ We encourage parents tocommunicate with classroomteachers by email. Phone messagesmay be left with the School Office.School websiteOur school website keeps you up to datewith your child’s activities.Students like to browse the photoand video galleries. Homeworktasks and news updates are postedweekly on the website.StationeryStationery packs can be purchasedfrom the school office at thebeginning of the school year.CanteenLunches may be ordered on linethrough the link on our web page.Lunches will be delivered to theclassroom. The canteen is also openduring morning interval.Health careA public health nurse visits theschool throughout the school year.She sees any students with healthproblems and follows up hearingand vision tests. She administersthe immunisation programme withparental consent. Students can referthemselves to the Health Nurseand she will keep parents advisedand seek consent where necessary.Contact: Public Health Nurse,telephone (09) 639 0200 ext 2749.Sick bayOur office staff members holdcurrent First Aid Certificates. Unlessit is a minor matter, if your childis hurt or becomes ill a memberof staff will contact you. In case ofan emergency our staff will call anambulance and advise you urgently.SCHOOL HOURSAll students in school 8.30amSchool begins 8.45amInterval10.20 - 10.45amLunch break 12.00 - 12.15pmAfternoon break 1.10 – 1.50pmEnd of school 3.00pmSchool Office hoursMonday to Friday 8am – 4.00pmLateness or absenceLate students report to the SchoolOffice to collect a late pass. If yourchild is absent or late for any reasonyou must phone the school, or School Office will notify youby text message if your child isabsent without a reason.School Office telephone(09) 846 7534Please remember to updateyour contact details with the schooland ensure we have an alternativecontact number in case we areunable to reach you.Dental clinicThe mobile school dental clinicvisits once a year.Contact: Dental Clinic,19 Brixton Road, Mt Eden,telephone (09) 623 4537.13

UniformStudents must wear schooluniform at all times duringthe school day and whentravelling to and fromschool.GIRLS a navymonogrammedpolo shirt, maroonmonogrammedsweatshirt, navy andmaroon plaid culottes ornavy shorts, plain whiteankle socks.Terms 2 and 3 (optional)long-sleeved plain navyskivvy, monogrammedheavy zip-up fleece, long plainnavy trousers, black tights,monogrammed navy rain jacket.BOYS a navy monogrammedpolo shirt, maroonmonogrammed sweatshirt, navyshorts, long black socks.Terms 2 and 3 (optional) long-sleevedplain navy skivvy, monogrammed heavyzip-up fleece, long plain navy trousers,monogrammed navy rain jacket.FOOTWEAR plain black leatherlace-up shoes Terms 2 and 3 (optional)black or brown leather sandals.SUN HATS Terms 1 and 4 plainnavy cap or bucket hat.PE UNIFORM gold and navymonogrammed top and PE shorts.SWIMMING regulation swimmingattire will be needed in Terms 2 and 3.SPORTS TEAMS representing theschool may wear a plain navy bluetracksuit when attending sportingevents.JEWELLERY a single stud in eachear and/or a watch.HAIR long hair must be tied backduring technology classes with aplain navy or black hair tie.UNIFORM CAN BE PURCHASEDfrom The Warehouse, 7 WagenerPlace, Mt Albert (opp Westfield StLukes). Phone 09 846 9534.14How to get hereWe recommend students travel to andfrom school with others. If your childmust come to school by car, pleasetake care not to stop or park illegally.Bus and trainWe are well served by public transport.The Principal visits Kingsland trainstation after school to monitor safety.It is your responsibility to ensure yourchild understands how to behavesafely in and around public transport.Own wheelsWe encourage students tocycle, scooter or walk to school.Appropriate safety helmets mustbe worn and you must ensure yourchild knows the safest route to andfrom school. Bicycle racks and alock-up scooter shed are availableto store bikes and scooters duringthe day.WalkingIf your child walks to schoolindependently make sure he orshe knows where and how to usethe controlled crossings on theway to school.EnrolmentIn order to plan our classes forthe new school year, we encourageyou to enrol your child by the endof Term 3.We welcome out of zone enrolmentshowever this year there will be a ballotfor available places. The closing datefor out of zone enrolments is the 14thOctober 2015. The ballot date for out ofzone enrolments is 21st October 2015.International studentsKowhai welcomes internationalstudents. We place internationalstudents in mainstream classeswith local students, and providewithdrawal classes to teach oraland written English.A designated adult, who seesto their pastoral care, and ensuresthat their accommodation issafe and happy, supports ourinternational students.Enrolment as an internationalstudent is made through thePrincipal. International student packsare available from the school office.

Kowhai Intermediate enrolment zoneAbbey StAce PlAitken TceAkepiro StAkiraho StAlberton AveAlderley RdAlex Evans StAlexander StAlexis AveAllendale RdAltham AveAmandale AveAmbrose StArawa StArgyle StAriki St fromWilliamson Ave toGreat North RdAroha AveAsquith AveAuburn StAvenham WalkBaldwin AveBannerman StBasque RdBeaconsfield StBegbie PlBellevue Rd fromDominion Rd toHoroeka AveBellwood AveBenfield RdBennett StBond StBoston RdBournemouth RdBraemar TceBrentwood AveBrewster RdBright StBrisbane StBuchanan StBurch StBurgoyne StBurleigh StBurnley TceBurns StBurnside RdBurton StCamden RdCardigan StCargill StCarrick PlCarrie StCarrington RdCaughey PlCentral RdChallinor CresChapman StCharlotte StChatham AveCobden StColeridge St fromWilliamson Ave toGreat North RdCollins StCommercial RdConway RdCooper StCopeland StCornwallis StCouldry StCounsel TceCoyle StCricket AveCromwell StCrummer RdDacre StDean StDerwent StDevon StDiamond StDolph StDominion Rd fromstart (city end) toPaice AveDon Croot StDoreen AveDouglas RdDuart AveDuncan AveDuncan McLeanLinkDundonald StEdenvale CresEdenvale Park RdEdenview TceEdinburgh StElgin St fromWilliamson Ave toGreat North RdEsplanade Rdfrom Mt Eden Rd toView RdEthel StEuston RdEvelyn StEwington AveExeter RdExmouth StFairleigh AveFenton StFergusson AveFerner AveFifth AveFinch StFirst AveFleet StFlower StFontenoy StFourth RdFowlds AveFowler AveFrance StFrancis Ryan ClGeorge StGlenside CresGordon RdGrande AveGrange Rd fromDominon Rd toHenly RdGrant AveGrayson AveGreat North Rdfrom start (city end)to Williamson AveGrosvenor StGrove RdGuardwell AveGundry StHampstead RdHarbutt AveHarcourt StHaslett StHaultoun StHaverstock RdHazelmere RdHesketh StHighland RdHome StHoroeka AveHoropito StHulse AveIan McKinnon DrInwood StJennings StJerram StJersey AveJesmond TceKamahi StKaraka StKarangahape Rdfrom Great NorthRd to MotorwayOverpass KawakaStKelly StKenneth AveKenyon AveKeppell StKerr Taylor AveKhyber Pass Rdfrom Symonds St toBoston RdKing Edward Stfrom Paice Ave toDominion RdKing StKingsland AveKingsland TceKingsway AveKirk StKitchener RdKitenui AveKnight AveKorari StKowhai StLa Veta AveLaurel StLeamington RdLeone TceLeslie AveLevonia StLinwood AveLisnoe AveLloyd AveLocarn AveLyon AveMacAulay StMacKelvie fromWilliamson Ave toGreat North RdMadeira LaneMadeira PlMaidstone StMalvern RdMargaret AveMark RdMarlborough StMarne RdMartin AveMaybeck RdMcDonald StMcLean StMinnie StMonaghan AveMonmouth StMorningside DrMostyn StMountain View RdMountfield TceMt Albert Rd fromCarrington Rd toSandringham RdMt Eden Rd fromNew North Rd andSymonds St toEsplanade RdMt Royal AveMyrtle StNew Bond StNew North Rdfrom start (city end)to Richardson &Woodward RdsNewcastle StNewton RdNgahura StNiger StNikau StNixon StNorgrove AveNorrie AveNorthland StNorwich StNovar PlNugent StOakfield AveOnslow RdOphir StOwairaka AvePaice AveParkdale RdParr RdPartridge StPhyllis StPickens CresPickett AvePollen St fromWilliamson Ave toGreat North RdPonsonby Rd fromKarangahape &Great North Rds toWilliamson AvePorters AvePotatau StProspect TceProspero AvePunga StPutiki StRaetihi StRaleigh StRanleigh TceRawalpindi StReimers AveRendall StRenton RdRhodes AveRhyde StRichardson RdRichbourne StRocky Nook AveRossgrove TceRossmay TceRoyal AveRoyal TceRuarangi RdRuru StSadgrove TceSainsbury RdSandringham Rdfrom New North Rdto Mt Albert RdScanlan StSchool RdSeaview TceSecond AveSeddon StSegar AveSelcourt RdSelkirk RdSevern StSeychelles StShaddock StShaw StShorwell StSpringfield RdSpringleigh AveSt Benedicts StSt Lukes RdStable LaneStillwell RdSuffolk StSummit DrSussex St fromWIlliamson Ave toGreat North RdSutherland RdSylvan Ave EastSylvan Ave WestSymonds St fromNew North Rd toAlex Evans StTakau StTanekahe St fromPaice Ave to KingEdward StTasman AveTaumata StTaupata StTawari StTaylors RdThanet AveThird AveThomas AveTongariro StToroa StTurakina StUpper Queen StVailima StValley Rd fromDominion Rd toWoodford andHoroeka StsVerona AveView Rd fromEsplanade Rd toHoroeka StVinter TceViolet StWagner PlWaima StWairere AveWalters RdWard TceWarwick StWatea RdWater StWatson AveWellgarth StWesley AveWest StWestern Springs RdWeston AveWillcott StWilliamson AveWillis StWolseley StWoodford RdWoodward RdWynyard Rd15

CONTACT INFORMATIONKowhai Intermediate School26 Onslow Road, KingslandTELEPHONE (09) 846 7534EMAIL

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