Issue 16 26-October 2012 -

Issue 16 26-October 2012 -

ISSUE 16Message fromour PrincipalThis week brings the realityof NCEA externals andjunior examinations tothe forefront of studentsminds. Finishing touchesare being applied witha flourish to Technologyand Art projects. Students are studying hard andare in a good position to achieve well in externalexaminations. You can help your daughters bysupporting their academic focus in ways that reducetheir anxiety.Junior examinations are being held in Week 5 andstudents are keen to achieve well. The girls needto follow the advice of their teachers and put inthe revision time to ensure the best results forthemselves.I am really proud to be hosting Emma Twigg ata function in the school next week. She is aninspirational speaker and a wonderful role model andthe timing of her presentation is perfect to motivatethe girls. Please support this function by attendingand selling tickets to your friends. A sell out isexpected as the price of $10 is so reasonable for sucha great evening.Young EnterpriseEND OF YEAR PRIZEGIVING FUNCTIONheld at The Mission, Taradale, 24 October 2012This was another very successful year for students participating inYoung Enterprise companies. This year our two companies won thefollowing awards at the Prizegiving:HILLTOP ENTERPRISES – developed a product called ‘The Vook’ – avoucher book offering the purchaser a number of discount offers forbusinesses in the Hawkes Bay region.Winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Managing DirectorRachel Parkes. The team was also WINNER of the HB Chamber ofCommerce Award for Best Oral Presentation of Business Plan.LUMIERE CANDLES – developed a scented candle made out of cleanburningsoy . The team won the following awards:• Runner-up HB Chamber of Commerce Award for Best OralPresentation of Business Plan• ‘The Profit’ Award for Sales and Marketing ExcellenceThe preparation for our end-of-year ceremonies hasbegun with lots of singing and gift lists going out.It is exciting to see the coming together of a lot ofhard work from the year.Lumiere CandlesHilltop EnterprisesMary NixonPhone: 06 835 1069 Fax: 06 835 8164 Web: Principal's Secretary Email:

Sports NewsTEAM SAILINGIn the first week of the holidays seven Napier Girls’ High School students competed in the annual interdominion competition withAustralia. The regatta was held in Algies Bay and was attended by Lilly Devine, Rachael Mannering, Nelle-Rose Cameron, AvaMannering, Hazel Mannering, Kaitlin Faulknor and Anna Callinicos. The weather was challenging with squalls bringing in winds ofup to 50km/h but the girls still worked hard for three days straight and it paid off. We ended up fourth out of both New Zealandand Australia. A great improvement was seen with the team winning 4 out of 5 races in their final round robin. A huge thank youto Mr Otto and the two parents, Rose Devine and Belinda Ellis, who joined the girls in Algies Bay.Anna Callinicos - Year 12HAWKE’S BAY SECONDARY SCHOOLS SPORTS AWARDSThis year Napier Girls’ High School has the following nominations:Derek Morrison Orienteering CoachEmma Houkamau Softball FemaleArthur Brown Rugby CoachVicky Lassen Lifesaving / Netball ServiceAva Mannering Sailing FemaleBrianna Massie Orienteering FemaleNapier Girls High School Orienteering TeamOrienteeringTeamAuroa Akauola Waka Ama FemaleHolly Edmonds Orienteering FemaleThe awards are at the Napier Municipal Theatre on Monday 5thNovember from 7pm-9pm. Family and friends are all welcome toattend this evening and will be seated in the general seating area.I wish all our nominees the best of luck. It is a great honour to benominated.Mrs Vennell - Head of SportNAPIER HARRIERS2km/5km series- every Tuesday until 27th November.At the recent series, Napier Girls’ High School athleteshave continued to excel. Unfortunately, Holly Manninglost her 5km title in Week 1, however, she is still thesecond fastest female ever over the challenging 5kmcourse and the fastest 2km runner this season with a7.25min run on Tuesday 23rd November.On the 16th November, Holly was second in the 5km eventin a time of 20.05 mins.In the 2km race, Napier Girls’ High School had the trifectawith Laura Smith first in 8.12mins, Hannah Goerke secondand Abby Young third.This Tuesday in the 2km event, Holly Manning was first,Annie Creagh second and Abby Young third. Abby hasimproved by over 10 seconds every week and is makingexcellent progress.Well done girls!BASKETBALLAmanda Friedner, Year 9, has been chosenas a player for the New Zealand Under 15Koru team for basketball and will play inAustralia in January 2013. She is one of 10selected. She played on both the juniorand senior basketball teams this year forNapier Girls’ High School.LIFESAVINGThe Napier Girls’ High School lifesavers have won theBamford Trophy. This is a national award from the RoyalLifesaving Society for the school with the most lifesavingbadges. Our school gained 209 awards last year.Congratulations to Evie Livesey who has been awarded theBell Cup for the Best Lifesaving Instructor in the Hawke’sBay region.

Music NewsHouse Choir CompetitionOur annual House Choir competition was held on the last day of term 3. After many hours of rehearsing and preparing all four choirs performed extremely well.Red house won the competition this year with Blue and Gold house tied in second place. Thank you to Mrs Clifford for adjudicating this competition. Congratulationsto all the house leaders and musicians for all their great work.Senior Solo SingingAlso in the last week of the term 3 the Senior Solo Singing competition took place. We were fortunate to have Tessa May Brown adjudicate this competition. Thestudents all preformed well. Emma Katene won this competition, followed closely by Arianna Rangi in second place and Alice Hengst in third place. Congratulationsto all the students who participated.The final music events for this year will take place over the next week. On Thursday 25 October the guitar students had their annual concert. This is always a greatopportunity for parents and friends to hear our students perform along with their teacher Mr Boston. Students are also preparing for the Junior and IntermediateSolo Singing competition which will be held next Wednesday.Instrumental lessons will continue through- out this term and it is important students continue to bring their instruments to school and attend lessons.The New Zealand CurriculumFeaturing the Learning Area Health and Physical EducationIn health and physical education, the focus is on the well-being of the students themselves, of other people, and of society through learning in health-related andmovement contexts.Four underlying and interdependent concepts are at the heart of this learning area:• Hauora1 – a Māori philosophy of well-being that includes the dimensions taha wairua, taha hinengaro, taha tinana, and taha whānau, each one influencingand supporting the others.• Attitudes and values – a positive, responsible attitude on the part of students to their own well-being; respect, care, and concern for other people and theenvironment; and a sense of social justice.• The socio-ecological perspective – a way of viewing and understanding the interrelationships that exist between the individual, others, and society.• Health promotion – a process that helps to develop and maintain supportive physical and emotional environments and that involves students in personal andcollective action.Why study in this learning area?Through learning and by accepting challenges in health-related and movement contexts, students reflect on the nature of well-being and how to promote it. Asthey develop resilience and a sense of personal and social responsibility, they are increasingly able to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to the wellbeingof those around them, of their communities, of their environments (including natural environments), and of the wider society.This learning area makes a significant contribution to the well-being of students beyond the classroom, particularly when it is supported by school policies andprocedures and by the actions of all people in the school community.Health educationIn health education, students develop their understanding of the factors that influence the health of individuals, groups, and society: lifestyle, economic,social, cultural, political, and environmental factors. Students develop competencies for mental wellness, reproductive health and positive sexuality, and safetymanagement, and they develop understandings of nutritional needs. Students build resilience through strengthening their personal identity and sense of selfworth,through managing change and loss, and through engaging in processes for responsible decision making. They learn to demonstrate empathy, and theydevelop skills that enhance relationships. Students use these skills and understandings to take critical action to promote personal, interpersonal, and societal wellbeing.Physical educationIn physical education, the focus is on movement and its contribution to the development of individuals and communities. By learning in, through, and aboutmovement, students gain an understanding that movement is integral to human expression and that it can contribute to people’s pleasure and enhance theirlives. They learn to understand, appreciate, and move their bodies, relate positively to others, and demonstrate constructive attitudes and values. This learningtakes place as they engage in play, games, sport, exercise, recreation, adventure, and expressive movement in diverse physical and social environments. Physicaleducation encourages students to engage in movement experiences that promote and support the development of physical and social skills. It fosters criticalthinking and action and enables students to understand the role and significance of physical activity for individuals and society.Home economicsIn home economics, students develop an understanding of the factors that influence the well-being of individuals and families within the home and communityand of the actions people take to enhance and sustain those environments. In the context of food and nutrition, students evaluate current issues and theories ofnutrition, identify and reflect on factors that influence people’s choices and behaviours, and use this knowledge to make informed decisions. Through the processesof selecting, preparing, cooking, and serving food, students develop their creativity and experience a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, they developpersonal and interpersonal understandings and skills that contribute to well-being.

A Warm WelcomeWe would like to give a warmwelcome to our new friendlyReceptionist, Pip Parvin. Pip isvery much looking forward togetting to know our students,the parents and staff.CareersTerm 4 Activities• 26/27 October EIT Trades Expo at EIT 9:00am – 6:00pm• 30 November – Yr 10 Future Focus morning -Career sessions will beorganised for the different areas of interest. Representatives from adiverse range of careers have been invited to attend these sessions.STAR Practical Based Courses• 25/26 October Yr12 Employment Skills – Adventure Based Learning – KiwiAdventure• 5/6/7 November Yr12 Horticulture – Tractor Driving and ATV course withBay AgricultureNew Caledonia ExchangeThis year it was Napier Girls’ High School’s turn to welcome a group of 25students and 3 teachers from our partner school, Collège de Normandie inNouméa. The 19 girls and 6 boys were hosted by NGHS families for a week.Hosting the New Caledonian students was a blast yet again for all involved. Notonly did we welcome the French students into our school, but many familieshad the privilege of hosting a “Frenchie” of their own. During their time herethey ventured to the Planetarium, Aquarium, Silky Oak Chocolate Factory andwent shopping in a town which to them seemed absolutely amazing. Manyof us also took them sightseeing to places such as Te Mata Peak, Waipukurauand even skiing in Taupo. Many students were also lucky enough to go tenpinbowling and ice skating which was definitely a highlight as the French studentscouldn’t stop raving about it. Another highlight was a shared meal at Breakerswhere a mixture of 50 English and French students enjoyed a talkative andexciting evening.After a week of getting to know more about the different components of ourschool and Maori culture, the host students and their billets went “bush,”spending the night at Camp Tutira. Although the weather was less thanfantastic it was a great opportunity to bond with the French students whileclimbing high ropes, doing “the flying kiwi”, exploring nightlife in the mountainsand participating in numerous team building activities. All of which encouragedall the students to step out of their comfort zone and communicate in bothFrench and English while braving the vicious rainstorm. It was a marvellousexperience for all parties involved forming many unforgettable friendships.This made the farewell all the more emotional as we said goodbye to avery grateful group of exchange students. Not only did they benefit fromexperiencing life in a New Zealand family, but the host students were alsogiven valuable tips on improving their own spoken French. A big thanks toMrs Stockill, Mr Otto and Madame Camus for their great organization of yetanother successful New Caledonian exchange. Students can now look forwardto visiting Noumea in 2013 to experience life with a French family.Brooke Hurndell (Year 12)Congratulations to Year 13 studentSamantha Sinclair who is the winnerof the Queenstown Resort CollegeAdventure Tourism ManagementScholarship for 2013. Judges saidSamantha’s “can do attitude” madeher stand out from the otherapplicants. Samantha will studyfor the Diploma of AdventureTourism Management based inQueenstown, but with internshipsnationally and internationally.Junior ExaminationsThese examinations begin on Tuesday, 6 November and conclude on Monday, 12November. To accommodate two examinations each day, bell times will changeand lunch will be from 12.25 – 1.20pm on these days. School will begin and endat the normal time. Students have been given study tips in class and they shouldbe using spare homework time for revision.

Fortnightly Term CalendarDay WEEK 36 October Mon 29 Interhouse Junior Basketball7 Tue 30 Mufti Day12EMP adventure based STAR Course (all day)Board of Trustees Meeting8 Wed 319 Thur 1 Final House meetings10 Fri 2 Senior students on examination leaveBoard of Trustees strategic planning1WEEK 4 Mon 5 12HORT Tractor Driving STAR Course (all day)2 Tue 6 Junior Examinations begin12 HORT Tractor Driving STAR Course (all day)3 Wed 74 Thur 85 Fri 9 REALIGNMENT DAY - SCHOOL CLOSED FOR STUDENTSSat 10 NCEA and Scholarship Examinations beginEnd-of Year Arrangements for Years 11,12 & 13Year 11,12 and 13 students will receive their NZQA examination admission materials at a meeting in Period 4 on Friday 2November - it is essential that all students are present. Senior students are on examination leave at the end of this meetingand attend school only for their timetabled NZQA examinations. Year 11 and 12 students must wear school uniform to theirexaminations.All senior students are required to attend the school’s end-of-year activities from Monday 3 December through to Friday 7December. Students have been given a letter with the specific details of what is required - a section of this is reproduced below:Session Date Time EventA Monday 3 December 8.40am – 12.45pmB Tuesday 4 December 8.40am – 10.30am (2013 Form Captains and Deputies may be required fora training session from 10.30am – 12.30pm)C Wednesday 5 December 8.40am – 2.30pm Awards CeremonyD Thursday 6 December 8.40am – 11.55am Prizegiving Rehearsal6.40pmPrizegiving – Municipal TheatreE Friday 7 December 8.40am – 1.30pm Gift ServicePrizegiving Seating ArrangementsParents and Caregivers are invited to the Napier Girls’ High School Prizegiving at the Napier Municipal Theatre, 7pm on Thursday 6 December.Prize winners will be issued with tickets for upstairs seating for family members. Please be seated by 6.45pm.In previous years there has been seating downstairs in the auditorium and on the stage for all other parents and caregivers. Tickets for these seats will beavailable from 6.30pm from the ticket office on prizegiving night. There is no charge for the tickets. It would be helpful if all of these ticket holders were seatedby 6.25pm and remain in the auditorium. Theatre staff will not allow people without a ticket to enter any of the seating areas. This system of allocating seatinghas worked extremely well in the past and has alleviated any anxiety about getting a seat.The school appreciates you efforts in following the above guidelines and looks forward to an evening of celebration.REMINDERAll school leavers must have their school fees paid and books returned before they sign outat the of the year in order to receive their Leavers’ Certificate and Record of Achievement.Current statements will be posted next week.

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