The CATT Laboratory

The CATT Laboratory

TheCATTLaboratoryMichael L. Pack, University of MarylandCATT LaboratoryRITIS overview and thoughts onthe importance of data sharing,visualization, performancemeasures, and operations.

Not Your Typical R&D Lab• 50+ Undergrad StudentResearchers– Civil Engineering– Computer Science– Mechanical Engineering– Aerospace Engineering– Computer Engineering– Geography & GIS– Telecommunications– Electrical Engineering– Art– Graphics– Digital Entertainment– English– Archaeology• 13 Graduate Students• 10 Full-time

Transportation in and around D.C.• Many traffic managementcenters collecting largeamounts of data:– Washington, D.C. TMC– Maryland CHART TMC– Northern Virginia TMC– Several Large County TMCs– Several Transit Agencies– Emergency ManagementAgencies– Computer Aided Dispatch• None of this data was standardized!• Coordination?!—did it exist?

RITIS Components• Three main components1. Real-time data feeds• For integrating RITIS data into your own system2. Real-time web site• For those who don’t have their own systems• For those who don’t want to integrate• Will be modified for the media and the public3. Data Archive• Performance Measures• Analysis and Studies• After Action ReviewsOur focusfor today

Transportation Data• Transportation agency emphasis on datacollection only!Traffic SensorSystems &Incident DataData Proponents &University FolksTransportationSpecialistsDatabase• Significantly less emphasis has been given to:– Data exploration– Data visualization– Representing dataVisualization &Usability

Our Challenge• Our Challenge: Make ALL of this data easilyaccessible, usable, and understandable to end usersand ITS applications…• Our “Design Mantra”– Towards no user manuals…– Visually pleasing…– Web accessible…– Useful!!!– Afford freedom to explore…– Overview, Zoom, Details on Demand

Data Accessibility & Visualization

Interactive RITIS Website

Interactive RITIS Website(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

Incident Details via Timelines

Weather Radar & NWS Alerts(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

Dynamic Message Signs & other Devices(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

CCTV Personal Video Wall

CCTV Personal Video Wall

CCTV Personal Video Wall

CCTV Personal Video Wall

Police, Fire, EMS, & Other Radio Feeds

Other Features• Agency Emergency Contacts• FITM Plans• Evacuation Routes• Detector Data Trends• Comparative Speeds• Queues(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

Historical Data• Performance Measures• After Action Reviews• Planning & Operations Research• Safety Analysis• Cost/Benefit Analysis(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

Detector Data Analysis

Incident Heat Maps

Corridor Incident Locations

Interactive Data

(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT LabBottleneck & Congestion PerformanceMeasuresReal-time andpoint-in-timeProbe readingoverlaysBottleneck andincident overlaysBottleneck andincidentprioritization

Some examples: Congestion Scan

(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT LabFunctionality Being Added– Trends and Comparisons of:• Speeds/travel times• Reliability• Hours of congestion• Cost of Congestion– Corridor and Statewide measures– Ranking of bottlenecks (Top 25)43– “Sound bite” measures21

User Stats• 700+ Website Users• Thousands of users via 3 rd partyapplicationsUsers Include:• DOTs• Transit Providers• Metropolitan Planning Organizations• Emergency Management Agencies• FEMA• US Army, Air Force, & NorthCom• U.S. Secret Service• U.S. Capitol & Park Police• Fire & Rescue• Law Enforcement• NSA• US Office of Personnel Management• 3 rd Party Trav Info Providers• University Researchers(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

Concluding Remarks(If you’ve fallen asleep by now, please wake back up. This next part is important…)(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

Common Complaints from theTransportation Community…• You can’t afford to collect the data youwant/need.• Nobody cares about or understands ITS & Ops.• You can’t get data that is of acceptable quality.• You can’t convince the right people help you fixyour problem(s).• Etc. etc. etc.(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

Nobody Cares!(or at least very few people care)• Why Nobody Cares: It’s because…– We aren’t properly communicating theimportance of the data.– We aren’t showing all the benefits and value ofthe data. . (often we don’t even understand thetrue value ourselves!)– We aren’t maximizing the use of the data.(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT Lab

(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT LabAn Alternative Solution• Through Visualization & Accessibility– Give EVERYONE a real reason want to collect data& support your programs.– Provide easy, free access to all of the data (or asmuch as you legally can) to EVERYONE.– Develop interesting, fun, useful applications forthe data that make people aware of what you aredoing.– Get others hooked on your transportationprograms.

(C) 2011 Univ. of MD, CATT LabFor more information, or to find out how to getyour agency involved in RITIS, contact:Michael L. PackPackML@umd.edu301-405-0722

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