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HYDRETAIN Brochure english - AGROsolution

www.agrosolution.euHOW DOES HYDRETAIN WORK1 2 3 41Gravity and evaporation are constantly working against you,pulling moisture out of the reach of roots as it returns to the aquifer and atmosphere. These two forces combine to create the potentialfor total moisture loss in the soil matrix when rainfall is scarce. If left unchecked, this damage can cause wilting, browning andloss of leaves and delicate structures. By the time these drought stresses become evident, much of the plant‘s internal processeshave begun to shut down as it enters a survival mode. It is during this time that the plant becomes most susceptible to opportunisticdisease and pests.2Chronically dry soils can become hydrophobic or moisture-resistant. Attempting to hydrate soil in this condition can bedifficult as hydrophobic soils tend to channel moisture away through voids in the soil matrix and poor absorption results. Thismoisture is lost to gravity and offers little real benefit to plants resulting in brown spots on the surface.3As drought conditions progress, roots stop growing as they encounter dry soil. Delicate root hairs begin to shrink,desiccate and die, leading to even more severe stresses and symptoms above the surface. Overwatering to compensate canlead to fungus and rot which can be equally damaging.4Not a wetting agent or superabsorbent polymer, Hydretain is instead an advanced, environmentally-consciouschemistry which forms a thin persistent film on root surfaces. Applying patented hygroscopic and humectant technologiesto attract moisture, Hydretain gives plants an important ally in the drought cycle.

www.agrosolution.euAPPLICATIONAGRICULTURE Specialty crops (Vines / Fruit / Vegetables...)New plantingApplication Type Amount Amount per Hectare Details / General remarksDrench160 ml Hydretain/10l WaterDip the root ball or bare root plants before plantingin the Hydretain-water mixture or soak thoroughlyWater160 ml Hydretain/10l Waterby irrigating post planting.Culture maintenance Row Irrigation 10 l/ha Application via drip irrigation or drag hose irrigation.Existing Plants Surface Irrigation 30 l/haFull-surface irrigation by sprinklers or other systemsuntil the root area is complete soaked.FORESTRY Conifers, Deciduous trees, Christmas tree and Firewood productionNew plantingCulture maintenanceby Christmas treesand firewood.Culture maintenanceby forest speciesApplication Type Amount Amount per Hectare Details / General remarksDrench160 ml Hydretain/10 l WaterDip the root ball or bare root plants before plantingin the Hydretain-water mixture or soak thoroughlyWater160 ml Hydretain/10 l Waterby irrigating post planting.Row Irrigation 10 l/ha Application via drip irrigation or drag hose irrigation.Individualplant treatmentTURF / SOD / OVERSEEDING160 ml Hydretain/10 l Water Water until the total root area is wet.Application Type Amount Amount per Hectare Details / General remarksInitial treatment Surface Irrigation 3 l Hydretain/1000 m 2 30 l/haWater in with a minimumof 2.5 mm/m² (2.5 l/m²) water.Monthly follow-up treatment(approx. 5-6 applications/year)Surface Irrigation 1 l Hydretain/1000 m 2 10 l/haWater in with a minimumof 2.5 mm/m² (2.5 l/m²) water.COMPARISON PICTURESwithout HYDRETAINwith HYDRETAINwithout HYDRETAINwith HYDRETAIN

BIOLOGICALLYDEGRADABLE !DEVELOPMENT OF NEW GREEN AREASInitial treatment immediatelyafter sowingMonthly follow-uptreatment (approx. 5-6applications/year)Application Type Amount Amount/ha Details / General remarksSurface IrrigationSurface Irrigation3 l Hydret./1000 m 2 30 l/ha1 l Hydret./1000 m 2 10 l/haPLANTING / LANDSCAPING /TREES / SHRUBSNew plantingExisting PlantsApply on surface orat seed depthWater in with aminimum of 2.5 mm/m²(2.5 l/m²) water.Application Type Amount Amount/ha Details / General remarksDrenchWaterIndividual planttreatmentSurfaceIrrigation160 mlHydretain/10 lWater160 mlHydretain/10 lWater160 mlHydretain/10 lWater30 l/ha3 l Hydretain/1000 m 2Dip the root ball orbare root plants beforeplanting in the Hydretainwatermixture or soakthoroughly by irrigatingpost planting.Water until the totalroot area is wet.POT PLANTS / CONTAINER PLANTSContinuousmaintenanceApplication Type Amount Amount/ha Details / General remarksDrenchWater160 mlHydretain/10 lWater160 mlHydretain/10 lWaterIn order for the rootsand substrate to absorbthe maximum amountof Hydretain, the substrateshould be dry on application.DILUTION:Hydretain is a concentrated formula designed forlarge scale applications. Dilute with water beforeapplying. Minimum dilution rate is 1:15 (Hydretainto water), allowing for an even and extensive distribution.In difficult areas, Hydretain may be appliedat up to 5 times the general application rate (eg.,hydrophobic soil, clay soil, or soil with very high orvery low ph values ). Hydretain may be tank mixedor applied through injectors and fertigation systems.FOR BEST RESULTS:Hydretain works in the root zone! After applicationof Hydretain it is important to water Hydretaininto the soil in order to rinse it into the root zone. Theamount of water needed for watering in depends onroot depth. At seeding, only water in lightly, bringingHydretain into the surface seed zone. Do not waterexcessively. Subsequently, water quantity and thefrequency of irrigation will be reduced. In dry areas,a marked improvement in the situation can be seenshortly after application. If the irrigation demand isnot reduced during the first 2 weeks, the applicationmust be repeated. Hydretain improves the absorptionof nutrients, and thus the effect of fertilizers.CAUTION:If Hydretain is applied to open flowersblooms, rinse with plain water to reducethe possibility of Hydretain pulling moisturefrom sensitive flower petals. For optimalresults, apply to moist soil (excluding potplants).without HYDRETAINwith HYDRETAINwithout HYDRETAINwith HYDRETAIN

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