Infrastructure - Moving Freight - South Australian Freight Council ...

Infrastructure - Moving Freight - South Australian Freight Council ...


Newsletter of the

South Australian Freight Council

February 2012 SAFC General Meeting

In line with the SAFC Constitution, details of the SAFC General

Meeting are:

WHEN: Thursday 22 March 4:00 - 6:00pm

WHERE: The Lakes Resort Hotel

Brebner Drive, West Lakes

FORMAT: Short formal Meeting, followed by a presenta

tion and the usual drinks and nibbles

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If you have received this Newsletter direct from

SAFC then you are already signed up. You can add

persons (or even delete yourself from the list) at

A change to the SAFC Constitution is proposed which

will see the Membership year run for 12 months from the

date of acceptance by the SAFC Executive Committee.

The existing Membership year runs for the remainder of the

financial year so this change will allow Members to access a

full 12 months of Membership benefits and thereby encourage

companies and individuals to take out Membership at

any time throughout the year.

A reminder notice will be sent to Members when their Membership

Subscription falls due for renewal.

SAFC will also introduce a Student member category which

will be low cost and should allow young industry entrants to

network with existing industry players (and potential future


Members and Non-Members are welcome to attend and

network with their peers.

Formal notification of the meeting will be forwarded to members

in early March.

If you are a Member and can not attend we would appreciate

receiving your proxy.

To register Email Susan Colyer.

Key SAFC Contacts

Executive Committee

John McArdle Chairman 08 8308 9221

Tony Grant Vice Chairman 0412 843 892

Gemma Gordon 08 8349 6617

Geoff Rose 0416 123 983

Andrew Pellizzari 08 8447 0685

Peter Taylor 0410 315 580

Andrew Nash 0459 844 212

Peter Hollister 08 8303 0981


Sustainable Supply Chains James Buder 08 8204 8121

Skills & Careers Paul Carroll 08 8343 7653

Infrastructure & Regulations Steve Shearer 08 8445 8177

(Joint Convenors) Ian Maitland 08 8235 3060


Chief Executive Neil Murphy 08 8447 0688

Officer 0427 089 240

Senior Project Rose Le 08 8447 0664

Adviser 0423 728 391

Project Officer Susan Colyer 08 8447 0635

SAFC Contact Details

South Australian Freight Council Inc

C/- Flinders Ports Limited

296 St Vincent Street


Telephone 08 8447 0635

Facsimile 08 8447 0606


The South Australian Freight Council Inc is

proudly supported by both Federal and State


A Note From the CEO’s Desk

Gong Xi Fa Cai - 恭禧發財

Welcome to 2012 and SAFC’s first edition of FreightLog for

the 2012 Year.

And what a year we have ahead.

Whilst our Federal pollies contemplate leadership issues

and a raft of legislative change proposals, industry will worry

about the possible ill effects of a GFC Mark II, the introduction

of the Carbon Tax and whether the 2 speed Australian

economy can maintain its relative immunity from the global


In SA (and Australia) we will watch with great anticipation

the outcomes of forthcoming Board Meetings of BHP Billiton

as they consider the proposal to expand the Olympic Dam

mine in the State’s Far North. This unprecedented project

may act as the catalyst to unlock a vast array of mining projects

across the State and could provide the fillip needed to

launch a new era of prosperity for the State.

For its part - the year ahead for SAFC will be frantic as we

respond to the governments’ legislative change proposals

and the development of national and State freight policies

and strategies.

The SAFC Forward Work Program includes proposals to:

� Provide input to the development of national regulators

for rail safety, maritime safety and heavy vehicle regulation

and licensing;

� Provide input to the development of a State Freight Strategy,

a State Ports strategy and the National Freight Network


� Update the SAFC Infrastructure Statement - Moving

Freight - which will outline industry’s key infrastructure


� Commence the development of the SAFC Green Freight

initiative outlining the facts around the environmental

debate and highlighting the positive actions being taken

by industry;

� Progress the concept of Common Ground - whereby we

hope to find a common position with a broad crosssection

of groups on a variety of key issues facing industry

(both the T&L industry and user sectors);

� Maintain and enhance the Logistics Information and Navigation

Centre (LINC) -;

� Continue our Communications and Consultation Strategy

program which will see us participate in regional and industry

events (such as the South East and Eyre Peninsula

Field Days and the SARTA Conference). Stay tuned

for the release of individual reports from events where

industry and community surveys have been undertaken.

� Launch a new and upgraded SAFC Website;

� Release an education resource explaining grain supply

chains as they operate in SA;

� Launch a full paddock to plate Coolant Calculator - the

first of its kind.

The workload is heavy and we will welcome any input that

you may wish to provide.

Onwards and Upwards

Neil Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

SA Freight Council

SAFC Headlines

SAFC Skills & Careers Breakfast Forum

The SAFC Skills and Careers working group is pleased to announce it is staging a breakfast

forum on the 23rd of March 2012 at the South Australian Aviation Museum, Port Adelaide.

We will provide information on the various government funding programs available to T&L

businesses. Event Sponsor, Maxima, a workforce planning and training provider, will answer

questions about traineeship schemes.

The event includes a cooked breakfast, museum entry and tour and is complimentary

for SAFC members.

Places are limited and filling quickly so please contact Susan Collyer on 08 8447 0635 or


This Forum, like all SAFC Forums is Free for SAFC Members!

Visit SAFC at the South East Field Days

SAFC will continue its Communications and Consultation Program by again travelling to

the South East Field Days to survey industry regarding their freight and logistics issues

and requirements, as well as surveying the local community regarding their attitudes to

freight and logistics.

The SE Field Days will be held at Lucindale on 16 and 17 March 2012!

Visit us in the Lifestyle Pavillion - Stand 13 - for your chance to wine one of two IPOD


SAFC - working with industry, government and the community to improve T&L in the

South East.

Boileau VeloAdelaide - Sunday 18 March.

The Boileau VeloAdelaide will be held on Sunday 18 March in the Adelaide Hills and

Eastern Suburbs which will see some road closures including closure of the eastbound

(uphill) section of the SE Freeway (Portrush Rd intersection to Crafers exit) from 8.30am

to 10.00am.

Traffic will be restricted to the left lane only from Portrush Rd to Eagle on the Hill exit with

a maximum speed limit of 40 km/h. Traffic will then be diverted via Old Mt Barker Rd and

Eagle on the Hill. No vehicle traffic will be allowed to travel up the Freeway from this point.

There will be a further lane restriction where traffic re-enters the Freeway just before

Crafers again with a maximum speed limit of 40 km/h. Normal traffic conditions will apply

after the Crafers exit.

There are no restrictions on the westbound (downhill) lanes of the Freeway.

In addition the entire length of Glen Osmond Road will be subject to delays. The ride will

commence at 8.30am from Glen Osmond Road/Hutt Rd intersection and travel under

police escort up Glen Osmond Rd to the start of the SE Freeway. This will also mean delays

at Greenhill Rd / Glen Osmond Rd intersection. Drivers are advised to continue along

Greenhill Rd to Portrush Rd to access the SE Freeway.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Carbon Price Claims and the ACCC

The ACCC has prepared Carbon price claims – Guide for business,

to assist businesses understand their rights, obligations

and responsibilities in relation to making claims about the impact

of a carbon price.

More information about the rights, obligations and responsibilities

of business and consumers and a list of frequently asked

questions is available at

One of the ACCC’s key roles in respect of carbon pricing is to

inform and educate businesses, including issuing guidance,

about their responsibilities under the Australian Consumer Law

concerning any statements about impacts of the carbon price

on the supply of goods and services.

Businesses are entitled to increase their prices as they see fit.

However, businesses should take care not to make claims

attributing price increases to the carbon price unless they are

accurate and truthful. If a business makes a claim about the

impact of a carbon price, the claim must be accurate, able to

be substantiated and based on reasonable grounds.



The ACCC’s focus is to ensure businesses don’t

make misleading claims about price increases

as a result of the carbon price and will continue

to monitor claims made by businesses.

More information is available at, or

ACCC Small Business helpline on 1300 302 021.


The LeFevre Air Quality Strategy Project Update

The Strategy aims to guide the management of broad air quality issues

within the project scope area over the next three decades. This incorporates

parts of the local Outer Harbor, Semaphore and Port Adelaide

ward areas.

A primary focus of the strategy is to actively support the 30 Year Plan

for Greater Adelaide, incorporating practical principles and targets for

addressing potential issues at interfaces between the variety of land

uses in the region, in the light of projected increases in populations and

vigorous State economic growth.

The Pilot Strategy Project is the first stage in the development of a comprehensive

South Australian Air Quality Strategy. It is expected to provide

a model for strategies for metropolitan Adelaide and regional centres

around the State.

It is expected that the consultation strategy will be available for public

comment in mid-to late March, with members of the Reference Group

(including SAFC) having access to the paper before the public process


For further details on the Project Click Here

To provide input to SAFC’s submission, please contact Rose Le on

8447 0664 or

REMEMBER: AQIS is now DAFF Biosecurity

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has changed

its name and is now referred to as DAFF Biosecurity.

This change forms part of the reforms within the Commonwealth Department

of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to provide better

service to the Australian community.

And new Office Times:

DAFF Biosecurity, located at Sir Donald Bradman

Drive, Export Park changed the office closing time

earlier this month. The new closing time of DAFF

will be 4.30pm which means that the reception and

Entry Processing Front Counter will be available

from 8am until 4.30pm.

In addition, the Adelaide Entry Management National

Co-ordination Centre (EMNCC) Entry Processing

phone line will continue to be available from 8am, but will close

at 7pm during daylight savings and 6pm during non-daylight savings.

This means that the phone line will provide coverage for Perth clients

with entry processing enquiries until 4:30pm Perth


People - The Industry’s Future

Workforce Hub Launch by North West

Business Development Centre

This Networking event will provide you with an excellent opportunity

to network with business owners from a wide cross section

of industries, create some new contacts and strengthen

your existing relationships in a friendly atmosphere.

Open to 80 businesses, the personal service offered by Workforce

Hub will help managers to find, keep and grow their staff.

The Workforce Hub is a mix of services to tap into at any time

during 2012 to help solve human problems, find subsidies and

improve productivity. For more information about the program

please view the website

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 6th March 2012

Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm

Location: AAMI Stadium, West Lakes

Cost: FREE


Government Funded Schemes for T&L Businesses

The SAFC Skills & Careers Working Group was fortunate to

receive recent presentations from Karen Zola, Playford Government

Action Leader for the Department of Human Services and

Pippa Webb, the Local Employment Coordinator for Northern &

Western Adelaide.

Karen outlined programs to assist the long term unemployed

under the Australian Government’s Building Australia’s Future

Workforce package.

Funds from the 2011/12 Federal Budget were committed to

provide extra assistance for young parents and to better support

jobless families.

Pippa provided information on programs including:

Australian Government Skills Connect, a co-contribution

scheme to provide funding to upskill existing workers

� Wage Connect, an initiative to assist the very long term unemployed

transition to sustainable, ongoing paid employment

� Connection People with Jobs – For Employers

� Do you have staff over 50?

Pippa announced that the North West Business Development

Centre is launching the Workforce Hub, a specialised program

for small to medium sized businesses at AAMI stadium on the

6th of March 2012.

Details of this great initiative and free event are provided above.

Karen and Pippa both emphasised the importance of changing

community and employer perceptions of long term unemployed


A long term unemployed person may be a thirty five year old

who has lost their job and experienced difficulty finding work for

four months or a mother returning to the workforce after a

lengthy period caring for children.

Lowest Road Toll in Over 60 Years

2011 had Australia’s lowest road toll in over 60 years, according to the

latest statistics from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional


The statistics show that 1,292 lives were lost on Australian roads in 2011

– a 4.4 per cent reduction from 2010 and the lowest official road toll for

the country since 1946.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport, Catherine

King, said ―Even more encouraging is the 22 per cent drop in the number

of young driver fatalities compared with 2010. The 2011 figures for

driver fatalities in the 17 to 25 age bracket are also 34 per cent lower

than those recorded in 2007.‖

In 2011 SA had 102 fatalities (3 above the record low of 99 deaths in

2008) around 14 per cent lower than the 2010 figure of 118. Serious

injuries on our roads in 2011 were under 1,000 for the first time (978 as

of midnight December 29) and were significantly lower than 2010 (1050).

The State Government’s Road Safety Strategy 2020 – Towards Zero

Together sets directions and targets - to reduce fatalities to less than

80, and serious injuries to less than 800 by 2020. To view the SA Road

Safety Strategy - Click Here.

Innovate SA Confined to the Scrap Heap

InnovateSA regretfully advises that it will not be funded beyond 30

June 2012.

In 2010 as part of its review of the South Australian Government’s finances,

the Sustainable Budget Commission made a recommendation

to not fund Innovate SA beyond the agreed funding closing date of 30

June 2012.

This recommendation was adopted in the 2010-11 state budget.

Since 1st July 2009 as a newly formed organisation, Innovate SA has

had a significant impact upon the numerous South Australian businesses

they have dealt with, through its Business Advisors and the unique

business development programs and services they offer.

This impact has been well evidenced through the many client testimonies

received, case studies, program evaluations, client surveys and

econometric studies that have been conducted.

Unfortunately, due to budget constraints no further funding will be provided

to Innovate SA beyond 30 June 2012.

Innovate SA as an organisation has also been highly collaborative

(including with SAFC) in an endeavour to leverage the best value for

South Australian businesses out of the variety of support services available

to them.

Innovate SA thank and acknowledge their collaborative partners including;

Local Government, Zerowaste SA, Regional Development Australia,

Advantage SA, Industry Associations, Universities, in particular ARI,

ITEK and Flinders Partners, Enterprise Connect, AiGroup and other

state and federal government agencies and bodies.

Innovate SA have stated that you can be assured that they will continue

to provide its range of programs and services over the next four months

and where possible advise of alternative sources of business support


... Page Six - “Social Pages”

Above Left: SAFC Member Ian Lovell talks to delegates at the recent AsiaIntermodal Conference in Melbourne (Feb 2012)

Above Right: SAFC Vice Chairman (and Chairman of ICHCA Australia) Tony Grant with Mr Lovell staff the ICHCA Australia stand at the AsiaIntermodal


Below Left: SAFC CEO Neil Murphy congratulates Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure CEO Rod Hook on his excellent address at

the recent ICHCA SA luncheon at the Lakes Resort

Below Centre: SAFC Committee of Management Member, Gemma Gordon (Rapid Transport) with SAFC Project Officer Susan Collyer at the luncheon

Below Right: ICHCA International Chairman John Strang with industry stalwart Doug Bourne-Jones discussing old times at the luncheon

Left: Warren Meisssner of

VTech Automotive

explains the workings of a

remote controlled model

truck to interested students

at a recent careers open


Right: Students discover

the nuances of forklift operations

at the open day

Bottom Left:Shannon

Campbell from TDT SA with

a student at the Open Day

Below: Warren Meissner’s

Share the Road Truck at the

Open Day


ICHCA International Biennial Conference Special Price

Available to SAFC Members

ICHCA International is holding its Biennial International Conference

from May 8th to the 11th in 2012 at the Langham Hotel in


An excellent line up of Australian and International speakers will

present on their global logistics vision for 2020 over two days

(8th & 9th May) followed by the ISP day involving updates and

discussions from the ICHCA International Safety Panel / Security

Panel and Environmental Sub Group (10th May).

There is also a Gala Dinner on 8th May 2012.

On the last day (11th May) there is a ½ day morning Industry

Tour visiting Melbourne Airport, the Patrick intermodal facility and

the Port of Melbourne.

The line up of speakers from Australia and overseas is excellent

and the strong support from sponsors makes the event highly


SAFC Members can now register for the Conference at

ICHCA Member rates.

With the early bird special in place until the end of March this

means that for the two day Conference and Conference Dinner

and the International Safety/Security/Environmental Panel day

will cost only AUD$990.00 including GST. To take part in the half

Day Industry Tour of the Airport, Patrick intermodal at Swanson

Dock and the Port of Melbourne tour only costs an extra


To take up this offer SAFC members must register for the Conference

by going to and follow the links.

Alternatively you can go straight to the registration site at http://

To gain the ICHCA member rate you are required to tick the

ICHCA Member box and then proceed with the registration process.

Once registered SAFC members are asked to e-mail the

ICHA National Secretary Ian Lovell to notify him that they have

registered at the ICHCA Member rate and are a SAFC member.

Please e-mail

Registrations are now open. Take advantage of Early Bird prices

– Register Here or Contact ICHCA Australia for more information

or go to

And The Winner is….

Mr Peter Rhodes, General Manager, International Operations at Treasury

Wine Estates won the two movie tickets offered for participation in

the Online Membership Survey (of past Members).

Thanks to Peter and all others that participated.

SAFC on the ROAD

SAFC has several forthcoming speaking engagements at Conferences

and events (and SAFC Members can often gin discounted access):

27-29 February

Australasian Ports & Hbrs Congress - Brisbane

16-17 March

South East Field Days, Lucindale

20-21 March

SA Resource & Infrastructure Conference, Adelaide Convention Ctr

22 March

SAFC General Meeting - Lakes resort (West Lakes)

23 March

SAFC Skills & Careers Breakfast, SA Aviation Museum (Pt Adelaide)

24 March

SARTA Conference - Adelaide Convention Centre

30 April-1 May

Mining Export Infrastructure 2012 - Holiday Inn City Centre Perth

22-23 May

Regional Transport 2012, Sofitel Gold Coast

5-6 June

National Transport Regulatory Reform Conference, Canberra

6 June

SA Transport Infrastructure 2012, Stamford Plaza Adelaide

27-29 February 2012, Stamford Plaza, Brisbane

The Australasian Ports and Harbours Congress 2012 will bring together local and international port operators, exporters,

shipping, stevedores, government and service providers. It is a unique chance for key decision makers to align objectives,

create partnerships, promote opportunities, overcome obstacles and share expertise. Be at Australasian Ports and Harbours

Congress 2012 to learn:

�How to diversify your trade base like Port Kembla Port

�How to plan for growth in a regional context like Broome Port Authority

�How to grow port capacity to meet export needs like Fortescue Metals

�How to ensure world class terminal operations like Hutchison Port Holdings

�How to meet the needs of the growing cruise ship industry like Fiji Ports

�How to unlock export potential like CITIC Pacific Mining

Be part of the Resources & Infrastructure boom in SA

200+ key decision makers already confirmed!

Don't miss this opportunity!

Visit the website for more



Infrastructure - Moving Freight

RESIC Recommendations to the South Australian Government

Consultation Paper Feb 2012

The Resources and Energy Infrastructure Council (RESIC) has

developed recommendations for consideration by the South Australian

Government, based on an independently prepared report,

about the state’s future infrastructure demands resulting from the

expansion of our minerals and energy sector.

The South Australian Government and is inviting feedback on the

RESIC recommendations.

The paper can be accessed here:



SAFC will be making a submission to this paper, and encourages

interested members to contribute. Contact Rose Le on 08 8447

0664 or

2011 South Road Superway - 12 Month Review from the

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

� Opened the new Gallipoli Drive in Feb 2011

� Completed service relocation works for the first stage in Sep 11

� Completed new A & B Double routes including multiple intersection


� Opened Davis St creating a new loop between Cormack Rd and

Francis Rd

� Started work on the first piers and these are clearly visible along

South Rd

� Lifted the first segments onto the structure using the 500 tonne


� Constructed the launching truss that will be used to place segments

in the new year

� Completed more than 600 piles

South Road Superway, Construction Update

Last month, progress was made on the construction of piers

around the Days Road intersection.

The two piers on either side of Grand Junction Road are taking

shape with concrete pours and reinforcement cages being lifted

into place. Each pier has an average of 70 tonne of steel reinforcement.

More than 30 segments have now been erected and can be seen

spanning from the piers near the southern abutment. Daytime

transfer of these roadway segments is continuing.

The two large segment lifters have been operating since January

and it is expected that the large launching truss will being operation

in March. Almost all the piles (underground supports) are in place.

In January, Minister Conlon visited the site to inspect progress on

what is currently SA’s largest and most complex road project.

This month, construction of piers will continue along South Road

between Grand Junction Road and the Days Road intersection.

Traffic changes will also occur north of Grand Junction Road

with construction activity to begin on the on and off ramps of the

elevated roadway.

Changed traffic conditions

The construction of the South Road Superway requires constant

traffic management to ensure two lanes of traffic are open in

each direction during peak hours (6.30am – 9.30am and 3.30pm

– 6.30pm) through the work site.

A new road diverts all northbound South Road traffic around the

Caltex Service Station. As this new road rejoins South Road at

the Francis Road intersection, it is no longer possible to turn

right from South Road to Francis Road.

Stay in touch

The project information line 1300 638 789 is available 24 hours

each day for all inquiries about the roadworks. You can also

receive regular email updates by providing your contact details


What’s Going On in Infrastructure...

Updates on the following infrastructure projects can be found by

clicking the links below.

National Ports Strategy


McLaren Wharf and Cruikshank’s Corner Precinct


South Rd Superway (N-S)

Northern Connector

Strategic Infrastructure Plan for SA

Darlington Transport Study

National Urban Policy


The Role of Government in Freight Rail Investment Discussion Paper

National Land Freight Strategy Discussion Paper


South Road Planning Study (Regency Park to Anzac Highway)


For more information, contact Rose-Linh Le

2012 SARTA Dinner and Conference

Adelaide Convention Centre

24th March 2012

Register Online at

Further Information

Kelly Smyth | Tel 08 8445 8177 | Fax: 08 8445 8199


Regulatory Matters

NHVR Project Implementation Board expanded

Minister Anthony Albanese, recently announced the appointment of

seven new members to the NHVR Project Implementation Board raising

the total number of board members to 14:

� Menno Henneveld (Chair) Managing Director for Main Roads, Main

Roads, Western Australia

� Nick Dimopoulos CEO, National Transport Commission

� Tim Reardon Deputy Director-General, Policy and Regulation,

Transport for NSW, NSW Government

� Gary Liddle Chief Executive, VicRoads, Victorian Government

� Lyn O’Connell Deputy Secretary, DIT, Australian Government

� Mark Cridland Associate Director-General (Policy & Planning),

Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Government

� Brett Phillips (new appt) Executive Director, Office of Regulatory

Services, ACT Government

� Sharron Noske (new appt) Executive Director Transport, Department

of Lands and Planning, NT Government

� Penny Nicholls (new appt) GM, Land Transport Safety, Department

of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources , Tasmanian Government

� Andrew Milazzo (new appt) Executive Director, Transport Services

Div, Dept of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure , Government of SA

� David Simon (new appt) Chair, Australian Trucking Association;

Chair, NHVR Industry Advisory Group

� Andrew Ethell (new appt) Deputy Chair, Australian Logistics Council

� Philip Halton (new appt) Executive Director, Australian Livestock and

Rural Transporters Association

� Richard Hancock Project Director, NHVR Project Office

The Hon Bruce Baird AM will Chair the NHVR Board when it is established

in July 2012. An international search for a CEO for the Regulator

is also underway, with a scheduled commencement date of July 2012.

Counting Time

Victoria and South Australia have formally adopted the method of

counting work and rest times for heavy vehicle fatigue management

endorsed by the Australian Transport Council (ATC) in May 2011.

The agreed method for counting time in SA, NSW, QLD and VIC is:

When counting time in a period, the time must not be counted from

within rest time, but instead must be counted forward:

(a) if one or more major rest breaks** are relevant to the period, from

the end of a relevant major rest break, or

(b) in any other case, from the end of a relevant period of rest time.

**Major rest break = 5 hours or greater

The effect of this counting time method is that a 24 hour period is always

counted from the end of a major rest break. In order to verify

compliance with minimum rest break requirements for periods less

than 24 hours, time may be counted from the end of any period of rest


A-Trailer Registration Charges

SAFC (and others) met with the NTC in mid-January to discuss

proposed changes to heavy vehicle charges as outlined in the

Heavy Vehicle Charges Issues Consultation Paper. The paper

outlines four different options for resolving the issues industry is

currently experiencing with A-trailer charges. SAFC provided a

submission to the paper requesting care be taken when contemplating

changing the charging schedule for registration costs and

fuel excise applying to heavy vehicles to avoid operator issues

including severe depreciation of assets, inefficient changes of vehicle

use, and the inability to pass on costs to customers.

SAFC also encouraged the NTC to assess all likely outcomes to

ensure that unintended consequences, such as the shift away from

A-Trailer registrations, do not occur, as these unintended consequences

can also have a negative impact upon associated issues

such as environmental footprint and safety outcomes.

For a copy of SAFC’s submission on this issue, please email Rose

Le at

Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National

Law Bill – Feedback Sought

The exposure draft of the National Law Bill 2012 is now available

for public comment at

The Bill will implement the August 2011 decision of COAG to create

a single national law to regulate the safety of all commercial

vessel operations in Australian waters. It will also establish a single

National Regulator for commercial vessel safety (AMSA).

The National Law primarily aims to provide the legislative basis for

the National Regulator and allow the implementation of the new

National System on 1 January 2013.

The National Law is intended to replace current State and Territory

laws governing the construction, operation and crew qualification


The National Law is also designed to apply the National Standard

for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) - a set of standards covering commercial

vessel operation, construction and crew qualifications -

throughout Australia. The NSCV will be implemented through subordinate

legislation made under the National Law.

The National Law will allow AMSA to delegate certain functions to

State and Territory maritime safety agencies, which will undertake

day-to-day interaction with the commercial vessel industry and

implement the National Law.

Submissions are due 29 February, 2012. If you would like to contribute

to SAFC’s submission, please contact Rose Le on 08 8447

0664 or

“Global Cargo Logistics – the 2020 Vision”

8-11 May 2012 at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne, Australia

The ICHCA International Biennial Conference has strong sponsorship support and an

excellent line-up of expert speakers from a wide number of countries.

For all the facts go to

CONFERENCE: 8 th and 9 th of May


ISP DAY: 10 th May (ICHCA International Safety Panel, ICHCA International Security Panel

and the ICHCA International Environmental Sub-Group





Matthew Michalewicz, Managing Director of SolveIT Software Pty

Ltd, an Australian company specialising in supply & demand optimisation

and predictive modelling, has recently been elected to the

ICHCA Australia Board at its recent AGM held in Adelaide. All other

Board Members, including ICHCA Australia Chairman Tony Grant

(whom is also SAFC Vice-Chair) were re-elected for a further year.

Ros DeGaris has left Adelaide Brighton Limited after many years of

service to both the company and the cement industry in general.

Mardi Parker has left MISC. Jim Vivlios and Charlotte Nitschke

remain in position whilst the office winds down leading up to the

pending closure following MISC’s recent decision to exit the container

shipping market, globally.

Mike Compton has retired from the position of Chair of the ICHCA

International Safety Panel and has been replaced by Captain Richard

Brough OBE.

SAFC Events Calendar

February 2012

27-28 Integrated Planning and Optimisation Summit 2012, Adelaide

Convention Centre More Info

27-29 Australasian Ports & Harbours Congress 2012, Stamford

Plaza Brisbane, More Info

27-29 Urban Transport World Australia, Swissotel, Sydney More


March 2012

5-7 CILTNZ The Logistics of Natural Disaster Recovery 2012

International Conference More Info

6 Workforce Hub Launch, Aami Stadium, 5:30pm Register

12 Adelaide Cup Day Public Holiday (SA only)

13 Railway Signalling, Crowne Plaza Adelaide, Further Info

Janet Cameron, (02) 6270 4527,

14-15 Grain Logistics 2012, Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne More


16-17 South East Field Days, Lucindale

20-21 SA Resources & Infrastructure Conference More Info

21-22 Aviation Logistics & the Resources Sector, Stamford Plaza

Brisbane More Info

22 SAFC General Meeting, 4:00pm - 6:00pm Lakes Resort


23 SAFC Skills & Careers Breakfast, SA Aviation Museum,

8:00am More Info

24 SARTA Conference and Annual Dinner (Moulin Rouge)

Seek More Info

28 AFCN Meeting, Sydney

29-30 ALC Forum, Sofitel Sydney More Info


old location on Wirriga St.

The SA Road Transport Association

(SARTA) has moved

offices to Unit 1, Office B- 40

Birralee Road, Regency Park

SARTA’s new office is just

around the corner from their

Email addresses and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

April 2012

3 SAFC Executive Committee Mtg, Adelaide Airport,


4 SAFC Moving Freight Forum, 10:00am - 12:00 Flinders


6 Good Friday Public Holiday

9 Easter Monday Public Holiday

17-19 Safety In Action 2012, Melbourne Exhibition Centre

More Info

17-19 Materials Handling 2012, Melbourne Exhibition Centre

More Info

25 Anzac Day Public Holiday

May 2012

8-11 ICHCA International Biennial Conference (8-9 Conference,

10 International Panels Day, 11 Industry Tour),

Langham Hotel, Melbourne Register Here.

16-19 2012 Australian Trucking Convention, Rosehill Gardens

More Info

22-23 Regional Transport 2012, Sofitel Gold Coast More Info

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