with CNS/ATM - Raytheon


with CNS/ATM - Raytheon

21st Century CNS/ATM Solutions

Let us take you there

Air Traffic Management...

we bring it all together.

From Australia to the USA, India to the United Kingdom, Canada to China, Norway

to Oman, Raytheon is delivering the very latest technology and full-featured air traffic

management systems. From the design, production and installation of a single radar

or automation system, to the nation-wide integration of a total air traffic management

system, Raytheon is your partner. We handle all aspects of system integration including

provision of data and voice communication, satellite navigation systems, surveillance

systems (primary, secondary, radar, ADS), landing systems and ATM for total CNS/ATM


Raytheon’s advanced AutoTrac Air

Traffic Management System at Hong

Kong’s new Chek Lap Kok airport.

As a proven contractor Raytheon delivers full turnkey CNS/ATM service including

planning, design, procurement, implementation, transition, training and long-term

organizational support. Let us help you to place your country, organization or airport

at the forefront of the world air traffic management revolution with our experienced

team and proven systems. Our capabilities and products meet all of your ATM needs.

Raytheon’s all solid-state radars

have been selected by over

15 countries for more than

80 sites around the world.

Helping you manage your skies

Our systems and services will move you to the forefront

of world air traffic systems modernization.

with CNS/ATM

Communications Navigation

Line-of-sight and fiber-optic links

Satellite systems

Voice switches

Modems, routers, bridges, LAN systems

Network switches

Next Generation All-Digital Radios

• 4X capacity improvement

• Datalink capability

Support Services to CNS/ATM


Planning and Project Control

• Master planning

• Program management and control

• Procurement services

• Project audit and quality services

and Landing Systems

LAAS/GBAS (Local Area Augmentation

System/Ground Based Augmentation System)

WAAS/SBAS (Wide Area Augmentation

System/Satellite Based Augmentation System)

DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System)

CAT (Category) I and III landing systems

Primary Surveillance Radar Systems

More modern solid-state PSRs (Primary

Surveillance Radars) operational and on order

than any other supplier

L- and S-Band

Fully modular and solid-state

Highly reliable, no-interruption repair

Ranges up to 250 nmi

Fixed and transportable versions

Secondary Surveillance Radar Systems

World’s leading supplier of MSSRs (Monopulse

Secondary Surveillance Radars)

Comprehensive Reflection Suppression

Outstanding Accuracy

Low cost of ownership

MODE-S Factory fit or field upgrade

Supports full spectrum of MODE-S surveillance

and data links

Training Systems and Services

ATM training systems...entry and

advanced levels

• Training courses...in your facility

and ours

• Equipment maintenance and system

operational support

ATM English language...basic and

advanced courses


llance Air Traffic Management

Weather Radar Systems

TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar)

Most accurate weather information possible

Detection of wind shear in/near terminal


Timely reporting to pilots, controllers,

ATC supervisors

Airport Surface Detection Radars

X-Band Airport Surface Detection Equipment



Extremely reliable

PRM (Precision Runway Monitor System)

Monitors aircraft on closely spaced parallel


Electronically scanned phased array antenna

High resolution, rapid update

ATM Automation Systems

Complete automation systems with full

ICAO, Eurocontrol and FAA features

Systems operational worldwide

Proven ADS/CPDLC (Automatic Dependent

Surveillance/Controller-Pilot Data Link

Communication) capability

Surveillance Data Processing and

Advanced Flight Data Processing

Easily customized to your needs

Highly reliable

Low maintenance

Extended lifetime/easily upgradeable

Latest technology X-Windows 2K x 2K


Advanced multi-sensor tracking system

Integrated CNS/ATM capability

Installation and support worldwide


(Integrated Terminal Weather System)

Integrates weather information including

current terminal area weather and short

term predictions of significant weather


Improves safety, efficiency and capacity

Extended Through-life Support

• Support arrangements

— On site contractor facility

— Depot Technology Transfer

— Long term maintenance contracts

• Rapid Repair Service

• Commitment to provide long term spares

• 24/7 technical support

As long as there has been air traffic control, Raytheon has helped enhance the

safety and comfort of air travel. Today we are delivering the most complete,

capable, high technology CNS/ATM solutions available. We are also delivering

mobile and fixed-base systems for military air space management. Whether you

need a single radar or nationwide integration of your total air traffic infrastructure

let us be your partner. Together we’ll move your nation, organization or airport

to the forefront of world air traffic systems modernization.

Across a remarkable spectrum of technologies and products as diverse as the

world itself, Raytheon maintains a tradition of excellence and innovation and a

proven commitment to safety, quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

For all of your CNS/ATM needs, contact us.

For further information contact:

Raytheon Command, Control, Communication

and Information Systems

Air Traffic Control

1001 Boston Post Road

Marlborough, MA 01752 USA

International Air Traffic Control:

TEL: 508.490.4332

FAX: 508.490.3050

U.S. Air Traffic Control:

TEL: 508.490.2728

FAX: 508.490.3030

URL: www.raytheon.com/cnsatm

CNS/ATM 10/00 5K

ITWS (Integrated Terminal Weather System)

Technical Support

Planning and Management

TASR (Tactical Airfield Surveillance Radar)

Automation Systems







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