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Good Health News - June 2015

Good Health News - June

GOODHEALTHNEWSJune 2015Volume 7 - No.8IN THIS ISSUEPg. 1Health Talk: Benefits of ColdShowersPg. 2Why You Should DrinkWaterPg. 3Tips On ManagingFibromyalgiaPg. 4Benefits ofPeppermint LeavesLife ProgramPg. 5Strawberry LemonSmoothie RecipePg. 6Our Brand New VitaPlusProgramHEALTH TALK: BENEFITS OF COLDSHOWERSHealth in Motion director Natan Gendelman talks about how to maintain ahealthy & balanced lifestyle.The benefits of cold water havebeen discussed in almost every religiousholy book. Christian baptismsare performed in cold water, and evenProphet Muhammad and Hippocratesadvised that cold water is beneficialfor those who are sick in order toboost their immune system. Even inmodern day, when a child is sufferingfrom a severe fever, paramedics willplace them in a tub full of cold water orice in order to reduce their body temperature.So what exactly happenswhen you submerge yourself in coldwater? There are two main processes:• First, when our bodies are hit bycold water, vasoconstriction (narrowingof the blood vessels) occurs.This restricts our blood flowalong the surface of our skin in orderto retain body heat deeper inour tissues. The body does this toregulate itself so we don’t get cold.• Immediately after vasoconstriction,vasodilation (widening ofthe blood vessels) will occur.This is to increase blood flowto maintain our body’s warmth.This process of constriction to dilationunder the effect of cold wateris basically similar to a huge massagefor the vessels and tissues insidethe body. In addition, it’s like abig shake for your immune systemto wake up and defend your body.However, this doesn’t mean thatyou should jump into cold water rightaway. If you decide you want to starttaking cold showers, you must doit gradually. Every morning, start byjumping into the shower using hot waterand then finish off using cold water.Never do this on a full stomach,because digestion takes a lot of workand energy for your body. It’s best ifyour body is not busy with digestingyour food so you can get the full benefitsof a cold-water shower. This is whyit is ideal to shower in the morningsbefore you have had anything to eat.As you gradually get comfortable withswitching from hot to cold water, youcan stop taking hot showers altogetherand only take cold ones. Good luck!l1

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