Kowhai Intermediate Ski Trip 2013 - Kowhai Intermediate School


Kowhai Intermediate Ski Trip 2013 - Kowhai Intermediate School

Kowhai Intermediate Ski Trip 2013Initial interest in the trip has been high so we are looking to offer two trips if we meetthe required number of registrations (52 students in total split into two trips with 26students each). Trip 1: Sunday 18 th Aug. – Friday 23 rd Aug. 2013 (Wk 5 Term 3) Trip 2: Sunday 8 th Sept. – Friday 13 th Sept. 2013 (Wk 8 Term 3)Once all the registrations are in we will allocate students a date. If your child is selected forSports Camp we will place them on the second trip. If the total number of registrations isbetween 27 – 50 students then we will run one trip and give priority to year 8 students andlook at running a trip next year to cover those that missed out.REGISTRATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY 31 MAYOptions and Costs Skiing (recommended) $840 Snowboarding (only for those who have snowboarded before or who are advanced skateboarders – wehave found students find it significantly harder to use the tows on snowboards so require that they havea good level of board ability to choose this option) $860The full fee covers transport, ski passes, boots, skis and poles / snowboard, helmet, accommodation and food– everything is included. Students may bring up to $60 to spend at the cafeteria on the slopes. We may beable to provide a discount for students that have their own ski gear and passes but will treat this on a case bycase basis.Aim of the TripTo give students the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and have the opportunity to gain, ordevelop, their skiing abilities. In previous years around three quarters of the students attending the trip havenever skied or only skied once or twice. We usually have around 5-8 students who are intermediate toadvanced level skiers. By the end of each trip every child has been able to ski the rockgarden run or higher.Where: Mount Raupehu / Whakapapa Ski Field / Rangatira Ski LodgeThe lodge is situated next to the top car park within 3 minutes walk of the ski field. This allows us to get ontothe slopes quickly without having to worry about driving up the mountain each day, and also provides thegreat experience of living above the snowline.Please note that the walk to the hut is steep and slippery - your child MUST be able to carry ALL theirgear to the lodge in one trip BY THEMSELVES! A pack is the only option. Children turning up withunsuitable luggage will not be able to come on the trip, it is just too risky.Who is Going?We have positions for 26 school students and 6 adults. We are limited to 26 students for reasons regardingaccommodation, transport, Whakapapa discount ratios and manageability. We will require two parents /caregivers to attend the trip (see below).Students need to be physically fit and show exemplary behaviour.Adult HelpersWe require two adult / parent helpers to attend the trip. Their role is to help with the day to day running of thetrip, (meal preparation etc), and most importantly to supervise a designated group of students on the ski field.Please note parents may not necessarily be assigned to supervise the group that their child is in, or have theopportunity to ski the slopes they would normally ski. Parents need to be of sufficient skiing ability that theycan comfortably ski and supervise their group. In practise this means they should be able to easily handle allthe intermediate runs in any conditions. It would be good to have one (or more) parent with expert abilities thatcould handle black level runs.parents will need to provide their own transport to and from the mountain (4WD and or chained vehicle) whichgives us extra backup if we need to take a student/s off the mountain in an emergency situation.The school will cover the cost of food and accommodation and contribute $150 towards fuel expenses.Parents will need to pay for / provide their own ski equipment and passes (approx. $85/day for rentalequipment and passes). We also ask that parents do not come down to visit “for the day” as this causesorganisational problems and blurs the lines of responsibility and accountability. If we are unable to secure the required number of adult helpers the trip will not go ahead.

What will we do?Obviously we plan to ski every day we can. If the fields are closed we will look at alternative activities and usethe money from that days skiing to fund it. Alternatives include:National Trout Centre - Turangi - Tokaanu Thermal Pools - Tokaanu - Indoor Climbing Wall - NationalPark - Waiuru Army Museum - Waiuru - Volcanic Activity Centre - Taupo - Tour of "The GrandChateau" - National Park -Kiwi House - Otorohonga - Movies - OhakuneIf the fields are closed and we are unable to drive off the mountain we will stay in the lodge, socialise, watchvideos, eat lots of food and if conditions permit, do some activities in the snow around the lodge. Judging frompast trips the kids have just as much fun doing this as they do skiing!The children will be assigned to a group according to their skiing experience and ability. We usually find that75% of our students have never skied before so it’s a great opportunity to learn. Most beginners spendaround 2 days in happy valley before moving up the mountain to some of the more challenging runs. Moreadvanced skiers will be able to ski the advanced runs with their group. Naturally as children improve they canchange groups so they are skiing on a slope that suits their abilities.Go / No Go:Leading up to the trip we will keep a very close eye on the state of the mountain and the snow conditions. If itwas obvious that we would not be able to do any skiing, (due to volcanic eruption, lack of snow etc), we wouldmake the call not to go. If this was the case we would look to refund as much of the fee as possible. Pleasenote that we do have financial outlays and deposits that we have to pay before the trip and we may not be ableto fully refund these in the event of a late cancellation.Health and Equipment Forms:Please find attached a health form that must be completed and returned before the end of the term. You willalso find an equipment list. The Tongariro National Park is an outdoor area exposed to extreme and rapidlychanging weather conditions. It is imperative that people in this area have the proper equipment; therefore it isa requirement of the trip that your child is able to bring ALL of the detailed items. We will check the children’sski attire before we leave to ensure it is adequate. If you are unsure of the suitability of an item/s pleasecontact me or have your child bring it to school so I can check it.We would also like to point out that while highly enjoyable the ski trip is a physically challenging and tiringexperience so a reasonable standard of fitness is required. It can also be an emotional and social challenge asyour child is together with a new group of children and adults for six days, and away from you. If you have anyconcerns on how you child might feel in these situations please make contact (by phone, note or email) so thatwe can take steps to support them. It doesn’t need to be much but it helps if we are aware of any children thatmight be feeling anxious. We aim to make it an enjoyable and memorable trip for everyone.Evening Information and Gear Check Meeting:Date to be confirmed (early August) >COMPULSORY< At this meeting we will run over the final details ofthe trip, provide contact numbers and check students equipment. Students need to come dressed in ALL theirski gear (polyprops, boots, hats, gloves, glasses etc) along with the bag they intend to carry their gear to thelodge in. All these items must be inspected before the student leaves on the trip.If you wish to contact me before then feel free to email me at tomm@kowhai.school.nz or phone the school on846 7534 extension 722.Please return the ‘Info Sheet’ along with the $250 deposit as soon as possible to secure your child’s positionon the trip.Yours sincerelyTom Mackintosh and Louise BroadCOORDINATORS

Ski Trip 2013 – GEAR LISTKeep this form for your own informationYou must have each of the following: Named Packed PACK to carry ALL gear in -MUST be able to be worn on back – studentsneed both hands free for balance on walk to/from lodge. Warm, waterproof ski jacket *Waterproof ski pants / overpants Plastic Poncho – fully waterproof (available from $2 Shop) *Woollen or polar fleece jumper – no cotton sweatshirtsWoollen hat / beanie and gloves / mittensSki gloves (Waterproof)Thick warm socksSunglasses or Ski Goggles – recommend goggles with anti-fog clothSunblock / chapstickThermal underwear – 2 full sets -polypropylene or merino, not cottonGumboots -must be good fit – not floppy or loose + sturdy shoesWarm trackpantsWarm jumpers and topsUnderwear / socksPacket of nice biscuits & $2 present for Mid-winter XmasEnergy Snacks (no caffeinated energy drinks or excessive amounts of junk food!)Drink bottle – a must to prevent dehydrationSleeping bag (light to midweight as rooms are very warm) + plus warmpyjamasPillowslip (pillows provided)Slippers for wearing in the lodge / Jandals for showers/bathroomsToothbrush and toiletriesTowel Daypack to carry gear to the ski fieldsTogs (if the fields are closed we will go to the hot pools)OptionalSki Mask / Cards / Board Games / Camera / Videos / DVDsEar plugs / small torchCough lozenges / syrup, hankie, etc. (The most common ailment on ski trip is a cold/ sore throat) * Please note that PVC clothing is not suitable. Ski clothing can be hired in Auckland, bought second hand,or places like the Warehouse have well priced, suitable ski apparel. Name all your belongings Spending Money – while not compulsory (we will be taking packed lunches up with us) it is nice to havethe opportunity to purchase hot food and drinks on the mountain. Please note that prices are very high, ($3+ for a can of coke). Carry it! Remember that you must be able to comfortably carry ALL your gear to the lodge byYOURSELF! Do not waste space by bringing bottles of fizzy drink, bags of chips etc. The walk to the lodgeis approx 1km long, very steep and with loose rocks, snow and ice. For safety reasons people that cannotmanage their own gear will not be coming on the trip. Sickness We also ask that if your child is sick in the days leading up to the trip that you contact us so thatwe are aware of their condition and check whether it will affect other students. Obviously a tummy buggoing through the attendees would be disastrous! Contact: Please ensure that you as a parent are contactable at all hours of the ski trip in case of anemergency.

2013 Ski Trip Info Sheet – RETURN WITH $250 DEPOSIT before Fri. 31 MaySelection will be determined once we know how many students want to attend.Child’s Name: Room #: Year 7 / 8[Circle One}Snowboarding $860 (already hasTrying out for sports camp? Yes / noSkiing $840 (recommended)good skate / snow board skills)Date of Birth: Height (in cm) Weight (in kg)Parent’s Name:Parent’s Name:Relationship to child:Address:Relationship to child:Address:Phone / Day:Phone / Day:Phone / Night:Phone / Night:Phone / Mobile:Phone / Mobile:Email:Email:Alternate Emergency Contact PersonName:Relationship to child:Address:Phone / Day:Phone / Night:Phone / Mobile:Email:Medical InformationChild’s Doctor’s Name:Name of practise:Phone:After hours phone:Fax:Email: Does your child have any illnesses, allergies etc? e.g. Asthma, sting allergies, hay fever, sleep walking, migraines, bed wetting, sinus trouble. If YES, what are they?YESNO Does your child have an inhaler? YES NO How often do they need to use their inhaler? My child has had an anti-tetanus injection in the last 5 years YES NO If NO, the last injection was in 19_______ Does your child have any special food requirements? e.g. vegetarian YES NOIf YES, what are they? Swimming Ability: Non Swimmer / Paddler / Competent / Advanced Other Notes: (e.g. Recent medical care, medicine being sent etc.)Child’s Skiing ability: 1 beginner 2 novice 3 competent (blue runs) 4 expert: (easily ski blue / attempt black runs) I could attend as a parent helper YES / NO If yes -> 1 st Trip / 2 nd Trip / Either Trip (circle one) If yes please indicate your skiing ability: 1 beginner 2 novice 3 competent 4 expert: (circle one) Your name: ___________________________________ What type of 4WD vehicle can you provide?:______________________________ Do you have chains? YES / NO I understand that I will have to provide / pay for my own ski equipment and lift passes (details onwww.whakapapa.co.nz).I approve of my child participating in the activities of the Ski Trip. I understand that adults will besupervising these activities. In the event of an accident or illness, I authorise the obtaining of suchmedical assistance as may be required. I will ensure I can be contacted at any time while my child ison the trip. If required I can collect my child from the mountain.Parent / Caregiver Signature________________________________________________________________ Date___________________

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