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Your Home,Our PassionSALE262 Crownwood Road, Ormonde, Johannesburg Just off the M1 @ Xavier Street offramp.Telephone : 011 835 0273/4POLISHED PORCELAINSRoyal Crema60X60R129.90/m21st GradeNanoVOLCANIC BIANCOMattFinishPorcelain45X90R169.90/m2NEW RANGE OF WOODGRAINPORCELAIN TILESENJOY MASSIVE SAVINGS ON SELECTED ITEMS...Linestone Beige80X80R179.90/m2COSMOPOLITAN200SHOWERHEADMunichDoubleLoading1st GradeNanoR399.90Munich Wall HungPan +Grohe Uniset ConcealedCistern & Arena PlateIncluding Soft CloseSeatR2399.90New Range of Up Market Wall TilesJust arrived Exclusive to Trend Tap& Tile 250x750 From R299.90/m2Steps250x750Latest ArrivalsRivet250x7501 Piece Solid Free Standing BathsExclusive to Trend Tap n TileE.&O.E. - WE RESERVE THE RIGHT T O LIMIT QUANTITIES SALE WHILE STOCKS LAST1st GradeCountry 22x85R299.90/m2ONCE OFFINTRODUCTORYPRICEBIZFEM MAGAZINEORMONDEExclusive to Trend Tap n Tile2 July/Aug 2015 www.bizfem.co.za

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•WE HAVE REFRIDGERATION FACILITIES AVAILABLE• Clean & Hygiene Abattoir style facilities• We Slaughter Slice & Pack on your behalf• We Supply all the PackagingLENASIA LIVESTOCKCorner K43 & Volta Str, Lenasia Ext 10LIVESTOCK IS OUR BUSINESS• UNVEILING OF TOMB STONES• WEDDINGS & FUNERALS• FUNERAL PARLOURS• SOCIETIES STOCKVALDeliveries can be arrangedWHOLESALE PRICESDIRECT TO THE PUBLICSheep FromR1100 00Goats FromR1100 00Cows FromR5 800T&C’s ApplyBEEF SPECIALSAlso Available:1/4 or 1/2 CowFore quarter &Hind QuartersBeef StewWE WILL MEATAND BETTER ANYWRITTEN QUOTE• R49 per kgBIZFEM MAGAZINEHALAALFresh Mala MogoduAvailable DailyEnquiries Welcome“LIVE STOCK IS OUR BUSINESS”MON - FRI: 8AM - 5PM • SAT:7AM -1PM • SUN: 8AM - 11AMCONTACT OFFICE: (011) 857-1774 • FAX: (011) 857-1775• ISMAEL: 082 338 56878 July/Aug 2015 www.bizfem.co.za

You have GREATNESS !Let it goThere are some things, some people, some attitudes, and somefeelings that you have experienced that you just need to let go ~because they are preventing you from living your greatest life!You are in charge. Exercise your power by consciously lookingand asking the question...”How is this serving me by holding onto this attitude, anger, lack of forgiveness, grudge, or negativeemotion?” Stop allowing these things to rob you of your peaceof mind, happiness and well-being.Let it go so that you can grow and prosper. Make the decisionto release anything that is unbecoming of you, and that does notrepresent your highest and best thinking. This is easier said thandone. It requires work, becoming deliberate and consciouslyaware of your feelings. No person or thing is worth sacrificingbeing joyfully enthusiastic about your life and health. Look formany ways to increase laughter, joy and love in your daily experience.You Deserve!Adjust your thinkingRefresh your attitude and adjust your thinking! Challenge yourselfto become more creative and determined to find solutionsthat will turn your life around. You will be surprised at thebreakthroughs and solutions that will come your way. Believein yourself, put forth your best efforts, and create the mindsetof possibilities.Make it a point to avoid negative conversations and people whowill drag you down and get you off course. Continue to implementa strategy to transform your mindset, expand your skillsets and stay in the company of supportive, positive, motivatedrelationships. You have something special in you.Step forwardDo not accept life the way it is. Step forward and take life on.Look for a way to win, because you can! If life has hit you belowthe belt...so what? You are still in the game. It will take farmore than that to take you out!!Step forward with the power and fierceness that you have usedin the past to get through what appeared to be a hopeless situation.You still have the power, the drive and the ability to takeyour life in another direction. You were born to win! Step forward!Success is in your DNA. Giving up is not an option.StressStress can shut down your power if you let it. Do not allowpeople, bills, or pressures on the job to consume your focus, energyand joy for life. Uncontrolled stress can cause you to gainweight; change your personality and create problems in yourrelationships; turn your hair gray overnight; make you sick, andmake it difficult for you to get out of bed.Take time to become aware of the major stressors in your lifeand the ways you are dealing with them. Recognize the priceyou are paying for not taking deliberate action with regard toyour spiritual, social, emotional and physical well-being. In theface of what may appear to be crippling circumstances, chooseto live every part of your life. Decide to be happy, actively engagedand live from the inside out. Create centered and groundingmoments in your own life as part of your spiritual life.Use what works – exercise, meditation, meaningful connectionswith others. Volunteer your time to make a difference inthe lives of others. You are more powerful than you are currentlyliving. Harness your power to live above the stress inyour life.Always be willing to growNever stop learning. Always be willing to grow. Having thislearning and growth approach in your business and in your lifeempowers you to be unstoppable. It gives you confidence toknow that whatever challenges you encounter, you can learnand grow from them—and ultimately move beyond them insuch a way that it makes you a stronger person.Stay connected with people who inspire, nourish and bring outthe best in you. It takes time to pull yourself together and toheal if you have been hurt, humiliated, or become emotionallybroken because of what you have gone through. You can becomedisconnected with the real you and forget who you reallyare. It is necessary to read, listen and focus on positive things.Things that strengthen your mind develop your confidence andfortify your spirit. Create a strategy that will allow you to ridyour life of people whose only intention is to strip, destroy, ortake you down.Be aware that there are certain situations that are just not goodfor you. Make a conscious, deliberate effort to focus your mindexclusively on things that will build you up, give you hope andexpand the possibilities in all dimensions of your life. You havethe capacity and the ability to rebuild your life. What you havegone through can be used to develop another part of yourself.Stay connected with positive people with the knowledge thatyou will get through this. You have something special.Be careful of your self-talkBe careful of your self-talk. Without monitoring your mind andyour mouth, the majority of what you say to yourself can poisonyour attitude, weaken your spirit, and drain your energy.Be aware that, left unchecked, the negative storyteller in yourbrain can shut down your faith, amplify your fears and activatea spirit of hopelessness and self-sabotage. Turn off and banishthe automatic negative thoughts that will ruin your life, if youlet them.Learn to keep your heart open and love yourself unconditionally.The universe is on your side waiting for your next move.Celebrate what is working in your life. Focus on the positiveand on what you can do right now. Give thanks for what youhave and that you are still here. That, alone, says that your lifestill matters.Because You have GREATNESS within you!www.bizfem.co.za July/Aug 2015 9BIZFEM MAGAZINE


“ONE MORE PUSH”When you look down and out – isall you need - Sylvester StalloneThis is one of the SADDEST stories ever told in Hollywood.His name is Sylvester Stallone, One of the BIGGEST andMost famous American Movie superstars. Back in the day,Stallone was a struggling actor in every definition. At some point,he got so broke that he stole his wife’s jewellery and sold it. Thingsgot so bad that he even ended up homeless. Yes, he slept at the NewYork bus station for 3 days. Unable to pay rent or afford food, Hislowest point came when he tried to sell his dog at the liquor storeto any stranger. He didn’t have money to feed the dog anymore. Hesold it at $25 only. He says he walked away crying.Two weeks later he saw a boxingmatch between Mohammed Ali andChuck Wepner and that match gavehim the inspiration to write the scriptfor the famous movie, ROCKY.He wrote the script for 20 hours!He tried to sell it and got an offerfor $125,000 for the script. But hehad just ONE REQUEST. He wantedto STAR in the movie. He wanted tobe the MAIN ACTOR; Rocky himself.But the studio said NO. They wanted a REAL STAR.“AS LONG AS YOU ARESTILL ALIVE, Your STORYIS NOT OVER”Being broke is BAD, Really BAD. Have you ever had a dream? Awonderful dream! But You are too broke to implement it! Too tiny todo it! Too small to accomplish it! Damn! I’ve been there too manytimes!Life is tough. Opportunities will pass you by, just because you are aNOBODY. People will want your products but NOT YOU. It’s atough world. If you are not already famous or rich or “connected”,you will find it rough.Doors will be shut on you. People will steal your glory and crashyour hopes. You will push and push. And yet NOTHING WILLHAPPEN.And then your hopes will be crashed. You will be broke. Damnbroke. You will do odd jobs for survival. You will be unable to feedyourself. And Yes, you may end up sleeping in the streets.It happens. Yes, it does.BIZFEM MAGAZINEThey said he “Looked funny and talked funny”. He leftwith his script. A few weeks later, the studio offered him$250,000 for the script. He refused. They even offered$350,000. He still refused. They wanted his movie, ButNOT him. He said NO. He had to be - IN THAT MOVIE.After a while, the studio agreed gave him $35,000 for the scriptand let him star in it! The rest is history! The movie won BestPicture, Best Directing and Best Film Editing at the prestigiousOscar Awards. He was even nominated for BEST AC-TOR! The Movie ROCKY was even inducted into the AmericanNational Film Registry as one of the greatest movies ever!And do you know the first thing he bought with the $35,000?THE DOG HE SOLD. Yes, Stallone LOVED HIS DOG SOMUCH that he stood at the liquor store for 3 days waitingfor the man he sold his dog to. And on the 3rd day he sawthe man coming with the dog. Stallone explained why hesold the dog and begged for the dog back. The man refused.Stallone offered him $100. The man refused. He offered him$500. And the guy refused. Yes, he refused even $1000. AndBelieve it or Not, Stallone had to pay $15,000 for the samedog he sold at $25 only! And he finally got his dog back!And today, the same Stallone who slept in the streets and soldhis dog JUST BECAUSE he couldn’t even feed it anymore,is one of the GREATEST Movie Stars who ever walked theEarth!BUT NEVER LET THEM CRUSH THAT DREAM.Whatever happens to You, Keep Dreaming. Even when they crushyour hopes, Keep Dreaming. Even when they turn you away, keepDreaming. Even when they shut you down, Keep Dreaming!NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE CA-PABLE OF EXCEPT YOURSELF! People willjudge you by HOW you look. And by WHAT you have.But please, Fight on! Fight for Your place in history. Fight foryour glory. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!Even if it means selling all your clothes and sleeping with thedogs, IT’S OKAY! But AS LONG AS YOU ARE STILL ALIVE,Your STORY IS NOT OVER. TRUST ME.Keep Up the Fight. Keep your dreams and hope alive. Go great .www.facebook.com/Nammatvchannel12 July/Aug 2015 www.bizfem.co.za

FOR YOUR FREE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISINGPOST YOUR FREE CLASIFIED ADVERTONLINE@www.bizshopper.co.zaPROTEA GLEN PLAZAProtea GlenTyre & EXHAUSTCentreTaxi &BakkieSpecials195/R14CWhite WallR850.00Black WallR820.00195/R15CWhite WallR920.00E&OETyresPictures may vary from actual rims availableMapProtea GlenMallR558 Main RoadProtea GlenPlazaWE AREHERERandfonteinRdMagsSasolN12SasolSituated InProtea Glen Plaza(R558 Main Road)TEL: 011 047 8647SHOCKSFITTING &BALANCING3D WheelAlignmentMAGS &TYRESEXHAUSTTYRES 13 INCH155/80/13SAVAR480.00 eachTYRES 14 INCH185/60/14ComforserR599.00 eachTYRES 15 INCH195/50/15R650.00 eachTYRES 17 INCH205/40/17R750.00 eachTRUCK TYRES AVAILABLEMany Instore SpecialsOpening Specials Tyres From R 395.00 Eachprices valid while stocks lastADDITIONAL STORESBARGAIN TILES & PVC CEILINGSPROTEA BATTERY CENTREHYPER STEELSOWETO WHOLE SALE& SUPPLIESMR BUILD HARDWAREPROTEA GLEN SUPERMARKETSIX SIX ONE (661) MOTORSPARESFAST FOOD & TAKE AWAYSBIZFEM MAGAZINEwww.bizfem.co.za July/Aug2015 13

Ways to keep your lights up and your house functionalEskom’s load shedding is here to stay, but there are affordableways to make life easier when the electricity goes off.Eskom’s load shedding is here to stay. The Minister of Public Enterprisessaid that load shedding is expected to continue for at least three more years.The on-and-off strike action at the Medupi power station and continueddelays at Eskom’s build programs at Medupi and Kusilemay well extend the need for load shedding beyond 3 years.The best solution is obviously a solar installation coupled with ElonMusk’s new Tesla Power wall. However, not everyone has AntonRupert as a father.Advices like keeping your smartphone, laptop, and tablet chargedand planning your day around load shedding schedules also doeslittle to mitigate the impact of not having electricity.The good news is that there are many ways to lessen the pain of loadshedding without having to break the bank.Here are some of the affordable ways to make your life easier duringload shedding.Emergency lightsEmergency lights have built-in batteries, and switch on automaticallywhen the power goes off. There are many varieties,which are available from around R100 each.Power Inverter systemMany companies sell power inverter systems which offer enoughelectricity to power a few appliances during load shedding. Many ofthese systems are portable, which meansit can be used when and where the powergoes off. Pricing differs based on the qualityand capacity of the system.Diesel or petrol generatorIf you want to run many appliances for afew hours during a power outage, the most affordable option is a petrolor diesel generator. There are many options, including super-quietgenerators from manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha.The price is dependent on the generation capacity, brand, and the typeof generator.Solar power solutionThe price of solar power productshas declined rapidly in recent years, and you can get solar panels foras little as a few hundred rand. These solar panels can be combinedwith a battery and inverter system to provide power during load sheddingat night.For those looking for a solution whichuses solar energy, there is the optionof a solar emergency lamp.Power banks for your smartphone and tabletPortable power banks allow you to charge your smartphone and tabletvia a USB charger when the power goes off. Power bank pricesdiffer significantly based on capacity (measured in mAh) and brand,and start at around R100 for an entry-level productGas cookerRunning an electric stove on backup power during load sheddingis not sustainable. The best option is to move to gas. A simplegas stove can cost under R300, and allows you to fry some eggsand bacon and heat up some baked beans during load shedding.There are also cheaper solar kits available, suitable for lightingsolutions.BIZFEM MAGAZINEUninterruptible power supply (UPS)An uninterruptible power supply makes it possible for you to runsome of your electronic equipment like an ADSL router and laptopduring load shedding.This means you will stay connected duringa power outage. The price of a UPS dependson its capacity, measured in VA, and startsfrom a few hundred rand.14 July/Aug 2015 www.bizfem.co.za

MARBLE AND GRANITE GAUTENG* Kitchen Tops, * Stair Cases, * Counter Tops, * Vanities* Engineered Stone, * Importers of SlabsFACTORYWellington DriveLenasia South, Ext 4Tel: 011 070 7771/2SHOWROOM22 Eland StreetLenasia, Ext 1Tel: 011 053-7772TOMBSTONE SUPPLIERSWHOLESALE PRICES DIRECT TO PUBLICMebala AluminiumGlass & Doors* Aluminium Work* Steel Work* Automation* Garage DoorsFOR ALL YOURALUMINIUM, GATES,GLASS AND DOORREQUIREMENTS* Stainless Steel Doors* Retractable GatesLEDGERSFROM R1800HEADSFROM R945SHORT KERBSFROM R580LONGKERBSFROM R665BASEFROM R650BESTPRICESSUPPLY TO ALL CONTRACTORS / INSTALLERS & PUBLICCNR ALBERTINA SISULU & MARAIS STREETPAALSHOOP ( LANGLAAGTE )Tel/fax: 011 837 3071 / 011 023 8479 /082 299 0046info@mebalaalumninium.co.zawww.mebalaaluminium.co.zaFinan ce Available In St ore,U p To 60 Months To PayPICTURE ARE USED FOR ONLY ILLUSTRATION PURPOSESUPPERIOR DREADLOCKS* MAKE AN APOINTMENT OR COME TO OUR SALON ANY TIME476B, Kopase Street NalediCell: 061 351 9957YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR DREADSwww.bizfem.co.za July/Aug 2015 15BIZFEM MAGAZINEBIZFEM MAGAZINE

Relieve Discomfort Body Pains NaturallyUse the well-known Herb:Rockhealth Devil’s Claw Powder or GranulesTo relieve your body from the following pain:- Arthritis- Gout- Menstruation pain- Lower backaches- Stiff MuscleAvailable at Jumbo/Africa Cash & CarryAlso at various Retail outlets.Natural Health Marketing011 837 7880AUTO BEEMAS REPAIRS & SERVICESUsed & New PartsDiagnosis Auto Tune Key Coding + ReplacementUsed Parts Engines Body PartsChallenge yourselfin LIFEYou have the power to live a bigger life. Challenge yourself.Take the risk! Become daring. There are things in your lifethat are no longer you and you know it in your heart. There isno law that says you have to carry the whole world on your shoulders.And the emptiness and lack of fulfillment inside is getting too much tobear.It’s time to take care of you. Live your dream. Take off the cape. Dowhat you know and not what you feel. You deserve to live too! Youhave needs too! Give yourself a mental break and take time to get centered,grounded and reconnected with your spirit. Allowing your timeto be wasted with people who are not serious is not fruitful and it’sstressful. Staying in a job where you are not appreciated or valued orvalidated is draining and toxic. Hanging on to a relationship that hasbeen dead a long time ago takes a toll. Take a deep breath and tap intothe courage to make the tough decision. Things might be difficult for awhile, but don’t underestimate yourself.Clement: 073 248 8050Sipho : 073 511 0595Plot 54, Along Chris Hani RDMidway, Next to Fair PriceOpposite Protea Gardens MallWe fix all modelsYou will survive. You always have! Life is on your side. You’re morepowerful and stronger than you give yourself credit for being. No guts,no glory. You have one life to live, live the life you love and love thelife you live. Family and friends may attempt to discourage you. Tellthem thank you, I got that, and move on. At the end of the day, it’s yourlife. Keep in mind, it’s lonely at the top, but you eat better! You deserveto be happy. You deserve to make your life a daring adventure and tomanifest your GREATNESS.BIZFEM MAGAZINE16 July/Aug 2015 www.bizfem.co.za

Protea Glen Ext 7 (R520 000)3 bedroomed,Toilet and Bathroom (Seperated)Kitchen Futty FittedFloor Tiled, SecurityVery Big Yard pavedProtea Glen Ext 12 (R520 000)3 bedroomedToilet and Bathroom (Combined)Kitchen Futty FittedFloor Tiled, SecurityVery Big Yard pavedLanesia Ext 4 (R490 000)3 bedroomed (Two fully Fitted)Bathroom and Toilet (Separated)KitchenSecurity & Open YardRockville (R650 000)2 Bedrooms (Fitted)Kitchen Fully FittedDouble GarageSecurityXavier 2 Bedroomed R 500 000Naturena Ext 20 Cnr Stand R 500 000Protea Glen Ext 3 3 Bedroomed R 650 000Protea Glen ext 4 cnr Stand R 390 000Lake Side (Palm Springs) R 350 000Dobsonville 4 Room House R 380 000Dobsonville 3 Bedroomed R 650 000Diepkloof Zone 2 R 420 000Naturena Stand 950Sqm R 750 000Naturena 1.1 Hectors R 6 500 000Jabulani Flats R 380 000Filling Stations 4 - PackageR 105 MillionLekhanhle PropertiesOffice Tel: 011 053 6816Cell: 063 004 7918 or 076 770 1996 or 078 686 2390eMail: plekhanhle@gmail.comwww.bizfem.co.za July/Aug 2015 17BIZFEM MAGAZINE

Kenda Logo.pdf 1 2013/02/20 3:41 PMALL THE Best BRANDS, ALL THE SIZESAT THE RIGHT PRICES, ALL THE TIME.Booysens155/70 R13 DURAGRIP 75T R 545,00195/65 R15 EFFICIENTGRIP 91V R 800,00185/65 R14 DURAGRIP 86H R 780,00265/65 R17 WRANGLER H/P 112H R 1600,00165/65 R13 EFFIGRIP COMPACT 77T R 615,00165/60 R15 DURAGRIP 81T R 925,00205/70 R15C WRANGLER AT/SA+ 96T R 1170,00265/70 R16C WRANGLER AT/SA+ 112T R 1960,00255/70 R15C WRANGLER H/P 112/110S R 1660,00255/55 R19 WRANGLER H/P 111V R 3550,00265/75 R15C WRANGLER AT/SA 113/111T R 1800,00195 R14C DURAMAX WSW 106/104S R 1150,00225/70 R15C DURAMAX WSW 112/110R R 1790,00215R15C WRANGLER AT/SA+ 109/107T R 1160,00RUNFLATS225/40 R18 PIRELLI P-ZERO(*) 88Y R 2225,00255/35 R18 PIRELLI P-ZERO(*) 94Y R 3015,00225/45 R17 PIRELLI P7 CINT(*) 91V R 1615,00225/45 R18 CONTI SPORT CONTACT 5(*) 91Y R 2495,00205/45 R17 CONTI SPORT CONTACT 3(*) 84V R 1995,00195/55 R16 PIRELLI P1 CINT(*) 87V R 1325,00205/55 R16 PIRELLI P7 CINT(*) 91W R 1135,00275/40 R20 PIRELLI P-ZERO(*) 106W R 3945,00315/35 R20 PIRELLI P-ZERO(*) 110W R 4375,00245/45 R19 GOODYEAR EXCELLENCE (*) 98Y R 3650,00275/40 R19 GOODYEAR EXCELLENCE (*) 101Y R 4600,00255/50 R19 CONTI SPORT CONTACT 5(*) 107W R 3605,00285/45 R19 CONTI SPORT CONTACT 5(*) 111W R 3855,00225/40 R19 GDY EAGLE F1 ASYMM 2 (*) 89Y R 2695,00255/35 R19 GDY EAGLE F1 ASYMM 2 (*) 92Y R 2895,00205/40 R17 NERO 84W R 920,00225/40 R18 P1cint 92W XL R 1 295,00295/35 R21 P ZERO 107Y R 5 000,00205/55 R16 P7cint(*) 91V R 870,00235/55 R19 S-VERD 101W R 4 100,00COME VISIT JHB’sLARGEST FITMENTCENTRER500015 INCH COMBOS FROM 17 INCH COMBOS FROM205/55 R16 SPORT CONTACT 1 91V R 1170,00195/50 R15 PREM CONTACT 2 82H R 810,00225/45 R17 SPORT CONTACT 5 91W R 1550,00225/40 R18 SPORT CONTACT 5 92Y R 2150,00175/65 R14 ECO CONTACT 3 82T R 700,00185/60 R14 ECO CONTACT CP 82H R 770,00255/70 R16 CROSS CONT LX# 111T R 1640,00195/65 R15 PREM CONTACT 5 91V R 910,00215/80 R15C WORLD 4X4 111/109S R 1395,00205 R16C WORLD 4X4 110/108S R 1570,00245/70 R16C WORLD 4X4 111/109T R 1790,00195/70 R15C VAN CONT 100 104/102R R 1420,00235/65 R16C VAN CONT 100 115/113R R 2340,00205/60 R16 PREM CONTACT 2 92H R 1400,00215/55 R18 PREM CONTACT 2 95H R 2525,00215/60 R17 PREM CONTACT 2 96H R 2045,00155/70 R13 ZTR-50 79T R 455,00185/60 R14 ZTR-20 82H R 480,00195/60 R15 ZTR-20 88V R 615,00185/65 R15 ZTR-20 88H R 555,00195/50 R15 ZTR-10 82V R 550,00205/55 R16 ZTR-10 94W R 690,00245/70 R16 TOLEDO 111T R1225,00225/60 R17 AZURA 99V R1450,00235/55 R17 ALVENTI 99W R1475,00225/45 R17 ZTR-10 94W R 820,00245/40 R17 ZTR-10 95W R1150,00225/40 R18 ALVENTI 92W R 925,00255/35 R18 ALVENTI 94W R1450,00235/55 R19 AZURA 105W R2150,00THESE DEALS ARE EXCLUSIVE TO TYREMARTBOOYSENS ONLY - ALL PRICES INCLUDE VATR57504 WHEELS, 4 TYRES - 195/50 R15 4 WHEELS, 4 TYRES - 205/40 R17WE HAVE OVER 200 DIFFERENT TYRE SIZES AND 100 DIFFERENT ALLOY WHEEL DESIGNS IN STOCKFREE FITTING, FREE BALANCING, FREE WHEEL ALIGNMENT CHECKContact us for more info onTel: (011) 499 0072/3Address - Cnr Long Street & Booysens RdBooysens, Johannesburg 2091(Entrance off Long Street & Booysens Rd)4X4 / LDV TYRES195/75 R16C KENDA KR-06 10PR 110/108N R1350,00205/65 R16C ZETA ZTR-18 8PR 107/105T R1175,00235/65 R16C ZETA ZTR-18 8PR 115/113T R1450,00195 R15C ZETA ZTR-18 8PR 106/104S R 950,00205/75 R14C SONAR S-888 WSW 8PR 109/107R R 950,00215/75 R16C ZETA ZTR-18 8PR 113/111S R1450,00195/65 R16C ZETA ZTR-18 8PR 104/102T R1150,00235/75 R15 ZETA TOLEDO 8PR 110/107S R1250,00215/80 R15 SONAR SX-8 OWL 102S R1250,0030x9.50 R15 KENDA KR-28 OWL 104Q R1570,0031x10.5 R15 KENDA KR-28 OWL 109Q R1650,00265/75 R16 (MUD) KENDA KR-29 OWL 123Q R2250,00265/75 R16 KENDA KR-28 119/116S R1850,00265/70 R17 (MUD) KENDA KR-29 OWL 112Q R2440,00285/70 R17 KENDA KR-28 117S R2000,00175/70 R13 SP 560 82T R 540,00145/80 R10 SP 11 69T R 510,00195/55 R15 SP 6060 85V R 765,00195/50 R15 SP 7000 82V R 625,00195/60 R15 SP 600 88V R 745,00185/65 R14 SP 560 86H R 675,00185/60 R15 SP 560 84H R 695,00205/60 R15 SP 600 91V R 765,00225/45 R17 SP 6060 94W R1070,00235/45 R17 SP 6060 97W R1065,00205/55 R16 SP 6060 91W R 840,00225/55 R16 SP 6060 95W R1040,00245/70 R16C SP TRAKGRIP 111/109S R1365,00245/75 R15C SP TRAKGRIP 107/105S R1350,00195 R15C SP LT 11 107/105S R1130,00155 R12C SP 22 88T R 610,00205/40 R17 SP 6060 84W R 775,00155/80 R13 EFFECTA 79T R 375,00165/80 R13 EFFECTA 83T R 405,00175/70 R13 EFFECTA 82T R 460,00175/65 R14 EFFECTA 82T R 470,00195/50 R15 EFFECTA 82V R 590,00BIZFEM MAGAZINEFREE WIFIFREE COFFEEWHEELCHAIR FRIENDLYWE TRADE DURING POWEROUTAGESwww.tyremartbooysens.co.zatrading hoursMONDAY - FRIDAY07:30 - 17:00SATURDAY07:30 - 15:00TERMS & CONDITIONS: ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE SUBJECT TO TYREMART BOOYSENS TRADING TERMS AND CONDITIONS *ADVERTISED PRICES ARE ON SELECTED ITEMS ONLY & ARE VALID until 31 October 2015 or WHILST STOCKS LASTS.TYREMART BOOYSENS CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHANGES, ERRORS OR OMISSIONS ON PRICE AND ILLUSTRATIONS. PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF 14% VAT AND REDISA LEVIES. ALL PRICES INCLUDE FREE F ITTING ANDBALANCING BUT EXCLUDE WHEEL ALIGNMENT. PRICES FOR MAGS ARE PER SET OF FOUR AND EXCLUDE WHEEL ACCESSORY KIT.E&OE18 July/Aug 2015 www.bizfem.co.za

BIZFEM MAGAZINER599R799R799R799R799R659R599R629www.bizfem.co.za July/Aug 2015 19


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