v.curiosity | Issue 1


Inagural Issue of v.curiosity, a digital lifestyle magazine for the vegan and v curious. eat. live. travel. vegan.

It felt like scaling a cliff,in the dark, in astrange place, withouttoes or fingers, butwith a crowd at the topcheering for you.That's what creatingthis first edition was.With a collision of peculiar circumstances in summer 2013, myhusband and I went vegan. The details aren't important, but thefact that I'm a foodie is. I coveted my cookbooks as my nightlyreading and subscribed to all manner of cooking magazines.Unfortunately, they were laden with ingredients I no longerwanted on my plate or even in my home. So taking on plantbasedmeals became an adventure. I had to learn how to cookall over again.For a while there, it was a lot of Oreos and spaghetti and potatochips! And that's completely OK. We had considered ourselves"conscious" eaters before we swapped the beef for beets, so Iknew I'd figure it out even through the carb-coma. One can'tstarve till they sort out what to do with tofu. Very slowly I learnedwhat nooch was, the power of raw cashews, and how to cookintuitively again. Without even realizing it, my world was crackedWIDE open, and my passionate relationship with food deepenedeven more.I missed my magazines though. Cookbooks didn't change withthe seasons or have new, updated ideas for pumpkin carving.Cookbooks wouldn't have party setups or travel ideas. I missedthe photos, the ideas, the lifestyle features, and of course, therecipes. I couldn't wait to get my hot little hands on the latestissues. Even though I discovered some amazing sites andpublications, they just didn't fill the homey, sentimental need Ihad. And, I wanted a safe place to send my v-curious family andfriends (who took our new lifestyle in stride) that didn't haveoppressive undertones. Any step they took, however small, wasa step in the right direction, and I wanted to celebrate (andnormalize) that. And so, v.curiosity was born. (Cont...)

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