Impact Report 2011 - Manor Gardens

Impact Report 2011 - Manor Gardens

2 Impact report 2011Trustees & StaffDELIVERING EXCELLENCE IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CAREMissionTrusteesDr Andrew TurtonPatricia Hakong ACAAlan EliasSusan LacyEva LloydAndrew ChaplinJasmine Choo CFA (left July 2011)Nadya Wolferstan (left July 2011)Catherine Bekoe-Tabiri FCCAHon Treasurer) (left Jan 2011)Our staff as of 2010 - 2011Chief Executive OfficerPhillip WatsonDeputy Chief Executive OfficerChrista MoeckliFinance DirectorWilliam Meghoma FFA, ACCAFinance AssistantAbdihafid SiyadCentre AdministratorNorma ParsadAdministrative AssistantJohn GriceAdministrative AssistantNorma ThomasVolunteer AdministrativeAssistantJohn RhuleVolunteer AdministrativeAssistantLinda Joyce D’Acquisto(left Feb 2011)Volunteer Site GardenerRichard JarvisAuditorsArmstrong & CoSolicitorsRussell-CookePhotographyRobert AbermanArchitectsCazenoveFundraising ConsultantMike ButlerResident Site ManagerJacek SlotwinskiGardener/Handy PersonColin BrowneHealth Advocacy ProjectManagerHekate PapadakiService & Volunteer Co-ordinatorRos ColmanAdvocacy Project WorkerEleanor TomlinsonAdvocacy ProjectService Co-ordinatorAnna Churcher ClarkeAdvocacy ProjectService Co-ordinatorJacob Matthews (left June 2011)Community Kitchens ProjectProject Co-ordinatorAri Clowney (left Apr 2011)Stepping Stones Project LeadGabriel MesquitaFinance and GeneralAdministratorViolet Jerevia (left May 2011)Project Development Worker;Esmee Fairbairn Project LeadSiobhan MannionProject Development CoordinatorJose VeigaFriendship Phone NetworkProject CoordinatorAvril BakerVolunteer Befriending SchemeCo-ordinatorRuth Fathaddine (left July 2011)Volunteer BefriendingScheme WorkerKaren Doku (left Aug 2011)Befriending & Respite SchemeCo-ordinatorPeter Guinan (left July 2011)Gardens CaféChef/ManagerDebbie GreyAssistant ChefTammy Raven (left June 2011)Café Deputy Chef/ManagerKennedy Beddowes (started Feb2011)Café Deputy Chef/ManagerMarcelo Marques de Oliveria(left Feb 2011)Stroke ProjectHeart & Stroke Project ManagerKath BirkettHeart & StrokeProject Club OrganiserPauline Mclean (left Jan 2011)Outreach Co-ordinatorHugh PowellPre-SchoolManagerChris O’KaneDeputy ManagerSharon SlineySenior PlayworkerBina ZereSenior PractitionerGeorgina Angelica (left July 2011)Early Years PractitionerSue GaskellEarly Years PractitionerStaries JosephNursery AssistantPaulita Aurelio (started Nov 2010)Mental WellbeingChampions ProgrammeProject ManagerJackie HollandsDevelopment &Administrative OfficerNita Upadhyay

Impact report 2011 3Chief ExecutiveOfficer’s ReportOur differencesmakes us special,our similaritiesmakes us strongPHILLIP WATSONCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERThe Manor Gardens WelfareTrust was formed originally asthe North Islington Infant WelfareCentre in June 1913 in responseto the scourge of 1 in 10 babiesin the area dying before their firstbirthday.Standing foursquare in the traditionof working with and for the mostdeprived and vulnerable in ourcommunity, today the ManorGardens Welfare Trust has a visionof delivering excellence in healthand social care and a mission ofproviding high quality, accessibleservices to meet the changingrequirements for health andwellbeing of people in Islington andneighbouring boroughs.This report outlines the impactthe services provided through theManor Gardens Centre has madeduring the year 2010/2011. It isclear that the work of the Trustmakes a difference for so manypeople and contributes significantlyto social cohesion and communitysolidarity. It is the dedicationand commitment of the Boardof Trustees, staff and volunteersthat makes all this possible andit is only right that I take thisopportunity to acknowledge myappreciation and respect for all thetremendous work they do.The challenges facing theorganisation reflect the challengesfacing the country as a whole.As we approach our Centenaryyear in 2013 we do this with therecognition that our commitmentto delivering excellence means thatwe must ensure that we spend themoney we raise wisely and accountfor what we do properly. The mainlesson for me from the riots inthe summer of 2011 was that weneed to regain the notion of takingresponsibility for our actions andfostering community spirit andsocial solidarity.The Trust is in a good positionto make this happen, not leastthrough the support it is ableto give to the organisations thatare based at the Manor GardensCentre. The number of majorthird sector organisations andsmaller voluntary and communitygroups that work with and throughthe Manor Gardens Centre ishighlighted in this report and isa testament to the value of theresource that the Centre can offer.Our differences make us special,our similarities make us strong andit is through these disparate anddiverse organisations and groupsworking across the Centre that wecan strengthen the voice of thoseneeding help, services and supportto influence and control their lives.

4 Impact report 2011Pre School77%77% OF THE CHILDREN ARE FROM BLACKAND ETHNIC MINORITY GROUPS. 75% WEREBOYS AND 25% WERE GIRLSCelebrating 60 years of operationin 2011, the pre-school hasprovided an excellent learningfoundation for 106 children in theyear 2010-2011.On a daily basis 12 children attendfull time and 24 attend on a parttime basis. The reputation of thepre-school amongst local parentsis excellent with demand forplaces high.The Pre-School is fully integratedand is representative of the area.77% of the children are from blackand ethnic minority groups. Overthe year 75% of the children wereboys and 25% girls.8% had special education needsand disabilities requiring extrasupport and reviews.Delivering to the Early YearsFoundation Stage six areas oflearning the progress of thechildren is closely monitoredand reviewed. At the end of thesummer term, 90% of childrenwere performing as expected fortheir age group.A noticeable pattern is that thePre-School continues to have a lotof children staying until they arenearly 5 years old ratherthan moving to nursery classeswithin schools.Parental involvement andinclusion is encouraged withchildren’s profile books andparents evenings held three timesper year.We have also started to useour new green house. We haveplanted various vegetables, fruitand sunflowers. The childrenare watering the plants daily andwatching them grow.“Cannot praise the Pre-Schoolstaff enough”“I love everything about thenursery”

Impact report 2011 9The Befriending andRespite Scheme 2011.Without this supportand friendship, Idon’t know what Iwould do. Thank youso muchThe purpose of the scheme is toprovide companionship and socialsupport to Older People whohave mental health difficulties,especially those with Dementia.It aims to provide support to theirCarers, and provide some “timeoff” from their caring role. Thescheme also aims to support theindependence of people so thatthey remain longer in their ownhome, and promotes the wellbeing of the Carer.138 people supportedthrough the yearThe demand for the scheme inthis past year has been very high,and we always had more clientsawaiting a volunteer befrienderthan actual volunteers.Our volunteers visited OlderPeople in their own homes.This requires tact, discretion,understand and great sensitivity.The scheme is relatively smallin numbers and this reflects thespecialist nature of this type ofvolunteering.Dementia is of growing concernfor Society and many of us can betouched personally by the illness.The scheme has been of greatbenefit to those with Dementiaand their Carers. Our volunteershave also benefited from theirrelationship with those sufferingfrom Dementia, and in turn, thewider Community has benefited.2,372hours of respite providedto Carers by 33 volunteers

10 Impact report 20111,100FriendshipPhone Networkover 1,100 phone calls andvisits have taken place.The Friendship Phone Networkprovides support and social contactfor older people, living alone in northIslington.Isolation is a serious problem forolder people, particularly those whoare not able to get out and about.Apart from affecting their spirits andself confidence it can also mean thatthey miss out on other services orbenefits, and, in some cases eventheir physical health may be affected.Our volunteers will chat, listen outfor any difficulties that we or otheragencies can help with, and bringideas or suggestions for dealing withday to day problems. For their partour older members are also bringinginto the relationship their stories,experience and the tips gained froma lifetime of working or bringing upchildren.49 older people supported by 41volunteers during the year.ActivitiesThe calls are mainly to providecompany and social contact butif there are problems we can alsoprovide information and refer on toother services that could help.Reducing isolation and lonelinessis the main aim of the project.Problems often come to our attentionduring the initial assessment, theregular weekly telephone calls andduring client reviews and we useall these opportunities to providerelevant information, refer to otheragencies and if necessary advocateon behalf of our clients.Clients supported with referrals to 12other agencies.Advocating on behalf of 8 clientswith court proceedings, rent arrears,debt, the pensions serviceWe have been able to continue tosupport some of our members inlearning how to use their computers,gaining access to the internet andusing other programmes. We havefour active IT volunteers and betweenthem they visit and support six of ourmembers.Six older people benefitting fromaccess to computer technologyDuring the winter we wereapproached by Islington EnergyAdvice Team to be part of theSHINE hub.18 older people supported who wereat risk of hospital admission or deathrelated to seasonal circumstances.A new event for us this Spring wasan outing for members to the TateModern. A local company, Kaplan,approached us through VoluntaryAction Islington and asked if theiremployees could volunteer for a day.Together we worked out the bestway of doing this – the Tate Modernagreed to provide a curator to run aworkshop for us and the companywere able to provide some fundingto pay for transport and lunch. It wasa great day out and our membersloved it.

Impact report 2011 11Manor Gardens CaféThe Café provides freshlycooked food at affordableprices, using organic, freetrade and/or locally suppliedingredients - whenever feasible.Working closely with ourCommunity Kitchens Project(CKP), the Café represents aflagship for healthy eating aswell as upholding exemplaryfood safety practices.Awarded the 5-Star ratingby the EnvironmentalHealth Department.This community café is somuch more than a mere café:A social hub for the localcommunity, it provides an informalaccess point to services basedat the Manor Gardens Centre.It welcomes children, offersnappy changing facilities,toys and children’s books.Groups of mothers with babiesvisit the café regularly.Friendly staff. It is agood place to havemeetings, convenient,good food andexcellent coffeeWith funding support from theEsmee Fairbairn Foundation,it takes on placement peoplewho have had mental healthdifficulties, are ready to reintegrateinto a workingenvironment and to contributeto a valuable service.22 volunteers were on placementthrough the year, receivingpractice training on customerservice, barista, preparingmeals and food safety. They alsoobtained the Food Hygiene andSafety certificate by attendingCIEH accredited coursesorganised in the Café by CKP.Fresh, wholesome lunches areprovided daily to the ManorGardens Pre-School in line withbest practice under the Early YearsFoundation Stages. Monthly menuplans for the children are agreedbetween the Chef and the Pre-School Manager and displayed inthe Pre-School for the parents.This promotes healthy eating andgood nutrition amongst youngchildren and their families.Organisations using the sessionalspaces at the Centre are offeredcatering for their meetings,conferences and training sessions.A rota of art exhibitions areon display. Reportedly for anumber of local artists this wastheir first exhibition, helpingthem to sell their work andgiving them the confidence toorganise bigger exhibitions.Sustainability as a socialenterprise remains at the forefrontfor the Café development.

12 Impact report 2011CommunityKitchens Project4,000THE PROJECT REACHEDOVER 4000 PEOPLE,WITH 45% BEING MEN,AND 51% FROM BMECOMMUNITIES.The Community KitchensProject (CKP) works with localcommunity groups and individualsto promote healthy eating andliving, and healthy cooking.CKP delivered a range of healthyeating activities as part of theNHS funded 5aday project.Islington residents took part in9 cook and taste courses and25 workshops learning aboutbasic nutrition and cooking.Support for families and childrenincreased with almost a third ofdirect beneficiaries being under16 years. 54 people attendedaccredited Food Safety training,necessary for people workingwith food or in catering.Stepping Stones was a weightmanagement course run byCKP combining cook & tastesessions, gentle exercise andbehavior change support tohelp people lose weight in asustainable way. During the yearover 100 people attended, nearlya quarter referred by their GP:66% completed a course withexcellent 86% attendance rates.Three quarters lost weight andwaist size by the end of thecourse. Follow-up evaluation isvery encouraging indicating thatthe majority of people maintainand continue to lose weight,reporting significant health andwell being benefits as a result.The Health Trainer Service, whichwas a one-to-one service for localresidents in Islington, helpedpeople improve their lifestyle,in the areas of healthy eating,physical activity, reducing smokingand alcohol consumption.69 people fully completed the 6session course during the year.Twenty-four volunteers, lookingto get back into work by boostingtheir confidence, gained cateringexperience in the Manor Garden’sCafé as part of an EsmeeFairbairn funded project.CKP ran a series of cook and eatactivities in Canonbury as partof the Well London project. Theaim of the project was to bringpeople from different backgroundstogether to celebrate food andcultural diversity. The Cook andtaste courses were a great successand were attended by 60 peoplefrom the local estates. The projectculminated in a Community CookOff event where participantscompeted for prizes by makinghealthy and tasty dishes.The Children in Need fundedproject offered Life Skills coursesto Young People. A number ofteenagers learned how to maketheir favourite food more healthy,how to shop on a budget and tookpart in a supermarket challenge,where they competed to find thehealthiest products on offer.In conjunction with the BritishHeart Foundation, CKP hasbeen delivering Healthy Heartsworkshops which aim to educatepeople about good hearthealth. These workshops havebeen very well received with 31participants attending so far.CKP was pleased to run thefirst two Community NutritionAdvisor Training courses, whichare accredited by the OpenCollege Network. Over 20 peoplewho have taken part in thecourse are qualified to work asCommunity Nutrition Advisorsgiving healthy eating informationand advice to the public.

Impact report 2011 1375% of those withinthe Stepping Stonescourse lost weightand reduced waistsizeHelen

14 Impact report 2011Stroke Project502people supportedthrough the year.The aim of the project duringthe year has been to provide ahigh quality service to meet thechanging requirements of strokesurvivors and their carers inIslington in order to help them toincrease their skills and improvethe quality of their lives.This has been achieved bysocial rehabilitation with a peernetwork provided 3 days a week• an advocacy service to ensurethat all those affected in theborough each year are giventhe advice and support theyneed, this includes help withclaiming benefits, referral toother services and short-termintensive crisis support• an Outreach service so thathousebound service usershave regular contacts. “I likethe people that come to visitme. They are friendly, kindand listen to me whilst beinghelpful and encouraging”.(Service user: May 2011)• providing support and trainingto family members• offering the opportunity forstudents and volunteers togain relevant experiencein a real work setting andhave access to appropriatetraining and experience• providing workshops focussedon stroke prevention• encouraging appreciation byother professionals of thecommunication difficulties ofmany stroke survivors throughThree Monkeys WorkshopsThis would not have beenpossible without the assistanceof 23 volunteers and 18 socialwork students on placement.We are so grateful for thesupport they provide.The Three Monkeys WorkshopGroup was invited to the InteractCharity 10th Anniversarycelebrations where “Sally’s story”was presented by a stroke survivor,a carer and two actors. Thiswas extremely well received andthe stroke survivor was praisedby many well-known actors.Impact : Saving LivesA referral was received of anolder female stroke survivor whowas diagnosed as suicidal. Theassessment showed that shewas lonely and isolated.Outreach visits werearranged for five days aweek and she was linkedinto local communitysupport and activities,including a pre-Christmas lunchat her favouritecafe. She is nowsettled and freefrom risk.

Impact report 2011 15Mental HealthChampions ProjectCase studyThe project works to promotepositive messages aroundmental wellbeing, raiseawareness of mental healthdistress and to combat thestigma and discrimination thatsurrounds these issues andthat can be a barrier to peoplein getting or staying well.The initiative has a verygrassroots focus, with the aimbeing to enlist ‘champions’or ambassadors who will joinour network and get involvedto promote positive messagesaround health and wellbeing.135 ChampionsrecruitedSupporting the Mental HealthFirst Aid course funded byNHS Islington, the ChampionsProject enables local people tohave a greater understandingand awareness around mentalhealth, to be able to help peoplein a crisis, and to support peopleby signposting them to the rightservices and information.The Champions were involved inorganising training, awarenessraising workshops and talks,putting up campaign posters anddistributing leaflets and helpingat events where we are able toreach out to people who wouldn’tbe getting this information inother ways.1, 472individuals weredirectly engagedthrough eventsand activitiesCharlotte got involved with the project because she wantedto share her direct experience of mental illness to tryand encourage others to get the help they need and avoidsome of the difficult experiences she has been through.As part of her recovery Charlotte trained as acomplementary therapist and has been putting her newskills to use by volunteering on a number of projectswhere people will get the most benefit. She has taken partin a huge number of events with us as a champion helpingus signpost people for help, raise awareness of theissues and talk people through the impact of stigma anddiscrimination. Charlotte has been brave enough to speakout about her experiences at a number of larger eventswhere we have been aiming to challenge assumptions andpreconceived ideas about who gets ill and why. By takingthis approach Charlotte has been able to be a championin the true sense and make people think in a way thatenables our service to have the biggest possible impact.

16 Impact report 2011Organisationsbased at the MGCThe AfricanHealth ForumThe African Health Forum hasbeen in existence since 1995 andbrings together over 12 Africanorganisations working in the area ofhealth and social care in Camdenand Islington. Our aims are:• To bring community groupstogether for support• To provide opportunityfor shared learning• To enable research andevaluation of community needs• To support memberorganisations in the monitoring& evaluation of their projectsby sharing their workThe Forum provides support fororganisations providing services tothe Africans residing in Camdenand Islington. The Forum isalso a member of the AfricanHIV Policy Network, a nationalorganisation bringing togetherAfrican Forums across England andWales. Through this we are able toreceive additional support aroundstructure and get updated on keyissues that affect the community.• Access to the diverse Africancommunity in this borough.• An avenue through whichthe LINKs can share andreceive information.• A ready made groupfor consultations.Informed and concerned membersof the community who bringenergy and enthusiasm intohealth and social care issues.The Forum represents Africangroups from sub- Saharan Africawho are hard to reach by mainstream service provision.Tel 020 7281 1047Email africanforum55@yahoo.comAfrican Sub SaharanDevelopment PartnershipWe provide information, advice & guidance in:• Youth support service; children & families,education support, employment support.• We provide legal advice & sign posting on:immigration, housing, welfare benefit.We provide interpretation & translation in:• French; Lingala, Swahili; Tshiluba & KikongoASSADEP is run by and provides service toAfrican sub Saharan community people. Ourservices are access by engaging with thecommunity at large. We encourage individualsby providing training and mentoring toparticipate in local community activities.Tel 020 7503 1314Email info@assadep.orgAfrica Relief Support ProjectAfrica Relief Support Project is a newlyregistered charity set out to alleviate socialhardships such as unemployment, educationand health inequality in the African communitiesin the UK and Africa. These aims are achievedthrough the provision of relief support fromfundraising activities and charitable donateditems; scholastic materials and equipmentin order promote literacy amongst pupils;awareness about the preventative measuresagainst diseases and other deadly illnesses;volunteering projects, in order to enhance theopportunities for employment. The ARSP isaiming to co-operate with other charities andorganisations to achieve common goals with theabove stated aims.Email arspltd@gmail.comAfrican Women and ChildrenSupport Organisation (AWACSO)AWACSO is a not-for-profit charitableorganisation working with women children andyoung people.It’s a registered charity founded in the UnitedKingdom whose aim is the promotion of wellbeingfor women, children and young peoplewithin the resident African community.Services to the Community:• Health Workshops and seminars.• HIV awareness• Fitness training initiatives for women• Advice• One to one social events• Training and Volunteering placement schemes• Referral of clients to other specialistorganisations• ESOL classesMain contact Shifa SsaliTel 0207 2814065Email

Impact report 2011 17Baobab CentreThe Baobab Centre is a therapeuticcommunity providing psychotherapyand practical support to children,adolescents and young adults whoare young survivors of extremeviolence, trafficking or rape and arerefugees or asylum seekers.Most are alone in the UK havinglost close family in war and politicalviolence. Currently we have around60 beneficiaries.We also provide expert opinionon the psychological anddevelopmental state of individualsgoing through the asylum processand disseminate specialistknowledge about the developmentalneeds of young survivors of politicalviolence and human rights abusesto a wider community.Tel 020 7263 1301Email info@baobabsurvivors.orgCongolese Association Of Elderly PeopleThe Congolese Association ofElderly people is a registeredcompany and charity in Englandand Wales based in Londonand is composed of women andmen elderly particularly but notexclusively from the DemocraticRepublic of Congo. Themembership is open also to anymember of the public who hasinterest in Africa countries.The objects of the associationare for the benefit of the publicand in particular for the benefitof those members of thepublic from the DemocraticB2B Somali Arts and Education LtdB2B has been working with marginalised membersof the Somali communities/BME in particular womenand children, as well as other women in Islington, andsurrounding boroughs providing opportunities to improveconfidence, skills, creative potentials and integration.A large area focus is offering workshops to mothers/women during school hours, often on school premises orat local community centres or galleries. Some workshopsdraw on Somalis and other individually rich background ofartistic interpretation and use this cultural characteristicto engage users of all cultural backgrounds. The arts andcrafts workshops may include clothes design, patterncutting, and sewing. We have screen printing workshops,which cover design and implementation, and usingthe finished fabrics to make cushions, bags, kitchengloves, wall hangings and lampshades. As a result ofthese projects women learn important new practicalskills as well as improving literacy and numeracy skills.Confidence raised self esteem are vital outcomes in orderfor these women to integrate more fully into society.Tel 0207 272 4264Email info@b2bsomali.orgRepublic of Congo livingin the United Kingdom.The main aims of theassociation are:• to develop and harness theskills they already have, butwhich they cannot use dueto communication problems,in a positive way with regardto their further education• to protect the elderly peoplefrom discrimination basedon age, which leads to theirisolation and social exclusion• to improve their conditionof life by relieving them ofpoverty, sickness, financialhardship and distress.The main activities areeducation or training, toorganise workshop, seminar,recreation, and game activities,sport activities, Englishlessons, interpretation andtranslation, health issue etc.Main contact Albert N.Elongo, ChairpersonEmail congoaep@yahoo.comCARILACarila has recently undergonemassive changes. Much of it’sfunding and services have beendrastically reduced. December2010 was a perfect time for theorganisation to reflect on thechanges in it’s beneficiaries.Define its vision and mission, andreinvigorate staff, volunteers andmanagement committee.The two workshops were enjoyedby the participants and productivein meeting the aims of the twoworkshops, support by VoluntaryAction Islington. Carila is nowbetter placed to meet some of thechallenges that lie ahead.Vision:Is to see a fully integrated Spanishand Portuguese speakingcommunity (E.U. Latin American,African). Celebrating its culturaldiversities and realising its fullpotential and well being.Mission :Is to provide the Spanish andPortuguese speakers support inhealth, education and family life.Empowering them to have a voiceand meeting their needs withinBritish society.Services/ Activities:Health Advocacy and interpretersproject for Spanish and Portuguesespeakers who live in Camden andIslington (organised by healthproviders)Art and Spanish class for 5 to 12years old- Saturdays 10-1pmPartnership working with secondaryschools in Islington- HomeworkClub 3:15 to 5:15pm on Wednesdays• Family programme byappointment only.• Volunteer and workplacement opportunities .Our services are financedby Camden and Islington –NHS, Education in Islingtonand Cripplegate Foundation.For further information see our webpage: for volunteering attention ofAlba Arbelaez – Project ManagerTel 020 7561 1931opens only 10-12 pm.Tuesday, Thursday and FridayMobile 077 7982 6143

18 Impact report 2011COFIPROCOFIPRO stands for CongoleseFinancial Project. Its missionis to set up a credit union forCongolese people living in the UKand to advise them in how to dealwith financial issues.COFIPRO was set up in July 2006and has almost six hundredmembers across the UK. At themoment it is recognised as a studygroup by ABCUL (Association ofBritish Credit Union Limited).COFIPRO is the first organisationwhich provides advice in financialissues within the Congolesecommunity in the UK. It isempowering its members to abetter life by letting them learniCopethe best use of their incomes.COFIPRO works in partnershipwith the Financial ServicesAuthority (FSA), LondonRebuilding Society (LRS), LondonSocial Enterprises (LSE), Global21, Islington Refugee Forum (IRF),African Health Forum (AHF),Islington Congolese Forum (ICF)and many other organisations.Finally, COFIPRO Is committedto improving the Congolesecommunity wealth and fightingagainst poverty.Tel 079 3298 3069Email Psychological Therapies and Wellbeing ServiceiCope is an NHS service that helps people to learn ways to helpthemselves cope with feelings of stress, worry and depression.We also work with people with more complex issues.After an initial assessment, we offer a number of free,confidential options. These include guided self-help and linkingwith various organisations. We also offer individual therapy forpeople with more longstanding and complex problems who mayneed further help.If you feel that you or someone you know might benefit from ourService, please call our self-referral line on 0303 123 1000.You can also email us at Islington Parenting Support Service is a team of parentingsupport specialists offering information, advice and support to parents/carers of young people aged 8-19, that live in Islington, through thefollowing services: -• One-to-one sessions to support and advise parents.• Free phone parenting support line 0808 168 5717• Drop-ins based in Islington schools and community settings.• Parenting groups to strengthen parenting skills.• Workshops across Islington to support parenting.Support in a range of languages: Bengali, Kurdish, Portuguese,Spanish, Somali, Turkish and Urdu.Leaflets available in Bengali, Somali and Turkish.Support is offered to professionals workingwith young people aged 8-19.Tel 020 7561 8461Emai

Impact report 2011 19Islington People’sRightsIslington People’s Rights (IPR)has been part of the localcommunity landscape for over 40years. The work of ensuring thevulnerable and most needy localresidents are able to exercise theirentitlements to welfare benefits aswell as receiving assistance withdebt alleviation has increased overthis period.IPR offers appointments at theManor Gardens Centre and hasoutreach sessions throughout theborough in community centres,drug and alcohol services, and theprobation and prison services.IPR can be contacted on its adviceline on Mondays, Tuesdays andFridays between 2pm and 4pm.Tel 020 7561 3685Web UK IslingtonKurdish Children &Youth CentreThe Kurdish Children & YouthCentre is the provision, orassistance in the provisionof facilities for education,recreation and other leisuretime occupation, in the interestof social welfare, particularlyfor members of the Kurdishcommunity, with the object ofimproving the conditions of lifeof the said beneficiaries.We are a volunteer organisationrunning two supplementaryschools and a Youth Club. Inthis club we run projects suchas Music & Dance Course anda Science Project.Tel: 020 7272 9980Email: kcyc@fsmail.netWe run services and activities related to all aspectsof later life. For people with care needs or worriedabout being able to look after themselves we offer visiting support servicesincluding help around safe hospital discharge. Older people and familycarers come to us for information, advice and practical help to live safelyand independently or to be able to look after their home. We also make itpossible for older people of all age groups and interests to meet friends, takeup activities and do interesting things. For older people wanting to give timeand give help to others we provide volunteering and community involvementopportunities. This can be either with our own services, or more broadlywithin groups focussed on influencing how things are run locally.Tel 020 7281 6018Email MindIslington Mind is a thrivingmental health charity whichoffers a broad range of servicesto people in Islington whoexperience mental distress:Day services include a ‘dropin’centre, Employment andI.T. project, ‘Jobs at Risk’ and‘In-work Support’ projects,Counselling, an ‘out of hours’Crisis help line and MentalHealth First Aid Training.Islington Mind’s work is gearedtowards assisting, enablingand encouraging mental healthservice users to be moreindependent and to play a moreactive role in their own lives.Tel 0207 561 5289Web Mother Tongue and SupplementarySchools Partnership (MTSSP) is a partnershiporganisation for the providers of mother tongueand supplementary schools in Islington.MTSSP aims to develop a single planning,quality and funding framework to raise theeducational performance of Mother Tongueand Supplementary Schools; to enable pupilsto achieve their full potential in mainstreameducation; to in hence the self-esteem of pupilsof Mother Tongue groups through the promotionof culture, artistic, linguistic and other activities.In addition The MTSSP provides a commonplatform for the providers of educationalprojects to maximise their potential andperformance in supporting disadvantaged andunderperforming children and young people.Email

20 Impact report 2011Music for PeopleMusic for people is a music performancecharity providing performanceopportunities for user musicians alongsideprofessionals. We play music for olderpeople in various day centres, homes andsheltered housing.We run Performance Skills Workshopsfor mental health service users and holdregular concerts where we can showcasetheir talents. We play many concertsfor the voluntary and local governmentsectors and private sector.Our ethos is playing interactive sing-alongconcerts – user musicians playing foruser groups.Web 0207 263 1751 or 0798 114 2376ROUNDABOUTRoundabout is a registered charity foundedin 1985 to provide a Dramatherapy servicethroughout London. The North Londonoffice was set up in 2000 to develop work inIslington and neighbouring boroughs. We workextensively at all levels in schools and adultservices. We have recently been successfulin our bid to the Big Lottery Fund for projectsworking with older people and adults withlearning disabilities.Dramatherapy is a highly accessible andenjoyable form of therapeutic intervention,adaptable to the full range of needs experiencedby our client groups. Roundabout has anexcellent track record in developing usersconfidence and self-esteem, increasing socialcommunication skills and developing trustingrelationships. These benefits lead to improvedcreativity and imagination and increased mentalwell-being.Tel 020 7263 4076Email Refugee and asylumseekers integration projectprovides services for peoplefrom East Africa & Middle Eastwho reside Islington and northLondon.It provides short-termcounselling and emotionalsupport using the clients’ ownlanguage and developing andrunning schemes and activitiessuch as a women group, whichhelp to improve the physicaland mental wellbeing ofrefugees.Tel 020 7263 2477

Impact report 2011 21Solace Women’s AidSolace Women’s Aid is a charitythat provides services to womenand children affected by DomesticViolence or Sexual Violence. We workacross London, particularly in NorthLondon, where we are based offCaledonian Road.Solace Women’s Aid work closelywith service users to identify ways ofmeeting their differing and changingneeds by providing support servicessuch as Advice and Legal, Advocacy,Floating Support, Children’sServices, Counselling and Outreachas well as managing seven Refuges.The counselling service operatesone of its many bases from ManorGardensTel 020 7619 1360Web www.solacewomensaid.orgWOMEN’STHERAPY CENTREThe Women’s Therapy Centreprovides group and individualpsychotherapy by women forwomen. This self-referral serviceis accessible to women from allbackgrounds, regardless of abilityto pay.Women who might be less wellserved by psychological servicesare especially encouraged torefer themselves, for exampleblack and minority ethnic women,women who are refugees andasylum seekers and women withdisabilities.Alongside an understandingof the individual’s internalworld, it is recognised thatwomen’s mental health isdeeply affected by the social andpolitical contexts in which theylive and the Centre is mindful ofthe discrimination women mayface.The Centre has thirty four yearsexperience of a wide range ofdifficulties including domesticviolence, childhood sexual abuse,bereavement, trauma, culturaldislocation, relationship andparenting difficulties, depression,phobias and eating problems.Tel 020 7263 7860Web is established for thebenefit of the people of thesouthern African Communitiesof the United Kingdom.The charitable objects ofPamodzi are the preservation andprotection of health; advancementof education; relief of financialhardship; and any other Charitableactivities beneficial to themembers of the Southern Africancommunities who are originallyfrom Countries such as: Zambia,Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique,Angola, Namibia, Botswana, SouthAfrica, Lesotho and Swaziland.Tel 020 7281 1047Email PAMODZI03@aol.comOPAMOrganisation of HIV PositiveAfrican men, providingpsychosocial support therapies,up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS, awareness, prevention,brokerage, referrals andemotional support such as homeand hospital visits, befriending,budding, telephone support andmentoring. We are promotingcommunity cohesion throughworking with heterosexual andhomosexual African men livingwith HIV/AIDS.Tel 020 7281 2254Fax 020 7275 0087AGLOWThe Association of Greater London Older Women has hada fantastic year. We won the London Health CommissionAward for Community Cohesion – in partnership withNHS London, for their performance work challengingageism across service deliverers and getting peopletalking about good practice and how it can be achieved.Contact us if you want out group to perform sketches toraise awareness about ageism. We also have a MemoryClub- for more information email us onEmail call 020 7281 3485

22 Impact report 2011Sessional UsersAll of Us DesignArea Child Protection CommitteeAsiratAspire Educational SolutionsAssociation for NutritionBASSACCommunity Hygiene ConcernCripplegate FoundationDisability Action IslingtonDistrict Nursing ServiceEquinoxEritrean Community GroupFamily ActionFamily Group ConferenceFamily MosaicFight Racism! Fight Imperialism!Friends United NetworkGarden OrganicHelping HandHornsey Road Children’s CentreInspirations ConsultancyIslington Carers CentreIslington Children’s ServicesIslington Disability NetworkIslington Primary Care TrustJessica Robbins CompaniesJewish Socialists GroupKenyan Women’s AssociationLEAP Confronting ConflictLeo Information LimitedLondon Borough of Islington Children’sSocial CareMackay Development SolutionsManic Depression FellowshipMusic in DetentionNafsiyat Intercultural Therapy CentreNHS IslingtonNigerian Council of EldersOctopus Community NetworkOmegaOromo Community UKOromo Relief AssociationOromo Youth AssociationPACE HealthPilates with JackieQuality Medical SolutionsRAISERefugee CouncilRegents QuarterResponsible Health ChoicesRethinkRevaluation CounsellingRowan Arts ProjectSmart TrainingSomali Speakers AssociationSri Lankan Lawyers AssociationU5 Social CareUp Coming StarsYoga MosaicYour BestOur VolunteersCafé VolunteersAbdul MiahAbel ThaklerAlison FordAntoneta MrizajCarlo DavanzoCatherine PriceCharles JessChiharu OgataColleen MoyleIris BrowneJonathan AndersonJulia AshbyMansour NjieMeral OkurMonica RotaNichola CleminsonNicholas GeorgiouNigel DebonoPaul BottPaula LearSimon LiuTracey StirlingViola SauliteZainab IbrahimCKP VolunteersAmy ArmstrongIram KauserKaren McCabeLaura WashburnSandra GaynorStefano MarcelliniFriendship Phone NetworkAgnieszka KorzeniewskaAndriana OrphanidesAngela IsaacsAnn FieldAnne SpencerArzu GedikozerBen StorrarBiri TesfaldetBolanle AladesuruDavid ZhongEmma BrearleyEmma WhiteheadHelen WiddowsonIoannis VompirisKate JohnstoneKaty DurwardKechi ChindaLei FuLisa FergusonLynn CorkeLydia FlorenceMathew PearmanMaureen MurphyNicola CarkettNiloufar LamakanNupur BediPeter AndersonPui YingSarah AzamaSuzy Mac GregorSylvia OwolaweJason JohnsonLara PuppettiSam RedieSarah AylwardSamantha PayneHealth Advocacy Project:Aaliya MuhudinAdela QuaribAgnieszka KnopikAkila TounsiAl GhalibieAnahita FazliAnna MichalakAnna TomaszewskaArin BaniradArnaud-Thibaut EsserekeDami CokerEda OzkulElizabeth DamtewEmanuel AlmedonFatoumo Nuur AliFazilat ShirzadFouzia NeronGenet TayeHabteab FereHacene KerriHagir AhmedHanan BabikirHusna KhatunHussam AbuwiddoHussein Abdulkerim SalemIsmail ArianJabir UmranJuman MuhamedKarolina PlebanKhadija IdrisLayla TabakchaliLeyla JamaacMarso AbdiMary Mundoni MasangaMaryan Hassan DhibeMaxamed MaslaxMehret TecleabMesseret AmdeMohamed OsobleMohamoud HassanMonique EbrahimniaNaila AhmadovNaima AlbarziNasrin AhadyNerayo TesfatsionNissarullah SahebzadaParveen RahimiPhilo MutebaRabiaa DadouRahela RahmanRawee Jama NoorRichard Patrice EpoteSajna BegumSayed KhaleqiShawbo MohamadSheela BegumSiham-Fatiha BelehTesfamichael AbrahamTomasz FurmanekUzma RahimVenus RidhaYodit SolomonZaynab MohamedZewdalem BarakiHeart & StrokeAdegbola AdejumoAlisa WhartonAnesah ZamanAngeline Beyene OwonoBelinda KigoziCreanna DodsonDionne Pompey-PetersFabio De Souza

Impact report 2011 23Francis AdjefeyFrank RickardHagir AhmedHyacinth Grizzle-StewartJanan SilaydinJayne KayeJo PierreJourdell’e BennettKatharine SlayKylie Lempert-FranksLauren CarreLeo MendosaLouise CaudreyMaame SimmonsMandy RobinsonMary ArthurMonique Forde-SinclaireNatasha ChatterjeePatricia KigoziPeter CockayneSally McDonaldSimon EverittSimon HoareSita Bijwe-AlexanderVictoria EriemoVincent MurrainZena BlewuadaPre-SchoolSheila EzenaguRespiteAlice WorkmanAlison SteadmanAngela HartCarolyn RoyCharlene PereiraDora NwaforFrances GraceFrancis KiseroJulia DickinsonMay ChoRobina EllisSelina Ifedayo AkintobiSophie CharlesTracy WinstanleyVolunteer BefriendingAgnieszka KorzeniewskaAlaa AlkarmyAngela IsaacsAnjum AhmedBarizoge NweeniCarmel ElwellClare KerriganCraig CochraneDanny LonerganEmma WhiteheadEmma WillisFarhana BegumFariba AzarinejadFrances GraceFrancia SaltosGeorge KrainskiHannah CrillyHannah GeorgeHelen OyedepoIlean HenryJames HayesJaswinder DahriJennifer HayJoe DalyJowita AbegundeKadi BaryohKarin LordKelly MoffittKirsty BallochKirsty ThornerKuljeet JagdevLaura BoydMaria QueallyMariama SesayMohammad JameerMolly EdlinNicola WoodOllie WilsonPatricia NyambePaula WalshRidhiswaree BaboolallRichard JarvisSally FordSimone Van SluytmanShana WedderburnSusie MatthewsSwapna RoyYordanos YohannesFinancesIncomeWhere the money came from: £Grants for the Supply of Specific Services 1,238,742Income from Services Supplied 41,024Income from Property 332,411Investment & other Income 25,244TOTAL 1,637,421Grants for the Supplyof Specific ServicesIncome from ServicesSuppliedIncome from PropertyInvestmeent & otherincomeExpenditureWhere the money went: £Property Costs 146,110Administration 93,529Direct Charitable Expenditure 986,332Staff Costs 105,399Governance Costs 11,338TOTAL 1,342,708Property CostsAdministrationDirect CharitableExpenditureStaff CostGovernance CostsYOU CAN HELP SUPPORTOUR WORKI enclose a cheque for a one-off donation of£ to ManorGardens Welfare Trust.I would like to make a regular donation of£ per month/quarterly to Manor Gardens Welfare Trust.Please send mea form to pay by Standing Orderora form to pay by BACS.I would like to include Manor GardensWelfare Trust in my will. Please sendme more information.NameAddressPostcodeTelMobileEmailPLEASE SEND THIS SLIP TO PHILLIPWATSON, MANOR GARDENS WELFARETRUST, 6-9 MANOR GARDENS,LONDON, N7 6LA

Principal FundersBBC Children in NeedBig Lottery FundBritish Heart FoundationCambridge Education at IslingtonCamden & Islington Foundation TrustCamden PCTDepartment of Health - Volunteering EnglandDunhill Medical TrustEsmee Fairbairn FoundationFuture Jobs FundHyde Charitable TrustIslington - Renewable Energy FundLondon Borough of IslingtonLondon Sustainability ExchangeNational Social Marketing CentreNHS IslingtonPCT - EC1Tesco Charity TrustThe Coutts Charitable TrustThe Henry Smith CharityThe Morris Charitable TrustThe Oakdale TrustThe Sir Jules Thorn Charitable TrustThe Worshipful Company of Basketmakers Charitable TrustTrust for LondonWork Directions Uk - ESF/LDASome of our volunteersreceiving certificates ofappreciation from JeremyCorbyn MP at our annualCelebrating Volunteers Event6-9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LATel: 020 7272 4231Fax: 020 7263 0596e-mail: admin@manorgardenscentre.orgwww.manorgardenscentre.orgRegistered Company No: 3386929Registered Charity No: 1063053Registered Address as aboveDesigner : Re-Design

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