Just as magical andspecial in real life as itis in the HON world!A classic Tulsa attraction,that will leave you inspiredas you tour the windinggardens and see theamazing art in the villa.Underneath the streets ofdowntown Tulsa, there reallyis a series of secret tunnels.Some say they were usedduring Prohibition times. It’sa whole world down there,although the tunnels don’textend as far as they do inthe HON books.

With its village-like design ofstores and restaurants, UticaSquare is one of Tulsa’s mostpopular places. A real anchorin the community and in HON,it’s a place for vampyres to cleartheir heads or indulge in a littleretail therapy.While there aren’t any tunnelsunderneath the impressiveart deco building as there arein HON, the Tulsa Depot is athriving cultural center—forarts, music, and special events.P. C. has even celebrated NewYear’s Eve there.

This luxury boutique hotelhas elegant accommodations,done in ItalianRenaissance-style. There’slots to discover inside thehotel—including the ChalkboardRestaurant—and allof Tulsa awaits once youstep outside the door.A fabulous clothing shop onCherry Street—it’s also the kindof place where you want tohang out all day! Stop in, tryon something… and maybeyou’ll leave looking as stylishas Kramisha!

A non-profit organizationwhose purpose is to sheltercats that have been abandonedand need good homes! In theHON-world, it’s run by nuns,but in real life, it is run bywomen who are true angels.Visit the kitties, and sign-up tovolunteer!There’s been an increase invisitors to the St. JosephMonastery since Mary’s Grottohas been featured in HON—andthe place is as beautiful andserene in real life as it is in thebooks. When you visit, pleasebe respectful, as the groundshold a lot of spiritual meaning.

The first school to adoptMARKED for their Englishcurriculum, this High Schoolis definitely cutting-edge. Itmust be the imaginative andcreative environment thatthe rogue red fledglings aredrawn to!

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