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Bathrooms: mosaics · Placement guide1. General recommendations.The placement of glass mosaic and mosaic type tiles requiresqualified personnel. It is only recommended to use professionalswith proven experience in this type of work.Check the information in data sheets or packaging before usingany product. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.Comply with occupational safety regulations.2. Bathroom design. 3. Preparing the substrate.Consult the regulations and by-laws that apply to bathroomdesign, waterproofing, and construction.Adjust the bathroom design to the chosen ceramic and furniture,determining starting points, cuts, position of each type of tile,and placement joints. Determine colors and width of each typeof joint.Determine the type and quality of the profiles to be used forprotecting corners and changes in materials.Check that the base or placement substrate is stable. In interiorpartition walls, the use of prefabricated polystyrene panels isrecommended.The placement surface must meet the suitable characteristicsfor placing ceramic: clean surface, dry, rough texture, noncrumbling,and flat. A good leveling is essential.Include in the support some waterproofing such as imperband.5. Placement technique. 6. Joint material. 7. Movement joints.Lay the tile with the thin-bed method, with adhesive and anotched trowel. We recommend using a 4 mm trowel. Do notuse trowels larger than 6 mm.Control the adhesive wettability, pressing the ceramic on thebonding material, and check that it sticks well on the tiles.Use waterproof joint materials, with high adhesion and chemicalresistance. Although there are cement-based materials thathave these characteristics, as a general rule, epoxy R putty,epotech aqua type is recommended.Apply the joint material with a rubber trowel, avoiding theformation of bubbles, cracks, or gaps. Do not let the jointmaterial harden on the ceramic, clean when it starts to dry. Donot soak the joint with excess water.There will be perimeter joints in corners, floor level changes, andchanges of material; minimum width: 5 mm.Use elastic silicone putties, of the type s-107 n, resistant tomoisture and microorganism attack.There are sanitary profiles available for protecting the jointsbetween the wall covering and bathroom fittings (baths,showers, and washbasins), that prevent water leaks.Recommended materials.Preparing the substrate.imperbandWaterproof sheet, specially designed for indoor waterproofing of ceramic wall and floor coverings.Characteristics:Double thermoplastic polyolefin membrane covered on both sides by non woven polyester fibers.Maximum waterproofing with minimal thickness (0.5 mm).It allows for direct laying of ceramic tiles with cement-based adhesive.Recommended use:Private bathrooms. Built in showers.Public toilets and showers.Spas and premises in permanently dampenvironments.Bonding nHigh-performance cement-based adhesive, suitable for placing all references from thePORCELANOSA, VENIS, and URBATEK catalogs. Specially recommended for large format tiles.Characteristics:Excellent adherence, greater than 10 kg/cm2.Optimal workability. Thixotropic.Final adhesive thickness up to 15 mm.Certifications/Standards:Avis technique: CSTB 1058-221 MC 301EN 12004C2 TEFor more information about a butech product, consult the technical data sheet. Available at

PORCELANOSA Grupo · butech4. Bonding material.Use improved deformable cement-based adhesives C2,fr-one n type. We recommend using thixotropic cementbasedadhesives that have the longest possible applicationtimes.Follow manufacturer recommendations in the preparation anduse of adhesives. Do not apply adhesive with a final thicknessgreater than that indicated on the bag.Decoration with metal profiles.The integration of different materials is one of thelatest trends in ceramic decoration. Bathroom designis no longer limited to tiles and ceramic pieces, butincludes other elements such as mosaics and evenmetal profiles.PORCELANOSA was the first ceramic company to usemetal profiles in bathroom and kitchen decoration.The perfect fit between ceramic and metal, the cleanlines and the brightness of the chrome-plated brassprofiles have made butech’s profiles one of the mostcharacteristic elements of the PORCELANOSA LifeStyleconcept.butech has a wide range of decorative profiles; fromdesigns in aluminium and stainless steel to highglosschrome-plated brass profiles that highlight theceramic design and integrate it in the overall bathroomdecoration. The main collections are:Elegance collection: profiles decorated with elements.Gold collection: 24 k gold-coated profiles.Chrome collection: high-gloss chrome-plated profiles.Wood collection: natural wood profiles.Wood collection.Elegance collection.8. Cleaning and maintenance.Protect the wall and floor tiles from dirt generated during theworks. Use cleaning products that are compatible with thetile’s chemical resistance. As a general rule, acid detergents arerecommended for cleaning cement stains.Use neutral detergents for maintaining ceramic tile.Use special products for cleaning and maintaining the joints.Gold collection.Chrome collection.Joint material.epotech aquaNew line of epoxy putty for grouting tile joints. Specially recommended for application on mosaicsand ceramic tiles with relief.Characteristics:Easy to apply and clean. This product is free of organic solvents and plasticizers.Excellent joint color stability.Resistance to most chemicals and alkali, even in high concentrations.Waterproof joint, no water absorption.Tile joints up to 10 mm.Complements.epoxy cleaning kitbutech has developed a series of tools and cleaning products that make the use and cleaning ofepoxy putties easier. This cleaning kit includes the following tools:Solid rubber trowelReplaceable trowelEpoxy spongespecially designed for applying and cleaning epoxy putties.abrasive sponge for the initial cleaning of epoxy putties.special sponge for the final cleaning of epoxy putties.s-107 nNeutral silicone putty for sealing joints. Specially recommended for sealingperimeter and movement joints. Indoor and outdoor use.Recommended use:Sealing joints even between materials sensible to chemical attack.Sealing movement joints in floors and walls.

Materials table butech ®KEA SAP Product description Packaging Performance*20 x 20 x 4 mm 50 x 50 x 8 cmB88000214 100103236 imperband rollo 5 m Roll 5 m2 1.05 m /m2 1.05 m /m2B12906008 100004241 fr-one n blanco 25 kg bag 3 kg/m2 4 kg/m2B42562016 100090692 epotech aqua antracita 3.6 kg can 1.3 kg/m2 1.1 kg/m2B42562017 100090693 epotech aqua beige 3.6 kg can 1.3 kg/m2 1.1 kg/m2B42562020 100090694 epotech aqua blanco 3.6 kg can 1.3 kg/m2 1.1 kg/m2B42562018 100090695 epotech aqua cherry 3.6 kg can 1.3 kg/m2 1.1 kg/m2B42562019 100090696 epotech aqua gris 3.6 kg can 1.3 kg/m2 1.1 kg/m2B41061004 100116037 epotech aqua marfil 3.6 kg can 1.3 kg/m2 1.1 kg/m2B35200002 100113684 kit limpieza epoxi 2 kg canB82302001 100005814 s-107 n blanco 300 ml cartridge 30 m/cartridge 30 m/cartridgeB82302002 100005815 s-107 n transparente 300 ml cartridge 30 m/cartridge 30 m/cartridgeB82302003 100005816 s-107 n gris 300 ml cartridge 30 m/cartridge 30 m/cartridge* Conditions:Laboratory obtained data. They may vary depending on the state of the base and the placement conditions.Adhesive layer thickness 2.5 – 3.5 mm.Tiling joint width 2 mm.butech ®Further information:Carretera Vila-real - Puebla de Arenoso (CV-20) km 2,512540 Vila-real, Castellón, SpainTelephone (+34) 964 53 62 00

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