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VIETNAMESE CUISINE100-1032 Macleod Tr. SEOpen daily until 9:00 PM,= SpicyAppetizers1. Pork and Shrimp Salad Rolls (2) 4.45 (4) 7.952. Spring Rolls (2) 4.00 (4) 7.003. Vegetarian Spring Rolls (2) 4.00 (4) 7.004. Shrimp Paste in Bean Curd Skin (2) 7.455. Pork Dumplings (8) 7.756. Charbroiled Pork Ball Skewers (2) 7.007. Beef Skewers (2) 7.008. Pork Skewers (2) 7.009. Shrimp Skewers (2) 7.0010. Deep Fried Chicken Wings (8) 7.7511. Deep Fried Quail (2) 9.4512. Deep Fried Wonton (10) 7.0013. Deep Fried Squid 8.4514. Wonton Soup 7.9515. Deep Fried Prawns (8) 7.45129. French Fries 5.45Vietnamese Subs124.Vietnamese Sub Choice of Beef, Chicken, Pork or Pork Balls 9.45124.Vegetarian Sub (a) Tofu and Vegetables (b) Vegetables and 9.45Vegetarian Spring RollNoodle SoupAll Soup Noodles are served with Basil, Bean Sprouts, Chili Peppars & LimeAdd $2.00 for Large16. House Special Noodles Soup Rare beef, well done beef, tripe, 10.95tendon, meat ball17. Well Done Sliced Beef with Rice Noodles 10.5018. Rare Sliced Beef with Rice Noodles 10.5019. Rare Sliced Beef with Meat Balls and Rice Noodles 10.5020. Rare Sliced Beef with Tripe and Rice Noodles 10.5021. Rare Sliced Beef with Tendon and Rice Noodles 10.5022. Rare Sliced Beef with Well Done Beef, Tendon, Tripe 10.75and Rice Noodles23. Beef Balls with Rice Noodles 10.5024. Sate Beef Rice Noodles, 10.9525. Sate Seafood Rice Noodles, 10.9526. Sate Chicken Rice Noodles, 10.9527. Chicken Rice Noodles 10.5028. Hue Style Beef Vermicelli, 10.9529. Thai Style Vermicelli, 10.95Rice/Egg Noodle SoupAdd $1.00 to change to Egg Noodle and $2.00 for both Rice and Egg Noodle30. House Special Rice Noodles 10.9531. Wonton with Rice Noodles 10.9532. Shrimp, Crab Meat, BBQ Pork with Rice Noodles 10.5033. Seafood with Rice Noodles 10.9534. Cho Lon Style Rice Noodles 10.5035. Shrimp with Rice Noodles 10.9536. House Special Thick Rice Noodle Soup 10.9537. Seafood Thick Rice Noodle Soup 10.95Rice VermicelliAll Vermicelli are served with fish sauce on the side38. House Special Vermicelli Shrimp paste wrapped in bean curd 12.95skin, spring rolls, charbroiled pork, shrimp and meatballs39. Deep Fried Spring Rolls on Vermicelli 10.7540. Vegetarian Spring Rolls on Vermicelli 10.7541. Shrimp Paste wrapped in Bean Curd on Vermicelli 11.2542. Charbroiled Pork on Vermicelli 10.7543. Charbroiled Chicken on Vermicelli 10.7544. Charbroiled Beef Served on Vermicelli 10.7545. Charbroiled Pork & Spring Rolls Served on Vermicelli 11.2546. Charbroiled Shrimp Served on Vermicelli 11.4547. Shrimp Paste in Bean Curd & Spring Rolls On Vermicelli 11.4548. Charbroiled Pork, Spring Rolls On Vermicelli 11.2549. Charbroiled Chicken and Spring Rolls On Vermicelli 11.2550. Charbroiled Beef and Spring Rolls On Vermicelli 11.2551. Charbroiled Pork Balls and Spring Rolls On Vermicelli 11.2552. Charbroiled Shrimp and Spring Rolls On Vermicelli 11.4553. Sate Beef On Vermicell , 11.7554. Sate Chicken On Vermicell , 11.7555. Curry Chicken On Vermicell , 11.75Broken RiceAll Rice dishes are served with fish sauce on the side56. House Special Pork Chop, pork ball, shrimp, fried egg and 12.95shredded pork on broken rice57. Charbroiled Short Ribs, Shrimp Paste wrapped in 12.95Bean Curd, Shrimp, Fried Egg on Broken Rice58. Charbroiled Pork on Broken Rice 10.9559. Charbroiled Chicken on Broken Rice 10.9560. Shrimp Paste Bean Curd & Pork Chop on Broken Rice 11.7561. Pork Chop, Shredded Pork & Fried Egg on Broken Rice 11.5062. Beef Skewer & Spring Rolls on Broken Rice 11.5063. Pork Skewer & Spring Rolls on Broken Rice 11.50Rice Dishes64. Stir-Fried Lemongrass Chicken on Steamed Rice 11.7565. Stir-Fried Lemongrass Beef on Steamed Rice 11.7566. Stir-Fried Chicken & Mushroom on Steamed Rice 11.7567. Stir-Fried Seafood, Chicken or Beef on Steamed Rice 11.7569. Curry Chicken on Steamed Rice, 11.75Fried Rice70. Roasted Chicken or Sauteed Marinated Diced Beef 12.95on House Special Fried Rice/Macaroni71. Beef Short Ribs on Special Fried Rice/Macaroni 12.9572. Chicken Fried Rice 11.5073. Satay Beef with Spring Rolls Fried Rice, 12.9574. Shrimp Fried Rice 11.50Stir Fried Noodles75. Stir-Fried Combination Meat on Crispy Noodles 12.9576. Stir-Fried Beef on Crispy Noodles 12.9577. Stir-Fried Chicken on Crispy Noodles 12.9578. Stir-Fried Seafood on Crispy Noodles 13.45Vegetarian Dishes68. Stir-Fried Vegetables on Steamed Rice 11.2579. Stir-Fried Vegetables on Crispy Noodles 12.45130.Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup Chicken, beef, sate or plain 10.50soup base131. Vegetable Fried Rice Lettuce, carrots, egg (optional), beans 10.95and corn132. Salad Rolls Lettuce, Carrots, Tofu (2) 3.95 (4) 6.95Dinner CombinationsServed with Steamed Rice or VermicelliDinner for Two 2 Spring rolls or salad rolls, wonton soup and choiceof two entrees from list belowDinner for Four 4 Spring rolls or salad rolls, wonton soup and yourchoice of four entrees from list belowEntree List: Sate beef or chicken, Curry chicken, Lemongrassbeef or chicken, Roasted chicken leg, Stir fried vegetables withbeef, chicken or seafood, Stir-fried vegetables with tofu, Sweetand sour chicken balls, Stir-fried chicken with mushrooms36.9060.90ExtrasExtra Noodle 2.50Extra Shrimp (3) 3.00Extra Beef or Chicken 3.00Extra Vegetables 2.00Side of Sauce Choose from Peanut, Hoisen or Hot sauce 0.509

Open at 5:00 PM#100, 1204 KensingtonRoad NWStartersPopadums 1.10Samosa (2) Vegetable or minced meat filled prism shaped savouries 5.40with tamarind mint saucePaneer Pakora Home made fresh cottage cheese marinated in batter 9.70of cream, gram flour “Ajwain” (bishop weeds) & deep friedVegetable Pakora Vegetables dipped in gram flour & deep fried 8.60Mila Jula Mixed platter: vegetable samosa, pakoras and meat samosas 10.75Murgh Tikka Boneless chicken marinated in tandoori masala & yogurt. 10.75Cooked to perfection in our clay ovenSoup & SaladMulligatawny Soup of pureéd lentil, having an aroma of ginger, curry 4.30powder & delicately laced with coconut milk & cream, garnished withsteamed pearl rice or chicken dicesKadhi Soup Fresh homemade yogurt soup served hot 5.40Murgh Yakhani Clear chicken soup made from slow cooking of5.40drumsticks with cinnamon, saffron and tempered with clovesKachumber Salad The East Indian tossed salad 6.45Tandoori SpecialityTandoori Murgh The King of kebabs - most admired delicacy and thetastiest way to barbeque a chickenMurgh Malai Tikka Creamy kebab of boneless chicken blended withcream cheese, green chilies and corianderTandoori Prawns Prawns marinated in special Indian spices andcooked in our tandoori ovenFish Tikka Fish pieces marinated in spices and yogurt cooked in a thickgravy with herbs and spicesTandoori Mixed Platter (Garden Kebab) Boneless chicken, beefseekh kebab, prawns, green pepper, grilled tomatoes and onions16.1017.2016.1017.2020.40ChickenChicken Curry Chicken pieces cooked in a light gravy of onions,16.15tomatoes and fresh corianderMurgh Kali Mirch Fiery chicken simmered in a silky tomato gravy, 17.20garnished with cashews and raisinsChili Chicken Diced chicken cooked hakka style 17.20Chicken Korma Chicken breast cooked in a cashew cream sauce 16.10Murgh Makhni - Butter Chicken Tandoori chicken simmered in a 17.20tomato gravy, finished with cream, butter & sprinkled with “fenugreek”Murgh Masala Chicken cooked with yogurt in a thick sauce with a 16.10blend of herbs and spicesMurgh Bharta Finely chopped boneless tandoori chicken sautéed 16.10with onions, tomato, coriander & ginger-garlic paste, finished with garammarsala, gravy & creamMurgh Palak A combination of fresh spinach and chicken 16.10Murgh Vindaloo Boneless hot chicken in Goan sauce 16.10LambGosht Shahi Korma Boneless lamb cured in a gravy of cashew nuts, 16.10ginger, garlic & herbsGosht Masala Boneless pieces of lamb, simmered in our secret recipe 16.10Gosht Do Piaza Boneless lamb cooked with onions & herbs 15.05Palak Gosht Tender lamb cooked with spinach, herbs and spice 15.05Bhuna Gosht Marinated lamb cooked in an onion-tomato masala 16.10Gosht Vindaloo A south Indian specialty15.05lamb and potatoes cooked in a spicy sauceSeafood SpecialtiesJhinga Malai Prawns simmered in coconut milk with ginger, garlic 17.20and herbsSamundri Tufon Wild salmon cooked with herbs and spices 16.10Jhinga Masala Prawns cooked in thick gravy, herbs and spices 17.20Jhniga Vindaloo Prawns cooked in hot gravy 17.20BeefBeef Curry Boneless beef cooked with silky gravy sprinkled with 14.00coriander & green chiliesBalti Beef Simmered in garlic, ginger, onion, chillies and spices 16.10Beef Vindaloo Beef cooked in hot sauce 15.05Vegetarian SpecialtiesBaadin Jaan An exotic & colourful eggplant delicacy dressed in creamy 11.80coriander flavoured yogurtDhingri Dolma A colourful combination of mushrooms, peas & paneer, 12.90cooked with tomatoes & tempered with black cumin seedsPalak Paneer Cubes of cheese cooked with spinach, herbs & spices 11.80Matar Paneer Fresh homeade cheese and peas simmered with spices 11.80Paneer Makhani Cubes of homemade cheese cooked in a tomato 11.80cream sauceGobi Mussallam Spicy steamed cauliflower roasted with onions, garlic, 11.80ginger and garam masalaMalai Kofta Homemade cheese, potatoes and vegetable dumplings 12.90cooked in a mild sauceBhindi Masala Okra cooked in a thick creamy gravy with herbs 11.80Daal Masoor A light preparation of lentils and spices 10.70Pindi Channa Masala Chick peas cooked with onions, tomatoes, 10.70green peppers and spicesAlu Gobi Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices 12.90Diwani Handi Mixed vegetables cooked in a spinach based sauce, 12.90flavoured with special house spicesRajmah Rasmissa Red Kidney beans with onions, garlic, & spices 10.70Daal Makhani A harmonious combination of black lentils, tomatoes, 10.70ginger & garlic simmered on low heat & finished with creamIndian BreadTandoori Naan 3.20Garlic or Onion Naan 4.30Allu Naan Naan stuffed with spicy potatoes 4.30Masala Naan Naan topped with onion, garlic and coriander 4.30Coconut Raisan Naan 4.30Peshawari Naan Naan stuffed with coconut, raison and cherry 4.30Lacha Pratha Multi-layered made with whole wheat flour 5.40Alu Pratha Pratha stuffed with potatoes 4.30Tandoori Roti Thin whole wheat bread 3.20RiceSaffron Rice Pilau 5.35Peas Pilau 5.35Coconut Rice 5.35Prawn Biryani Basmati rice pilau cooked with prawns 16.10Beef Biryani Basmati rice pilau cooked with beef 13.90Vegetarian Biryani Basmati rice pilau cooked with vegetables 12.90Lamb Biryani Basmati rice pilau cooked with lamb 16.10Chicken Biryani Basmati rice pilau cooked with chicken 15.05AccompanimentsMango Chutney 3.20Raita 3.20Mixed Pickle 2.15DessertGulab Jamun Powdered milk, cream and butter made into round 5.40balls, deep fried and dipped in cardamon syrup, served with a sprinkle ofcoconut powderRice Pudding 5.40Sam's Bar & Grill1167 Kensington Road NWAppetizersBasket of French Fries 5.99Poutine Gravy and melted cheese served over fries 9.99Quesadilla Grilled with your tomatoes, white and green onions & your 12.99choice of chicken or beef. Garnished with salsa and sour creamWings (10) A full order of chicken wings. Served with carrot and celery 10.99sticks. Just pick your favorite flavour!Crispy Cheese Potato Skins Baked and topped with cheddar, green 9.99onions, bacon bits and served with sour creamCalamari Lightly battered and garnished with red onion and tzatziki 9.99Hummus & Tzatziki House made garlic hummus and tzatziki served 11.99with warm flatbreadNachos Tri colored nacho chips topped with mozza, tomatoes, white 13.99and green onions and jalapenos. Served with salsa and sour creamPotato Nachos Crisscut potato waffles topped with cheeses, tomatoes, 14.99white and green onions and jalapenos. Served with salsa and sour creamAdd beef 3.99 or Add Chicken 4.99Queso Sticks Battered and fried spicy mozzarella sticks paired with 9.99ranch dressing for dippingSam’s Sea Salt and Pepper Dry Ribs 11.99Platter of Chips Spicy cactus cut , sweet potato crisscut11.99& homestyle chips. Served with a creamy lemon dill sauceSalads and SoupsFrench Onion Soup 5.99South Western Salad Lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, cheddar and 11.99mozza cheese with black beans & corn topped with tortilla chipsSauteed Steak and Mushroom Salad Lettuce, tomatoes and 14.99cucumber topped with sauteed mushrooms and strips of sirloin steakserved with flatbreadGreek Salad Served with flatbread 13.99Caesar Salad Served with flatbread 9.99Chicken Caesar Salad Served with flatbread 14.99House Salad 9.99Piadinas and WrapsServed with your choice of Fries, Coleslaw, House or Caesar saladTeriyaki Chicken Piadina Grilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce,lettuce and tomatoesBBQ Beef Piadina Roast beef smothered in BBQ sauce with lettuce,tomatoes and onionsChicken Caesar Piadina Chicken breast tossed in a creamy caesardressing and finished with fresh parmesan cheeseMexican Piadina Grilled chicken breast with sauteed onions, red andgreen peppers, melted mozza and topped with jalapeno peppers. Servedwith salsa and sour creamBuffalo Chicken Piadina Breaded chicken tenders tossed in our hotbuffalo sauce with mozza, lettuce and tomatoesVeggie Wrap Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers,mozza cheese and tzatziki sauce14.9914.9914.9914.9914.9912.99South Western Wrap Lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, black beans, 14.99corn, mozza and cheddar with a grilled chicken breastTuna Wrap Tuna, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber 12.99SandwichesServed with your choice of fries, coleslaw, house or caesar salad or add sweet potatofries for 3.99Smoked Meat on Rye 8 oz of Montréal smoked meat piled high on 12.99on rye breadMonte Cristo A triple decker! Ham, mozza and turkey sandwich 12.99dipped in egg and grilled until golden brownSam’s Original Sangy Turkey and ham topped with melted mozza, 13.99tomatoes, onions and our special sauce served on rye breadTuna Melt. Served open faced on rye bread, toasted with tomatoes and 12.99melted cheddarB.L.T. 10.99Triple Decker Club The classic with all the fixings 12.99Chicken Ciabatta Club Grilled chicken breast, crisp romaine lettuce, 14.99sliced tomato, bacon and cheddar cheese on a ciabatta bunBeef Dip Shaved Alberta beef with au jus or gravy on a pretzel bun 12.99Grilled Reuben Heated Montréal smoked meat, sauerkraut and 13.99melted mozza piled high on ryeSpicy Chicken Sandwich Grilled chicken breast with jalapenos, 14.99salsa, green peppers and melted mozza on a ciabatta bunChicken Ranch Melt Grilled chicken breast with14.99bacon, mozza, cheddar and ranch dressing on a ciabatta bunSam’s Burger BanquetAll burgers include lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and your choice of Fries, Coleslaw,House or Caesar Salad or add sweet potato fries for 3.99Sam’s Original Burger 8 oz beef burger done with the classic 13.99toppings and special sauceVeggie Burger Our unique herbed patty topped with fresh salsa 12.99Sam’s Big Max Bacon, mozza, mushroom and special sauce 14.99Bacon & Cheddar 8 oz beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar and 13.99special sauceGrilled Patty Melt 8oz cheese burger on rye with fried onions and 13.99special sauceMexican Burger Salsa, jalapenos and mozza 13.99Hawaiian Burger Canadian ham, mozza and house made pineapple 14.99salsaTeriyaki Burger Topped with teriyaki sauce and house made13.99pineapple salsaSam’s Double Burger Two 8oz patties17.99with classic toppings and special sauceEntreesPotato Cheese Perogies Served with melted cheddar, sautéedonions and sour creamBacon and Romano Perogies Served with melted cheddar,sautéed onions and sour creamSpinach and Feta Perogies Served with melted cheddar , sauteedonions and sour creamTop Sirloin Steak 8 oz Premium Alberta beef aged to perfection withgarlic toast and choice of fries, creamy coleslaw, house or caesar saladChicken Fingers and Fries Tender breaded chicken strips servedwith Sam’s beer battered fries and plum sauceMacaroni and Cheese Creamy three cheese mac and cheese bakeduntil golden brown, served with garlic toastHousemade Lasagna A rich meaty sauce layered with a blend ofcheeses and baked to perfection, served with garlic toastHunter Schnitzel Hand breaded chicken breast with a red winemushroom sauce served with mashed potatoes and garlic toastDessertsNew York Cheese Cake Served plain or with strawberries orblueberriesDeep Fried Cheesecake Drizzled with chocolate sauce andtopped with strawberries and powdered sugar. Perfect to share!10.9910.9910.9914.9912.999.9912.9914.995.997.9912 13

O'Sullivan's#104, 5809 Macleod Trail SStartersSpinach & Artichoke Dip A rich creamy blend of spinach, artichokes 10.99and cheeses served piping hot with pita breadChicken Wings 1 lbs Served with your choice of flavour 10.99Chicken Wings 2 lbs With your choice of flavour 18.99Potstickers Served with our Asian dipping sauce 10.99Calamari Freshly breaded calamari fried ‘til golden brown, served with a 10.99tzatziki sauce on the sideHot and Sticky Pork Bites Tender boneless pork morsels bathed in 11.99a hot honey garlic saucePork Bites Boneless morsels of pork marinated then slow baked 10.99tender and tossed lightly with rock salt and pepperPotato Skins Golden brown skins with bacon and green onion, topped 9.99with cheese and served with sour creamNachos Supreme Our famous West Texas delight... fresh fried tortilla 15.99chips smothered with Mexi-casa beef, marble and mozzarella cheese,green onions, tomatoes and jalapenos, served with sour cream and salsaAdd gucamole 1.99 Add extra cheese 1.99Nachos Grande A meatless version of our famous Nacho Supreme 13.99Starter Sampler A sampling of pork bites, hot wings, onion rings, 29.99nachos grande, potato skins and pot stickers (available after 2:00 pm)Soup and SaladCaesar Salad Starter Served with garlic toast 5.99Caesar Salad Meal Size Served with garlic toast 9.99Add Grilled Chicken 4.99Add Atlantic Salmon 4.99Sunshine Salad Baby field greens, vine ripened tomatoes, english 11.99cucumber, pumpkin seeds, sundried cranberries and light crumbled feta,served with a red wine -honey dijon vinaigretteVeggie Platter A medley of seasonal fresh vegetables served with 9.99ranch dressingSirloin Tomato Salad Marinated tomatoes and slivered red onions 14.99tossed with fresh baby field greens, topped with centre cut sirloin steakand crumbled blue cheese, served with red wine-honey dijon vinaigretteSante Fe Chicken Salad Mixed greens topped with marble cheese, 13.99tomatoes, green onion, sweet corn niblets and golden fried chicken strips,served with southwestern ranch dressingSteak Sandwich Open-faced on garlic texas toast,smothered with sauteed mushrooms and onion rings5 oz 13.99 8 oz 17.99 12 oz 21.99Deluxe Beef Dip Triple A Sirloin beef dip piled high on garlic baguettebread served with our rosemary au jus, topped with caramalized onionand swiss cheeseMontreal Smoked Meat Eight ounces of thinlysliced Montreal smoked meat piled high on marblerye bread served with kosher dill pickle on the side13.9913.99BurgersServed with Homecut Fries, Garden Salad, Caesar Salad or Mac ‘n CheeseBurger A half pound, 100% Alberta beef patty flame-grilled juicy, 10.99presented to you on a fresh grilled bun with lettuce, tomato, dill pickleand mayoAdd cheese 0.99 Add extra patty 4.00Bacon Cheeseburger Basic burger with cheese & bacon. 13.99Loaded Burger Bacon, sauteed onions, mushrooms and cheese 14.99Vegetarian Burger 11.99Old FaithfulsServed with your Choice of Homecut Fries, Caesar Salad, Garden Salad or Fresh PastaChicken Pot Pie Hand pulled chicken, yellow onions, peaches & cream 14.99corn, peas & green beans in our homemade chicken gravy topped with apuff pastry, then bakedShepherd’s Pie Lean ground beef, peaches & cream corn & yellow 14.99onion in real pan gravy, topped with homemade mashed potatoes, thenbaked golden brownChicken Quesadilla Chicken with diced jalapenos, green onions, 13.99tomatoes, marble & mozzarella cheese all presented in a folded & grilledflour tortilla, served with sour cream & salsa Add gucamole 1.99Beef Quesadilla Spicy beef with diced jalapenos, green onions, 13.99tomatoes, marble and mozzarella cheese all presented in a folded andgrilled flour tortilla, served with sour cream and salsaVeggie Quesadilla Grilled flour tortilla is filled with diced jalapenos, 10.99green onions, tomatoes, diced red and green peppers and a blend ofcheese, served with sour cream and salsaFish ‘N’ Chips Two plump cod fillets beer batter dipped and fried to a 13.99crispy golden brown, served with tartar sauce and fresh lemonChicken Fingers Tender chicken breast lightly coated & fried ’til 12.99golden & served with your choice of sauceBuffalo Chicken Fingers Tender chicken breast lightly coated & 13.99fried ’til golden & served with your choice of sauceBaked Enchilada Two flour tortillas stuffed with chicken, onions 15.99and peppers, oven baked with a blend of marble and mozzarella cheeses,topped with green onions, diced tomatoes and jalapenos. Servedwith salsa & sour creamFireside FavouritesServed with Fresh Vegetables & Your Choice of Garlic Mashed or Roasted PotatoesSirloin Dinner (8 oz.) AAA premium Alberta sirloin flame-grilled toyour preference17.99Sirloin Dinner (12 oz.) AAA premium Alberta sirloin flame-grilled to 21.99your preferenceMalibu Marinated Sirloin (8 oz.) AAA premium Alberta sirloin 18.99glazed with the perfect blend of Malibu rum, asian sauce, fresh cut garlicand ginger then flame-grilled to your specificationsMalibu Marinated Sirloin (12 oz.) AAA premium Alberta sirloin 21.99glazed with the perfect blend of Malibu rum, asian sauce, fresh cut garlicand ginger then flame-grilled to your specificationsSalisbury Steak 100% Alberta ground beef flame grilled, then 13.99topped with sautéed mushrooms & onions, smothered with real pangravy, served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetablesBrandied Salmon 10 oz. fillet of Atlantic Salmon and oven baked in a 19.99glaze of brandied asian sauce, fresh garlic and gingerPizza10" 12"Good Karma Pizza Cheese, mushrooms, onion, olives, 17.00 20.00peppers and pineappleHey Lucy Ham, pineapple and bacon 17.00 20.00Vegan Nightmare Ham, pepperoni, salami, spicy beef, 17.00 20.00Italian sausage and baconvAll Nighter Ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, 17.00 20.00spicy beef, onion, mushrooms and jalapeñosPasta PleasersTraditional Lasagna Baked layered with a ground beef meat sauceand both mozzarella and marble cheese, served with garlic toastSpicy Sausage Lasagna Spolumbo’s spicy Italian sausage withcheeses in a signature cream sauce, served with garlic toast13.9914.99ExtrasGarlic Toast 3.49Cheese Toast 4.99Onion Rings 4.99Guacamole 1.99Gravy .99Yam Fries 4.99Homecut Fries 2.49Extra Sauce .59Sautéed Mushrooms 2.99O’Sullivan’s Poutine 5.99O’Sullivan’s DessertsChocolate Therapy Cake Our homemade brownie topped with two 6.99scoops of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and finished offwith whipped creamCheesecake with Strawberry Coulis Smooth, creamy and rich 6.99cheesecake drizzled with strawberry coulisMocha Mud Pie This Oreo cookie crumb base is filled with Kahlua 6.99and double chocolate ice creamSoup or Salad & Sandwich Your choice of a cup of soup, our gardensalad or caesar salad presented with today’s fresh sandwich creationEver Changing Soups Daily featured housemade soup Cup 3.99 Bowl 5.9910.99Sandwich SelectionServed with Homecut Fries, Garden Salad, Caesar Salad or Mac ‘n CheeseReuben Eight ounces of thinly sliced Montreal smoked meat, swiss cheese 14.99and sauerkraut all piled high on grilled marble rye breadO’Sullivans Chicken Flame grilled chicken breast, roasted red pepper 12.99aioli, lettuce, tomato and crisp onion strings on a fresh grilled bunChicken Cordon Bleu A flame-grilled chicken breast, black forest 13.99ham and swiss cheese presented with lettuce and tomato on a freshgrilled bunSpolumbo Melt Spolumbo’s spicy Italian sausage with peppers & 13.99onions, topped with melted cheddar cheese piled onto a fresh Italian rollClubhouse Chicken piled high with bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and 13.99tomato, serverd on your choice of toasted whole wheat or texas toastPhilly Cheese Steak Shaved roast beef, red onion, mushrooms, 13.99green and red peppers sautéed in a housemade gravy, served on a garlicbaguette and topped with melted marble and mozzarella cheeseSalmon Sandwich Grilled Atlantic salmon, lettuce, tomato and red 13.99onion on a fresh grilled bun, topped off with roasted red pepper aioliCalifornia Wrap Strips of our flame-grilled chicken breast with crisp 12.99lettuce, cheese, diced tomatoes, peppers, red onions and ranch dressing allwrapped up in a flour tortillaSirloin Beef Dip The pride of Alberta Triple A sirloin beef piled on a 11.99garlic baguette serverd with rosemary au jus14 15

Fiore638 17 Avenue SWAppetizersGamberetti Cantina Jumbo shrimps sauteed in garlic butter, white 10.60wine and lemonCalamari Romana Fried squid served with a choice of tomato sauce 10.20with lemon or tzatziki dipCozze Alla Vino Bianco Fresh mussels sauteed with diced tomatoes, 10.40onions, garlic and herbs with a splash of white wineMushroom Caps Mushroom caps sauteed in garlic butter baked with 9.55mozzarella and parmesan cheeseBruschetta with Baguette Diced tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and 6.40pesto, served with a baguetteDry Tuscan Ribs Lemon pepper pork ribs, served with creamy Italian 10.20sauceCrab Cakes Two Alaskan snow crab cakes, topped with julienne 10.60vegetables & basil oilAppetizer Platter Calamari, dry ribs, mussels & bruschetta 23.50Zuppa (Soup) & BreadMinestrone A blend of fresh vegetables & beans 5.90Cipolla Onion soup & crouton baked with mozzarella cheese 7.00Garlic Toast 2.25Cheese Toast 3.50Insalata (Salad)Insalata Mista Garden salad served with our house vinaigrette 6.50Insalata Di Cezare A classic Caesar with croutons, parmesan cheese 6.50& homemade dressingDi Spinaci Spinach, fresh mushrooms, bacon & parmesan cheese 7.50Boconccini Salad Sliced tomato and boconccini cheese drizzled with a 9.60balsamic vinegar reductionItalian Salad for 2 Crisp bed of romaine lettuce, hardboiled egg, 14.25artichokes, anchovies & parmesan cheese Single serving 8.55Add Grilled Chicken to any salad or pasta 5.30Add 5 Jumbo Shrimp to any salad or pasta 5.30Add 2 Meat Balls to any salad or pasta 5.30Entree SaladsCaesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Our traditional Caesar topped 13.85with grilled chickenSesame Chicken Salad Rice noodles on top of crisp romaine lettuce, 15.00sesame dressing, grilled chicken breast, red peppers, scallions, mandarinorange & cucumber, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.Jumbo Shrimp Salad (gluten free) Mixed greens with rice 16.00noodles, jumbo shrimp, mango, cucumber, with grapefruit vinaigretteSpinach Salad with Baked Salmon Fillet Mushroom &16.00parmesan cheese, lightly dressed with our homemade creamy dressingSpinach Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast 15.00Pasta GourmetCombo Italiana Chicken Parmigiana, Cannelloni & Fettuccine Alfredo 17.90Cheese Ravioli Al Forno Fresh ravioli in a tomato cream sauce baked 15.00with mozzarella.Cheese Ravioli Basilico Ravioli in a tomato cream sauce with 15.00sundried tomatoes and pestoButternut Squash Ravioli Ravioli sauteed with a honey balsamic 15.00reductionButternut Squash Quattro Formaggi Fresh ravioli in a four 16.00cheese cream sauceTortellini Sasha Chicken filled tortellini, bacon and mushrooms in a 14.50tomato cream sauceTortellini Bombay Chicken filled tortellini and broccoli in a curry 14.50cream sauceFrutti Di Mare Affogati Mussels, jumbo shrimp, scallops, calamari & 23.60baby clams in a tomato sauce, served with linguiniGamberetti Jambalaya Jumbo shrimp, sausage, vegetables & 19.30chicken breast in tomato sauce, served with Fettucine AlfredoPastaCannelloni Rolled pasta stuffed with ground veal & spinach, baked 13.40with mozzarella cheese in a tomato sauceManicotti Rolled pasta stuffed with spinach, ricotta and parmesan 13.40cheese, baked in tomato sauce with mozzarellaLasagna Fiorentina Baked layers of pasta, meat sauce & parmesan 13.40cheese, baked with mozzarellaSpinach Fettuccine Al Pollo Diced chicken breast, mushrooms & 14.20garlic in alfredo sauceSpinach Fettucine Alfredo Served in a creamy parmesan cheese 12.85sauceSpinach Fettuccine Mare & Monte Alaskan crab & mushrooms in 14.70a cream sauce with a hint of white wineFusilli Salmone Piselli Fresh Atlantic salmon & peas in a basil cream 13.40sauceFusilli Arriabatta Red & Green Peppers, Bacon in spicy tomato sauce 13.20Gnocchi Alla Bolognese Potato dumplings in a tomato meat sauce 13.40Gnocchi Alla Genovesa Potato dumplings in a tomato pesto sauce 13.40Linguini Vongole Served with baby clams in a garlic white wine 13.40sauce or tomato sauceLinguini Cozze Prepared with fresh mussels in tomato sauce 14.25Linguini Alla Marinara Prepared with baby shrimp and clams in a 13.60garlic tomato sauceLinguini Vegetariano Vegetables, basil, garlic, olive oil and chilies 13.90Penne Salsiccia Homemade italian sausage, green peppers & onions 14.25in a tomato saucePenne Ciao Bella Diced chicken breast in a pesto cream sauce with 14.20spinach & red pepperPenne Tonno Tuna & red peppers in a curry cream sauce 13.40Linguini Carbonara Bacon, onions and egg in a creamy parmesan 12.55sauce (also served dry upon request)Linguini Bolognese Served with tomato meat sauce 12.10Linguini Polpetti Homemade meatballs in a meat sauce 12.85Half Order of Any Pasta 7.50Gigante Size Pasta Add 6.40Add Grilled Garlic Chicken to Pasta 5.30Whole Wheat Linguini or Gluten Free (Rice) Pasta Available 1.30in place of white pastaEntreesPollo Limoni In a light lemon butter sauce, with a dash of white wine 16.30Vitello Funghi Veal slices in a fresh mushroom demi-glace sauce 16.70Pollo Parmigiana Chicken breast lightly breaded with ham & tomato 16.85sauce, baked with mozzarella cheeseSalmon Fillet Olive Tapenade Salmon filet with olives, sundried 19.30tomatoes and herb olive oil, served with penne tomatoSalmon Fillet Lemon Dill Baked atlantic salmon18.10in a lemon dill cream sauce, served with penne tomatoThin Crust PizzasAll Prepared with fresh Homemade Tomato Sauce, Olive Oil & Mozzarella Cheese!Mozzarella Homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese 12.85Vegetariana Mushroom, spinach, onions & red peppers 15.60Salsiccia Homemade sausage, mushrooms, green onions, red peppers 15.60Pollo Grilled chicken, onions and mushrooms 15.60Build Your Own Start with a mozzarella cheese and you can choose 12.85your own toppingsExtra Pizza Toppings Bacon, Sausage, Capicolla Ham, Anchovies, 1.35Baby Shrimp, Pineapple, Artichoke Hearts, Black Olives & PestoDessertsChocolate Crave Cake Moist chewy chocolate cake layered withchocolate mouse, covered with Belgian chocolateCheesecake New York style cheesecake with berry or baileys &chocolate toppingHomemade Peach & Apple Cobbler Peach & apple crumbletossed in a cinnamon sugar mix, baked with an oatmeal brown sugartoppingTiramisu A delicious filling of marscaponecheese nestled around ladyfingers soaked in coffee7. 17

5222 Macleod Trail SWSoup1. Deep Fried Bean Curd Soup With bean thread and pork 9.452. Mixed Seafood & Vegetable Soup 11.353. Hot & Sour Soup 10.704. Chicken Noodle Soup 8.609. Crab Meat & Sweet Corn Soup 8.9510. Won Ton Soup (Single Serving) 3.8011. Won Ton Soup (10) 9.6512. Wor Won Ton Soup (6) 10.70Sizzling Rice13. Hot & Sour Crispy Rice 11.3514. Meat & Vegetable Crispy Rice 12.8515. Prawns & Crispy Rice 13.9516. Scollops & Crispy Rice 13.95Appetizers17. Deep Fried Garlic Rib 9.6018. Deep Fried Chicken Wings 9.6019. Teriyaki Mixed Vegetables 8.5521. Prawns & Sesame Toast 12.8522. Spring Rolls (3) 3.2023. Grilled Pork Dumplings 7.5024. Boiled Pork Dumplings 7.50Hot Pot25. Black Pepper Hot Pot Your choice of beef or chicken 12.8526. Szechuan Seafood Hot Pot 15.0027. Meat & Vegetable Hot Pot 13.9528. Mixed Seafood Hot Pot 15.0029. Black Bean Sauce Hot Pot Your choice of beef orchicken12.80Seafood30. Grilled Sole Fillet Peking style 12.8531. Shrimp & Cashews In a yellow bean sauce 12.8532. Sliced Sole Fillet In a yellow bean sauce 12.8533. Deep Fried Sole Fillet In a sweet & sour sauce 12.8537. Sweet & Sour Prawns 12.8538. Scampi Peking Style 12.8539. Prawns in Chili Sauce 12.8541. Dried Salt & Pepper Prawn In a shell 15.0042. Quick Fried Prawns & Broccoli 12.8543. Quick Fried Prawns With babycorn, broccoli and strawmushrooms12.8544. Salt & Pepper Seafood Shrimp, scallop & squid 15.0045. Salt & Pepper Squid 12.85Poultry46. Peking Duck 26.8047. Sliced Duck with Mushrooms 13.9548. Sliced Duck with Pineapple 13.95More Poultry49. Chicken Breast with Vegetables In an oyster sauce 11.3550. Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce 11.3551. Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce with Cashews 11.3552. Quick Fried Chicken With vegetables & cashews 11.3553. Diced Chicken & Green Peppers With chili 10.7054. Diced Chicken in Chili With sweet & sour sauce 10.7055. Diced Chicken with White Mushrooms 10.7056. Diced Chicken with Pineapple 10.7057. Grilled Chicken Peking Style 12.8558. Quick Fried Chicken with Broccoli 10.7059. Chicken, Mushrooms & Snowpeas In an oyster sauce 10.70Variety Meats61. Salt & Pepper Pork 10.7063. Sweet & Sour Pork 10.7064. Sliced Pork in Chili Sauce 10.7065. Quick Fried Pork with Mushrooms 10.7066. Quick Fried Chicken With scallops & shrimp 13.9567. Fried Chicken, Shrimp & Beef With green onion 13.9568. Fried Chicken, Shrimp & Beef In black bean sauce 13.9570. Ginger Beef Deep fried shredded beef with ginger 10.7071. Quick Fried Beef with Green Onion 10.7072. Beef with Vegetables In oyster sauce 10.7073. Quick Fried Beef with Tomato 10.7075. Fried Chicken, Shrimp & Beef In curry sauce 13.95Vegetables80. Mixed Veggies in Oyster Sauce 8.5581. Mixed Veggies with Sliced Beef 10.7082. Mixed Veggies in Garlic Sauce 8.5583. Mu Shu Pork or Chicken 13.95Bean Curd84. Deep Fried Bean Curd With vegetables & pork in chili sauce 10.7085. Braised Bean Curd With Bamboo shoots, mushrooms andsui-choy10.7086. Bean Curd with Minced Pork In chili sauce 11.3587. Bowl of Bean Curd Soup With meat & vegetables 11.35Noodles88. Bowl of Noodle Soup With chicken, pork & shrimp 10.7089. Vegetarian Fried Noodle 8.5591. Noodles with Ground Pork In yellow bean sauce 9.1592. Fried Noodles with Beef & Vegetables 9.1593. Noodles with Chicken, Pork & Shrimp Fried Noodles 9.6094. Szechuan Fried Noodles With chicken, pork & shrimp 9.6095. Fried Noodles with Cabbage & Pork 9.1596. Noodles with Pork & Green Pepper 9.15Rice97. Special Fried Rice 9.1598. Szechuan Fried Rice 9.1599. Shrimp Fried Rice 9.15100. Chicken Fried Rice 8.55101. Fried Rice with Egg & Green Peas 7.50102. Steamed Rice Per person 1.60Dinner CombosDinner for Two 2 spring rolls, 4 dumplings, hot & sour or wonton soup, steamed rice and your choice of 2 entree dishesDinner for Three 3 spring rolls, 6 dumplings, hot & sour or wonton soup, steamed rice and your choice of 3 entree dishesDinner for Four 4 spring rolls, 8 dumplings, hot & sour or wonton soup, steamed rice and your choice of 4 entree dishes25.7538.6551.55507 - 17 Avenue SWAppetizersPapadum Fried East Indian crackers made from spicy lentils and rice, 1.00served with tamarind chutneyKachumbar Salad Diced cucumbers, tomato and onions marinated in 5.50lemon juice and spicesVegetable Samosas (2 pcs) Triangular pastry pockets filled with 3.49delightful mixture of vegetables and fresh criander leaves, servedwith chutneyBeef Samosa (2 pcs) Triangular pastry pockets filled with delightful 3.95mixture of beef and fresh coriander leaves, served with chutneyVegetable Pakora (8 pcs) Thinly sliced assorted vegetables rolled in 6.95gram flour and deep friedPaneer Pakora (8 pcs) Homemade fresh cottage cheese dipped in 8.95gram flour batter and deep friedFish Pakora Crispy boneless cod fillet coated in spiced batter 8.95Till Mill Zhingha ( Shrimp) Cooked in a tangy/garlic sauce served 9.95with naan breadPapri Chaat A medley of garbanzo beans, potatoes, flour crisps topped 6.95with chutney-yogurt dressingVegetarian DishesPaneer Tikka Diced homemade cottage cheese, marinate in yogurt, 13.95lemon juice and traditional spices,cooked in Tandoor ovenJeera Aloo Potatoe tossed and sauteed in cumin and turmeric 12.95Mutter Paneer Homemade cheese and green peas cooked in exotic 13.95spices, tossed with tomatoes and fresh coriander leaveShahi Paneer Homemade cheese cooled in exotic spices 13.95Palak Paneer Diced homemade cottage cheese, marinated in yogurt, 13.95lemon juice and traditional spices,cooked in a Tandoor ovenAloo Gobi (Spinach-Potatoes) Combination of fresh cauliflower 12.95and potatoes cooked in exotic spices, tossed with tomatoes and freshcoriander leavesOkra Masala (Bhindi) Fresh okra cooked with onions, garlic,13.95tomatoes and a special blend of spicesZucchini Massalla (Bhindi) Fresh okra cooked with onions, garlic, 13.95tomatoes and a special blend of spicesDal Makhani (Soup of Black Lentil) Harmonious combination of 11.95black lentils of India cooked in various spices with rich cream & butterDal Masoor Yellow lentils cooked in light spices 10.95Eggplant - Baingan Bharta Roasted eggplant pulp sauteed with 13.95fresh onions, tomatoes and cooked with spicesNavrattan Korma (Veggie/Royal Korma) Combination of fresh 13.95vegetables cooked in a mild creamy saucePeshawari Chole Chickpeas cooked with spices, garnished with 10.95fresh tomatoes and chopped corianderMixed Raita Yogurt mixed with cucumber, tomatoes and onions, 4.95garnished with fresh coriander leavesPlain Raita 4.95Malai Kafta Cheese & vegetable dumpling cooked in a creamy sauce 13.95Chicken DishesButter Chicken Tender Boneless chicken cooked in a light tomato 14.95based sauce and exotic spices with butter and creamVeggie Butter Dish Vegitarian Butter Chicken 1495Chicken Korma Chicken cooked in mild curry, prepared with almonds, 14.95cashew nuts, cardamon and white pepperChicken Curry Boneless chicken with spices in a curry sauce 12.95Palak/Saag Chicken Tender pieces of chicken cooked with spinach, 13.95herbs and spicesChicken Vindaloo Boneless cubes of chicken cooked with potatoes in 13.95Goan (Easter India) style hot and spicy sauceChicken Bharta Finely chopped boneless tandoori chicken sauteed 14.95with chopped onions, tomato, coriander and ginger-garlic paste andmixed with spices and creamChicken Tikka Masala Boneless chicken cubes marinated in a spicyhouse special sauce and cooked in our Tandoor ovenKadhai Chicken Marinated chicken stir fried with bell peppers,onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and hot chillies13.9513.95Lamb & BeefLamb or Beef Curry Succulent pieces of lamb or beef with various 13.95spices and cilantroPalak/Saag Lamb or Beef Choice of lamb or beef, fresh spinach 13.95puréed and cooked with homemade cottage cheese and finished withexotic spicesLamb or Beef Korma Cooked in a mild spiced cream sauce 14.95Lamb or Beef Rogan Josh Marinated Lamb or Beef stir fried with 13.95bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, ginger and hot chilliesLamb or Beef Vindaloo Onion curry sauce with potatoes in a very 13.95hot blend of secret spices, green chillies and coconutBhoona Lamb or Beef Stir fried with bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, 13.95ginger and hot chilliesGoat DishesGoat Curry Succulent pieces of goat with curry sauce, traditional spicesand cliantroGoat Vindaloo Onion curry sauce with potatoes in hot secret spices,green chillies, fresh ground spices and coconutBalti DishesBalti Lamb or Beef or Chicken Chunks of boneless meat preparedwith authentic spices and a touch of chopped onions, tomatoes, peppersand honeyBalti Prawns Succulent prawns cooked in balti sauce with a touch ofexotic spices and honey13.9514.9514.9515.95Tandoori GrillChicken Tikka Boneless chunks of chicken marinated in yogurt, chili 13.95paste and spicesTandoori Chicken Skinless chicken marinated in yogurt sauce & spices 12.95Sheekh Kebab Seasoned ground lamb or beef cooked on skewers 11.95Lamb Chop Kandhari (House Special) Tender lamb chops 14.95marinated with ginger, herbs and freshly ground spices, then grilled overcharcoal in tandoorTandoori Combo Platter A combination of Chicken Tikka, Tandoori 26.95Chicken, Sheekh Kebab and Lamb Chop KandariSeafood SpecialsButter Prawn Tender prawns prepared with chef’s special sauce and 14.95cooked in tomatoes, butter and spicesPrawn Malai Curry Prawn simmered in coconut milk with gingergarlicpaste, green chillies and spices14.95Fish Curry Marinated fish pieces cooked with onion, bell peppers, 14.95tomatoes, ginger, garlic and lemon juice in medium hot spicesFish Vindaloo Very hot and spicy fish curry served with potatoes 15.95Bread & RicePlain Naan Plain flour bread fresh baked 1.95Garlic Naan Plain flour bread with garlic 2.50Tandoori Roti Made with whole wheat flour 1.95Lacha Paratha 3.50Aloo Kulcha Potato Naan 3.50Keema Kulcha Chicken Naan 3.50Safron Pulao Rice 2.95Peas Pulao Rice 3.25Coconut Rice 3.25Mushroom Rice 3.25House Special Rice BiryanisChicken/Lamb/Beef Biryani Cooked with basmati rice and spices 14.95and steamed in the ovenVeggie Biryani Fresh marinated vegetables cooked with basmati rice 14.95and topped off with nutsPrawn Biryani Marinated prawns simmered with vegetables & rice 15.95DessertsRas Malai (2 pieces) Chilled homemade cheese patties in sweet 3.95creamy sauceGalub Jamun (2 pieces) Milk pastry balls with crushed nuts in warm 3.75sweet syrupRice Pudding Mouth watering pudding made with rice and milk 3.25Kulfi Mango or pistachio flavored 3.5018 19

Open at 5:00 - 7 days#3 2711 17 Ave SWAppetizersPappoundum (2) Tandoori roasted spicy crispy pancakes 2.10Vegetable Samosas (2) Triangular pastries stuffed with3.80vegetablesMeat Samosas (2) Triangular pastries stuffed with meat 4.30Pakoras - Bhajias Vegetarian fritters 8.60506 10th Street NWF.A.T.S. Legendary PizzaF.A.T.S is known for having the Best Pizza in Calgary! We use only the freshest ofingredients and our secret recipe pizza dough can’t be duplicatedFirst Date Spinach, roasted garlic, onion, feta cheese Med 16.00 Lrg 18.00F.A.T.S Special Pepperoni, ham, olives, green pepper Med 17.00 Lrg 20.00and shrimpMeat Lovers Pepperoni, salami, italian sausage, ham Med 17.00 Lrg 20.00Vegetarian Mushrooms, green pepper,Med 16.00 Lrg 18.00fresh tomatoes, pineapple, onionsSpicy Capicola, salami, banana peppers Med 16.00 Lrg 18.00Hawaiian Ham and pineapple Med 14.00 Lrg 17.00Build Your Own Start with our plain cheese pizzaSmall 10.00Medium 13.00Large 15.00Add Toppings Chicken or taco beef 4.00Pepperoni, salami, ham, bacon,capicola, 1.25shrimp, Italian sausage or feta cheeseMushroom, green pepper, spinach,fresh tomatoes, onion, black olives,cooked tomato, roasted garlic,jalapeno peppers, pineapple,banana peppers.75F.A.T.S. Beef BurgersAll burgers are topped with crisp lettuce, sliced fresh tomato, sliced onion, picklesand mustard mayo All of our burgers are served with your choice of House Salad orFries. Add Caesar Salad, Sweet Potato Chowder ,Yam fries or Poutine your fries for $2Add an Extra Beef Paddy for $2.50 Substitute a Grilled Chicken Breast for $.75 AddGravy, Any Cheese, Bacon ,Mushrooms, BBQ Sauce $1.00Basic Burger Charbroiled and served on a fresh bun with lettuce, 10.00tomato, onion, pickles and mustard mayoMushroom Mozza Sauteed mushrooms and melted mozzarella cheese 12.00Stampede Burger We celebrate the Calgary Stampede 365 days of 13.00the year with this legendary burger! Juicy beef burger coated with F.A.T.SStampede BBQ sauce cheddar cheese and crispy baconBlue Bacon Burger Crumbled blue cheese and crispy bacon 13.00Jalapeno Jack Burger Jalapeno jack, fresh jalapenos 12.00Paneer Pakoras (Swarmis Choice) Marinated homemade 9.65cheese fritters and chutneysDahi Raita Navneen Homemade yogurt & spices 3.20Chaat Potatoes, garbanzo, yogurt & spices 4.30Kachumber Salad Indian salad 3.20Mango Chutney 2.10Tandoori EntreesMarinated lean meats with 35 spices, seasonings & herbs are pushed through 5 footlong skewers and laid in a clay oven fired by soft wood charcoal. The succulent juicesfrom the meat drip into the fire & mingled with smoke create a distinctive aromawhich is absorbed by the meatsChicken Tandoori Marinated skinless spring chicken 12.90Chicken Tikka Boneless, skinless marinated chicken breasts 12.90Sheekh Kabob Marinated lean minced lamb on skewers 12.90Butter Chicken (Mild) Boneless chicken tikka in a creamy sauce 13.95Mashala Chicken Tikka Boneless chicken tikka in a delicious 12.90spicy tandoori sauceChicken Sag (Medium) Boneless chicken tikka with sag 12.90Invitation Azamani A culinary delight of chicken tikka cooked 17.25with mango slices, butter chicken sauce, brandy & wineCurry Cuisine (Non-Vegetarian)Shai Korma Mulai Chicken, lamb or beef marinated & cookedwith delicate spices, cashews, almond, nutmeg & cardamon sauceBhuna Gost (Medium) Tender pieces of chicken, lamb or beefcooked in natural juices & marinated mushroomsSaag Gosht (Medium) Chicken, lamb or beef marinated &sauteed with mushroomsRogan Josh Chicken, lamb or beef prepared in our traditionalHimalayan Valley recipe, medium or hot, cashew nuts optionalVindaloo Goan Traditional World famous chicken, lamb orbeef a Goan recipe from medium hot to suicidal hot with coconutmilk and yogurt14.0011.8511.8511.8511.85Prawn & Fish CurryVindaloo Prawn Coconut milk, yogurt, prawn & fiery hot sauce 14.00Bhuna Prawn Sauteed mushrooms with marinated prawns 14.00Prawn Korma Marinated prawn in a creamy sauce with cashews, 14.00almonds, pistachios & cardamonSaag Prawn Sri-Lankan prawns with sauteed spinach 14.00Fish Curry Boneless marinated cod fillet; Pakistani style 12.90Vegetarian CuisineSabzi A colourful combination of fresh marinated vegetables9.65sauteed with spinachPaneer Mutter Homemade fresh paneer cheese & peas 10.70Bhindi Sauteed okra (ladyfingers) & spices 10.70Eggplant Bhartha Tandoori roasted eggplants, Brinjal mashed 11.85& sauteed with spicesMalai Kofta Fresh homemade paneer cheese & fresh seasonal 11.85vegetable balls simmered in makhani sauceChanna New Deli style garbanzo curry 9.60188 - 3rd Ave SWFor complete menu please visit our website at www.waitersenroute.caCombinationDim Sum Platter Chef’s choice of eight types of Dim SumSmall 28.00 Large 48.00Party Tray Chicken wings, dry garlic ribs, spring rolls, pan frieddumplings, cold beef, jellyfish Small 28.00 Large 48.00Peking Duck/Dim Sum Peking duck already wrapped with 18.00cucumber & green onion, pork dumpling, shrimp dumpling, sticky riceand a side of Singapore noodlesDinner for Two Won ton soup, spring rolls, chicken fried rice, 19.95ginger beef, mixed vegetablesDinner for Four Won ton soup, spring rolls, chicken fried rice, 39.95ginger beef, sweet & sour chicken, mixed vegetablesUrban Old ClassicDry Garlic Ribs 10.95BBQ Pork 10.95Pan Fried Dumplings 8.95Deep Fried Won Ton 8.95Spring Rolls 1.50Hot & Sour Soup 6.95Daal Makhani A velvet smooth combination of whole lentils in atandoori Afghani styleSagpaneer A dish fit for angels. marinated paneer cheese withspinach and fenugreek9.6011.85Rice & BreadsPlain Boiled Rice 2.10Traditional Basmati Rice 2.10Saffron Peas Pillao Aromatic Indian basmati rice baked with 4.30cardamon, cloves, cumin, saffron & peasMushrooms Similar to saffron peas pillao with mushrooms8.60and potatoesShah’s Biriyani - E - Gosht Marinated boneless, skinless meats 15.00are baked with aromatic basmati rice & cardamon, cumin, cloves, bayleaves, cinnamon & saffron. Choice of beef, chicken or lamb. Nuts &sultanas optionalPunjabi Roti 1.90Lachhedar Paratha Whole wheat bread buttered & layered 2.10Naan Wild onion seeds, sesame seeds on leaf shaped2.10Afghani breadAlu Paratha Whole wheat stuffed vegetarian bread 2.70Kulcha Choice of fresh sliced onions, garlic or cilantro coriander 2.70Chicken Naan Kulcha with tandoori boneless chicken, onions 5.35and spicesPeshwari Naan Afghan naan with sultanas, almonds & spices 4.30Keema Kulcha Pakistani meat bread 5.35DessertsGulab Jamun Cream of milk, pastry & crushed nuts rolled inwarm honey sauceBadami Honey - Money Homemade yogurt with honeyand almonds3.203.20Won Ton Soup 6.95Egg Drop Soup 6.95Shrimp with Vegetables 12.95Salt & Pepper Seafood 12.95Salt & Pepper Squid 12.95Ku Pao Shrimp 12.95Ku Pao Chicken 10.95Szechuan Shrimp 12.95Beef in Black Bean Sauce 10.95Ginger Beef 10.95Sweet & Sour Pork 10.95Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls 10.95Deluxe Fried Rice 9.95Mix Meat Fried Noodle 10.95Seafood Fried Noodle 12.95Shanghai Noodle 8.95Singapore Rice Noodle 12.95Dim SumHouse Shrimp Dumpling 3.75Special Pork Dumpling 3.75Steamed Beef Ball 3.75Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce 3.75Bean Curd Wrap 3.75Beef Tripe Leaf 3.75Steamed Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce 3.75Mixed Meat Dumpling with Nuts 3.75Crispy Spring Roll 3.75Pan Fried Pork Dumpling 3.75Steamed BBQ Pork Bun 3.75House Sticky Rice 3.2522 23

, = Spicy1223A 9 Avenue S.E..Starters1. Spring Rolls Homemade with shredded pork, cabbage & bean 3.25sprouts, served with plum sauce2. Vegetarian Spring Rolls A vegetarian delight. Made with 3.25cabbage bean sprouts and carrots, served with plum sauce3. Spiced Salt and Pepper Ribs Great for nibbling and sharing. 10.75This item is spicy HOT,4. Dry Ribs Delicious ribs without the spice 10.755. Pan Fried Wontons Made fresh weekly, 12 pieces of mixed 9.70pork and vegetable fried to a crispy perfection6. Dumplings Made fresh,10 delicious pork dumplings 9.707. Wraps Your choice of shrimp, beef, pork, or chicken served with 11.85thin pancakes and hoisin sauce8. Mu Shu Thin pancakes and hoisin sauce served with egg and 11.85shredded vegetables and your choice of shredded chicken, beef orvegetarianSoups9. Hot & Sour Soup (SMALL) This house favorite is loaded with 8.60pork, green peas, bean curd, tree mushrooms, egg vinegar andspice. It will warm you up. This item is spicy HOT ,9. Hot & Sour Soup (LARGE) This house favorite is loaded with 10.75pork, green peas, bean curd, tree mushrooms, egg vinegar andspice. it will warm you up. This item is spicy HOT,10. Wor Wonton Soup(SMALL) Wonton dumplings with shrimp, 9.70chicken, vegetable greens, carrots, baby corn, broccoli and BBQpork in a broth10. Wor Wonton Soup (LARGE) Wonton dumplings with shrimp, 12.90chicken, vegetable greens, carrots, baby corn, broccoli and BBQpork in a broth11. Wonton Soup (SMALL) Homemade wonton dumplings3.25in broth11. Wonton Soup (LARGE) 9.7012. Chicken Cream Corn (SMALL) A hearty blend of corn broth, 8.60sliced chicken and finished with egg drops12. Chicken Cream Corn (LARGE) A hearty blend of corn broth, 10.75sliced chicken and finished with egg dropsVegetables13. Vegetables Delight A variety of fresh vegetables stir fried tosatisfy your vegetable food group10.7514. Braised four Jewels A nice blend of fresh mushrooms, broccoli,baby corn and chinese mushrooms stir fried together10.7515. Mixed Vegetables in Curry Fresh medley of vegetables stirfried in a curry sauce. This item is spicy HOT ,10.7516. Vegetables Trio Szechuan Style Stir fried broccoli , snow 10.75peas and baby corn served in a szechuan sauce.This item is spicy HOT ,17. Tofu in Brown Sauce Crisp tofu stir fried with bamboo shoots,bock choy, snow peas and chillies10.7518. Mixed Vegetables with Tofu Crisp tofu and a variety offresh vegetablesstir fried in oyster sauce10.75Seafood19. Salt & Pepper Seafood Shrimp, squid and scallops stir friedwith sliced onion, peppers and carrots. This item is spicy HOT ,20. Salt & Pepper Squid Simply for squid lovers. This item isserved spicy HOT ,21. Palace Style Squid Lightly battered squid with waterchestnuts and green peppers stir fried together with a uniquesauce that’s sweet and spicy. This item is spicy HOT ,17.2014.0014.0022. Ginger Fried Squid Battered squid stir fried with ginger, celeryand onion in a tangy sauce. This item is spicy HOT ,23. Sizzling Shrimp Prawns, zucchini, bamboo shoots, freshmushrooms and carrots stir fried in a chilli pepper sauce. This itemis spicy HOT ,24. Lemon Shrimp Battered jumbo prawns stir fried with zestylemon sauce on a bed of bean sprouts and carrots, topped wthsesame seeds25. Pineapple Shrimp Stir fried jumbo prawns, juicy pineappletidbits, water chestnuts and green pepper in a pineapple sauce26. Spicy Sauteed Shrimp A hearty platter of baby shrimp stirfried with peas, diced onions and diced green peppers. This itemis spicy HOT,27 Palace Style Shrimp Lightly battered prawns with waterchestnuts and green peppers stir fried with a unique sauce that’ssweet, sour and spicy. This item is spicy HOT,28. Shrimp & Vegetable prawns and vegetables your choice ofgarlic, or black bean sauceBeef29. Sizzling Beef Tender slices of beef, zuccini, bamboo shoots,carrots and fresh mushrooms stir fried in a chili pepper sauce totickle your taste buds. This item is spicy HOT ,30. Black Pepper Beef Slices of beef stir fried with mushroomsgreen peppers and onions in a black pepper sauce. This item isserved spicy HOT ,31. Szechuan Style Beef A wonderful variety of tender beefslices combined with water chesnuts, tree mushrooms, carrots,peppers, broccoli and bamboo shoots in a chilli sauce. This item isspicy HOT,32. Ginger Beef Best in town! Lightly battered pieces of shreddedbeef, cooked until golden brown and served with our secret sauce.This item is spicy HOT ,33. Mongolian Beef Tender curried beef mixed with onions andgreen peppers. This item is spicy HOT,34. Beef & Broccoli The name says it all, tender slices of beef andfresh broccoli with your choice of garlic or oyster sauce35. Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce Tender slices of beef mixed withbroccoli, bamboo shoots and mushrooms stir fried in a deliciousoyster sauce36. Sliced Beeef in Black Bean Sauce A simple yet deliciouscombination of mushrooms, onions, carrots, green peppers andsliced beef in a black bean sauce37. Beef and Tomatoes A saucy blend of sliced beef and tomatoesstir fried with peas and onionsChicken38. Sizzling Chicken Delicious conbination of tender fillet ofchicken with zucchini, peppers, onions, fresh mushrooms, babycorn and chilli peppers in a black bean sauce. This item is spicyHOT,39. Mongolian Chicken Curried chicken with onions and greenscallions. This item is spicy HOT,40. Cashew Chicken Are you nuts about chicken? Perfectblend of chicken, cashews,celery baby corn, green peppers andwater chestnuts41. Lemon Chicken Crispy golden chicken tossed in a zesty lemonsauce on a bed of bean sprouts & carrot, topped with sesame seeds42. Stir Fried Lemon Chicken Slices of chicken breast stir friedwith water chestnuts, celery, and carrots in a zesty lemon sauce43. Mandarin Chicken Pieces of lightly battered chicken with anassortment of onions, carrots, celery, lightly spiced with chillies andtopped with mandarin orange. This item is spicy HOT,44. Black Pepper Chicken Slices of chicken breast, mushrooms,green peppers and onions stir fried with black pepper sauce. Thisitem is spicy HOT,45. Pineapple Sweet & Sour Chicken Lightly battered chickenstir fried with pineapples, onions, and green peppers in a tangysweet and sour sauce.46. Palace Chicken Crispy golden chicken stir fried with waterchestnuts and green peppers in a unique sauce that’s sweet, sour &spicy. This item is spicy HOT,47. Almond Chicken Lightly battered chicken nuggets stir friedwith mushrooms, celery, carrots and onions topped wih slicesof almondsPork48. Mandarin Style Pork A delicious mixture of tender bonelesspork and onions, stir fried in a red peking sauce, topped withsesame seeds. This itemis spicy HOT,49. Szechuan Egg Plant You’ve never tried eggplant with mincedpork like this before. This item is spicy HOT,50. Szechuan Pork Shredded pork combined with sliced waterchestnuts, tree mushrooms, bamboo shoot and vegetables stirfried in a szechuan sauce. This item is spicy HOT,51. Salt & Pepper Pork Crispy battered lean pork topped withsliced peppers, onions and carrots. This item is spicy HOT,52. Sweet and Sour Pork Lightly battered tender boneless porkserved in a sweet and sour sauce14.0016.1516.1516.1515.0516.1516.1511.8511.8510.7510.7511.8510.7510.7510.7510.7511.8511.8510.7511.8510.7511.8511.8510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7553. Sweet and Sour Spareribs Crispy pork riblets mixed withpeppers and onions in a sweet and sour sauce54. Pork & Vegetables A vegetable medley stir fried with tenderpork. This item is spicy HOT,55. Spiced Eight Precious Jewels A unique combination ofmixed vegetables, BBQ pork, cashew nuts and deep fried chinesedough stir fried in a spicy sauce56. Ma Po Tofu A spicy assortment of fried tofu bits, minces pork,peas and pickled vegetables. This item is spicy HOT,10.7510.7510.7510.75Rice57. Szechuan Fried Rice Spicy fried rice with shrimp, BBQ pork,chicken, eggs and green peas. This item is spicy HOT,8.6058. Yang Chow Fried Rice Our house special fried rice with shrimp,pork, chicken, eggs and green peas8.6059. Chicken Fried Rice An old time favorite, yummy fried rice withchicken and green peas8.6060. Shrimp Fried Rice Fried rice with baby shrimps and green peas 9.7061. Barbequed Pork Fried Rice Fried rice with BBQ pork andgreen peas8.6062. Vegetable Fried Rice Diced vegetables with eggs 8.6063. Satay Fried Rice Fried rice with your choice of chicken of beefwith a hint of spiciness8.6064. Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice Fried rice with chicken, dicedpineapples and green peas9.7065. Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice Fried rice with shrimp, dicedpineapples and green peas9.7066. Steamed Rice Plain steamed Rice (PER PERSON) 1.50NoodlesYour choice of noodles, Shanghai or Cantonese add $1.00 (for Cantonesenoodles only)67. Szechuan Noodles Shrimp, chicken, BBQ pork, bean sproutsand cabbage all stir fried in a spicy chilli sauce.This item is spicy HOT,68. Seafood Noodles Noodles stir fried with shrimp, squid, beansprouts and cabbage69. Chow Mein Delight Delightful variety of shrimp, chicken, BBQpork, bean sprouts and cabbage with noodles70. Vegetable Fried Noodles Broccoli, snow peas, carrots andbean sprouts and cabbage71. Fried Noodles With Pork Noodles stir fried with shreddedpork, bean sprouts and cabbage72. Fried Noodles With Chicken Noodles stir fried withshredded chicken , bean sprouts and cabbage73. Fried Noodles with Curried Beef Tender sliced beef friedwith noodles in a slightly spicy curry sauce. This item is spicy HOT,74. Fried Noodles with Satey Beef Tender sliced beef friedwith noodles in a mild satay sauce. This item is spicy HOT,75. Singapore Style Rice Noodle Rice vermicelli noodles withshimp, pork bean sprouts,eggs and green scallions tossed in a spicycurry sauce. This item is spicy HOT ,Sizzling Rice76. Shrimp and Tomato Sauce on Sizzling Rice Crunchypopcorn rice served with shrimp and tomato sauce77. Mixed Meat and Vegetables on Sizzling Rice Crunchypopcorn rice served with hot and sour soup78. Hot & Sour Soup on Sizzling Rice Crunchy popcorn riceserved with hot & sour soup79. Mixed Vegetables on Sizzling Rice Crunchy popcorn riceserved with mixed vegetablesCombination Specials80. Dinner For Two 2 spring rolls, sweet & sour chicken, vegetabledelight, chicken fried rice81. Dinner For Three 3 spring rolls, sweet & sour chicken, vegetabledeligh, ginger fried beef, chicken fried rice82. Dinner For Four 4 spring rolls, black pepper chicken, gingerfried beef, beef with vegetables, sizzling shrimp, steamed rice.83. Dinner For Six 6 spring rolls, black pepper chicken, ginger friedbeef with vegetables, sizzling shrimp, sweet 7 sour pork, chickenfried rice and chow mein delight10.7510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7510.7512.9011.8511.8511.8528.0038.0053.0075.00Extras84. Pancakes Extra pancakes for Wraps or Mu Shu 2.1585. Side of Black Bean Sauce 2.1524 25

EscobaClosed Sunday624 8th Ave SWTapasCrab Cakes Rock crab & sweet roasted corn, house madeguacamole & chipolté aioliStuffed Mushrooms Double smoked bacon & Escargot stuffedcreminis with truffle creme fraicheCheese Plate Chef’s selection of artisan cheeses, garlic baguette &house preserves3 pieces 12.00 5 pieces 18.00Charcuterie Plate Grilled chorizo sausage & Atlantic salmongravlax, prosciutto, hummus, spiced olives, artisan cheese & warmedgarlic flatbreadBeef Carpaccio Fresh bread sticks, sundried tomato pesto,tapenade with arugula & balsamic drizzleButternut Ravioli Roasted squash & caramelized leek ravioli in abrowned butter sage saucePrawn Skewers Smoked paprika and citrus tiger prawns withMorocan compoteEscoba Spring Rolls Oven baked, feta, toasted almonds** andspinach with sweet chili aioli sauceBison & Mushroom Dumplings Crisp buttermilk onions,double smoked bacon, truffle crème fraîcheStuffed Pimento Peppers Eggplant caviar, feta cheese &kalamata olives, over basil oilAhi Tuna Tartar Chips Fresh Ahi tuna, avocadosalsa, sesame & ginger dressing on crispy wonton15.0012.0024.0014.0013.0014.0014.0014.0012.0015.00SoupSignature Mushroom Soup Wild mushrooms, grainy dijon, 9.00sherry, hint of garlicSoup & Salad Mushroom soup with Escoba or Poached Pear salad 18.00SaladsEscoba Salad Herbed goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, roastedred peppers and mixed greens with honey balsamic dressingPoached Pear Salad Poached pear & golden beet, pickled redonion, manchego cheese with rhum rosemary vinaigrette & crispyprosciuttoGrilled Vegetable Salad Asparagus, peppers, creminimushrooms, red onion, zucchini, grape tomatoes, olives, feta andbalsamic reductionTop Your Salad Your choice of ahi tuna steak, lemon pepperprawns, charred chicken, grilled salmon or chorizo sausage16.0016.0017.007.00PastasChorizo & Chicken Cured spanish chorizo, garlic charred chicken,baby roma tomatoes and red pepper alfredo over fettuccineTiger Rose Pasta Pan seared tiger prawns, asparagus and sundriedtomatoes in tomato dijon cream sauce over linguiniGrilled Vegetable Bake Market fresh vegetables, red onion,cremini mushrooms, smoked tomato & basil sauce with Monterey jack& smoked Gouda cheese over penneBeef & Shrimp over fettuccini Seared beefstrips, shrimp. bell peppers. mushrooms, arugla & redonion in a basil sundried tomato pesto over fettucciniFlat BreadsEOS Feta, argula, tomato salsa & black olives over hummus with 3cheese blendCarne Double smoked bacon, chorizo sausage, salami, mushrooms& green onions, over tomato sauce with stilton cheeseSeafood Bruschetta Shrimp, scallops, corn, bruschetta,sundried tomato puree & 3 cheese blend with a pesto drizzleBBQ Chicken & Sausage Grilled chicken, chorizo sausage, red &green onions, 3 cheese blend over a smoked whiskey bbq sauce22.0021.0019.0022.0019.0022.0021.0021.00EntreesDuo of Lamb & Bison Grilled loin of lamb & braised bison 32.00short rib, truffle garlic mashed potatoes and roasted vegetablesserved with red wine reductionAlberta Prime Beef Tenderloin 6oz. cut, confit potatoes and 32.00seasonal vegetables with stilton demi-glazeAlberta Prime Beef Ribeye 10oz. cut, truffle garlic mashed 29.00potatoes & seasonal vegetables, red wine jusAhi Tuna Grilled sashimi grade tuna steak, warm nicoise salad, 32.00seasonal vegetables, red pepper coulisRoasted Chicken & Scallops Chicken supreme & scallops over 27.00gnocchi, seasonal vegetables with saffron creamGrilled Atlantic Salmon Over shrimp risotto, sauteed27.00vegetables, smoked tomato puree, sweet corn salsaSeafood Paella Shrimp, mussels, scallops, tuna, salmon & lobster 28.00with Andouille sausage spiced rice in a tomato saffron broth,Smoked Brome Lake Duck Breast Maple whiskey smoked duck, 29.00butternut squash ravioli, roasted vegetables over a port & pear reductionDessertsCookies & Cream Triple dark chocolate cookie soufflé with spiced 9.00rhum caramel middle & black pepper vanilla ice creamTiramisu Espresso & Bailys infused lady fingers with mascarpone 9.00moussePavlova Fresh fruit pavlova with lemon custard 9.00Creme Brulee Chef’s accented custard with caramelized sugar top 9.00Dessert Tasting Plate Chef selection of four individually sized 12.00desserts, perfect for two to share**denotes item containing nuts. Please inform us of any food allergies.Want wine? We can deliver that too!**Minimum 18 years and proof of age required.27

Glory of IndiaOpen evenings at 5:00 - closed Sunday515 4 Avenue SWAppetizers & SoupFish Amritsari Fish marinated in Indian aromatic spices dipped in 10.70chick pea batter and deep friedSpicy Chicken Wings Masaledar Chicken wings marinated in 9.60yogurt, garlic, ginger,and spices then cooked in tandoorMeat Cheese Kulcha Choice of chicken or lamb mixed with spices 6.95and mozzarella cheese baked in a clay ovenMeat Samosa Ground beef mixed with spices, cooked and stuffed in 6.95crispy crust pocketsVegetable Samosa Vegetables mixed with spices, cooked and6.95stuffed in crispy crust pocketsVegetable Pakora Variety of vegetables and dipped in spiced chick 6.95pea batter and deep friedPapri Chat A medley of garbanzo beans, potatoes, flour crisps topped 6.95with chutney yogurt dressingPaneer Pakoras Home made cheese dipped in chickpea batter and 8.95deep friedMixed Appetizer Platter - Vegetarian Samosas, vegetable 14.95pakoras and paneer pakorasMixed Appetizer Platter Fish amritsari, chicken wings & samosas 16.95Chicken, Vegetable and Cilantro Shorba Chicken broth cooked 6.95with vegetables and garnished with cilantroTomato Rassam A refreshing tomato soup with mustard seeds and 6.95fresh curry leaves, a specialty of MadrasTandooriTandoori cuisine is the food cooked in clay oven over live charcoalTandoori Prawn Tiger prawns marinated in aromatic spices and 22.95grilled in tandoorFish Tikka Atlantic salmon chunks cooked in a clay oven 19.95Lamb Chop Kandhari (House Special) Tender lamb chops 22.95marinated with ginger, herbs and freshly ground spices, then grilled overcharcoal in tandoorSeekh Kabob Choice of ground lamb or chicken mixed with ginger, 14.95coriander and flavouring spices rolled on skewer grilled over coalTandoori Chicken Spring chicken legs marinated in traditional 14.95tandoori marinade and cooked in tandoorMurgh Malai Tikka Very delicately marinated chicken in cashew nut, 16.95almonds, spices and a hint of saffronChicken Tikka Boneless chicken legs delicately marinated in tandoori 16.95spices and cooked in a clay ovenPodina Paneer Tikka Fresh mint marinated medley of vegetables 14.95and paneer cooked in a tandoori ovenTandoori Combo Platter Combination of chicken, seekh kabob, 27.95prawn and a quailChickenButter Chicken A delicious preparation of boneless tandoor chicken, 16.95cooked in an exquisite creamy tomato sauceChicken Aftaab Murgh Malai cooked in a delicate rich cashew nut, 16.95almond sauce with a hint of saffronChicken Vindaloo Boneless cubes of chicken cooked in Goan (Eastern 16.95India) style in hot and spicy sauceChicken Tikka Masala Barbecued chicken morsels cooked in an 16.95aromatic and deliciously zesty sauceChicken Dhansak Chicken cooked in yellow lentils, vegetables and 16.95special spicesChicken Madras Medium hot chicken curry 16.95Chicken Chatinard Boneless cubes of chicken cooked using a South 16.95Indian style in hot and flavouring spicesFish & SeafoodPrawn Curry Prawns cooked in rich onion and tomato gravy with a 20.95blend of spicesPrawn Jalfrezi Prawns sauteed with fresh vegetables 20.95Goan Fish Curry Chunks of fish cooked in coconut and hot pepper 18.95sauce Goan style (Eastern India)Fish Masala Succulent pieces of cod cooked with onions, peppers and 18.95masala sauceLamb or BeefRogan Josh A specialty of Kashmir. Lean chunks of meat cooked in rich 16.95onion and tomato gravy with a blend of spicesGosht Korma Boneless cubes of meat cooked in mild creamy sauce 16.95Peshwari styleKadahi Gosht Our boneless cubes of meat served with julienes of 16.95onions and tomatoesGhost Kali Mirch Boneless cubes of meat cooked South Indian style 16.95with roasted spices, tamarind paste and garlic gingerBhuna Gosht Succulent cubes of meat with mixed spices and16.95fenugreek leavesGosht Saagwala Boneless cubes of meat cooked in freshly chopped 16.95spinach sauceSeekh Kabob Masala Tandoori cooked seekh kabob finished in a 16.95wok with a variety of spicesVegetarianNavrattan Korma Variety of vegetables cooked in a creamy cashew 14.95nut based saucePaneer Makhani Homemade cheese cooked in tomato based silky 14.95sauce with cream cashew nuts and almondKadahi Paneer Home made paneer cooked in a wok with onions 14.95peppers and tomatoesSaag Paneer Homemade cheese cooked with a freshly chopped 14.95spinach sauceMalai Kofta Mouth melting vegetable dumplings with almonds and 14.95paneer cooked in rich vegetable gravyMixed Vegetable Jalfrezi Medley of vegetable with paneer 14.95sauteed with spices lightly wrapped with masala sauceBaingan Bharta Oven roasted eggplant with onions & tomatoes 14.95Bhindi-do-Piaz Okra cooked with a variety of spices and onions 14.95Dum Aloo Jeera Slow cooked potatoes with cumin seeds and spices 13.95Aloo Gobi Masala Potato and cauliflower cooked with ginger, garlic 14.95and spices in a steam potPindi Chole Garbanzo beans cooked with variety of flavouring spices 13.95and mango powderDaal Tarka Yellow daal tempered with cumin seed, tomatoes and 13.95onionDaal Makhanwali A combination of black lentils simmered over night 13.95with onion, tomatoes, ginger and garlic finished with creamBiryani and RiceBiryani is a rice dish, cooked with your choice of meat, fish or vegetables by Dummethod of cookingPrawn Biryani Prawns cooked with rice, aromatic spices and mint 23.95with dum method of cookingHydrabadi Biryani Famous basmati rice cooked with variety of spices 19.95and your choice of Beef or Lamb (additional $2.00 for lamb)Murg Nawabi Biryani Famous basmati rice and chicken cooked 17.95together with various spices and saffronVegetable Biriyani Vegetables cooked with basmati rice and spices 15.95Pea Pulao Naturally fragrant rice cooked with green peas 4.50Steamed Rice Steamed basmati rice 3.99Plain Pilau Rice 3.99BreadsMouth melting breads cooked in tandoori ovenNaan Light and fluffy bread, very popular with our guests 2.50Garlic Naan 2.99Keema Naan Spiced ground beef stuffed naan bread 4.95Stuffed Kulcha Spiced potato stuffed naan bread 3.99Lachedaar Pratha Multi layered whole wheat baked in tandoor 3.99Stuffed Pratha Potato stuffed whole wheat bread baked in tandoor 3.99Tandoori Roti Plain whole wheat bread 2.50AccomplimentsTossed Salad Fresh greens served with mango dressing 3.50Kachumber Salad Traditional onion, tomato and cucumber salad 3.50sprinkled with mango powderRaita Spiced yogurt 3.50Mango Chutney 3.50Papadum Spicy crackers 3.50DessertsAlmond Kheer Almond rice pudding 4.95Gulab Jamun Dumplings made of milk deep fried & dipped in5.95sweet syrupRasgullas Dumplings made of milk, steamed & dipped in sweet syrup 5.95Mango Cheese Cake Served with mango sauce 6.9529

625 -11 Avenue SWHotategai Raw scallop 7.75Saba Mackerel 6.75Unagi BBQ fresh water eel 7.75Masago Smelt roe 6.25Tobiko Flying fish roe 6.50Ikura Salmon roe 6.75Gyu Rare beef tenderloin 6.25Inari Vegetarian fried tofu 4.00EntreesServed with vegetables & riceMaguro Steak Fresh six ounce sashimi grade Hawaiian ahi-tunasteak seared and seasoned to tender perfection with house specialsavory sauceMaguro Katsu Six ounce sashimi grade albacore tuna, pankocrusted and flash-fried, served with an onion sauce topped withgarlic chips27.5018.50Wasabi Steak Six ounce beef tenderloin steak topped with aflavorful wasabi sauce - mildly spicyTeriyaki Chicken Six ounce chicken breast with flavorful teriyakisauceChicken Namban Tempura fried bite size chicken breast served ina delicious savory sauce and also includes a bowl of riceChirashi Don An assortment of seven kinds of fresh sashimi servedon a bed of sushi rice22.5018.5018.5021.50Closed MondayChef’s SelectionNigiri A combination of ten pieces of fresh nigiri prepared withdressings & sauces by our chef for your enjoymentSashimi A combination of sixteen pieces of fresh sashimi & saucesexpertly prepared with dressings (no substitutions)33.0035.20AppetizersEdamame Fresh edamame beans with fresh ground sea salt 5.75Agedashi Tofu Deep fried tofu with Japanese san-sai vegetables 7.75and scallions in a flavorful dashi saucePork & Vegetable Gyoza Six pieces of juicy Japanese7.75dumplings with house made sesame vinaigretteIka-Karage Crisp coated squid served with a side of spicy shichimi 7.75mayo sauceHamachi Carpaccio Thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi & jalapenos 16.00with a delightful scent of yuzu sauceMaguro Tataki Thinly sliced and seared tuna served with a 14.50refreshing ponzu sauceBeef Carpaccio Rare sliced beef tenderloin marinated with spicy 10.25ponzu sauce and seared to tender perfectionCrabmeat & Tuna or Salmon Tartar Your choice of morsels 13.75of tuna OR salmon combined with fresh crabmeat and avocado toppedwith seasonal fresh fruit all infused with grape seed oil & ponzu sauceShrimp Tempura Delicate tempura served with two unique 13.00sauces and a special matcha saltVegetable Tempura Combination of seasonal vegetables9.75served with two unique sauces and a special match saltPonzu Steamed Salmon Fresh salmon prepared with delicious 13.00ponzu sauce cooked to perfectionSoups & SaladsSashimi Salad Thinly sliced sashimi & spring medley with aJapanese sesame dressingMiso Salad Spring Medley with fresh seasonal fruits & pine nutsserved in a miso flavored dressingCrabmeat Sunomono Salad An appetizing harusame noodlewith a refreshing mix of crabmeat & cucumbers served in a tangyponzu vinaigretteWakame Salad Two kinds of seaweed- original & spicy- makes arefreshing starterVegetable Miso Soup Miso soup with fresh seasonal vegetables,shitaki mushroom, tofu, scallions & kelpCrabmeat and Vegetable Miso Soup “Incredible miso” withfresh real crabmeat & vegetables15.754.007.757.504.00Nigiri and Sashimi2 pieces per nigiri order, 4 pieces per sashimi orderSake Salmon 6.75Wild Sake Wild sockeye 7.25Smoked Sake Smoked salmon 7.75Maguro Albacore tuna 6.75Ahi Maguro Yellowtail tuna 8.50Hamachi Yellowtail jack 8.00Butterfish Escolar 7.00Ebi Steamed shrimp 6.00Botan Ebi Raw spot prawn 9.757.75Basic MakiEight pieces per maki orderCalifornia Pollock, mayo, avocado, sesame 7.00Sake Salmon, sesame 8.00Avocado Avocado, sesame 6.00Kappa Cucumber, sesame 6.00Tekka Tuna, sesame 8.00Negitoro Tuna, scallion, sesame 8.00Feature MakiBlowfish Special (8 pc) Signature roll with tempura shrimp, 16.50tobiko & cream cheese enveloped in salmon & mango topped with asweet & creamy sauceE.L.T (8pc) Unagi, eel, lettuce & tomato rolled with thinly sliced 15.75avocadoBlack Mamba (8pc) A tasty combination of unagi & tobiko over 15.75Blowfish’s signature crunch, buttery avocado in mayo & unagi sauceKamikaze (8pc) An explosion of tuna, salmon & avocado, topped 15.00with a spicy mayonnaise sauce with Blowfish’s signature crunchRainbow (8pc) A colorful assortment of salmon, tobiko & mango 15.00enveloped with tuna, shrimp & avocadoMaui Wowi (8pc) Combined layers of ahi tuna & mango with a 14.75refreshing tropical blend of pineapple & avocado centre; a drizzling ofmango sauce completes this awesome sushi trip!Sushi Pizza (6pc) A delightful fusion of salmon & Japanese mayo 14.75on a bed of crunchy rice crust topped with tobiko ensures that this isnot your ordinary pizza- and excellent choice for sharingSoftshell Crab Maki (8pc) Perfectly flash-fried soft shell crab 14.25centre with zingy mango mayoDynamite (4pc) Each mouth watering piece contains a whole 13.75tempura shrimp topped with a spicy sauce & tobiko- perfect forsharingVolcano (8pc) A combination of avocado, pollock, kanpyo calabash 12.50gourd, topped with masago, jalapeno, spicy mayo & tobikoSpicy Tuna (8pc) Tuna in a creamy spicy sauce with cucumber & 12.00signature crunch topped with jalapenos & sesame seedsCrunchy Salmon (8pc) Gently seared salmon surrounding a 12.00spicy & crunchy centre topped with a unique daikon ponzu sauce &garlicCajun Shrimp (5pc) Cajun shrimp enveloped in a roll of tempura 11.75flash-fried & served with a drizzling of sweet mango sauceCajun Shrimp (10pc) Bite-size cajun shrimp 14.00California (6pc) Fresh real crabmeat, cucumber, avocado & 10.25masago wrapped in delicious rice paper topped wtih sweet mangosauceAvocado Yam (8pc) Avocado outside surrounding a delicious 9.50tempura yam centreGarden Party (8pc) A colorful celebration with red peppers & 8.50avocado; topped with toasted black & white sesame, miso dressing &spicy mayo complemented with a serving of InariAgedashi Tofu (8pc) Japanese san-sai vegetables with deepfriedtofu topped with a spicy miso sauce- perfect for8.50vegetarians30 31

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