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Hello fellow alumni! Welcome to another exciting edition of the Owens Community College Alumni Association’s

Encounters magazine.

A recent and effective trend in the world of business is to clearly defi ne a business or organization’s purpose by creating and adopting

organizational Mission and Vision Statements. So often, however, we hear these statements and fi nd that they are unclear or do not

actually coincide with the organization’s purpose.

At Owens Community College, the Mission Statement reads: “We believe in serving our students and our communities.

Your success is our mission.”

President of the College

Christa Adams, Ph.D.

Board of Trustees

Ronald McMaster, Chair

John Moore, Vice Chair

John Ault

Allan Libbe

R J Molter

Carl Patterson

Richard Rowe

Jack Sculfort

Dee Talmage

Owens’ Mission Statement – straightforward, concise and refl ective of the College’s purpose – affects more than

45,000 students each year. Helping those students succeed is further defi ned in the College’s Vision Statement

that reads: “Owens faculty and staff are committed to strengthening the community by providing a superior

educational experience through excellence, innovation and collaboration.”

Owens’ Mission and Vision Statements have personally impacted me for more than 20 years. As a student,

I found the faculty was supportive and committed to helping me achieve my dream of graduation. As an

Owens parent, I see that same commitment from Owens faculty and staff with my daughters. Throughout

its more than 40 years of operation, Owens has remained committed to helping people succeed and making

Northwest Ohio a better place to live and work.

As president of the Owens Alumni Association, I am proud to be involved with an organization that

works collaboratively with the College and the community to enhance Owens Community College’s

mission. By engaging alumni and students in programs, events and services that energize interest,

build loyalty and strengthen support of Owens, our alumni will be advocates for the College in our

community and beyond.

Our Alumni Association is growing daily and offers involvement through a host of signature

activities and events for you to enjoy. Please take the time to read about upcoming events and

past successes in this edition of Encounters.

Catch the Alumni Spirit. Join the Owens Community College Alumni Association today and

help future generations of students succeed!


Janet M. Meacham

President, Owens Alumni Association

Foundation Board Members

Brian Paskvan, Interim President/CEO

Rasesh Shah, Chairman

J. Michael Wilder, Vice Chairman

Arthur Smith, Secretary

John Christy, Treasurer

Christa Adams

James Baehren

Randi Bellner

Charles Bills

R. Jeffrey Bixler

James Carter

Daniel Kimmet

Allan Libbe

Janet Meacham

Paul Meinerding

Johnny Mickler


Harold Miller

John McDermott

John Moore

James Murray

Thomas Pounds

Sharon Speyer

Alumni Association Board

Janet Meacham, President

David Seeger, Vice President

Debra Green, Secretary

Steve Cotner, Treasurer

Laura Moore, Manager

Brooke Affholder

Mark Carr

Bob Clifford


Allen Gunn

Andrea Gurcsik

Angela Jackson

Kaye Koevenig

Susan Litten

Michael Rickard

Allison Schroeder

Bill Steele

Frank Weaver

Encounters Magazine

Laura Moore, Editor

Kristin Copenhaver,

Project Manager and Contributor

Jill Strong, Designer

Brad Meyer, Contributor

View from Capitol Square in Columbus

Recent activity in Columbus continues to suggest education is

a primary focus for many legislators. From the Governor’s Core

Curriculum Plan outlined in his State of the State address earlier

this year to mandates set forth by the General Assembly in the

FY 2006-07 State Budget - education is getting some much

needed attention.

Over the past several months, the higher education sectors have

focused their attention to the numerous councils, committees

and subcommittees, which have been created as a result of the

FY 2006-07 State Budget. The budget increased overall higher

education funding by approximately 1 percent in FY 2006 and

3.2 percent FY 2007. An additional $30 million, imbedded

in the 2007 increase of 3.2 percent, is contingent upon the

completion of three studies to be conducted by Ohio’s higher

education coordinating board – the Ohio Board of Regents.

The Regents were mandated by the legislature to study:

1) how to distribute funds based on campus administrative

and operational effi ciencies; 2) how to distribute funds based

on degree and certifi cate completion; and 3) how to provide

fi nancial incentives for two-year campuses for completion of

certifi cates and associate degrees. The Regents will provide

their fi ndings to the overarching legislative Higher Education

Funding Study Council in April. In turn, the HEFSC will make

recommendations affecting the additional $30 million to the

Speaker of the House by May 31, 2006.

As discussions move forward with the HEFSC and various other

councils, Owens Community College has been successful in

reaching out and advocating on behalf of the College and all

two-year higher education institutions. For example, several

individuals from Owens are participants on some of these

Owens Community College has appointed Dr. Ronald

McMaster and John Moore to serve as the chair and

vice chair for the Owens Community College Board

of Trustees. McMaster and Moore were elected to

their positions by their fellow colleagues during the

recent Board of Trustees meeting and will serve

one-year terms.

Owens Community College has an outstanding

group of Trustees who value the importance of a

quality college education and the many benefi ts

of lifelong learning,” said Christa Adams, Ph.D.,

president of Owens Community College. “Each

individual is passionate about higher education and

engaged with the College’s faculty, staff and students.

We are fortunate to have such dedicated leaders who

want to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Appointed in March 1993, McMaster is the president

of McMaster Motor Co. and McMaster Fuel Ltd.

Retired from GlassTech Inc. as vice president of

Corporate Development, he earned bachelor’s and

master’s degrees from The Ohio State University and

a doctoral degree from the University of Michigan,

committees and have been instrumental in helping move

initiatives forward.

In addition, members of the Owens Student Government along

with the Owens Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Ronald McMaster,

recently spent a day in Columbus with the Ohio Association of

Community Colleges to meet with seven of our legislators and

discuss topics relating to the HEFSC. Students also attended the

House and Senate sessions and met with one of the Governor’s

policy advisors.

As an Owens alum, if you are interested in advocating on

behalf of Owens Community College or would like

additional information, please contact Jennifer Fehnrich,

Special Assistant to the President for Government Relations

at jennifer_fehnrich@owens.edu.

From L to R: Owens Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Ronald McMaster;

State Senator Randy Gardner; Owens Student Government Secretary,

Lily Ingraham; Owens Student Government Advisor, John Byers; and

Owens Student Government President, Brooke Affholder.

Owens Community College Appoints Trustees to Leadership Positions

Dr. Ronald A.


John Moore

all in mechanical engineering. McMaster resides

in Perrysburg.

A graduate of the University of Toledo with a

bachelor’s degree in business administration, Moore

spent 30 years in banking and 10 years in higher

education at Bowling Green State University.

Appointed to the College’s Board of Trustees in

April 2000, he now serves as a consultant and recently

authored a book on surviving stress. He resides

in Holland.

The College’s Board of Trustees is comprised of nine

community leaders from Lucas, Wood, Hancock and

Sandusky counties who are appointed by the Governor

of Ohio for six-year terms.

In addition to McMaster and Moore, Board of

Trustees members include John G. Ault of Perrysburg,

Allan J. Libbe of Perrysburg, RJ Molter of Woodville,

Carl R. Patterson of Findlay, H. Richard Rowe of

Findlay, Jack T. Sculfort of Perrysburg and Diana H.

Talmage of Toledo.


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