v.curiosity | Issue 1


Inagural Issue of v.curiosity, a digital lifestyle magazine for the vegan and v curious. eat. live. travel. vegan.

It started out just as an idea. As all things do. My husband (Rob) and I have a successful beautycompany in Las Vegas with some of the best hair and makeup artists in town. My very first lovewas doing makeup, and Rob arrived shortly after. Working in a creative industry fueled me, and Iknew I wanted to keep on creating. We had been tossing around different ideas that could be agood fit for us, and for a few months and oh-so-many bottles of wine we kicked it around. Nomatter what else we mulled over, we kept coming back to this idea. We couldn't stop talkingabout it. A digital, vegan, lifestyle magazine for the vegan and the v-curious. The idea that wecould create a publication that would appeal to the same crowds that picked up non-vegancooking and lifestyle magazines was just too alluring. "It's not a vegan magazine. It's a food andlifestyle magazine that just happens to be 100% vegan." Your grandma could pull out a cookierecipe to try. Your brother might want to read up on DIY trail mixes for the kids. Your friend islooking to power up for her new gym routine and needs smoothie ideas. This is a place whereyou don't have to be vegan, you can just be v-curious, make something incredible to eat, andlearn how to plant a window herb garden.As I sit here writing my first opening editors letter, my throat is tight with all the love and supportwe have received. I'm not ashamed to admit that (at least as of now), I can barely take a decentphone photo and shamelessly tapped into our network of dynamic photographers. Friends andfamily, none of whom are vegan (yet!) have rallied to loan us cookware, teach us how to start acampfire, model, and so much more. Going from the makeup world to the publishing world hasbeen incredibly hard, and it would have been flat out impossible without the overwhelmingsupport of my (omnivore) loved ones. On the occasions where I really wanted to quit, I couldn'tbring myself to tell them their efforts had been in vain. They kept me going. So did wine. A niceSauvignon Blanc pairs well with salty tears.Cheers! Here's to the very first edition of v.curiosity. May you always be curious!he must havedone something!Our first shoot!That's a wrap!xoxo,amelia

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