QS Lower School Prospectus AW.indd - The Queen's School


QS Lower School Prospectus AW.indd - The Queen's School

Lower SchoolThe Queen’s Lower School55-57 Liverpool RoadChesterCH2 1AWTelephone: 01244 382843Fax: 01244 381152e-mail: secretary@queens.cheshire.sch.ukwww.queens.cheshire.sch.uk

Welcome toThe Queen’sLower SchoolWe understand how important a good start is for yourdaughter’s education. When she joins our school, our firstpriority is to enable her to feel safe and confident. Fromthis beginning friendships blossom and she is encouragedto develop her curiosity and independence in our secureand exciting environment. Every child is unique and thisindividuality is encouraged and celebrated.

early yearsOur curriculum is carefully planned to enable your daughter to takeher first steps into the wider experience of independent learningand our specialist staff create an atmosphere in which all girls feelhappy and successful.We welcome parents in to school to work with us in our curriculumprojects, whether talking to the children about their professionsor their cultural background. From projects such as “UnderwaterCreatures”, to “People Who Help Us” the children are immersedin their learning from day one.“We all felt nervous on thefirst day, but the Receptionteacher was so welcomingto everyone, pupils andparents alike, that we allsettled in immediately.”Reception Parent

“I love Queen’s! My lessons areso interesting. Sometimes westart the lesson with a questionand that helps us learn so muchmore. I feel like a detective.”year 4 pupilwidening horizonsAs your daughter progresses through our Lower School she will find thather intellectual understanding deepens as we encourage higher orderthinking skills. Our rich and stimulating environment continues to fostera love of learning through a project based curriculum. More senior girlstake separate subject lessons and their interaction with our highly trainedteachers helps them to develop as questioning and confident learners.Alongside the formal curriculum we also seek to encourage a sense ofresponsibility and respect for others. We seek to help our girls developa framework of moral, spiritual and cultural values and a secure senseof self worth which will underpin her successes in later life.

varied learningThe academic curriculum is supported and enhanced by ourextra-curricular activities. Life is never dull here with a range ofactivities from physical to cerebral that the girls can join in. Ouroutdoor spaces are fully utilised and we encourage our girls toexplore their environment, playing outdoor musical instrumentsand developing their imaginative play.“Going to Scotland wasfantastic! I really enjoyedthe canoeing and learningabout the environment. Itwas the best trip ever.”year 6 pupilAll our pupils are taught to swim in our indoor swimming pool.Through athletics and team sports the girls are taught to learnthe skills of compromise and cooperation as they play and worktogether as a team.Girls take regular field trips, both locally and further afield. OurReception class begins the year with a Beach Buddy trip to thecoast, and they are further challenged by visits to local, nationaland international sites.

stepping upBy the time your daughter reaches Year 6 she is looking forwardto the next steps in her education. She will leave the Lower Schoolwell equipped to cope with secondary school. She will havedeveloped a strong academic ability and confident social skillswhich will help her to adapt to the more extensive environmentof the Senior School and she also demonstrates an enthusiasmfor learning which will enable her to be successful.“My daughter had a superbtime in the Lower School. Shedeveloped from a shy little girlinto a confident young womanready to take on exciting challenges.There was never one day when shedidn’t want to go to school.”ParentHer final year in the Lower School will be full of opportunity,from the chance to chair the School Council, to lead school sportsteams or captain her House. Girls in Year 6 relish the responsibilityof leadership and enjoy helping younger pupils at school. Oursystem for transition to the Senior School means that the girls cangain confidence in this new environment and are eager to beginYear 7 after the summer. The Lower School is proud of its pupilsand their achievements. We aim to foster in each girl the qualitiesof independence, self-discipline, creativity and initiative to meetthe challenges of the future with confidence.Come and see our girls at work and play and experience ourunique and creative atmosphere for yourselves!Felicity Taylor - Head of Lower School

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