Media Kit - Kevin Lacroix

Media Kit - Kevin Lacroix


A BLAZINGASCENTLike the Villeneuves, father and son, and theSchumacher brothers, Ralf and Michael, Kevin Lacroixwas introduced to karting at a very young age. Atbarely seven, his father put him behind the wheel of arented kart. For young Kevin, it was a revelation. Fromthen on, the relationship between the driver and themachine was formed: car racing would beKevin’s greatest passion.In 1998, at 9 years old, he won his firstrace, reaching the podium twice duringhis very first season. In 1999, hisrecord allowed him to graduate to Formula 100 Junior, which paid off for the10 year old driver: in 15 races, Kevin was victorious 13 times.The series of events that followed only confirmed what was already obvious.Since then, Kevin has been asserting his supremacy, easily making headwayfrom victories to championships, gleaning awards and prizes and leaving thecompetition far behind. Just between 1999 and 2003, Kevin Lacroix held thetitle of North American « Stars of Tomorrow » champion, was a three-timewinner of the Quebec Karting Championship, won the MontrealChampionship and the Eastern Quebec Championship three times. A star isborn. Observers are closely following the career of this young native of Saint-Eustache, whose eagerness to win drives him to excel.AS A RESULT OF HIS EXCEPTIONAL TALENT,AT THE AGE OF ONLY 15, HE WAS SINGLEDOUT BY ONE OF THE HIGHEST RANKINGOFFICERS OF "STARS OF KARTING"Selected as a rookiedriver by BMW and trainedat the BMW racing schoolin SpainQuebec karting champion4 wins in five races6 th North American“ Stars of Karting ”,ICC category2(((((NamedQuebecchampionNorth American 4 th “Star of Karting ”three timesQuebec kartingThree timeschampionNamed “ Rising Star ”ranked 2 nd in allby the prestigiousWinner of thechampionshipsShifter Kart USA“Manufacturer’sRace” MagazineCupNamed EasternQuebec champion“Stars of Tomorrow ”championof the Easterndivision, ICC category1999 à 2002WWW.KEVINLACROIX.COM200415 years oldKarting )

FACTS ABOUT THECHAMP CAR ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP SERIESThe Champ Car Atlantic Championship is a formula racing series that takes place over a three-day periodin major North American cities and worldwide. These races attract a very large audience.For over thirty years now, the best racing car drivers have considered the Champ Car AtlanticChampionship as one of the most prestigious superior schools. Drivers in the series include such legends asJacques and Gilles Villeneuve, Michael Andretti, Bobby Rahal, Keke Rosberg, Al Unser Jr. and JimmyVasser, to name a few. Each year, up-and-coming stars, the likes of A.J. Allmendinger, Ryan Dalziel andAndrew Ranger, are discovered at these races.IN A NUTSHELL))))CHAMP CAR ATLANTIC SERIES12 RACES PER YEAR75-MILES COURSESAN AUDIENCE OF 1.5 MILLIONPEOPLETHE CARTHE ENGINEMAZDA COSWORTH 300 HPNATURAL INJECTION GAS ENGINELIFE SPAN OF OVER 2,000 MILESBODYSWIFTCARBON FIBER OPEN WHEEL1,275 LBSTHE CHAMP CAR ATLANTIC SERIESPURE HIGH PERFORMANCE.TOYOTA ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIPSpeed limit: 162 miles / hour 175 miles / hourHorse power: 240 300Length: 167 inches 171 inchesWheel base: 104 inches 108 inchesWeight: 1,265 pounds 1,265 poundsFuel tank: 14 gallons 17 gallons4((((( WWW.KEVINLACROIX.COMCHAMP CAR ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP

RACE FANSCHAMP CAR ATLANTIC SERIESBusiness partners can bank on a well-established fact that Atlantic Champ carseries race fans are the most receptive category of consumer in all professionalsports in North America.Statistics show us that the Champ Car Atlantic Series typical fans are ratheryoung, well educated and influential. Their income is clearly higher thanaverage, both in Canada and in the United States.65% of the Canadian race fans earn more than $50,000 a year, while 44% ofthem are in the $75,000 a year bracket.CHAMP CAR ATLANTIC SERIESTHE TYPICAL RACE FANUNITED STATES CANADASEXMale 67% 69%Female 33% 31%AGE25 years and under 21% 37%25-34 years 21% 25%35-44 years 25% 22%45-54 years 18% 11%55 and over 15% 5%INCOME$35,000 and under 24% 10%$35,000 - $50,000 22% 25%$50,000 - $75,000 20% 21%$75,000 - $100,000 16% 20%$100,000 and over 18% 24%FANFACTS)))))))))))45% are between 18 and 34 years old.67% are men.42% have a college or university degree.More than 50% live with someone.53% have kids under 17.In the United States, 33% earn more than $75,000 a year. In Canada, this statistic reaches 44%.The probability of a race fan buying a new car worth at least $35,000 over the next12 months is two and a half times higher and the general population.55% of race fans may buy a new computer over the next 12 months.39% are or will become owners of a small business.64% of race fans are likely to spend more than$150 a month on a cellular phone.21% have memberships to a fitness centre.AUTOMOBILE RACINGIS THE MOST PROGRESSIVEOF ANY PROFESSIONAL SPORTSMotorsport is one of the most sponsor-attractive sports in the world,bringing more than US$1 billion a year. It is the most progressive segmentin all professional sports.The pennant race for the Champ Car Atlantic Championship is exciting andbasking in glory. It is the top advertising tool for any business partner withits image of competitive effectiveness, prestige and innovation.From early spring to late fall, the racing season gives companies the advantageof continuous visibility throughout the season.))))5

KEVIN LACROIX10 QUESTIONS10 ANSWERSHOW do you mentally and physically prepareyourself for a race? I jog and train on a regularbasis.WHAT do you find most satisfying when winninga race? Beating my competitors, whoever they are.I just love to compete.WHAT is most challenging for you?The competition? The speed? The track records?Both the competition and the speed: The more I drivea car to the limit, the harder the competition, the moreI want to push myself.ARE YOU willing to take risks to win?Driving a car to the limit involves taking risks,but in order to win, one has to cross the finish line.Sometimes, it is better to be patient, to wait for theright moment and to watch out for the moreaggressive drivers. That way, chances are higherto gain points for the championship.WHAT do you deem to be a calculated risk?,on the track? Thinking before taking action, notgoing too quickly at a speed that exceeds the limit,not trying to pass a competitor when there’s noopportunity or where it is too risky…ARE YOU aware of your potential? As far as I myconcerned, all drivers are human and success is amatter of will, of hard work and a desire to excel.I love competition, so there is nothing I hate more thanto be at the bottom of the chart. I will do everything.I can to reach the top. I think that, with sheer will,anyone can achieve this.IS THERE one driver that inspires you and why?Michael Schumacher, because he is the best driver inF-1 history and because he still works harder than allthe other drivers. He is a winner.BESIDE car racing, car racing, what else wouldyou have wanted to do? Anything to do with cars.Selling car parts, being a garage mechanic, etc…)))))HOW do you see your future? Nothing comes easy.I will do my best and use good judgment to seize allthe opportunities that are given to me in order toreach the highest levels.JOINA WINNER !Investing in Kevin Lacroix is investing in success, an entrepreneurialedge highly valued by the public.The business partner will find in Kevin Lacroix a spokespersonreaching for excellence, determination and exceedingexpectations. Not only does he project the image of a winner,he is fluent in both French and English.His triumphs have brought him fame and recognition. Heenjoys a solid credibility with the print and specialized mediawho are increasingly interested in covering his remarkableachievements. His assets are definitely a strong marketingand media tool for all his business partners. This extensivevisibility is very rewarding to Kevin and most of all to hispartners, leading to direct economic benefits.ADVANTAGESWHAT KEVIN LACROIXREPRESENTGENUINENESSORIGINALITYEXCEEDED EXPECTATIONSYOUTHEXCELLENCEOPTIMALCOMMUNICATIONS TOOLSSPACE ADVERTISINGPRESS RELEASESPRESS CONFERENCESREPRESENTATION at special eventsPUBLIC RELATIONSDRIVEPERFORMANCESELF-CONTROLBOLDNESSWWW.KEVINLACROIX.COMHIGHLIGHTS))))FIRST CANADIAN TO WIN THE NORTHAMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE OFBOBBY RAHAL’S “STAR OF KARTING”SERIESTRACK RECORD AT JACKSONVILLE,FLORIDA, IN SEPTEMBER 2003IN HIS FIRST INTERNATIONAL RACE ATTHE WORLD KARTING ASSOCIATION INCHARLOTTE, NC, USA, KEVIN LACROIXRANKED 7 TH , DESPITE HIS FRACTUREDRIBS, PROVING THAT THE ABILITY TOMAINTAIN FOCUS AND DETERMINATIONIS NOT A QUESTION OF AGE…YOUNGEST DRIVER TO WIN MULTIPLEAWARDS IN THE INTERCONTINENTAL AJUNIOR. (ICAJR) SERIESTARGETAUDIENCEMEDIASGENERAL PUBLICEXTERNAL NETWORK of business partnerINTERNAL NETWORK of business partnerWHAT are your goals for the next few years?To win the Star Mazda Championship this year, racein the Champ Car Atlantic in a year or two, then racein the Champ Car series…

ECONOMIC BENEFITSFOR BUSINESS PARTNERSEXTERNALREINFORCING the company and product positioningINCREASING markets and customer loyaltyPOSITIVE IMAGING of company and productREJUVENATING AND REVITALIZING the company and productHUMANIZING the company and productPROVIDING competitive advantage to the companyINTERNALMOBILIZING personnelDEVELOPING a sense of prideINCREASING good company citizenshipINSPIRING exceeded expectationsVISIBILITY TOOLS AVAILABLELOGO on the pilot suitLOGO on the pilot helmetLOGO on the racecarLOGO on the technical crew uniformsLOGO on the equipment transportation vehicleLOGO on press releasesLOGO on Pilot’s Web site with a direct link to the company's Web siteKEVIN LACROIX’S 2006COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGIESMAILING of press releasesPARTICIPATION in television shows for the general publicINTERVIEWS with National mediaREGULAR UP-DATING of Web siteDRAFTING of feature column in a motor sport magazinePUBLISHING a poster to insert in motor sport magazinesCREATING a fan clubPRODUCTION of merchandisePARTICIPATION in all events, trade fairs, exhibitions and showscovered by motor sport media to promote motor sportsBOOTH for youth fairsTOUR to visit high schoolsPOSSIBILITIES OF PILOT ATTENDANCE ATTRADE FAIRS, exhibitions and showsAUTOGRAPH signing sessionsCORPORATE special eventsADDITIONAL BENEFITSPROMOTIONAL SPACE at main eventssuch as the American and Canadian F1 Grand Prix))))7

THE ROAD TO GLORY OF A YOUNG DRIVERWHAT REPORTERS AND OBSERVERS ARE SAYING“Lacroix is the Motorsport Rising Star”Shifter Kart USA Magazine 2005“As far as talent is concerned, it's a sure value”Ian Willis, Owner,AIM Motorsport 2005“Remember the name Kevin Lacroix in motorsportheaven in the years ahead”Gerry Rochon, historian & statisticianGrand prix of Trois-Rivières 2004“He is impressive with his professionalism,his qualities and his heroicprofile”Guy O’BomsawinRevue Le Garagiste 2004“A champion who is making hisway. We are truly consideringhim one of the great risingstars on the Quebec andinternational scenes ofmotorsports”Revue Le Garagiste 2004“His impressivecollection of victoriesand his seriousness in following thefootsteps of a Schumacher, makes usproud to be associated with him”Guy Bélanger, Director of Salesfor Eastern Canada,Pennzoil-Quaker State Company 2004“With such incredible talent, there is no doubtthat Kevin Lacroix comes from a line ofchampions with precision and pure speed”Revue Le Garagiste 2004“Lacroix validates his incredible potential”Pierre LecoursJournal de Montréal 2005“Lacroix was placed by many specialistsamong the most serious candidates to becrowned a champion his first season”Journal de Montréal 2005“A resounding baptism of fire for Lacroix”Journal de MontréalGrand Prix de Montréal 2005“A talented Pilot, Kevin Lacroix is impressive”Journal de Montréal 2005“Kevin Lacroix, young, but full of talent”Journal de Montréal 2005“Kevin Lacroix….Pure talent and determination. Few young pilotsare as determined and concentrated in motorsports.Kevin has always been alongside more experiencedpilots. When he puts down his visor and the racebegins, we know he will in front.”Michel Poirier Defoy“What an entrance for Quebecer Kevin Lacroixon the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.”La Presse 2005“Long Live Lacroix!”Super Kart Magazine 2004Pierre Lecours, journalisteJournal de MontréalMichel Poirier DefoyPhoto A. Lanctôt, Journal de Montréal8(((((WWW.KEVINLACROIX.COM*taken from the 2004-2005 Press ReviewALL ENTERPRISES INTERESTED IN ABUSINESS PARTNERSHIP BY JOINING AWINNING TEAM WITH KEVIN LACROIX,MAY CONTACT:MICHAEL SPANIER: mspanier@heenan.caRICHARD GALARNEAU :galarneau.richard@videotron.caSYLVAIN LACROIX : sylvain@palacroix.comKEVIN LACROIX :

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