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e ric sommerw w w. e ri c s o m m e r. c o mviking barm i n n e ap o l i s, m n

E ric Somme r{Many roads, many miles... many songs and so many, many peoplealong the way... travlin’ the great highway and the endless road...All roads in the United States are somehow connected. Think about it. Youcan get from here to there, or from there to here - if you are determinedand blessed with an abundance of patience. There are no restraints on youshould you choose to journey from the stifling traffic of New York City tothe gentle hills of Tennessee.So why do people choose not to make journeys like this more often? Inone word: TIME. In two words: NO PURPOSE. Singer/songwriter EricSommer believes strongly enough in his purpose that he has made thetime.So, what is Sommer’s purpose? In what could a man believe so much thathe would spend nearly 250 days on the road each year? Sommer sees it ashis duty - his calling, if you will - to both document and then describe whathe sees on the road. He embodies a new brand of Americana, one whichblends modern means of communication with the more traditional grassrootsmodel of playing wherever there is a venue.the cavec h apel hill, n cWaffle House jang a langRed Chairs all in a row

E ric Somme rAfter years on the road, Eric’s work is becoming ever more meaningful,his songs and music ever more accessible and audiences are responding{The idea of playing nearly every city and small town in the country is aromantic one, to say the least. As Sommer has noted, there is perhapsnothing more charming than witnessing firsthand the distinct flavor andmood of each area, large or small.But the question remains: while the traveling artist gains a great deal byhis explorations, what is in it for the thousands of music fans whoinevitably encounter him? Simply put, would people care as much aboutmusicians like Sommer, romantic as the concept is, were his music not sodamn interesting and relevant to their lives? Probably not.But the point is moot. Sommer has established himself as a refreshingmodern version of the classic American songwriter. Recently compared toJohn Prine, Elvis Costello, and Dave Edmunds, Sommer’s songs are “strikingin their cool sophistication, powerful in the format and as kick-ass asyou can get" (Boston Rocker).main viking st bar re e tm s a i u n t n e r, ap i aol i s, m nDusk covers all the citys sins... washeseffortlessly over the stone and mud...

E ric Somme r{acadia barm i n n e ap o l i s, m nOne of the finest guitar players on the road today... a master of the mediumand hands down the best combination of acoustic and electric out there...It is often difficult for singer/songwriters to make their lyrics meaningfuland vibrant to audiences - despite how introspective and personal theythink they are. Much of this failure to connect is due to the invisible, yetvery real, wall that separates the artist from the audience.Sommer is committed to tearing this proverbial wall to shreds. His showsare spontaneous, full of energy and highly interactive. His on-stagedemeanor paves the way for his intelligent, street-smart voice to be heard.Yes, Sommer has gained a Chevy-load of street smarts.Sommer’s passion for both music and the road, however, often leaves onewondering which streets - and which people he has encountered onthose streets - have most influenced him.Eric has shared the stage with Dave van Ronk, John Mayall, Little Feat,John Hammond, Dr. John. Leon Redbone, David Bromberg, BrahmTschikovsky, Wreckless Eric, The Cars, Stevie Mix, Randy hansen, TheAtomics, The Dead Kennedy’s... and so, so many more...I see you Under the phantom Lights...a subtle reflection from a star wars’ sky

E ric Somme rHow does such a talented, eloquent and intensely passionateperformer make it look so easy....{A cross between steve howe, north mississippi allstars, the ramones andelvis costello... acoustic slide and electric trail rock that has all thebeautiful overtones you could imagine.. and all the edgy attitude youcan stand... a remarkable mixture of the best of british acoustic rock -john fahey, davy graham, steve howe - with a very original, very raw,lean vocal mix on top... an exceptional vocal sound plus great guitarwork always means a knockout show...Steve Marxhall / boston rocker 2006viking barm i n n e ap o l i s, m ngirls walk around in yellow open toe slippersmade from discarded shag rugs andpound incessantly on the hallway floor...

E ric Somme rOne of the finest guitar players out there... equally outstanding inevery aspect, every format and within every medium. It takes a longtime to get that good...{...we enjoyed the show immensely... Man, it's like he's having rough sexwith his amplified Taylors at times... and he was picking harmonics inplaces I've never seen it done before. It's so evident he enjoys what hedoes, and works hard at it like a master craftsman. I think he would havealmost as good a time performing if there was just one person in theroom. I admire him for doing what he loves...Bob Jamieson / Star Gazzette, New Yorkuncommon gro u n dc h i c a g o, i l...so I found your fingernail under mydoor... jammed into the floorboard outsidemy door

E ric Somme r{The ENO RIVER Festival on July 4th in Durham, NC and The BayfrontBlues Festival in Duluth, MN on August 1O... this summer is loaded withgreat music festivals and showcases for this outstanding performer...... Anyone who’s been in need of a fix of spectacular, percussive and virtuosicguitar work can rest easily. Eric Sommer’s coming to town. Oneof the finest American guitarists on the road today, Sommer shifts effortlesslybetween slidework, fingerpicking, and a percussive, open-tunedstyle that fans of richard leo johnson will instantly appreciate... Switchingbetween 4 different Taylors and a ‘69 Telecaster with the original BigsbyTremelo, he mixes up blues, pop, jazz and the avant garde into somethingquite wonderful. Highly Recommended...Jim Reid / Best of Savannah 2005b a y f ront blues fest i va ld u l u t h , m nsqueeze out that dollahfrom the big money treebaby got to get me some a that Do Re Me...

E ric Somme rLast year Eric did over 250 shows... and this year, 2007, promises to beno different; currently booking 4 - 6 months out, call for schedules.{For Booking, Tours and AppearancesClyde is Thinking Music2314 19th Street NWSuite 3Washington, DC 20009Mobile 202-255-1995eric@ericsommer.comwww.ericsommer.comfine linem i n n e ap o l i s, m nThere was a Panic in Passaic...the people went Wild i couldn’thelp myself, I cried like a child... the peoplewere screamin’ and the police came by...

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