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electric power Systems management Solutions - Hawthorne Cat

HawthornePower SystemsC.A.R.E. PackageOne partner for completeElectric Power SystemsManagement Solutions

The Power Systems C.A.R.E. ProgramCustomer Support Agreement; Preventive Maintenance and InspectionProgram; Total Maintenance and RepairAnalysis of your generator’s condition and fluid samplesRemote Monitoring SolutionsEase of doing business; Maintenance planned and executed by HawthornePOWER WHEN YOU NEED IT. COVERAGE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.Basic ServicesWe offer a comprehensive generator set multi-point inspection:pre-start and running checks of the engine and generatorsystems are performed; cooling and lubrication are checked forproper levels and operation; fuel system is checked along withthe inlet and exhaust air systems; and starting and chargingsystem is tested and control panel operation is verified.Annual ServiceComprehensive generator set inspection: replace fuel and oilfilters; analyze fuel, oil and coolant samples.Green Annual ServiceSame as the Annual Service but the oil is changed everythird year or 250 hours of service. Due to the low run-timeon engines in standby applications, oil change intervals canbe extended. Regular oil testing for condition trending is thekey to this green option (fuel and oil filters will be changed).In addition to protecting the environment, the extendedoil drain interval provides value to customers by loweringmaintenance costs.Load Bank TestingWe offer load bank testing from 5kW to multi-megawattprojects. We can perform a load test to check performanceof the engine and generator set, while monitoring andmeasuring coolant temps, oil temps, voltage, amps, availablekW output and generator temps. This evaluation of yourequipment’s overall condition allows us to make necessaryrepair recommendations and provide repair options. MeetsNFPA and JCAHO standards.

Hawthorne Power C.A.R.E. is a preventative maintenance and inspection program that is customdesigned to reduce generator operating costs, prolong component life and increase overall reliability ofyour emergency power system. Preventing problems before they happen is our business. Our inspection,diagnostic and repair services are designed to keep you running at the lowest cost.ONE TEAM OFFERing AN ARRAY OF SOLUTIONS.Automatic Transfer Switch Testingand Switchgear MaintenanceMeets NFPA and JCAHO standards. Recommended withannual Hawthorne Power C.A.R.E. program.Cooling System ServiceCooling systems is drained and flushed; coolant hoses, drive belts,engine thermostat, radiator cap are replaced; system is refilledwith correct coolant mixture; recommended every 36 months.Comprehensive Service ReportsResults of all services are left on-site in detailed reportslisting components and/or areas requiring further attentionfor repair. Copies are kept on file as well as to ensure thathistorical service records are readily available.Diesel Fuel Conditioning ProgramExtends the life of stored fuel with additives and/or kidneyloop filtration.Priority Rental ProgramHawthorne maintains a comprehensive fleet of rentalgenerators, chillers and air conditioners, oil-free and oilfloodedair compressors, resistive/reactive load banks andancillary products.Emergency Response Available365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a dayMegohmmeter TestingDetects deterioration of generator insulation due to excessiveheat, moisture, dirt, oil, vibration or aging.Thermal Image InspectionsReveals temperature variations that signal electrical andmechanical problems before failure.S.O.S. SM ServicesMonitor the health of your equipment to ensure peakperformance and minimize owning and operating costs.Coolant Analysis — A two-level program that does morethan just check the condition of your coolant. Determing theoverall condition of the cooling system and identify problems withmaintenance procedures and operational practices.Fuel Analysis — Several different levels of diesel fuel analysis, toaddress the challenges of long-term storage issues, inherent withstandby emergency power generation. Extend the life of fuel withthe Diesel Fuel Conditioning Program.Oil Analysis — Regular oil testing establishes wear trends thatidentify potential equipment problems early.

Total support.One great team.You can rely on Hawthorne Power Systems todeliver the complete management solutionsyou need to operate your electric powersystem at optimum performance levels. Andthat gives you the advantage of reliable andefficient power. Call us today and get startedwith a Hawthorne Power C.A.R.E. Program.San Marcos- Rent-It ServiceKearny Mesa - Power SystemsSAN DIEGOCOUNTYRancho Bernardo – Machinery SalesCorporate OfficeLakeside - Rent-It ServiceKAUAILihueOAHUWaipahuKahuluiHistoryHawthorne Power Systems provides sales,rentals and services the power generation,marine, trucking and other engine-relatedmarkets. As a leading power systemssupplier, we are committed to supplying ourcustomers with an unprecedented level ofpower solutions customized to fit your needs.For more on Hawthorne Power Systems visitwww.power.hawthornecat.comElectric PowerGeneration CertifiedYou can count on personal support fromHawthorne’s team of experts who will serveyou with dedication, experience and knowhowfor your electric power system. Ourfield service technicians are continuallytrained and have the depth of knowledge andexperience to work on all makes and modelsof generators regardless of manufacturer.They are ready to go anywhere to serviceyour equipment and are available for on-siteor emergency service. Our fleet of heavy-dutyrepair trucks are fully equipped with specialpurpose Cat tools, computerized parts/service manuals and diagnostic equipment– providing fast, accurate troubleshootingand expedited repairs. We currently have20 technicians, seven of which are certifiedelectricians.TamuningGUAMSAIPANDandanAMERICANSAMOAMAUIHAWAIIPago Pagobusiness cardtape strip hereKona858.974.6800www.power.hawthornecat.comHilo

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