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Photographs: Cameron Rutherford This photobook has photographs of the remains of the Bentham worksite. The site was used recently as the location for a short futuristic film, The Frontier. During filming Cameron took the photographs included in this book. The derelict site at Bentham was part of the various worksites of the Gloster Aircraft factory (1917 -1963), and it was at this Bentham site that the very first jet engined fighter aircraft, designed by Frank Whittle, the Gloster Meteor, was built (WWII). Other aircraft developed or built on this site include: Bristol Fighter (WWI); Gloster Gladiator; Hawker Hurricane and Hawker Typhoon (WWII); and the Gloster Javelin ... amongst an impressive roster of ‘Gloster’ flying machines. It is truly a shame that all war and armaments factories are not in this state ...


KONVICTUS2 0 1 5Konvictus is the publishing vehiclefor the books of Cameron Rutherford.It is a reflection of our society where,if we are honest, we are all prisoners ...the point is, to try and break out and escape.

BENTHAMPhotographs byCameron RutherfordKONVICTUS

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