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3 - Central Illinois District - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod cid-lcms.orgMay/June 2003War and the ChurchIn ThisIssue...War and the Church . . . . . . . . . 1From the President’s Desk . . . . 2Camp CILCA Schedule . . . . . . 2Trinity Lutheran Dedication . . 3Teacher Colloquy Changes . . . . 3C.I.D. Students Earn Honors . . 3Altamont Bible Bowl Results . . 3This Is Normal . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Mission Dollars . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Anniversary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42004 National Gathering . . . . . 5New, Free Magazine . . . . . . . . . 5Did You Know . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Official Notices . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Good Humor Box . . . . . . . . . . 6Board of Directors Minutes . . . 6LCMS Vice President Speach . . 6New Pastor Installation . . . . . . 6District Bible Bowl Results . . . 7Parish Nurse Conference . . . . . 7CID Extension Form . . . . . . . . 7Bible Study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8War has been a perplexing problem forChristians and Christ’s Church since thebeginning. Jesus’ message of salvation was oneof peace. Peace appears over 276 times in theBible, depending on the translation you use.Some early Christian leaders likeTertullian (160-220 A.D.?) said thatChrist had told Peter to put uphis sword, therefore Christiansmust put up their swords.He even stated, “Our religionmakes it better to be killedthan to kill.” Clement ofAlexandria called Christians“the peaceful race.” Others sawGod at work through the state.Augustine of Hippo (354-430 A.D.)was one of the first to promulgatethe just war doctrine. Seven pointsof the just war are listed in theConcordia Publishing HouseBible study “Holy Resolve,Terror and War Today.” Theresponsible representative of a sovereignpolitical body must authorize a just war.It must be for a just cause and not personalgain. All peaceful means of settlement mustbe exhausted. The benefits must outweighthe costs. There must be a reasonable hopeof success. There must be a formaldeclaration of war.God has established government to punishthe wrongdoer (Romans 13). Christians areto be at peace with all as much as it is in theirpower (Romans 12:18). However, in thissinful world we are not always able to be atpeace. We have a duty as Christians to “helpand befriend our [neighbor] in every bodilyneed.” We may defend our nation, ourneighbor and ourselves. Even just warshave terrible costs. Soldiers and civilians faceinjury and death. Families worry about theirloved ones. Questions arise on manyoccasions. “Are we doing the right thing?”“Will there be victory?” “Whatwill happen after?”“Can theterrorists be stopped?”At all times Christians turnto God, especially in times ofuncertainty and anxiety. God is theGod of history who intervened mightilyon behalf of His people of Israel. God isthe God who sent His Son into the world,into history, for our salvation. We have Hispromise in Jesus Christ to aid us in this lifeand take us to heaven.David faced the giant Goliath, a smallshepherd boy against a battle-tested veteran.Goliath taunted David. David’s reply was,“You come against me with sword and spearand javelin, but I come against you in thename of the LORD Almighty, the God of thearmies of Israel, whom you have defied…Allthose gathered here will know that it is not bysword or spear that the LORD saves; for thebattle is the LORD’S” (1 Samuel 17:45,47).As we face the uncertainty of the world let usremember God has shown His eternal love forus in Jesus Christ and the battle is the Lord’s.

2The GatePost • May/June 2003From the President’s DeskWe Are WitnessesHow often have we heard pastors tell uswe are witnesses for Christ? They tell usthat people are watching and listening tous. They may even have a desire to wantwhat we have (the assurance of eternallife through the suffering, death, andresurrection of Christ). This reallycame home to me recently in a way Inever expected.Coming back from an Upper MidwestDistrict Presidents meeting, I arrived inChicago at 5:30 p.m. Our plane was toleave for Springfield at 7:55 p.m. At10:00 p.m. it was announced that our flighthad been cancelled due to mechanicalproblems. They were offering tickets forthe next day that would arrive at 1:30 p.m.When they ran out, they were offeringtickets for a 4:30 p.m. arrival in Springfield.As I was standing in line, two older womenkept asking if I would rent a car and drivethem back to Springfield. One was justtired and the other wanted to get back totake her heart medicine which had runout. When we went to the car rental area,a man looked at me and said, “Are yougoing to Springfield?” I answered in theaffirmative and said I had two womenwho also wanted to go. The four of usthen went to get the rental car.We did a lot of talking during thefour-hour drive to Decatur and thenSpringfield. We talked about our familiesand, of course, about church activities.The older lady was really active in theChristian Church in Decatur and thedriver of our car was a former LCMSmember, but now part of ELCA. It isdifficult to remember all we talked about.We dropped off the first lady in Decaturand then came to Springfield. When wewere close to our next stop, the other ladysaid, “Boy, do I have a lot to think about.More than I have ever had to think aboutbecause of the conversation in the cartonight.” I was somewhat surprised byher statement and asked what she meant.She said, “You all were talking about yourchildren and grandchildren and I do nothave any. You all were talking about howactive you were in your churches andwhat it means to you, and I do not have achurch. I think I am missing something.”At that point we were at the drop offlocation and I quickly said, “I think youreally should consider finding a churchfamily.” She then got out and we droveto the airport.The driver and I were stunned by thiswoman’s comments. We had no idea whatRev. David J. Bueltmann, Presidentwe had talked about and had no idea shewas without a church home. I drove fromthe airport back to where we had let herout and talked with her, met her husband,and offered to visit with them in thefuture. We never know who is listeningto our conversations or watching whatwe do. We pray that the Lord will directthis couple to talk about that which ismost needful.I shortened this story and shared it in asermon. After the service a youngconfirmand said, “I do not see why it isso hard to witness. People do not havetrouble talking about the Cards and theCubs.” Let us be witnesses for the Lord.Himself in His time.Camp CILCA Summer Schedule 2003Event Date Age/Grade Event Date Age/GradeKinderCamp II July 11-12 Ages 4-7Father/Child July 26-27 Grades 1-3Mother/Child June 28-29 Grades 1-3Mini-Camp I June 4-6 Grades 1-4Mini-Camp II June 29-July 1 Grades 1-4Young Explorers I July 13-18 Grades 3-4Young Explorers II July 27-Aug 1 Grades 3-4Explorers I June 15-20 Grades 5-6Explorers II July 6-11 Grades 5-6Rocketry Camp - Expl. July 6-11 Grades 5-6Drama Camp - Expl. July 6-11 Grades 5-6Athletic Camp - Expl. June 15-20 Grades 5-6CampCILCABike Camp - Explorers July 13-18 Grades 5-6Horse Camp I June 15-20 Grades 6-9Horse Camp II June 22-27 Grades 6-9Junior High I June 22-27 Grades 7-8Junior High II July 20-25 Grades 7-8Drama Camp - Jr High July 20-25 Grades 7-8Rocketry Camp - Jr High July 20-25 Grades 7-8High School Week August 3-8 Grades 9-12Servant Week June 8-13 Grades 9-AdultHandiCamp I June 9-11 Ages 8-AdultHandiCamp II June 11-13 Ages 8-Adult

Telling The Good News About Jesus 3Trinity Lutheran – Casey DedicationOn January 19, Trinity Lutheranin Casey dedicated a new parishhall. The dedication service washeld at four in the afternoon andthe Rev. Glenn Renken (EffinghamCircuit Counselor) preached. Aprocessional was held from thenave to the parish hall with thecross leading the way. Once in theparish hall, the Rev. Daniel Smithdedicated the classrooms, hall,kitchen and everything associatedto the glory of Christ.Teacher Colloquy Program ChangesA decision from the office of Dr. WilliamMeyer, Executive for Higher Education,brings off-site cluster groups, approvedfor teacher colloquy, to an end as ofFebruary 15, 2003. No new personscan be added, and no new clusters willbe established. All clusters presently inprocess will be able to finish. Thoseinterested in the teacher colloquyprogram will have to either go to aConcordia University System campusor enroll in the program through theCUEnet on-line program.The reason given for bringing the localclass option to an end was to help boostthe enrollment in the CUEnet program,in which a significant amount of startupand operational funding was committed.CUEnet uses video streaming technologythat allows the user to view both recordedclass sessions and participate in live,interactive class sessions. There are a fewimportant hardware and softwareC.I.D. Students Earn Honorsrequirements. The software requirements(except Windows operating systems) areall free and will be provided by CUEneton CD or can be downloaded fromthe Internet.Since the classes are viewed over theInternet, the aesthetic quality of theclasses will be determined by the qualityand speed of your Internet connection.While classes can be viewed on a 28.8modem, it is highly recommended thatyou have at least a 56K modem connection.The Internet and broadband (cable, DSL)is preferred.For additional information about thehardware and software needed tosupport this Internet version of theteacher colloquy program, turn to theappropriate page of the CUEnet Web site.Open http://www.cuenet.edu/colloquy/technology.htm for the technologydetails.Lydia Henschen, Springfield; Jeffrey Matzke, Springfield; and Allison Tietz, Mahomet,are on the first semester Honors list for Concordia University, Seward, NE. The top25 percent of undergraduate students completing at least 12 credit hours and earninga 3.5 grade point qualify for the Honors list.Altamont BibleBowl ResultsBethlehem-Altamont took first placein the Senior High and Junior Highdivisions at the Altamont CircuitAnnual Bible Bowl Sunday,February 23, at the LutheranInterparish School and ImmanuelChurch in Altamont.Twelve teams consisting of 50participants competed on questionson the lives of Abraham, Isaac andJacob. Immanuel-Altamont tooksecond place in the senior and juniordivisions. St. Paul-Altamont placedthird in the junior division andSalem-Salem earned third placein the senior division.Participating teams were fromBethlehem, Immanuel, andSt. Paul-Blue Point of Altamontand St. Peter-St. Peter andSalem-Salem churches.This Is NormalTime is running out to register for theC.I.D. Senior High Youth Gathering atIllinois State University in Normal,July 17-20.Registrationsreturned beforeMay 31 are$165.00. AfterJune 1, the costis $190.00 perperson.Information-registration packets havebeen sent to all congregations in theDistrict. Contact your youth leader orchurch office for complete informationon schedule and requirements.

4The GatePost • May/June 2003Congregation Mission Dollars at Work2003 Central Illinois District MissionsPreaching StationsBuffalo Lutheran Mission–Buffalo – This new church began inOctober 2002. A used Methodist Church has been purchased.The Buffalo Lutheran Mission’s “mother” congregation is GoodShepherd-Sherman.Grace Lutheran Church–Silvis (Hispanic) – The Rev. PabloDominguez arrived from Mexico in August, 2002, to begin thisimportant work. Pray for the Lord’s blessings on this ministryamong the 13,000 Hispanic people in the Quad City area.Christ’s Family Lutheran Church–Mahomet – Currently theyare in the process of obtaining part-time pastoral leadership.CongregationsGood Shepherd Lutheran Church–Bloomington – The Rev.Chad Lueck is pastor. They dedicated a spacious new churchbuilding in August, 2002.Grace Lutheran Church–Canton – The Rev. Kirk Clayton ispastor. They are preparing to move into a new “store front”building to increase their parking for better facilities.Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church–Colona – This missionchurch is in the suburban Quad City area and is served bythe Rev. David Anderson.Deaf CongregationsChrist Lutheran Church–Jacksonville and Joy of Jesus LutheranChurch–Peoria –They are served by the Rev. Thomas Phillips(currently two days a week) and assisted by DeaconessLinda Schaefer, and Joy of Jesus by Vicor Nathan Wooleryat Trinity, Pekin.Prison WorkLincoln and Logan Correctional Centers–Lincoln –The Rev. Charles Olander serves them two days a week.Pittsfield and Western Correctional–Mt. Sterling Centers –The Rev. Stephen Southward serves them two and one-halfdays a week.Special WorkDevelopmentally Disabled Ministry–Lincoln – DeaconessLinda Schaefer spiritually serves those with special needs inLincoln and throughout the district.(PALM) Phoenix Area Lutheran Mission–Decatur – A ministry,by Decatur area Lutherans, to reach the inner city childrenof Decatur.Campus WorkUniversity of Illinois–Champaign (University Lutheran Chapel) –Full-time campus ministry at our district owned campus centerserved by the rev. Rick Milas.Eastern Illinois University–Charleston (Immanuel Lutheran Church) –This is a combined congregation and campus ministry.Mr. Greg Witto serves the campus ministry.Western Illinois University–Macomb (St. Timothy Lutheran Chapel) –This is a combined congregation and campus ministry. TheRev. Mike Burdick and DCE Dean Christ serve at the districtowned campus center.Illinois State University–Normal (Wittenberg Lutheran Center) –Full-time campus ministry at our district owned campus centerserved by the Rev. Dymann Jirovec.Trinity Lutheran – UrbanaTrinity Lutheran Church–Urbana is celebrating its 50thanniversary this year. Activities began April 6, the congregations’charter week in 1955, and will end in October. A banquet formembers, past and present, and friends of the congregation isscheduled for Saturday, Oct. 4.One Sunday each month, May through September, will bededicated to the remembrance and celebration of the churches’mission over the last 50 years. Pastor Carl Fickenscher will preachSunday, Oct. 5, concluding the anniversary activities. For moreinformation and a detailed schedule, contact Trinity LutheranChurch at 217-367-8923 or e-mail www.trinity-urbana.org.

6The GatePost • May/June 2003Summary of CID Board ofDirectors Minutes (January 2003)Official NoticesCalling Congregations:Casey–NewtonTrinity–Good ShepherdImmanuel–CharlestonSan Jose–DelavanChrist–St. LukeSt. Paul–LexingtonImmanuel–SpringfieldOrnaga–ThawvilleTrinity–St. Peter’sCalls Accepted:Rev. Jeff Anderson, Grace–Wayne, NEto Bethel–MortonRev. Edgar Peters, Emeritus toImmanuel–OsmanRev. Daniel Smith, Good Shepherd–Newton to Mt. Calvary–GalesburgRev. Melvin Weseloh, Emeritus toMt. Zion–Mt. ZionVacant Non-Calling Congregations:Altamont–ZionBluffs–TrinityNon-Calling Congregations:Immanuel–Cissna Park(Served by Rev. Carl W. Janssen)Grace–Dietrich(Served by Rev. G. Fortkamp)Epiphany–Dunlap(Served by Rev. D. Handrich)St. Paul–Sigel(Served by Rev. G. Fortkamp)The Good Humor BoxA 5 year old boy was sitting down toeat when his mother asked him topray for his meal. He replied, “Momwe don’t have to. We prayed over thislast night.” His mother had preparedleftovers from the day before.The board of Directors acted byadopting the 2003 budget for theDistrict. Included in the budget isa line item of $24,000 for each of ourseminaries. The Rev. Reimnitz reportedthat there will be a new convention pinfor delegates attending the districtconvention in July of 2003.The Rev. Rick Milas reported on theLutheran Musician Enrichment programand the Board of Directors adopted aresolution asking that the worshipcommittee adapt and incorporate theDaniel Preus, First Vice-president of theLutheran Church Missouri Synod, willspeak on “Lutheran Identity andAmerican Evangelicalism” Saturday,May 24, 1:00-4:00 p.m., at ConcordiaLutheran Church, 3303 E. Maryland St.,Decatur, IL.Preus will explore the effect American“evangelicalism” has on Lutherandoctrine and practice. “Some peopleRev. Melvin Weseloh InstallationThe Rev. Melvin Weseloh, who has beenserving Mt. Zion-Mt. Zion in retirement,was installed as pastor of the churchSunday, March 9, 2003. Pastor Weselohretired from Mt. Calvary-Decatur in 1997.After graduating from Concordia Seminaryin 1957, he was called as assistant Pastor ofSt. Luke’s, New York City. He has servedvarious congregations in Minnesota andIllinois and served in district offices andon many boards and commissions.His wife, Karen, and he marriedJune 9, 1957, and have fourchildren and six grandchildren.Lutheran Musician Enrichment programfor use in our District. It was also notedthat the Committee on Worship isworking on preparing a list of hymnsthat children might be encouragedto learn.It was reported that the CID Youthgathering is set for July, 2003, to be heldin Normal, IL, at Illinois State University.It was reported to the Board of Directorsthat the Rev. Joel Cluver is the chairmanof the LCMS Evangelism ExecutivesConference.LCMS Vice President to Speak in Decaturmay not be aware of changes in ourdoctrine and practice that have theirsource in the prevailing “evangelical”culture we are surrounded by,” saidPastor Robert Bruer of Concordia. “Itis an issue worth our examination inthe light of the Holy Scriptures.”The presentation is open to all. Therewill be a question and answer sessionand refreshments. Freewill donation.President Bueltmann congratulates Pastor Weselohafter his installation as Pastor of Mt. ZionLutheran Church, Mt Zion, as Karen Weseloh(his wife) watches.

Telling The Good News About Jesus 7District Bible Bowl ResultsThe fifth annual Central Illinois District BibleBowl took place on Sunday, March 23, 2003at 3:00 p.m., at Springfield Lutheran HighSchool. 16 teams from 6 circuits participatedby answering questions about “The Lives ofAbraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Genesis 12-35).”The championship team, for the second yearin a row, came from The Lutheran Churchof St. John–Quincy. Team members wereDoug Bender, Brad Keller, Randy Bluhmand Lisa Friburg. Their record was 6-1.The second place team was also fromSt. John–Quincy with a record of 4-2. Thirdplace went to a team from Mount CalvaryLutheran Church–Peoria (4-2). The juniorhigh teams from Holy Cross LutheranChurch–Shelbyville and Bethlehem LutheranChurch–Altamont tied for fourth place withrecords of 3-2.Finishing with records of 2-2 were seniorhigh teams from Holy Cross–Shelbyville,St. John–Louisville, and Bethlehem–Altamont.Other teams that won one match were the✁senior high teams from Faith–Shumway andImmanuel–Altamont, and the junior highteams from Immanuel in Altamont andSt. John–Louisville.The quizmasters this year were the Rev. DavidBueltmann, president of the Central IllinoisDistrict, and Rev. Mark Eddy, the Bible Bowlcoordinator. Many other pastors, vicars,teachers, D.C.E.s and lay leaders helped outas judges, score-keepers, and time-keepers, inaddition to working long hours in their homechurches to prepare the young people for theBible Bowl.The Bible Bowl is open to junior and seniorhigh youth from any congregation in theCentral Illinois District. Circuits who wouldlike to start a Bible Bowl are encouraged tocontact the Bible Bowl coordinator or Mr.Glenn Goeres at the Central Illinois Districtoffice. Next year’s Bible Bowl will cover somepart of the New Testament. God willing, thetopic will be announced in October. Keepstudying God’s Word!Parish NurseConferenceThe mission of The Church Extension Fund, Inc. is to make funds and services available tocongregations for building efforts in support of The Great Commission (Matthew 28).“Through Christ We Heal” is thetheme of the Eleventh Annual ParishNurse and Congregational HealthConference sponsored by ConcordiaUniversity Wisconsin, June 4-5, 2003.The keynote speaker is Dr. BeverlyK. Yahnke, a licensed psychologistand the Clinical Director ofChristian Counseling Servicesin Milwaukee. There are twentybreak out sessions with specialemphasis on practical application.Registration is $80.00 per day.Lodging is available. For moreinformation contact Carol LuedersBolwerk at (262) 243-4233 orcarol.lueders.bolwerk@cuw.edu.CENTRAL ILLINOIS DISTRICT CHURCH EXTENSION FUND INVESTMENT FORM – 3/1/03PO Box 7003, Springfield, IL 62791-7003 • 217/793-1802 • Email: ceflcms@eosinc.com • www.cid-lcms.orgThe enclosed $_________________ investment in CID-CEF should be issued as follows:*RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.TERM *RATE MINIMUM___Flexible 2.50 $25___1 Year 2.70 $100___3 Year 3.50 $100___5 Year 4.25 $1000___6 Months 2.60 $5000__ Individual Ownership - Name (print)PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM CURRENT INTEREST RATES.__ Joint Ownership - Name _______________________________________________and/or Name _____________________________________________________(As joint tenants with right of survivorship and not as tenants in common)__ Minor Owner- Adult ______________as custodian for Child __________________(Under the Illinois Uniform Gifts to Minors Act)____________________________________________________________________Address City State Zip____________________________________________________________________PhoneCongregation___Interest Check Semi-Annually___Accumulate Interest and Add to Note BalanceSocial Security or I.D. Number______________________________Signature________________________________________________Apply Investment for Benefit of______________________ LutheranChurch towards meeting its supporting investment requirement:25% of loan.CERTIFICATION: Under penalties of perjury, I certify (1) that the number shown on thisform is my correct taxpayer identification number and (2) that I am NOT subject to backupwithholding under the provisions of section 3406(a)(1)(C) of the Internal Revenue Code.(Allow two weeks for delivery of note)

Bible StudyPentecost seems to be one of the lost festivals of the Church. It does not receive the attention thatChristmas and Easter receive. Pentecost is often called the birthday of the Church as the Holy Spiritgifts the disciples in a special way.Actually, Pentecost is an Old Testament Festival. That is why Jews from many nations were inJerusalem at that time.What was the other name for Pentecost? Exodus 34:22; Deuteronomy 16:10It was also called the First Fruits Festival. Numbers 28:26The offering of the first fruits was a promise of the full harvest to come. It thanked God for rainand Fertility of the crops. Jeremiah 5:24What offering was to be made? Leviticus 23:10-11, 16-17The giving of the Holy Spirit represents the idea of the first fruits. 1 Corinthians 15:20-24Jesus resurrection is the promise of our own resurrection on the Last Day.Those called on the day of Pentecost are the first fruits of the greater harvest. James 1:18; Revelation 14:4There are other connections between the Old Testament and the day of Pentecost.Utterance, the ability to speak in unstudied languages so that people of many languages andtongues could understand the apostles, undoes the curse of Babel. Genesis 11; Acts 2:5-12The violent wind (Acts 2:2) and the tongues of fire (Acts 2:3) are reminiscent of Mt. Sinai.Exodus 19:16-19What was the purpose of the “sound like the blowing wind” and “what seemed to be tongues of fire?”Acts 2:6Peter connects the New Testament to the Old Testament by quoting Joel 2:28-32; Psalm 16:8-11 andPsalm 110:1The purpose is for Peter to proclaim the Law “whom you crucified” the Gospel “Lord and Christ.”Acts 2:36What was the response of the crowd? Acts 2:37What is Peter’s answer? Acts 2:38 Note that Peter promises the Holy Spirit himself as a gift not thegifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works through the Means of Grace to give us faith. Hedwells with us. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20The result of faith is described in Acts 2:42They devoted themselves. They were zealous, dedicated themselves to the Apostle’s doctrine aboutJesus, fellowship, Holy Communion (the breaking of bread and the prayers).O God, on this day you once taught the hearts of your faithful people by sending them the light ofyour Holy Spirit. Grant us in our day by the same Spirit to have a right understanding in all thingsand evermore to rejoice in his holy consolation; through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, who livesand reigns with you in communion with the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.The Communications Committeefor The Central Illinois District ofthe Lutheran Church - MissouriSynod publishes The GatePostsemimonthly. It is a supplementto congregational newsletters.Submit all articles to the Editor:Rev. Robert L. Bruer3303 E. MarylandDecatur, IL 62521Email: rbruer@juno.comLayout and Design by:Deverman AdvertisingPekin, IllinoisPrinting and Distribution by:Martin GraphicsChampaign, IllinoisDeadline forJuly/August Issue:May 20th, 2003Communications CommitteeRev. Rodger Abatie, ChairmanRev. Robert Bruer, EditorJim DevermanLisa DippelJoel FletcherRev. Wayne HoffmanGlenn Goeres, AdvisorDan Reynolds, Web MasterMike Smith

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