Pastors - Central Illinois District - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Pastors - Central Illinois District - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod cid-lcms.orgJuly/August 2003Top Five Nominations for CID PresidentIn ThisIssue...Nominations for President . . . . 1From the President’s Desk . . . . . 2Chicken Dinner and Auction . . . 2Trinity–Auburn Expansion . . . . 3Vicars and Candidates Placed . . 3CID Students Honored . . . . . . . 3New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Convention Nominations . . . . . 4LLL Convention . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Issues for the Convention . . . . . 5Pastors’ Wives Retreat . . . . . . . . . 5Official Notices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6LCMS Youth Gathering . . . . . . . 6Volunteer Teacher of the Year . . 6Rev. Daniel Smith Installation . . 6CEF Awards Mission Grants . . . 7DCEs Recognized for Training . . 7Call Day Services . . . . . . . . . . . . 7CID Extension Fund Form . . . . 7Bible Study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8The top five nominees for Central Illinois DistrictPresident are Vernon L. Betterman, David J.Bueltmann, Wayne P. Hoffman, Mark A. Millerand Geoffrey L. Robinson. Congregations andpastors received nominating forms. The topfive nominees that agree to run are placed on theballot. Additional nominations may be made atthe convention, provided the person nominatedagrees to run.Vernon L. Betterman, 61, issenior pastor of St. Peter-EastPeoria. He is currently a memberof the CID Board of Directorsand has been a delegate to threesynodical conventions. He hasserved as an Air National Guard Chaplin, ArmyNational Guard Chaplin, East Peoria Police andFire Commission, LSS Board and State PoliceChaplin District 8.David J. Bueltmann, 61, hasbeen CID president since 1995.Previously he served as vicepresident.He has been a pastor,a teacher and has served onvarious boards at Immanuel-Springfield. He has served in various Districtcapacities including circuit counselor, youth,nominations, public relations and evangelismcommittees, LWML counselor and editor of theCID Lutheran Witness supplement. He servedas Synodical delegate in 1992 and 1995. Outsideactivities include Bethesda Lutheran Home Board,OAFC Board, Kiwanis Board, DeWitt CountyMental Health Board, Lutheran High SchoolBoard, wrestling, soccer and baseball coach.Wayne P. Hoffman, 55, iscurrently pastor of OurSavior-Springfield. Previouschurches are Zion, Bridgeville,PA and St. John-Lansing. Inthe Eastern District he servedas circuit counselor, LLL Zone pastoral advisorand Synodical Convention delegate. While inNorthern Illinois, he was pastoral advisor tothe Lutheran High School. In CID he has workedon the Education Committee, CommunicationsCommittee, Lutheran High School pastoraladvisor and chairman for the CID 150thSynodical Anniversary worship service. Hewas Bridgeville Volunteer Fire DepartmentChaplin and now serves on the SangamonCounty-Springfield Prevention of FamilyViolence Committee.Mark A. Miller, 47, is seniorpastor of St. John-Pekin.Previous churches served werein Nebraska and Minnesota.He served as LWML pastoraladvisor in Nebraska and LLLzone pastoral advisor in Minnesota. He alsoserved as circuit counselor in Minnesota. InCID, he has served as First Vice-president since2000 and on the missions commission, conventioncommittees, evangelism committee and chairsthe Board of Directors. Outside activities haveincluded the Laurel NE School District AidsPolicy Committee in 1988 and presently thePeoria Area Civic Chorale.continued on Page 2

2The GatePost • July/August 2003Top Five Nominations for CID President(continued from Page 1)Geoffrey L. Robinson, 49, ispastor at Bethlehem-Altamont.Previous parishes were inArkansas and Kansas. Heserved as circuit counselor,youth representative and LWMLZone counselor in Kansas. In CID he has servedas Assistant District Secretary and then DistrictSecretary beginning in 1997. He has served onconvention floor committees, StewardshipCommittee, including the chairmanship,the Mission Commission, Rural MinistryCommission and Congregational LifeCommittee. He serves as an Adjunct Professorin Science at the Vandalia Correctional Centerfor Lakeland Community College and asAdjunct Professor in Philosophy of religion,Logic and Ethics at the Vandalia ExtensionCenter for Kaskaskia College. He is also anIllinois State Police Chaplin.Detailed biographies and position statementswill be available to delegates from thenominations committee at the Convention.The president is selected by majority vote.If no one receives more than 50% on thefirst ballot, the candidate receiving thefewest votes is dropped from the ballotand the voting continues until a candidatereceives a majority.From the President’s DeskPray for Missions and FinancesOur District Convention may be in sessionby the time you read this. A major concernfor the Convention and the District Boardof Directors is the loss of income to thedistrict budget. Many congregations areexperiencing difficulties in fundingbecause of less income and addedexpenses, especially in health care forworkers. What can we do?George Barna reported on May 19 that“church revenues are down in the past12 months. One reason may well be thedecline in the proportion of people whotithe.” Based on his latest research: 1) theproportion of Christian adults who tithedropped 62%, 2) only 6% of Christianhouseholds tithed in 2002, 3) the groupsmost likely to tithe are over 55, collegegraduates, evangelicals, Republicans,conservatives, and residents of the south.Another study has shown that only 2.6%of a Christian’s income is given to the Lord.The District has had to cut about$450,000 from the 2002 budget. TheDistrict receives its funding from thegenerous gifts of God’s people in ourcongregations. The amount given byour congregations has decreased for anumber of reasons. The recession hasaffected many people. There is a higherrate of unemployment today. We canunderstand why some are having financialdifficulties. There may be other reasons.CID has a heavy financial commitmentto do mission work at our universitycampuses and mission stations. We arecommitted to reach out to the Hispanicpopulation in the Quad Cities and otherparts of our District. We are reaching outin prison ministry.We are grateful to the many congregationswho have been able to maintain or evenincrease their giving. Unfortunately, itappears we will have to do some cutting.Take a look at the book of Malachi,especially 3:8-10: “Will a man rob God?Yet you rob me. But you ask, ‘How arewe to return?’ “In tithes and offerings.You are under a curse – the whole nationof you – because you are robbing me.Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse,that there may be food in my house. Testme in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “andsee if I will not throw open the floodgatesof heaven and pour out so much blessingsthat you will not have room enough for it.”As we ponder the concerns that we have,remember how the Lord provided forElijah, the widow and her son during thedrought. God can care for us in the midstof difficult times. Let us take our concernsto the Lord in prayer. Ask God to help ourmissions to expand and help us in solvingour problems. Let us encourage each otherin doing what we can to extend God’skingdom here so that more people canhear about Jesus and His sacrifice for thesins of the world.Camp Holds Chicken Dinner and AuctionCamp CILCA Outdoor Ministries willbe hosting the 5th Annual ChickenDinner/Quilt Auction on Sunday,August 31. The meal will be servedfrom 11:30 to 2:00 p.m. with the quiltauction to begin at 2:00 p.m. Ticketscan be purchased at the door at a costof $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for childrenaged 4-12. Please join us for a wonderfulafternoon of food, fun and fellowship.The beach will be open from 1-5 p.m.and camping for the weekend is available.For more information or to donate a quiltfor the auction, please contact the campoffice at (217) 487-7497. We are stillseeking more donations of quilts forthe auction.

Telling The Good News About Jesus 3Trinity–Auburn Expansionand Remodel ProjectTrinity–Auburn plans to start a remodelingand expansion project in June to enhancecommunity outreach and increase space forits “bursting at the seams” Sunday schooland Vacation Bible School programs.The 7,000 sq. ft. expansion also will providefacilities for Christian education, fellowshipministries and give the church a newmulti-use room that can be partitionedinto individual classrooms. Plans includeimproving accessibility for people withdisabilities and making the churchentrance more inviting and attractive.Vicars and Candidates PlacedVicars and pastoral candidates were assignedand called to CID congregations at the Springservices at Concordia Theological Seminary,Fort Wayne, IN.Jim Bandy, Congregation President;Mark Marshall, Capital Funding ServicesVice President, Congregation Services; andRev. Richard Harre, Church Pastor.The congregation is exploring the possibilityof using the new addition for a before-andafterschool care program. “We’ve looked atneeds in our community and this seems tobe one,” said Rev. Richard Harre, pastor ofthis congregation, now in its 50th year ofministry. “We want to do more outreachand provide more comfortable, qualitysurroundings for more young people to takepart in our Christian education programs.”To help make Trinity’s vision a reality,the congregation partnered with CapitalFunding Services (CFS), the capital fundraisingarm of The Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synod. A ministry of the LutheranChurch Extension Fund (LCEF), CFS helpscongregations and agencies raise funds tobuild and to retire burdensome debt.The Biblically-based stewardship campaignaccomplished more than fund raising, thepastor said, “It helped us think about howGod has gifted us, how God has sacrificedfor us and how we respond.” Harre said, “CFSwas definitely a benefit to our congregation.”Two CIDStudents HonoredTwo CID students were among 25graduates honored by ConcordiaUniversity, NE, with OutstandingStudent Awards based on exceptionalperformance in their field of studyduring commencement exercisesMay 10.Jeff Matzke and Candice Suttie,graduates of Springfield LutheranHigh School, were recognized forexcellence in Geography and Theatrerespectively. Approximately 260graduates received degrees atthe commencement.New Members atGood Shepherd–BloomingtonThe new members of Good ShepherdLutheran–Bloomington joinedthrough Adult Confirmation, AdultBaptism and Infant Baptism. GoodShepherd is a mission congregationof the Central Illinois District. Rev.Chad Lueck and the members thanktheir fellow brothers and sisters in thedistrict for their continued prayersand support.Vicar Kurt C. Klingbeil of Marion, WI,was assigned to Trinity–Casey. VicarClarence O. Rogers III of Mesa, AZ, wasassigned to Good Shepherd–Sherman andVicar Kevin C. Wendorf of Cottage Grove,MN, was assigned to Concordia– Geneseo.Darrell L. Debowey of Hudson, OH,was called to Immanuel–Springfieldand Michael J. Poynter of Cincinnati,OH, was called to St. Peter–Thawvilleand Trinity–Onarga.Pictured are Vicars and Pastor candidates fromConcordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN.Front row: Kevin C. Wendorf, Shawn Klingbeil,Jeri Rogers, Rachel Poynter, Jon Debowey, CandiceDebowey and David Debowey. Back row: PresidentBueltmann, Kurt C. Klingbeil, Clarence O. RogersIII, Michael Poynter and Derrell DeboweyNew members recently received by GoodShepherd–Bloomington. Good Shepherdis a mission congregation.The Rev. Chad Lueck is pastor.

4The GatePost • July/August 2003Convention Nominations ReportThe 54th Regular Convention of the Central Illinois District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod will be held July 6 - 8, 2003,at Northfield Inn Suites & Conference Center, Springfield, Illinois.Regular updates on the convention, including election results, will be posted on the District website: order to assist the pastors and congregations of the Central Illinois District of the Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synod with theirpreparations for the upcoming Convention the nominations committee is providing the following preliminary report: The proceduresfor the nomination of the District President, as stipulated in the CID handbook (1994 edition) Bylaws 2.39 and 2.40a, have been followed.Those nominated include (in alphabetical order):PresidentVern BettermannDavid J. BueltmannWayne HoffmannMark A. MillerGeoffrey RobinsonListed below are individuals who haveinformed the nominations committee oftheir willingness to serve if elected to otheroffices or positions of the district.SecretaryClergymenJames StuenkelKent A. UmbargerAssistant SecretaryClergymenTheodore Gall*Rick MilasTreasurerLaymenJohn RodenbergRobert PetersonFinancial SecretaryLaymenMichael KureckiW. Ronald YaDeau*Board of DirectorsParish PastorsVern Bettermann*Daniel BishopPaul DroegemuellerRollie MeyerJoseph MurphyDonald Pritchard*Geoffrey RobinsonKarl WeberParish TeachersRonald Krohse*William Krueger*Patrick LeopoldDaniel YagowLaymenKurt BickesRoy BurrisJ. R. Davidsmeyer*Leslie Fyans*Robert JahnsHerb KruegerRaymond StuckemeyerGreg MillsNominations Committee forthe 2006 District ConventionParish PastorsDaniel BishopRichard SalcidoDavid SpeersJ. Kevin WykoffParish TeachersWilliam KruegerCharles LowellMartha MilasLarry UrbanLaymenLeslie FyansHerb KruegerRaymond StuckemeyerGary WachtelCongregational Constitution CommitteeClergymen (at least one a parish pastor)Brock AbbottMichael MohrRobert WoodsJ. Kevin Wykoff*Layman (must be an attorney)Jonathan HurstJimmie OakesChurch Extension FundPresidentWalter Karloski*Vice PresidentKenneth Emme*Carol SchmidtSecretary/TreasurerCarol Radtke*Trustee LaymenLoren Ehling*Danny MaglitzScott ParkChris ShroyerMinisters of Religion (O)rdained(C)ommissionedSteven Gallo (O)Charles Olander (O)Wray Offermann* (O)Stephen Rensner (C)LCMS NominationsDavid J. BueltmannMark A. Miller*denotes incumbentAccording to Bylaw 2.46c., the final reporton nominees “shall contain pertinentinformation concerning the specificexperience and qualifications of eachcandidate for the office in question.”The final report will be sent to alldelegates after the necessary informationhas been received by the secretary of thenominations committee.

Telling The Good News About Jesus 5LLL ConventionThe Central Illinois District will host the86th International Convention of theInternational Lutheran Laymen’s League,July 17-20, at the Peoria Civic Center.John McBride, Chairman of theConvention Committee, says the CentralIllinois District of the Lutheran Laymen’sLeague is hard at work preparing for thebest-ever Convention.The 86th International Convention isdrawing people from around the worldto become energized for the great workour Lord has entrusted to us. It is a timefor worship, planning, sharing and renewalfor people from all walks of life; a comingtogether of our brothers and sistersin Christ.Thursday evening the convention willopen with the occasion of receivingboth His Word and His precious Bodyand Blood as we gather for the DivineService. Saturday evening the arena willoverflow with God’s message of salvationin Scripture and song as all who attend“God’s Grace In Peoria. . .A CelebrationEvent” will be taken on a journey of faiththrough the Christian life and experience.This exciting service will feature Scripturereadings and brief meditationsinterspersed with some of the greatesthymns of the Church, including “TheChurch’s One Foundation”, “A MightyFortress”, and “Crown Him With ManyCrowns”. The Rev. Ken Klaus, Speakerfor Lutheran Hour Ministries, will givea longer meditation.The Friday combined luncheon formen and women will feature well-knownPastors’ Wives Retreatdramatist, musician, speaker and author,Dr. Jeffery E. Burkart, presenting adramatic retelling of the “Parable of theSower” in music and drama. Dr. Burkart,is the author of the book “The HiddenPrince”, and has produced many otherbooks for the LLL as well as music forthe LWML.Friday and Saturday breakfast speakersinclude Phyliss Wallace, Rev John Nunes,Dr. Oswald Hoffman and Dr. Robertand Mrs Gonzalez. The Friday eveningLLL Family Night is loaded with funand inspiration. The evening will beginwith a root’n-toot’n country buffet.Motivational speaker, Ken Davis andfriends, will perform. Following KenDavis and Friends, a concert will begiven by Echelon.Friday afternoon seminar speakers willpresent seminars to help us grow in faithand provide ways we can be of serviceto others:Dr. Paul Maier: Christianity –Defending the FaithDr. Reed Lessing: Defining Judaism –A key that Clarifies the BibleDr. Roland Miller: Discovering Islam –Sharing ChristThe Rev. Art Simmons: “Equipping theSaints” for EvangelismRuth Koch: Christian Conflict ResolutionDr. Richard Bimler: Live a Healthy andHappy Life in the Lord!The Annual CID Pastors’ Wives Retreat will be October 3-4 at Camp CILCA with thetheme being “To Be Content.” Elaine Bickel from Millington, MI, is the speaker andthe Bible Study leader. Plan now to attend.Issues the ConventionWill FaceSixteen overtures were submitted to the54th Regular Convention of the CentralIllinois District, by District boards,circuits, circuit forums and congregations.Overtures submitted to the Missions,Evangelism and Human Care Committeeencourage the support of the ministry ofLutheran Child and Family Services ofIllinois and to continue the “Tell the GoodNews About Jesus” in every congregation.The Theology and Administrationcommittee will consider overtures dealingwith David Behnke, Wallace Shultz, aSynodical Commission on ConstitutionalMatters decision, Biblical dissent, proposedchanges in the 2007 hymnal’s wordingof the Nicene Creed, joint pastoralconferences, fellowship and witnessingof the Gospel at public events.The Education, Communications andCongregational Life Committee willreview overtures regarding the LutheranLaymen’s League.The Stewardship, Finance and ChurchExtension Committee will considerproposals regarding church workereducational debt, Concordia Retirementplans spousal survivor benefits and theuse of CID mission offerings.The various committees review theovertures, hear anyone who wishes tocomment on them and revise them, ifnecessary, before they are presented tothe Convention as resolutions. A committeemay recommend an overture be declined.However, the Convention can call up theoverture for consideration. The resolutionsare considered and debated at theConvention and may be amended.One pastor’s wife stated last year “I can think of many reasons not to attend, but I needthis retreat. We all need this retreat to help equip us in our role as pastors’ wives!”

6The GatePost • July/August 2003National LCMS YouthGathering Goes LiveOfficial NoticesCalling Congregations:Casey–NewtonChrist–St. LukeImmanuel–CharlestonSan Jose–DelavanSt. Paul–LexingtonSt. Paul–PanaTrinity–Good ShepherdCalls Accepted:Rev. John Frahm, St. Paul–Panato Gloria Dei–Virginia, MNRev. Marvin Lorenz, Christ-Delavan/St. Luke-San Joseto St. Paul-Latimer, IARev. Joseph Murphy, Our Redeemer–Eureka, IL, to Concordia–Evansville, INRev. Thomas Phillips, Zion–NewHolland to Christ–JacksonvilleVacant Non-Calling Congregations:Altamont–ZionBluffs–TrinityCandidates:Michael Poynter (Ft. Wayne) toSt. Peter–Thawville & Trinity–OnargaDarrel Debowey (Ft. Wayne)to Immanuel–SpringfieldVicars:Nathan Woolery (Ft. Wayne, winter)Trinity–PekinClarence Rogers III (Ft. Wayne)Good Shepherd–ShermanKevin Wendorf (Ft. Wayne)Concordia–GeneseoKurt Klingbeil (Ft. Wayne)convertible Trinity–CaseyMark Junkin (St. Louis) Grace–ParisTroy Roenfanz (St. Louis)St. Paul–DecaturNon-Calling Congregations:Immanuel–Cissna Park(Served by Rev. Carl W. Janssen)Grace–Dietrich(Served by Rev. G. Fortkamp)Epiphany –Dunlap(Served by Rev. D. Handrich)St. Paul–Sigel(Served by Rev. G. Fortkamp)With the 2004 National LCMS YouthGathering little more than one year away,adult leaders and youth participants canprepare to go Beyond Imagination onlineas the official Gathering Web site openedin late April, 2003. The Web site, found at, serves as the primarylocation for Pre-Gathering informationranging from registration and housingconcerns to program information,interactive visitor polls and downloadsof important Gathering resources.2004 Gathering participants can downloadthe Gathering logo, read more about theGathering theme development, evenpurchase Gathering merchandise andplanning resources at the Gathering site.Jane Haines has been selected as theLutheran Volunteer Teacher of the Yearfor the CID. Jane is a member of Trinity-Urbana where she has been teaching SundaySchool for over 30 years. Nominators referto Mrs. Haines’ dedication to her childrenover the years. Jane has been an exampleto her fellow Sunday school teachers as wellas the entire congregation through her lifeof service.The Parish Education Committee of ourDistrict administers the process to identifyan individual in Central Illinois as theLutheran Volunteer Teacher of the Year.The process involves individuals andThe Gathering site will be updated regularlyas new planning emerges.One of the most important features of thesite is registration. Online registration is thepreferred method of Gathering registrationand will be available to participants in lateSummer 2003. The Youth Ministry Officewill receive registration for the Gatheringno earlier than October 22, 2003.The National LCMS Youth Gathering willhappen July 24-28, 2004, in Orlando,Florida. Registration is $225 per participant.Lutheran Volunteer Teacher of the YearRev. Daniel Smith Installationcongregations submitting nominationsand supporting letters of recommendation.The members of the Parish EducationCommittee then review the nominationmaterials and select the award recipient onthe basis of the submitted information.Nine applications were submitted this year.Unfortunately, not all applications fulfilledthe requirements of the nomination process.Nominees not selected for recognition ofthis award may be nominated in succeedingyears. The Parish Education Committeeencourages all congregations to individuallyand publicly recognize and thank volunteersthroughout the congregation for theirgenerous service to the work of the church.Daniel Smith was installed as pastor of Mt. Calvary–Galesburgon Sunday, March 30. Back row: Robert Woods, PabloDominguez, Paul Pett and Ken Wegener. Front row: Les Dumer,Karl Weber, Dan Smith, President Bueltmann and Dan Olson.

Telling The Good News About Jesus 7CEF Awards $14,500 in Mission GrantsThe April 2003 meeting of the ChurchExtension Fund Board of Trustees awardedthe following Mission and Outreach Grants:Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church–Decatur($700) for support of Stephen MinistryProgram. CID High School Youth GatheringCommittee ($3,000) for Servant Event Day.St. Paul Lutheran Church–Sadorus ($4,000)for Noah’s Ark Preschool Outreach.Trinity Lutheran Church–Peoria ($1,300)for Angel Fire Servant Event. Camp CILCA–Cantrall ($500) for Camp CILCA Bibleproject. Immanuel Lutheran CampusMinistry–Charleston ($1,000) CDOutreach project. Trinity LutheranChurch–Bloomington ($1,500) ChicagoMission trip. Peace Lutheran Church–Thomasboro ($2,500) “Back to the Streets”outreach project.Call Day ServicesDuring Call Day services on April 8,2003, at Concordia Seminary–St. Louis,87 pastoral calls and 117 vicarages forstudents were announced. Thoseassigned in the Central Illinois District,pictured with the District President, arefrom left, Troy Roenfanz, Amy Roenfanz,Mark Junkin and Rev. David Bueltmann.Two DCEs Recognized for TrainingScott Rauch, Director of Christian Education(DCE) at Trinity–Peoria, and Chuck Bahn,DCE at Trinity–Bloomington have completeda 14-month leadership training programthrough the Karpenko Institute forNurturing and Developing LeadershipExcellence (KINDLE). Rausch wasrecognized in worship on February 23, 2003.KINDLE equips DCEs to develop Christ-likeleaders by recruiting and fostering lay leaders.KINDLE is an independent foundationnamed to honor Dr. William Karpenko II,Director of Church relations at Valparaisoand a pioneer in the formation of DCEministry in the LCMS.✁CENTRAL ILLINOIS DISTRICT CHURCH EXTENSION FUND INVESTMENT FORM – 5/1/03PO Box 7003, Springfield, IL 62791-7003 • 217/793-1802 • Email: • www.cid-lcms.orgThe mission of The Church Extension Fund, Inc. is to make funds and services available tocongregations for building efforts in support of The Great Commission (Matthew 28).The enclosed $_________________ investment in CID-CEF should be issued as follows:*RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.TERM *RATE MINIMUM___Flexible 2.00 $25___1 Year 2.50 $100___3 Year 3.25 $100___5 Year 4.00 $1000___6 Months 2.25 $5000__ Individual Ownership - Name (print)PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM CURRENT INTEREST RATES.__ Joint Ownership - Name _______________________________________________and/or Name _____________________________________________________(As joint tenants with right of survivorship and not as tenants in common)__ Minor Owner- Adult ______________as custodian for Child __________________(Under the Illinois Uniform Gifts to Minors Act)____________________________________________________________________Address City State Zip____________________________________________________________________PhoneCongregation___Interest Check Semi-Annually___Accumulate Interest and Add to Note BalanceSocial Security or I.D. Number______________________________Signature________________________________________________Apply Investment for Benefit of______________________ LutheranChurch towards meeting its supporting investment requirement:25% of loan.CERTIFICATION: Under penalties of perjury, I certify (1) that the number shown on thisform is my correct taxpayer identification number and (2) that I am NOT subject to backupwithholding under the provisions of section 3406(a)(1)(C) of the Internal Revenue Code.(Allow two weeks for delivery of note)

Bible StudyThe District Convention is about to start. There are various conclaves reported in Scripture wherethe Church acted to elect a leader or decide a theological or practical question.Read Acts 1:15-26What was the purpose of the meeting?On what basis does Peter say they need to take action?How do they select Matthias?______ is a small pebble or stick. It is the word used when the soldier’s cast lots for Jesus’ garment.The lot fell on Matthias. The word has the sense of receiving one’s portion and is related to theword that means inheritance. Scholars have long debated the exact method of selection.What preceded the vote? What is their request?Read Acts 15:1-29 The Jerusalem CouncilWhat question needed to be resolved?Who were the opposing parties?What event does Peter refer to in verse 7? See Acts 10:24-48What is most important? Verses 10-11.What does it mean, “putting on the necks of the disciples a yoke that neither we nor our fathershave been able to bear?” Romans 2:17-24; Romans 3:23; Galatians 5:1While Peter refers to his experience, what does James use to prove the point? Verses 16-18.The quote is from Amos 9:11-12What is the final decision?The Communications Committeefor The Central Illinois District ofthe Lutheran Church - MissouriSynod publishes The GatePostsemimonthly. It is a supplementto congregational newsletters.Submit all articles to the Editor:Rev. Robert L. Bruer3303 E. MarylandDecatur, IL 62521Email: rbruer@juno.comLayout and Design by:Deverman AdvertisingPekin, IllinoisPrinting and Distribution by:Martin GraphicsChampaign, IllinoisDeadline forSeptember/October Issue:July 20th, 2003Communications CommitteeRev. Rodger Abatie, ChairmanRev. Robert Bruer, EditorJim DevermanLisa DippelJoel FletcherRev. Wayne HoffmanGlenn Goeres, AdvisorDan Reynolds, Web MasterMike Smith

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