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prime News 11 - primion Technology AG

prime News 11 - primion Technology AG


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<strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>11</strong><br />

October 2010<br />

<strong>primion</strong> – security solutions

P001-100.01<br />

Publisher:<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong><br />

Marketing Department<br />

Phone: +49 (0) 7573 9520<br />

info@<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

www.<strong>primion</strong>.eu<br />

Madrid<br />

Bilbao<br />

Company headquarters:<br />

Stetten am kalten Markt<br />

Barcelona<br />

Paris<br />

Company registration<br />

County Court, Ulm<br />

HRB 7109<strong>11</strong><br />

Amsterdam<br />

Hanover<br />

Solingen Erfurt<br />

Malle<br />

Frankfurt a. M.<br />

Karlsruhe<br />

Ludwigsburg<br />

Stetten am kalten Markt<br />

Mommenheim<br />

Tuggen<br />

Chairman of the Supervisory Board<br />

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Johann Löhn<br />

Munich<br />

Berlin<br />

Board:<br />

Heinz Roth, CEO<br />

Thomas Bredehorn, Joachim Pelz<br />

Preface from Heinz Roth<br />

Dear Readers,<br />

Following the successful integration of our subsidiary<br />

Jans Sicherheitssysteme GmbH into the<br />

<strong>primion</strong> group, our emphasis is now more than<br />

ever on security technology. Alongside Access<br />

control and Time recording, it is a crucial product<br />

element in the company‘s portfolio.<br />

At the centre of the security technology is the<br />

psm2200 Security Command Centre. After a very<br />

short time, this product has already been deployed<br />

in important projects such as Frankfurt Airport or<br />

Uninor, an Indian mobile telephony provider.<br />

<strong>primion</strong> is investing an enormous amount of soft-<br />

ware engineering capacity in the further develop-<br />

ment of the Security Command Centre. In this re-<br />

spect, we have established a cooperation with the<br />

Honeywell Company, which is contributing to the<br />

development work. Together with Honeywell, we<br />

are carrying out a strategic software development<br />

in the area of security command technology.<br />

A further emphasis is being placed on the collabo-<br />

ration with the Geutebrück Company in the area<br />

of video technology. The development teams are<br />

working hand-in-hand, in order to achieve a deep<br />

integration of the extensive video features available.<br />

When it comes to hardware, the IDT 32 also offers<br />

security options. Currently the device is undergoing<br />

evaluation by the VdS (the German Association<br />

of Property Insurers) for Class C approval.<br />

As well as developing security products, an extensive<br />

back office function has been established<br />

in the past months, staffed with specialists from<br />

the industry who can deliver customised Project<br />

management and proposals. This is rounded<br />

off by a Security Product Management Department<br />

that gives extensive support to the Sales<br />

Team. Despite the difficult market situation at the<br />

present, <strong>primion</strong> has invested heavily in manpower<br />

for Development, Project Management,<br />

Product Management and Sales.<br />

We have risen to the challenge and are active<br />

throughout Europe, particularly in the security<br />

market.<br />

Visitors will be able to experience the performance<br />

of our products and services at the Security<br />

exhibition in Essen.<br />

As part of the new security strategy, we have<br />

changed our slogan to:<br />

"<strong>primion</strong> - security solutions"<br />

This is aimed at reinforcing the fact that our emphasis<br />

is on security technology and makes the<br />

statement that <strong>primion</strong> has extended its portfolio<br />

with the complete range of security solutions. As<br />

part of this drive, a new Corporate Design has<br />

also been developed, which has been used for<br />

the first time in this edition of <strong>prime</strong> news.<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 3

Contents Product Innovations<br />

Product Innovations<br />

Page<br />

• Faster and More Customised Deployment with <strong>prime</strong> WebSystems Version 5.10 5<br />

• Freely Programmable High-End IDT 12 Controller for DIN Rail Installation 8<br />

• Integration of the Geutebrück Video Management System 9<br />

Events<br />

• <strong>primion</strong> at Security 2010 in Essen 10<br />

• Security <strong>Technology</strong> Seminars 12<br />

• <strong>primion</strong> at SicherheitsEXPO 2010 14<br />

Internal<br />

• French Subsidiary 16<br />

International Sales Partners<br />

• First Installation in Shanghai 17<br />

• Integrated Security Solutions for Morocco 18<br />

Current Projects<br />

• Access Control for the new Berlin Airport, BBI 20<br />

• Nuclear Power Company Areva Places Its Trust in <strong>primion</strong> 21<br />

• Security at Schools 22<br />

• Multifunctional Cards for Deutsche Rentenversicherung 24<br />

Case Study<br />

• Mehrum Power Station – No Entry Without a Card 26<br />

• CPAS – Complete Solution for Belgian Social Services Authorities 28<br />

• Johnson & Johnson – High Security Standard at Pharmaceutical Company 30<br />

Faster and More Customised Deployment with<br />

<strong>prime</strong> WebSystems Version 5.10<br />

Immediate modifications using Groovy scripts<br />

With Groovy scripts, <strong>prime</strong> WebSystems can be<br />

programmed to react even more flexibly and in<br />

an even more customised fashion to your specific<br />

requirements. From Version 5.10, you won't have<br />

to wait for a new software release for special<br />

modifications. With Groovies by <strong>primion</strong>, you can<br />

make changes straight away.<br />

Extended event control from <strong>primion</strong> already offers<br />

a very wide range of options to trigger single<br />

or multiple actions after a particular event occurs.<br />

The application options available with Groovy<br />

scripts go way beyond this. They are more varied<br />

and can therefore be designed on a more individual<br />

basis. In this way, you can handle all possible<br />

scenarios and special cases with Groovy<br />

scripts, which are carried out:<br />

» After an event occurs<br />

» Using scheduled tasks<br />

» At online readers<br />

4 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 5<br />


Countless possibilities in different<br />

constellations<br />

It is already possible to set up the simple sending<br />

of data to third-party systems or to trigger a<br />

screen display containing selectable data to appear<br />

after a particular event such as "Door ajar"<br />

or after a particular employee enters the building.<br />

Further possibilities include the comparison of<br />

specific data items and/or the sending of alarms,<br />

even in combination with third-party systems.<br />

The previous limitations of scheduled tasks have<br />

also been overcome. What was not possible before<br />

has now been made possible with Groovy<br />

scripts.<br />

Imagine the following situation at an airport: A<br />

flight attendant goes to Gate A1 for a departure.<br />

According to airline regulations however, the earliest<br />

time she can access the gate is 2 hours before<br />

departure. A further stipulation is that she<br />

can only be there if the pilot and purser are also<br />

both there. Before releasing the door when she<br />

arrives at the gate, the system checks not only<br />

her credential, it also compares her data with the<br />

flight plan, e.g. has she been assigned to this<br />

flight, does this flight normally depart from this<br />

gate, etc., and it checks that the pilot and purser<br />

are already there. Only if all these checks are<br />

positive, is access granted.<br />

If there is a gate change, this can also be implemented<br />

by the system without any problem.<br />

Other airlines may have other requirements that<br />

can be solved on a individual and, if required, on<br />

an ad-hoc basis.<br />

We can only scratch at the surface of the power<br />

of Groovy scripts here because of the enormous<br />

range of useful features that Groovy makes possible.<br />

But to summarise, the application area of<br />

Groovy scripts can be described as the processing<br />

of recurring administrative activities, the<br />

scheduling of tasks or the management of project<br />

infrastructures on the basis of individual demands<br />

and specifications.<br />

Automated zone assignment<br />

The assignment of a zone group can now be<br />

done based on cost centres. If a person changes<br />

department for example, the zone group and<br />

therefore the access rights assigned to the new<br />

department, are automatically assigned to him.<br />

Automatic processing of vacation and<br />

absence requests<br />

If the total of booked absences, e.g. vacation,<br />

special vacation or flexdays, including any requests<br />

already placed, is above a defined value,<br />

a corresponding e-mail can be sent to the person<br />

in question, refusing the request. If the value is<br />

within agreed limits, the request is sent to the defined<br />

manager to be approved (or refused) personally.<br />

Extension of vacation balances<br />

If a balance of vacation that has not been taken<br />

can be carried over for more than 365 days, the<br />

period of time until the expiry date can now be<br />

extended up to 24 months.<br />

Compensation minutes for online bookings<br />

If an employee books the start and finish of his<br />

working time through a PC, the system can be<br />

set up to grant a definable credit for the first arrival<br />

and the final departure booking. This is intended<br />

to cover the so-called walking time from<br />

the point of arrival to the workplace.<br />

Secure data import<br />

It is now possible to import data through an LDAP<br />

server with SSL encryption. This makes for a<br />

more secure data import procedure.<br />

New card design option<br />

Now card design options have been made possible<br />

through being able to rotate text. Individual<br />

text objects can be rotated through 90°, 180° or<br />

270°.<br />

Additional person name field<br />

A second name can now be defined in all modules<br />

where persons' names can be entered. This<br />

includes the visitor modules.<br />

Simulated bookings<br />

An access booking simulation module has been<br />

implemented. Here, access bookings can be created<br />

allowing you to test system settings and the<br />

corresponding results of the bookings. This<br />

makes trouble-shooting and testing easier without<br />

having to make actual bookings at readers<br />

that may well be distributed over a wide area.<br />

MS SQL Server 2000 is no longer supported<br />

from Version 5.10, Build 145.<br />

6 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 7<br />

IDT 32<br />

IDT 12<br />

IDT 8<br />

Mueller, Anna<br />

Becker, Thomas<br />

Obst, Stefan<br />

Neus, Miriam<br />

Visitor car park

Product Innovations<br />

Freely Programmable High-End IDT 12 Controller<br />

for DIN Rail Installation<br />

The intelligent IDT 12 from <strong>primion</strong> technology<br />

<strong>AG</strong> is a modern, high-end controller with many<br />

different access control deployment options.<br />

Thanks to the use of flexible DIN rail technology,<br />

the device has optimum characteristics for<br />

integration in standardised electrical installation<br />

environments.<br />

The core of this system is a 32 bit, high-perform-<br />

ance CPU with Cold Fire processor technology<br />

and 16 MB SD-RAM with dynamic memory management.<br />

The system can handle wide-ranging<br />

logic functions. Up to 100 command structures,<br />

each with up to 64 Kb of parameters, can be<br />

stored in the IDT 12 memory.<br />

As a result, the IDT 12 can be used as a freely<br />

programmable controller.<br />

States and events from a further IDT 12, IDT 16<br />

and/or IDT 32 can also be included in the logic.<br />

Data exchange is done through direct peer-topeer<br />

communication between the IDTs, without<br />

routing through the server. The result is a very<br />

secure system.<br />

With the modern, high-end IDT 12 controller,<br />

inputs and outputs for up to 12 readers and 12<br />

DIN connection modules can be integrated and<br />

combined over an RS485 interface. The IDT 12<br />

supports pkt technology. The integrated display<br />

facilitates simple installation and problem-free<br />

servicing.<br />

LEGIC and Mifare credential readers and door<br />

controllers with inputs and outputs are available<br />

as Bus devices.<br />

This makes a decentralised cabling structure<br />

possible. Power supplies for DIN rail installation<br />

are also available.<br />

Integration of the Geutebrück Video Management<br />

System<br />

Using intelligent interface technology and in close<br />

collaboration with its Cooperation Partner Geutebrück,<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> has created a comfortable<br />

connection between the psm2200 Security<br />

Command Centre and Geutebrück‘s video<br />

management system.<br />

The goal of optimising the deployment of critical<br />

video functions within the psm2200 Security Command<br />

Centre has been achieved with quality and<br />

efficiency.<br />

The Geutebrück video cameras can be controlled<br />

as required through <strong>primion</strong>'s psm2200 Security<br />

Command Centre. PTZ cameras can be controlled<br />

allowing the operator to pan and tilt the cameras<br />

as required and zoom in and focus on specific details.<br />

Optionally, psm2200 can display live streams<br />

or previously recorded video sequences. Depending<br />

on the PC performance, more than 16 video<br />

streams can be shown through the psm2200 user<br />

interface at the same time.<br />

Specific recorded video sequences can be<br />

searched for, based on date and time.<br />

Snapshots also have a role to play in fault analysis.<br />

Using psm200, you can send individual pictures<br />

by e-mail or export them in jpg or bmp format.<br />

psm2200 visualises and processes events and<br />

alarms from the Geutebrück system. psm2200 offers<br />

freely-definable Workflows, which can be created<br />

to carry out particular activities and actions<br />

after a corresponding alarm or event occurs.<br />

Also, based on events and alarms from different<br />

applications, you can trigger the Geutebrück system<br />

to generate video events, e.g. to start recording<br />

or to modify camera resolution settings, using<br />

rules and control commands defined through<br />

psm2200.<br />

Thanks to this level of integration, the operator can<br />

control all the alarm, fire detection, access control<br />

and video technology applications through the<br />

psm2200 user interface.<br />

8 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 9

Events<br />

<strong>primion</strong> at Security 2010 in Essen<br />

<strong>primion</strong> is showcasing its product innovations at<br />

Security in Essen from 5th to 8th October in Hall<br />

3, Booth 704.<br />

The highlight of the display will be the psm2200<br />

Security Command Centre, which will be presented<br />

as part of a true-to-life workplace.<br />

The exhibition team from <strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong><br />

will be able to carry out live demonstrations for<br />

the interested visitors.<br />

Welcoming, bright booth with many innovations<br />

Topics such as mechatronics, access control<br />

units, readers, time recording terminals, security<br />

management, integrated solutions and last but<br />

not least the psm2200 Security Command Centre<br />

already referred to, will be displayed on various<br />

presentation walls.<br />

Insurance-compliant locking with <strong>primion</strong><br />

mechatronics<br />

One of the innovations that <strong>primion</strong> will be showing<br />

this year at the biennial exhibition is the pkt<br />

Universal Door Terminal, which delivers exceptional<br />

performance with its patented latch operation.<br />

Depending on the level of authorisation, either<br />

just the bolt or the bolt and latch are released.<br />

Thanks to the motorised operation of the latch,<br />

insurance-compliant locking is possible at all<br />

times.<br />

Efficient installation structure with the new<br />

IDT 12 access control unit<br />

In the area of access control, the new intelligent<br />

IDT 12 controller stands out thanks to its compact<br />

construction. Additionally, a door controller as<br />

well as a reader connection module and various<br />

power supplies are available in DIN rail installation<br />

technology. As a result, the IDT 12 together<br />

with its components can be installed in building<br />

distribution boxes without any problem, resulting<br />

in an efficient installation structure.<br />

Benefits of the <strong>primion</strong> Security Management<br />

The tried and tested IDT 32 controller will be presented<br />

with all the functional requirements for the<br />

VdS Class C. This solution guarantees a full integration<br />

of access control and hazard detection<br />

technology.<br />

The user enjoys a number of benefits from this<br />

combi-function, including an excellent price-toperformance<br />

ratio and various functions such<br />

as arming/disarming through credential readers,<br />

alarm display panels, person occupancy control,<br />

etc.<br />

Time recording with style<br />

In the area of time recording terminals, <strong>primion</strong><br />

displays a well-rounded product portfolio with its<br />

patent-protected, glass-based designs. The devices<br />

have already won several design prizes.<br />

Software solutions<br />

Visitors will be able to experience at first hand the<br />

latest release of our Java-based software solutions<br />

at three presentation tables. As well as the<br />

psm2200 Security Command Centre, there will<br />

be applications such as credential and visitor<br />

management, contractor administration, workforce<br />

planning, the management of biometric and<br />

mechatronic systems and video technology to<br />

see.<br />

There are also several meeting areas available,<br />

where visitors can get something to eat and drink<br />

while finding out more information about what<br />

<strong>primion</strong> has to offer.<br />

New corporate design<br />

Security in Essen is also the kick-off for the<br />

launch of <strong>primion</strong>'s new corporate design. This<br />

has not just received a face-lift but at the same<br />

time, in parallel with the <strong>primion</strong> product philosophy,<br />

it has been given a uniform design across all<br />

three areas, of Security <strong>Technology</strong>, Access Control<br />

and Time Recording. With the new and contemporary<br />

logo, the focus for the future has been<br />

set on providing security solutions.<br />

The <strong>primion</strong> exhibition team is looking forward<br />

to your visit.<br />

Presentations:<br />

<strong>primion</strong>'s psm2200 Security Command<br />

Centre for cross-system control and<br />

visualisation processes for:<br />

» Access control<br />

» Hazard detection systems (FDS / IDS)<br />

» Emergency evacuation equipment<br />

» Digital and analogue video systems<br />

etc.<br />

Forum I in Hall 4:<br />

Wednesday 6th October, <strong>11</strong>:30 to <strong>11</strong>:45<br />

Forum II in Hall 1:<br />

Thursday 7th October, 13:30 to 13:45<br />

10 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • <strong>11</strong>

Anmeldung<br />

Events<br />

............................................................................<br />

me / Funktion.......................................................<br />

me / Funktion.......................................................<br />

me / Funktion.......................................................<br />

n / Telefax............................................................<br />

il...........................................................................<br />

elde hiermit........ Personen zum Seminar an, für:<br />

annover<br />

erlin<br />

Hamburg<br />

Erfurt<br />

Rostock<br />

ch wünsche weitere Informationen zu.................<br />

Das Anmeldung Unternehmen<br />

Firma............................................................................<br />

1. Name / Funktion.......................................................<br />

2. Name / Funktion.......................................................<br />

3. Name / Funktion.......................................................<br />

Telefon / Telefax............................................................<br />

E-Mail...........................................................................<br />

Ich melde hiermit........ Personen zum Seminar an, für:<br />

Hannover<br />

Hamburg<br />

............................................................................<br />

.............................................................................<br />

In der integrierten Sicherheitstechnik ist die <strong>primion</strong><br />

itte informieren Sie uns weiterhin über<br />

Security <strong>Technology</strong> Seminars<br />

<strong>Technology</strong> Bitte informieren <strong>AG</strong> einer der Sie führenden uns weiterhin Systemanbieter über für<br />

hre Veranstaltungen (auch per E-Mail)<br />

intelligente<br />

Ihre Veranstaltungen<br />

Gesamtlösungen<br />

(auch<br />

in Europa.<br />

per E-Mail)<br />

Über 5.000 Kunden<br />

weltweit vertrauen den zukunftsweisenden Konzep-<br />

n damit einverstanden, dass mir die <strong>primion</strong><br />

Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass mir die <strong>primion</strong><br />

ology <strong>AG</strong> Informationen You can und pick Werbung up valuable über information about primten<br />

<strong>Technology</strong> von<br />

functionality,<br />

<strong>primion</strong>. <strong>AG</strong> Informationen combined with und an Werbung excellent über price-to-<br />

aren und Dienstleistungen per Telefon oder<br />

ion's security products at a further program of<br />

ihre<br />

performance<br />

Waren und Dienstleistungen<br />

ratio, by the combination<br />

per Telefon<br />

of<br />

oder<br />

Unsere Kunden verlangen nach individuellen access Lösungen,<br />

il an die oben angegebene Adresse über-<br />

E-Mail an die oben angegebene Adresse übert.<br />

Die <strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> free-of-change <strong>AG</strong> hat seminars darauf hin- to be presented in die mittelt. den control jeweiligen Die and <strong>primion</strong> hazard Bedürfnissen <strong>Technology</strong> detection <strong>AG</strong> des technology. hat Unternehmens<br />

darauf hinsen,<br />

dass ich diese South Einwilligung Germany. jederzeit<br />

gerecht gewiesen, werden. dass ich Ob diese es sich Einwilligung um den Hochsicherheitstrakt<br />

jederzeit<br />

irkung für die Zukunft widerrufen kann.<br />

einer mit Wirkung<br />

In<br />

Bank,<br />

addition,<br />

um für schützenswerte die Zukunft widerrufen<br />

you will also learn<br />

Informationen kann.<br />

about the unique<br />

innerhalb<br />

einer Forschungsabteilung oder um die Erfassung und<br />

Holistic security and high integration<br />

application options in secure areas that the pkt<br />

Auswertung von Arbeitszeitmodellen handelt - wir fi nden<br />

atum Our seminar Unterschrift will tell you how the psm2200 Secu-<br />

die Ort, richtige<br />

Universal Datum Lösung<br />

Door<br />

für<br />

Terminal<br />

Sie! Unterschrift offers, with its patentrity<br />

Control Centre solution, developed by primiprotected device design. The exceptional design<br />

itten um Ihre Anmeldung on technology spätestens <strong>AG</strong>, facilitates 7 Tage a vor simple and rapid Wir in bitten combination um Ihre Anmeldung with its solid, spätestens tamper-protected 7 Tage vor<br />

narbeginn.<br />

Seminarbeginn.<br />

integration of many different systems, such as mechanism, make this door terminal into a future-<br />

on <strong>Technology</strong> access <strong>AG</strong> Tel.: control, +49 intrusion (0) (5 <strong>11</strong>) detection 6 39 89-0 systems, fire <strong>primion</strong> oriented, <strong>Technology</strong> universally <strong>AG</strong> deployable Tel.: +49 security (0) (5 product. <strong>11</strong>) 6 39 89-0<br />

rlassung Hannover Fax: +49 (0) (5 <strong>11</strong>) 6 39 89 69<br />

Niederlassung Hannover Fax: +49 (0) (5 <strong>11</strong>) 6 39 89 69<br />

alarm systems, DVRs and IP video systems and<br />

ruher Straße 2B E-Mail: info@<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

Karlsruher Straße 2B E-Mail: info@<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

Hannover emergency www.<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

evacuation equipment. A presenta- 30519 Make Hannover an active contribution www.<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

to our development<br />

tion on a live system will make this even clearer. planning and bring your product requirements<br />

and requests with you. Find out out how simple<br />

Our presenters will also give you valuable tips on and comfortable to operate <strong>prime</strong> WebSystems<br />

how you can achieve a high level of flexibility and is.<br />

Berlin<br />

Erfurt<br />

Rostock<br />

Ich wünsche weitere Informationen zu.................<br />

Das Kompaktseminar<br />

Unternehmen<br />

Compact Seminar<br />

Lösungen Solutions für Ihr for Sicherheits-, security, time and Zeit- und<br />

Zutrittsmanagement<br />

access management<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>primion</strong> – – security solutions<br />

In der integrierten Sicherheitstechnik ist die <strong>primion</strong><br />

<strong>Technology</strong> München <strong>AG</strong> einer der führenden Mittwoch, Systemanbieter 20. Oktober für 2010<br />

intelligente Gesamtlösungen in Europa. Über Beginn 5.000 10:00 Kun- Uhr<br />

den weltweit vertrauen den zukunftsweisenden Konzep-<br />

Stuttgart Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010<br />

ten von <strong>primion</strong>.<br />

Beginn 10:00 Uhr<br />

Unsere<br />

Karlsruhe<br />

Kunden verlangen nach<br />

Dienstag,<br />

individuellen<br />

26.<br />

Lösungen,<br />

Oktober 2010<br />

die den jeweiligen Bedürfnissen des Unternehmens Beginn 10:00 Uhr<br />

gerecht werden. Ob es sich um den Hochsicherheitstrakt<br />

einer Frankfurt Bank, um schützenswerte Informationen Mittwoch, 27. Oktober innerhalb 2010<br />

einer Forschungsabteilung oder um die Erfassung<br />

Beginn 10:00<br />

und<br />

Uhr<br />

Auswertung von Arbeitszeitmodellen handelt - wir fi nden<br />

die Informationen richtige Lösung zum für Veranstaltungsort Sie!<br />

erhalten Sie mit<br />

der Anmeldebestätigung www.<strong>primion</strong>.eu bzw. auf unserer Homepage<br />

www.<strong>primion</strong>.de unter Aktuelles / Veranstaltungen.<br />

One of the market and<br />

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kostenfrei<br />

Kompaktseminar<br />

Lösungen für Ihr Sicherheits-, Zeit- und<br />

Zutrittsmanagement<br />

Start: 9:30 am<br />

» Welcome - <strong>primion</strong> presents itself<br />

» pkt system - patented Universal Door Terminal<br />

and Concierge solution<br />

» Software version 5.10 - Milestones in Security<br />

<strong>Technology</strong> and Time Recording<br />

To follow: Planned developments in the<br />

user interface.<br />

» New hardware for time recording and security<br />

technology<br />

» Basics of psm2200 Security Command Centre<br />

<strong>primion</strong> » Live presentation – security solutions of psm2200 Security<br />

Command Centre<br />

» Video solutions<br />

München Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010<br />

» Working lunch<br />

Beginn 10:00 Uh<br />

Discussion over a bite to eat<br />

Stuttgart Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010<br />

Beginn 10:00 Uh<br />

Karlsruhe End: Approx. 3.30 pm Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010<br />

Beginn 10:00 Uh<br />

Frankfurt Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010<br />

Beginn 10:00 Uh<br />

Informationen zum Veranstaltungsort erhalten Sie mit<br />

der Anmeldebestätigung bzw. auf unserer Homepage<br />

www.<strong>primion</strong>.de unter Aktuelles / Veranstaltungen.<br />

Einer der<br />

Markt- und Technologieführer<br />

in Deutschland<br />

<strong>primion</strong>'s presentation team is looking forward to your visit.<br />

12 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 13<br />


Events<br />

<strong>primion</strong> at SicherheitsEXPO 2010<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> was back at the SicherheitsEXPO<br />

2010 in Munich on 7th and 8th July<br />

2010. The exhibition booth featured the latest solutions<br />

for Time recording, Access control and<br />

Integrated security.<br />

A particular focus this year was the expansion of<br />

the newly developed psm2200 Security Command<br />

Centre. The complex technology was presented<br />

to the interested visitors using current application<br />

examples, such as the Uninor project in<br />

India. Together with our Indian partner Vijay,<br />

<strong>primion</strong> technology <strong>AG</strong> is equipping locations in<br />

22 states in India, with security technology and<br />

access control for the Indian mobile telephony<br />

provider Unitech Wireless. This also includes the<br />

new Security Command Centre, as reported in<br />

<strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> 10. In this respect, a point that particularly<br />

caught the interest of the exhibition visi-<br />

tors was the option of being able to connect different<br />

systems from various manufacturers using<br />

hardware-independent interfaces. This allows<br />

the uniform monitoring and of all sub-systems.<br />

The exhibition appearance was rounded off by a<br />

presentation given by Jürgen Schneider to an interested<br />

audience in the Forum on the second<br />

day of the exhibition, about deploying the <strong>primion</strong><br />

Security Command Centre to integrate the various<br />

disciplines of access control, intrusion and<br />

fire detection as well as video surveillance. In his<br />

address, Mr. Schneider emphasised how the system<br />

enables the standardised operation of different<br />

hardware and the system-wide monitoring<br />

and automatic triggering of corresponding measures,<br />

in the case of alarm situations, for example.<br />

All messages are visualised, processed, distributed<br />

and logged. The goal is that from the user's<br />

standpoint, the system can be automatically<br />

monitored and processed using a single user interface.<br />

"Many existing customers from the Munich area<br />

are happy to be able to use this compact exhibition<br />

to be able to clarify specific questions they<br />

have or simply to keep in contact", stated Günther<br />

Riess, Manager of the Munich Regional Office.<br />

But also many potential new customers were attracted<br />

and interested by the products on display,<br />

particularly the eye-catching crystal line range.<br />

DT 1000 CE FP<br />

<strong>prime</strong> crystal readers<br />

14 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 15

Internal International Sales Partners<br />

French Subsidiary<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> is present on the French<br />

market with two Regional Offices. One in Boulogne-Billancourt<br />

near Paris and one in Mommenheim,<br />

close to Strasburg.<br />

Through rapid reaction times, reliable performance<br />

and an extensive know-how, the engineers,<br />

sales consultants and administrative staff have<br />

established a very successful basis. Sales Manager<br />

Philippe Bériou: "Our activities are targeted<br />

on service and industrial companies. 60% of our<br />

work is done directly with the end-customer. This<br />

has proved to be a successful approach and our<br />

customers value our reliable solutions." The complete<br />

country is covered through close collaboration<br />

with ancillary companies throughout France.<br />

Security for Schenker-Joyau<br />

One large customer is Schenker-Joyau. Globally,<br />

Schenker has over 1,500 logistics centres and is<br />

among the industry market leaders. Here, great<br />

efforts have been placed on unifying the security<br />

systems of all the logistics centres. <strong>primion</strong><br />

France equipped the distribution centre with a<br />

globally integrated security solution, made up<br />

of the following components: an access control<br />

system with credential management, an intrusion<br />

detection system (IDS), a video surveillance system<br />

and intercom.<br />

The next step will be to equip the three regional<br />

offices in Le Rheu in Brittany, Parcay-Meslay<br />

near Tours und Voivres-les-le-Mans (Sartre) with<br />

an access control, intrusion detection and video<br />

surveillance system. These installations will include<br />

the deployment of access control readers<br />

with Mifare read technology and video surveillance<br />

in collaboration with the <strong>primion</strong> partner<br />

Geutebrück, with some 50 surveillance cameras<br />

at each site.<br />

First Installation in Shanghai<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> is extending its activities<br />

to China. A Partner Contract has been signed in<br />

Shanghai with the Renner Electronic & Equipment<br />

Co. Ltd. Company, which covers a collaboration<br />

in the area of security technology, initially<br />

for the next two years. The company will be marketing<br />

the holistic security solutions from <strong>primion</strong><br />

in the Greater Shanghai area and Beijing on an<br />

exclusive basis.<br />

Renner Electronic & Equipment Co. Ltd. has specialised<br />

in selling European high-end products.<br />

The company, with a staff of 20, works very<br />

closely with well-known engineering consultancies<br />

in China and is responsible for the project<br />

planning as well as the importing of the products<br />

from Europe. Some 90 % of the Chinese company's<br />

customers are government bodies.<br />

Renner has extensive experience in the area of<br />

video technology. Now they are looking to establish<br />

a further area of competence covering integrated<br />

security technology with software and<br />

hardware for access control systems, hazard<br />

management, fire and intrusion detection systems,<br />

individual entry equipment, visitor administration,<br />

building management technology and<br />

much more. An initial training for software and<br />

hardware has already been held in Shanghai and<br />

the first test installation has been successfully<br />

completed.<br />

16 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 17

International Sales Partners<br />

Integrated Security Solutions for Morocco<br />

RMS (Resource Management Solutions) in Rabat,<br />

Morocco is a very successful partner for <strong>primion</strong><br />

on the African continent. Large authorities and<br />

institutions, hotels, financial service companies<br />

and international corporations trust the planning<br />

and solutions in the area of security technology,<br />

which RMS offers in collaboration with <strong>primion</strong>.<br />

RMS specialises on the integration of management<br />

solutions into time recording and access<br />

control, as well as HR information systems and<br />

financial control.<br />

Government treasury headquarters project<br />

One of the current projects is the installation of<br />

an access control and time recording system with<br />

the integration of canteen data billing at the government<br />

treasury headquarters (DGI). At present,<br />

the DGI is working intensively on a reform of Moroccan<br />

tax legislation with the goal of strengthen-<br />

ing the confidence of the citizens in their government.<br />

The <strong>primion</strong> software <strong>prime</strong> WebTime has<br />

been deployed in two locations, at the headquarters<br />

in Rabat and at a regional office in Kenitra.<br />

The manager responsible for the IT departments<br />

was impressed by the reliability of the software<br />

as well as its programming and customising options.<br />

Customer requirements<br />

The customer placed a lot of importance on the<br />

facility of monitoring and controlling visitor flows<br />

as well as the issuing of access control rights.<br />

Other important factors were the flexibility and<br />

the platform-independence of the system.<br />

One special feature with the implementation of<br />

this demanding project was the high security<br />

standards, which included particular regulations<br />

for each individual location. Qualified training<br />

courses and support were further requirements<br />

laid down by the DGI, which <strong>primion</strong> carried out<br />

together with its Moroccan partner.<br />

Poste Maroc project<br />

Another important project was the recent equipping<br />

of the Moroccan Post Office with a flexible<br />

time recording, access control and intrusion detection<br />

system. Poste Maroc offers a range of<br />

services in the areas of letter and parcel deliveries<br />

as well as financial services. The company<br />

employs more than 8,000 people at around 1,650<br />

branches distributed throughout the country.<br />

Branch networking and a resulting improvement<br />

in communication as well as a strengthening of<br />

identification processes were the side-effects<br />

that were being looked for, with the installation of<br />

the <strong>primion</strong> system by RMS.<br />

Crédit Agricole project<br />

A project with a similar background has been implemented<br />

by RMS with <strong>primion</strong> at the Crédit Agricole<br />

(CAM), a respected bank with a long history<br />

going back to 1929. Through the competence of<br />

its staff and the high quality service offering, the<br />

company has established a good name for itself<br />

in Morocco. It was very important for the company,<br />

which offers typical banking services as well<br />

as property financing, investment advice and insurance,<br />

to be at the cutting edge of technology.<br />

Around 4,000 people work for CAM at over 400<br />

branches spread throughout Morocco. In order<br />

to further strengthen the service mentality, CAM<br />

had planned to extend opening hours and to increase<br />

the number of ATMs from its current level<br />

of 306. The video monitoring that was necessary<br />

for this was installed by RMS. The access control<br />

system, as well as a flexible time recording<br />

system, tailored to the needs of a finance company,<br />

were also implemented at CAM in cooperation<br />

with the active Moroccan partner. This was<br />

further enhanced by the addition of canteen data<br />

billing. All these applications are handled through<br />

a contactless RFID card. This comfortable innovation<br />

was welcomed by the staff, especially<br />

as the cards are printed with the bank's logo for<br />

identification purposes. It also provided them with<br />

a significant reduction in effort, as only authorised<br />

persons were granted access, so that "we didn‘t<br />

always have to play detective" as highlighted by a<br />

long-time employee in Rabat, Mr. Omar.<br />

18 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 19

Current Projects<br />

Access Control for the new Berlin Airport, BBI<br />

The construction work for the new Berlin Branden-<br />

burg International airport is progressing at full<br />

speed. From June 2012, there should be capacity<br />

for around 6,500 passengers to land and takeoff<br />

every hour. <strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> from Stetten<br />

am kalten Markt, has been awarded the<br />

contract to supply and install the access control<br />

system.<br />

In Spring 2009, seven suppliers were invited to<br />

participate in a bidding competition for the security<br />

system tender for the new Berlin airport. At<br />

this stage, <strong>primion</strong> was already in the race as an<br />

integrated system supplier. When the Bosch<br />

Company was ultimately awarded the project for<br />

the security package, they commissioned <strong>primion</strong><br />

to extend the existing access control system<br />

at the Berlin Tegel and Schönefeld airports by the<br />

addition of the new BBI airport.<br />

As part of the expansion to the Berlin Brandenburg<br />

International, BBI, Schönefeld airport will be<br />

extended by an area of about 9.7 million m2 In<br />

total, the new airport will cover an area of 14.7<br />

million m2 , equivalent to about 2,000 football<br />

pitches. The networked access control system<br />

must be installed and ready for operation by the<br />

middle of 20<strong>11</strong>. The airport itself should start operations<br />

in June 2012.<br />

So far, some 2,000 networked access control<br />

components have been installed and the interface<br />

to the existing credential management system<br />

has been completed. The airport ID cards<br />

are based on the current, ultra-secure LEGIC<br />

advant ® technology and as such are tamperproof.<br />

Additionally, a biometric access control<br />

system based on hand vein recognition is being<br />

introduced.<br />

Nuclear Power Company Areva Places Its Trust in<br />

<strong>primion</strong><br />

Areva NP is the world's leading nuclear power<br />

company with some 18,100 employees in Germany,<br />

France and the USA. Several locations in<br />

Erlangen are now equipped with security systems<br />

from <strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong>. The innovative<br />

products as well as the high levels of competency<br />

in terms of integration and implementation<br />

were the decisive factors that lead them to give<br />

the project to <strong>primion</strong>, following a very tough bidding<br />

competition. The contract volume has a total<br />

value of about a quarter of a million Euros.<br />

In Germany, Areva NP employs around 5,200<br />

employees in all aspects of reactor development,<br />

power station servicing and the manufacturing of<br />

nuclear reactor fuel and including the turnkey<br />

construction of nuclear power stations worldwide.<br />

Thanks to the new, innovative system from <strong>primion</strong>,<br />

security has now been enhanced in a very<br />

sensitive area. Access control, mechatronic locking<br />

systems and video monitoring have been installed<br />

on-site.<br />

A significant characteristic of the complex system<br />

is the integration of security-based disciplines<br />

from different manufacturers, such as fire and intrusion<br />

detection systems and video monitoring,<br />

with the new access control system. A new highly<br />

integrated control centre was created for this purpose.<br />

At the same time, the access control system<br />

has an interface to SAP and to a third-party<br />

system that is still in place at the Offenbach<br />

facility.<br />

Alongside the demanding installation at Areva,<br />

the very tight deadlines present a particular challenge<br />

to the <strong>primion</strong> project team.<br />

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Current Projects<br />

Security at Schools<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> has been awarded the<br />

contract by the County of Sigmaringen to install<br />

access control systems at ten locations. The contract<br />

volume for the buildings, which cover county<br />

schools, sports halls, a residential school and<br />

County Hall is around 400,000 Euros. The installation<br />

work will be carried out over a period of four<br />

years. Expansions for mechatronic offline access<br />

control systems are also planned.<br />

Deployment of robust hardware<br />

The first location to be equipped with an online<br />

access control system will be the vocational education<br />

centre in Bad Saulgau. The next in line is<br />

the county sports hall in Sigmaringen. In total,<br />

around 20 high-end IDT 32 controllers together<br />

with about 100 access control readers will be in-<br />

stalled at the schools, sports halls and administrative<br />

buildings over the next four years. The<br />

authority placed considerable value on the robustness<br />

of the equipment. All readers are impact<br />

and weather-resistant, sealed and vandalproof.<br />

The so-called outer skin of the buildings, i.e. the<br />

entrance areas will be secured in each case. In<br />

the future, access will only be possible at predefined<br />

times. Late-risers can look forward to<br />

some difficult times! Outside these times, access<br />

will only be possible for authorised persons using<br />

contactless RFID cards. The ultra-secure LECIC<br />

advant ® technology will be deployed. Access authorisations<br />

will be defined and assigned centrally<br />

via Workflow by an administrator from their PC.<br />

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness<br />

The county sport halls will be equipped with a<br />

special software version on request. Their access<br />

control readers will be configured in socalled<br />

toggle mode. This means that the first<br />

booking opens the door, which then remains<br />

open until the next authorised booking. This is an<br />

option that has already proved itself at many other<br />

sports halls as it allows sports teachers and<br />

coaches to react flexibly. Gerhard Schönbucher,<br />

Head of the Premises and <strong>Technology</strong> Department<br />

for the county: "As part of the county-wide<br />

introduction of a building automation system for<br />

the optimisation of the operation of our premises,<br />

the reliable securing of the outer skin of our buildings<br />

makes a significant contribution to the reduction<br />

of operating costs. We were convinced<br />

by the technical solution offered by <strong>primion</strong> in<br />

combination with an economic evaluation of the<br />

life-cycle costs over an operating period of 20<br />

years."<br />

No more unwelcome guests<br />

Bettina Reck, Facility Manager at County Hall in<br />

Sigmaringen is the Project Manager with responsibility<br />

for the implementation of the supplied solution.<br />

She is convinced that it will be possible to<br />

achieve an optimisation of the caretaker service<br />

with the web-based <strong>prime</strong> WebAccess management<br />

solution. In the past, there were often uncontrolled<br />

access to and unwelcome guests in<br />

the schools and sports halls, particularly during<br />

the evenings and holiday periods. "We are anticipating<br />

that this situation will now be significantly<br />

improved."<br />

<strong>prime</strong> prox potted reader<br />

22 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 23<br />

Application<br />

» Access control for ten locations<br />

Design<br />

» <strong>prime</strong> WebAccess<br />

» 100 Access control readers with<br />

LEGIC advant ® technology<br />

» 20 High-end IDT 32 controllers<br />

Special features<br />

» Workflow scenarios<br />

» Toggle-mode operation for sports halls<br />

» Impact-resistant and vandal-proof readers

Current Projects<br />

Multifunctional Cards for<br />

Deutsche Rentenversicherung<br />

There has recently been an extraordinary cooperation<br />

between <strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> and<br />

YouCard Kartensysteme GmbH from Wetzlar for<br />

a joint project at the Deutschen Rentenversicherung<br />

(German State Pension Insurance)<br />

Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe.<br />

The implementation of the read function for contact-type<br />

multifunction cards, using the currently<br />

very secure Mifare DESFire EV1 technology. The<br />

distinctive feature is that the cards should still<br />

work with the existing devices that use the previous<br />

technology while at the same time being deployed<br />

for access control, time recording and<br />

canteen billing.<br />

For this purpose, <strong>primion</strong> installed access readers<br />

and time recording terminals with Mifare<br />

DESFire EV1 technology at the offices of the<br />

Deutsche Rentenversicherung in Karlsruhe. This<br />

read technology is characterised by a high degree<br />

of flexibility, data protection and security of<br />

investment. This was an important aspect for the<br />

customer when it came to awarding the contract.<br />

Previously, <strong>primion</strong>'s Karlsruhe regional Office<br />

had won a tender from the Deutschen Rentenversicherung<br />

(DRV) Baden-Württemberg. This<br />

called for a new system for access control and<br />

time recording. Both the new access control<br />

readers and the time recording terminals, with<br />

the very secure Mifare DESFire read technology,<br />

and the existing devices had to be capable of being<br />

operated with one card.<br />

<strong>primion</strong> and YouCard as the pioneers<br />

As there was no printer on the market at that time<br />

with a Mifare DESFire EV1 coding station, <strong>primion</strong><br />

provided YouCard with corresponding information<br />

and a coding template, on which basis<br />

YouCard could create and program the required<br />

software.<br />

As a result, YouCard were able to create a functioning<br />

Mifare DESFire EV1 card printer software<br />

with AES encryption that was successfully tested<br />

and implemented.<br />

Through this innovative solution for the parallel<br />

coding and printing of the new, ultra-secure multifunction<br />

cards, the company was able to establish<br />

itself as a pioneer in this area.<br />

A further requirement was the coding of the cards<br />

on a HiCo magnetic stripe with SiPass coding.<br />

Here also, YouCard received the necessary support<br />

from the <strong>primion</strong> regional office in Karlsruhe.<br />

24 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 25<br />

00000078<br />

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong> • www.<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />

Application<br />

» Access control<br />

» Time & Attendance<br />

» Credential management<br />

Design<br />

» <strong>prime</strong> WebAccess<br />

» <strong>prime</strong> WebTime<br />

» 1,000 Staff<br />

» 1,200 credentials<br />

» 50 Access control readers with<br />

Mifare DESFire <strong>Technology</strong><br />

» 30 Time & Attendance terminals<br />

» SAP interface<br />

Special features<br />

» Creation of the reading function for multifunction<br />

cards with Mifare DESFire EV1 technology<br />

whilst at the same time retaining the deployability<br />

of the older devices.<br />

» Multifunction cards for time recording,<br />

access control and canteen billing<br />

» HiCo magnetic stripe with SiPass coding<br />

DT 400

Mehrum Power Station Case Study<br />

No Entry Without a Card<br />

It's only when it's not there that we realise how<br />

badly we need it and how often we use it each<br />

and every day. We are talking about electricity,<br />

whose continuous availability is taken as a matter<br />

of course today. But very few people give any<br />

thought to where electricity comes from or how it<br />

is produced and distributed. One of these electricity<br />

providers is the coal-fired power plant at<br />

Mehrum between Hanover and Brunswick, with a<br />

gross power output of 750 mW. The system for<br />

access control, time recording, shop floor data<br />

collection and visitor and contractor administration<br />

comes from <strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong>.<br />

Conformity with statutory orders on<br />

hazardous incidents<br />

Mehrum power station has been using the latest<br />

technology for access control and time recording<br />

since 2001. The solutions come from <strong>primion</strong>.<br />

Now, the existing system has been extended and<br />

brought up to date. The most important new feature<br />

to have been introduced is the recording and<br />

administration of contractor data. Access points<br />

to the site have been equipped with turnstiles so<br />

that entry and exit is only possible with authorised<br />

employee or contractor credentials. Bookings<br />

at the turnstiles automatically update a list,<br />

giving security staff a status report of all persons<br />

who are present on site. This is particularly important<br />

in the case of an emergency and is prescribed<br />

through a corresponding statutory order.<br />

Comprehensive overview and cost control<br />

As well as making access bookings, the company's<br />

own staff also register the start and end of<br />

their working time automatically at the same time.<br />

The working times of contractors are assigned to<br />

individual jobs by the bookings so that at all times,<br />

the Financial Controlling department has an<br />

overview of the assignment of contractors to jobs,<br />

the worked times and of course cost control.<br />

The access control credentials can be created<br />

and coded on-site by the concierge staff at the<br />

power station, including personalisation if required,<br />

even for contractors or visitors. A critical<br />

aspect in this respect is the requisite security<br />

briefing, particularly for external visitors who visit<br />

the site. This must be carried out before they are<br />

given their credential. Only then are the coded<br />

credentials issued and authorised for access to<br />

the power station site. Using the <strong>primion</strong> system,<br />

it is possible to maintain a definitive log of when<br />

the security briefings were carried out and when<br />

they have to be repeated.<br />

A further benefit of the <strong>primion</strong> system for the<br />

Mehrum power station is that it gives authorised<br />

personnel access to data that is relevant for<br />

them, at all times. For example, a supervisor can<br />

check through the PC at his workplace whether<br />

contractors are on site and based on this information,<br />

can control working processes.<br />

The Mehrum coal-fired power station was commissioned<br />

in 1979 and currently employs 135<br />

persons, who work round the clock to provide<br />

electricity for some 700,000 households. 83.3%<br />

of the plant is owned by the city of Hanover and<br />

the remaining 16.7 % is in the hands of the Braunschweiger<br />

Versorgungs-<strong>AG</strong>. The operating companies<br />

are continuously investing in new technology<br />

whether it is to optimise their operating<br />

processes or to reduce CO2 emissions further.<br />

Efficiency improvement measures in the last<br />

years mean that today, the plant is producing the<br />

same amount of electricity but is consuming annually,<br />

around 80,000 tons of coal less than was<br />

the case in 2002. This has lead to a reduction of<br />

180,000 tons in the carbon dioxide emissions<br />

each year.<br />

All parties concerned are very pleased with the<br />

update of the existing security system. <strong>primion</strong><br />

Project Manager Jens Bösche: "Security is like<br />

electricity. It's only when it's not there that you realise<br />

how important it is. With our system, the<br />

Mehrum power station is on the safe side."<br />

26 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 27<br />

Application<br />

» Time & Attendance<br />

» Access control<br />

» Contractor administration<br />

» Shop floor data collection<br />

» Visitor administration<br />

Design<br />

» <strong>prime</strong> WebTime<br />

» <strong>prime</strong> WebAccess<br />

» 8 access readers<br />

» 2 Controllers<br />

» 3 Time & Attendance terminals<br />

» 4,000 Cards / Key fobs<br />

» 2 Turnstiles<br />

Special features<br />

» Automatic booking of the start and end of<br />

working time when accessing / leaving the<br />

building<br />

» Conformity with statutory orders on hazardous<br />


CPAS Antwerpen<br />

Complete Solution for Belgian Social Services<br />

Authorities<br />

The CPAS, the public office for social welfare<br />

in Antwerp, Belgium is responsible for ensuring<br />

that the basic social rights of the residents are<br />

enforced. Everyone has a right to a place to live,<br />

good medical services and a reasonable means<br />

of existence. In addition, the officials offer help<br />

in finding employment, with questions regarding<br />

home healthcare and in the selection of the right<br />

hospital. Also in matters of finance, for example<br />

when drawing up a budget for recipients of welfare<br />

payments or in legal questions, the CPAS is<br />

the place to go for citizens of Antwerp who are<br />

looking for advice and help.<br />

The central administration numbers 600 employ-<br />

ees. The complete network, made up of nine districts,<br />

has a a total headcount of 4,000 persons.<br />

In order to guarantee the citizens of Antwerp an<br />

optimum service offering, the central administra-<br />

tion of the CPAS decided to improve access to<br />

their offices. Opening times were extended and<br />

internal working processes were restructured.<br />

The resulting flexibility resulted in a higher level<br />

of personal responsibility for each employee.<br />

Introduction of flexible working time<br />

This called for a modern system to implement<br />

and optimise the new model with the following<br />

specifications:<br />

» Individual rules for individual offices<br />

» Compliance with and monitoring of the regulations<br />

of the Belgian employment legislation<br />

» Harmonisation as the goal<br />

» Managers and employees manage their own<br />

transactions and reports<br />

» Absence and payroll management<br />

With the time recording solution GET XTremis<br />

and XTremis Web, the Belgian <strong>primion</strong> subsidi-<br />

ary GET could meet these high expectations<br />

completely. The so-called Eagle reader records<br />

the time data at eleven locations using a multifunctional<br />

credential. At the smaller offices, the<br />

staff book using virtual terminals on their PCs.<br />

The import of staff data including the different authorisation<br />

levels for employees and managers<br />

in XTremis is done using an interface to the HR<br />

Management System, PeopleSoft.<br />

Demanding requirements met<br />

In the area of access control, CPAS decided for<br />

the GET solution XCess and bookings made<br />

through 25 proximity credential readers. From<br />

the concept, through the interface analysis and<br />

project management and up to the production of<br />

customised manuals and brochures, GET gave<br />

the authority a single-source solution. Marie-José<br />

Janssens, Project Manager for CPAS; Antwerp:<br />

"The requirements for the introduction of flexible<br />

working times that the GET system had to handle,<br />

were very high. Thanks to the simple handling<br />

and flexibility of the software, we were able<br />

to find a beneficial solution for all involved: beneficial<br />

for our staff, for the citizens of Antwerp and<br />

last but not least, for the central administration."<br />

Eagle reader<br />

28 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 29<br />

Application<br />

» Access control<br />

» Time & Attendance<br />

» Absence and payroll management<br />

Design<br />

» GET XCess<br />

» GET XTremis<br />

» 25 proximity credential readers<br />

» Interface to HR Management software<br />

Special features<br />

Case Study<br />

» Introduction of flexible working time<br />

» Individual rules for individual offices<br />

» Workflow scenarios

Johnson & Johnson<br />

High Security Standard at Pharmaceutical<br />

Company<br />

For many years, pharmaceutical companies<br />

have had high requirements in terms of security.<br />

And Janssen-Cilag, the French subsidiary of the<br />

global corporate giant Johnson & Johnson, is no<br />

exception. At its headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux<br />

near the French capital Paris, the company<br />

was impressed by the complete range of innovative<br />

system solutions from <strong>primion</strong>, including<br />

access control, intrusion detection and process<br />

visualisation.<br />

Worldwide, the company that was formed 120<br />

years ago in America has some 122,000 employees.<br />

Johnson & Johnson is active in 175 countries,<br />

with production facilities in 57 of those. The<br />

corporation is represented globally in the three<br />

business areas Consumer, Medical Devices and<br />

Pharmaceuticals. Around 1,600 work at Janssen-<br />

Cilag in France. In 2008 alone, the company<br />

invested some 8.5 million Euros in Research &<br />

Development, particularly in the areas of tumours<br />

and virology.<br />

Customer requirements<br />

The task facing <strong>primion</strong>'s French subsidiary was<br />

to secure the headquarters in Issy-le-Moulineaux,<br />

with access control, intrusion detection and the<br />

process visualisation application <strong>prime</strong> TopView.<br />

The requirement was to replace the existing, outdated<br />

software without interrupting operation,<br />

so that processes within the company were not<br />

disturbed. The security chiefs placed specific<br />

emphasis on finding a solution, which, without<br />

problem, could be extended step-by-step, even<br />

to other branch offices. Ease of operation and<br />

scalability were further criteria.<br />

In the future, the pharmaceutical company's<br />

premises will be secured by the comfortable<br />

<strong>primion</strong> software, <strong>prime</strong> WebAccess, together<br />

with the corresponding hardware in the shape<br />

of around 70 access control readers and 12 IDT<br />

32 controllers, for a total of 155 access points.<br />

Around 4,000 existing cards had to be recoded<br />

and modified. The browser-based workflow for<br />

the automatic granting of access rights as well as<br />

an easy-to-use solution for visitor administration<br />

were further, decisive quality criteria, together<br />

with the extensive master data record administration<br />

offered by <strong>prime</strong> WebAccess. Using the<br />

<strong>primion</strong>-developed software <strong>prime</strong> TopView for<br />

the process visualisation, all security-relevant information<br />

can be displayed, for example whether<br />

doors are open or closed, whether there have<br />

been any alarms and whether these have been<br />

acknowledged by security staff and what the current<br />

security status is.<br />

<strong>prime</strong> TopView<br />

30 • <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>prime</strong> <strong>News</strong> • 31<br />

Application<br />

» Access control<br />

» Intrusion detection system<br />

» Process visualisation<br />

» Visitor administration<br />

» Workflow<br />

Design<br />

» <strong>prime</strong> WebAccess<br />

» <strong>prime</strong> TopView<br />

» 70 access readers<br />

» 12 intelligent IDT 32 controllers<br />

Special features<br />

Case Study<br />

» Implementation of the new software without<br />

interrupting operations

<strong>primion</strong> <strong>Technology</strong> <strong>AG</strong><br />

Steinbeisstrasse 2-5<br />

72510 Stetten am kalten Markt<br />

Germany<br />

Phone +49..(75 73) 9 52-0<br />

Fax +49..(75 73) 9 20 34<br />

info@<strong>primion</strong>.de<br />


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