SUCH - Tarheel Chapter BMW Car Club of America

SUCH - Tarheel Chapter BMW Car Club of America

ever-so-smart BMWs and other makes, at least

some people have been way ahead of the game

for some time now in addressing this potential


That Henniger guy and several coworkers

belong to EVITA, a group started in 2008 by BMW

AG, Fujitsu and others for the purpose of developing

a ‘security blueprint’ that carmakers can

use to make onboard networks more secure. The

project is expected to wrap up this year and is

expected to yield software that will “encrypt or

authenticate data exchanged within the car, with

other cars and with equipment on roadways.”

And other carmakers are also working along

those lines, claiming their cars are already secure

against many threats.

GM says their mobile app (presumably the

one referred to in that commercial I’ve cited)

never connects directly to their cars but instead

works through OnStar, which requires authentication.

And Ford has fi rewalled its SYNC system

against attacks and has kept its phone and fun

parts separate from vehicle control functions,

which gives me a little peace of mind, seeing as

how one of my cars is a Fusion. But I still can’t rid

myself of creepy thoughts about someone wheedling

their way into the brains of my rides without

my knowing it. If nothing else, I’ve picked up

plenty of talk on this subject on the Net.

One such red fl ag has to do with that ever so

convenient remote lock-unlock car key feature.

As the story goes, someone parked near your car

could use a remote reading device to detect the

signal that locks your car and thus be able to get

in after you’ve toddled off to the mall, with you

never the wiser – until you return and fi nd your

goodies gone – if not the car too.

Okay, so maybe that could be urban legend.

I can’t count the times I’ve been warned about

believing all the stuff you fi nd on the Net. But

having read the article I’ve just cited, I can’t be

blamed for wondering. And maybe you should be

wondering too.


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