The 24 July 2015 Issue 11 2015/2016Quick links‣ Blackdown Hills AONB‣ Campaign to Protect RuralEngland: Devon‣ Community Council ofDevon‣ Department forCommunities and LocalGovernment‣ Devon & Cornwall Police &Crime Commissioner‣ District Councils’ Network‣ East Devon AONB‣ EDDC Countryside Service‣ EDVSA (East DevonVolunteer Support Agency)‣ Exeter and East DevonGrowth Point‣ Government BusinessNewsletter‣ Grants and funding‣ Jurassic CoastMeetingsPlease note meetings shaded pink are NOT open to the publicWhere ‣ is shown – click the name of the meeting to link to the agendaMeeting DSO Date Time LocationLicensing & Enforcement Sub Committee CL Wednesday 29 July 09:30 NOT REQUIREDChief Executive Briefing re proceduresrelevant to Extra Ordinary Council meetingand Ordinary Council meetingDV Wednesday 29 July 17:00 Council Chamber‣ Extra Ordinary meeting of the Council DV/HW Wednesday 29 July 18:00 Council Chamber‣ COUNCIL DV/HW Wednesday 29 July 18:30 Council ChamberThink Tank on Council Plan:Portfolio Holder - Corporate BusinessDM Thursday 30 July 15:30 Room 1‣ Scrutiny Committee DM Thursday 30 July 18:00 Council ChamberDevelopment Management Committee HW Tuesday 4 August 10:30 Council ChamberLicensing & Enforcement Sub Committee CL Wednesday 5 August 09:30 Council Chamber‣ Jurassic Coast Trust‣ Local GovernmentAssociation (LGA)‣ Rural Services Network‣ Rural Services Network –East Devon ProfilePortfolio Holder’s decisionDecision by Portfolio HolderEast Devon profile‣ South West Councils’ NewsContact Services OfficersDiana Vernon 01395 517541Amanda Coombes 01395 517543Chris Lane 01395 517544Debbie Meakin 01395 517540Alethea Thompson 01395 571653Hannah Whitfield 01395 517542EnvironmentIain ChubbPayment method change for football matchesIt has become necessary to change the way in which we administerinvoices, as gaining payment from recently folded teams has become anissue.Agreed:Payment from football teams is gained before pitch use or in two halves(half the amount before the season starts in September and half inJanuary).Under our Constitution a decision cannot be implemented until 9.00am 30 July 2015. If adecision is subject to a valid Call In by members before that specified time and date it cannot beimplemented until the Scrutiny Committee has reviewed the decision. If a portfolio holderdecision is called in, the report writer will be notified of this by a democratic services officer.

MinutesDevelopment ManagementCommittee‣ 14 July 2015New documents inthe Members’ AreaTRIP – CommunityTransport HonitonChairman’s report July 15You can find out moreabout TRIP here: news‣ Read the latest news‣ It’s up! New bus shelter isnow in place, thanks toSidmouth’s Good Samaritan‣ Celebrate our Heathlands‣ Family fun in the openair, naturally‣ East Devon has a buzz inthe air‣ A brand new logo forCranbrook’s brand newtown council‣ Sidmouth’s coastaldefence project movesforwardIn the press‣ Councils fear rule change will see fewer low-cost homesMoves to liberalise planning policy will make it harder to build subsidised low-cost housing,according to a survey of local councils carried out by the LGA.Until late last year, councils could force developers toinclude some housing priced at below the market level ontheir schemes, or in some cases pay an equivalent sum incash, but councils can now only demand that sub-markethousing is provided if the developer increases the site’sdensity by adding to the total amount of floorspace. Nearly80% of councils say that the measures have constrained theconstruction of new low-cost homes in their area. Cllr Peter Box, the LGA’s HousingSpokesman, said: “There is evidence that these reforms are hampering the ability ofcouncils to secure [the construction of] new homes. Councils are acutely aware of theimportance of striking a balance between the requirement for affordable housing on newdevelopments and the potential effect on developments across their area,” Mr Box said thatthe best way to do that would be to give councils greater powers to tailor their planningdemands to local circumstances.‣ Bus fares shoot up by a quarter as 2,000 routes axedBus fares have shot up by a quarter in five years while routes have been axed. Labour haswarned of a crisis hitting the old, the disabled, the youngand isolated rural communities. In rural areas, the numberof miles of local bus service has dropped by 23%. Labourwarns the cuts are leaving the elderly and disabled isolatedin rural areas and hindering young people trying to findjobs. It wants town halls to have the power to set routesand fares and integrate services with other forms of publictransport.‣ Councils inspired by entrepreneurial thinkingLocal authorities are turning themselves into engines of innovation as austerity spursentrepreneurial thinking among cash-strapped councils. They are setting up tradingcompanies, redefining themselves as commissioners rather than providers of services andlearning to work with different parts of the public sector. Gary Porter, Chairman of the LGA,said: “Anybody can lead a council in the good times, you’ve only got to be half sensible andyou’ll survive. The hard times are when the really good people start to shine.”‣ Pubs and cinemas should show caloriesEvery restaurant, pub and cinema chain should be displaying the caloriecontent of their food and drink, council leaders have said. The LGA sayssome UK outlets already do so, but the industry must do more. Cllr IzziSeccombe, Chairman of the LGA's Community Well-being Board, said:"We are calling on cinema, restaurant and pub chains to step up andshow leadership in tackling the obesity crisis, by providing clear and graphic signs at countersand on menus. In many cases, people are unaware of how many calories they are consuming.Food and drink outlets should be doing more to provide clear and prominent labelling whichspells this out clearly." Cllr Izzi Seccombe spoke about the subject on BBC Breakfast.Most under 40s will be renting within 10 years (Mirror, p2 23/7/15)Homeless charity Shelter has said that soaring prices will force the majority of under-40s torent privately by 2025.

Chairman’sengagementsSaturday 25 JulyThe Chairman is opening the8th Annual Sid ValleySummer Fayre, BlackmoreGardens, SidmouthFriday 31 JulyExmouth dynamo bicycles,Exmouth seafront‣ Fizzy pop to fuel surge in diabetesSugar laden drinks will trigger 80,000 new cases of diabetes in a decade according to a studyby scientists at Cambridge University‣ Housing developers are pulling in the poundsBanks and other lenders are rushing back into property development financing, as Britain’sbooming real estate market fuels their appetite for risk-taking. Lending to propertydevelopers is set to increase 34% to £10 billion this year, according to the InvestmentProperty Forum.‣ Anti-gull paint used in seagull crackdownTruro City Council has invested in special “anti-gull” paint in a bid toprevent seagulls from landing in built up areas. Flock Off is a visuallyintense paint that reflects the sun’s rays that deters them fromlanding. The move comes after an increase in attacks on animals.‣ Council cuts put free museum entry in doubtCouncil-funded museums and galleries across the UK are considering scrapping free entry ascuts bite, the Head of the Museums Association has said. Museums Association presidentDavid Fleming said charging for entry was now on the agenda at many other venues thatface local council funding cuts. The government has pledged to keep free entry at venuesclassed as national museums - such as the British Museum, Tate and National Gallery, whichare funded directly by the government. But that pledge does not cover council-fundedvenues in towns and cities across the country.Trainee rangersThe Countryside team would like to extend a very warm welcome toLaura Goble and Saul Jenner, our two new Trainee Rangers. Laurasays; “It sounds like a cliché but I’ve always been interested in theoutdoor environment. At school, geography was my favouritesubject, which led me into studying Ecology and EnvironmentalScience at the University of Edinburgh. During the summer holidays, Iworked at a children’s adventure centre on a remote Scottish island,which meant I could develop my skills as an outdoor instructor.Needless to say, lots of time was spent exploring the Highlands whilston exciting rock climbing and kayaking trips.Saul says; “I grew up on the edge of Dartrmoor; having Dartmoorand the Teign as my playground instilled in me a respect and love ofthe outdoors. When it came to thinking about a job and a career, Iknew that outdoor work was the only thing for me; this led me tomove to the west of Ireland to become an outdoor instructor. Afterseveral years, I wanted to develop my understanding and knowledgeof the outdoors. As I have always been fascinated by trees, I wasdrawn to forest management. After doing a level three practicalcourse at Inverness College, I enrolled on a degree course with theUniversity of Cumbria. This course is based in Ambleside, in the lakedistrict. In the third year there is the choice to do a one year placement. The role of rangeris hugely attractive to me so I spent a lot of time looking for ranger opportunities. This iswhen I happened across the trainee post offered by EDDC’s Countryside team.During their first weeks with us Laura and Saul have already established themselves asinvaluable members of the Countryside team, and we all look forward to working withthem over the coming year.

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